The Pet Store

by Daniel Wood

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© Copyright 2013 - Daniel Wood - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/f+; store; cages; slaves; bond; collar; stocks; inspection; sold; cons/nc; X

It had been about 18 months since Sarah had left me, my wife of 5 years. We met in high school and fell in love immediately. We were both into some pretty crazy things, we loved bdsm and tying one another up, and I have quite the anal fetish, but over the years we drifted apart, and despite some crazy shared fantasies we finally decided to end it. Since then I have been quite lonely and very horny.

At first I wasn’t sure what to do, I tried porn, prostitutes, but nothing worked, and it didn’t help my boredom and lack of company. See I made a lot of money in the stock market so had relatively large amounts of cash with minimal work required to keep it there.

One day at a bar, my friend told me about this place on Afford Road, a secret society almost, formed around a Petstore. Apparently the owner was a pervert and the leader of an illegal trafficking of human pets, female pet slaves.

Of course after finding out I just had to go there, I would need to be careful however, ensuring the owner, a James Owen, had no feeling that I was federal and just in it for the meat like everyone else. I was given a list of signals I was supposed to give to the shopkeeper, including knocking on 3 identical cages or tanks, and coughing 3 times, followed by an abrupt approach with the intent on asking if there was any “fresh stock” available.

I studied the list carefully, making sure to get every bit right, it seemed simple, but I could afford to mess it up. God knows how bad it could go.

I had to work the next two days, my mind however wasn’t present, and all I could think about were those few precious moments in which hopefully my life would change. The working day finally ended on the Friday. I finished at 3pm so was in plenty of time to swing by on the way home, my heart pounding as I drove down the street. My eyes darting from corner to corner looking for any signs of suspicion or illegitimacy.

I entered the store, my head spinning, I kept my cool as best I could and followed the list step by step, although it seemed to take hours. Approaching the desk, “Hey, I was wondering, do you have any fresh stock available”

The store keeper looked at me, amazingly he smiled cheerfully, “Sure absolutely, follow me.”

Had I done it right, it seemed so casual, as I followed him into a back room I wondered if either he was so at home with what he did, he did not deem it appropriate to act like a bouncer with a grudge, or I was in trouble. I felt this way up to the point he opened a small hatch to a cellar, at which I saw stone walls receding downward, and I knew this was for real.

I followed down into the cellar, I couldn’t believe my eyes, there in front of me, in rows of cages were women. Naked women. On their hands and knees like dogs. The cages were big enough for them to be on their knees, but not enough for any sort of movement. They were all gagged with basic balls as well as being blindfolded. The scale of it turned me on so much. There were so many, and of so many types, there were Asians, blondes, brunettes, black girls, all body types, I couldn’t wait to choose, as I got harder and harder.

“So, do you like what you see, we have an impressive range.” He stated as he turned around. He was a large man, at least 6ft 4, so the sudden halt shocked me.

“Uh yes, I mean, it’s amazing, how… how have you done this” I muttered.

“It’s amazing what a little money and common sense, as well as perverted minds will be able to achieve,” he laughed as the words left his mouth. “So what you after?”

My eyes shot around the room, unsure of where to start

“Uh well, I’m not really sure, I like all girls really, have a thing for girls with round asses you know, big and juicy. A nice rack is always good too, have a bit of an anal fetish so I’m not sure what you can do with that… ummm,” I thought, “well can you make any suggestions.”

“Mmm let me think” The large man boomed

“Well we had two new deliveries yesterday, both Caucasian, both similar ages, 18 and 19, curvy bodies, I spend a while yesterday admiring there bums whilst they were in the stocks, care to look?”

“Oh yes, certainly,” I said assuringly, as he dragged forward two cages, revealing a blonde and a brunette. The blonde had a georgouss ass. Big and curvy, the kind in which you could hide things between those cheeks, and yet toned. The brunette’s, although impressive and firm, was smaller, and her body more athletic, accompanied by what I guessed to be c cup boobs all round.

“This bitch” pointing to the blonde, “is 19 years old, she had 32c tits, and as you can see, a smashing ass. However, she was brought up in a butt plug testing factory so was never toilet trained.”

I stare at her, my eyes move over her body, wondering what it felt like to be inside her holes.

“And this one is 18, abducted into slavery 2 years ago so is fully toilet trained, but you can re-train her to any facility should you feel the need,” laughing, “ more a sporty build, emm that’s pretty much it, anything else you can see for yourself.”

I look over both girls briefly, then pointed to the blonde. “Can I have a closer look at her”

“Sure” He said, as he attatches a metal leash to her collar and pulls her out of her cage, he leads her to a ground level stock in which he secures her head, forcing her head down and her ass up into the air. “Feel free,” said the shopkeeper, as I approach the curved ass of the slave. I knelt down behind her and cupped her cheeks in my hands, squeezing her ass and stroking it up and down.

“Wow this ass is amazing, its big yet so firm, I could spend days behind her!”

I continue to squeeze and stroke her amazing ass. I then decide to go further as I pull her cheeks apart revealing a beautiful puckered asshole. It was light pink and looked good enough to eat. I slowly rubbed it with my index finger to get a feel for its sensitivity. It flinched slightly as I continued to rub it. I then licked my finger and slowly slid it inside her ass, pushing forward till I reached the knuckle.

“Wow this feels great, nice and tight, not too dry, plenty of room, this girls ass should be famous, and there is no signs to indicate that the toilet training has anything to do with her hole, just a lack of freedom to learn.”

I laugh to myself as I move my finger inside her ass, feeling every inch availabile to me. I could hear muffled moans coming from the gagged slave. I pulled my finger out slowly, feeling her rectum close slowly as I left her hole. I then licked my finger. “Hmm she needs a bit more vitamin d in her diet, I can taste it, don’t worry, i'll get her on petfood and her ass will be as tasty as ever!”

I stand up and approach the shopkeeper.

“I think she is the one, what a beauty, but may I ask, this is my first pet so will be needing to buy certain accessories, do you sell anything like that.”

“Sure, we sell pretty much anything to suit your needs, leashes and collars, plugs and dildos, punishment devices, cage accessories and toilet training aids, what you after?”

“Oh great, well I will need a collar and leash to start, black leather if possible, ummm, I would like a butt plug variety pack, if possible, ones that come with straps to hold them in place. I would like a stock, a small cage, a food bowl, and to toilet train her I'll take a litterbox, and a packet of 100 diapers .”

“Wow that’s quite a list, but we can cater for it, but we have everything you need.”

“Now lets get going.” The large man puts the slave back in her cage and carries it out to my trunk, he puts the cage in the back as I throw the accessory bag in as well. I slam the lid shut.

“Well thanks very much for your help, if I need anything else I'll be sure to come back.”

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