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James watched.

He could not help himself. He wanted to look away but what he saw pulled at him.

Before him lay a woman. Spread eagled on a bed. Bound by ropes and chain. Blind folded and hardly moving. Wires running to her vagina and breast.

He was not ignorant. Just that you hear about these things and sort of dismiss them. Not in my backyard sort of thing.

A retired Navy man with over twenty-two years in the service. He thought had seen it all.

It started simple enough. When he was a young midshipman. He and few buddies along with an investment broker went in on some properties. Years past and her kept investing and some of his buddies he did buy out but he and Frank stayed in.

Now he was comfortably well off. Oh he did try the wife and kid thing but the Navy always seemed to be his one and only mistress. That and the fact while he was away. She cheated on him. Twice. James remained faithful.

Divorce was messy. The military has this thing against deadbeat dads. They want things like this quick and clean. She got more that he thought she should have. He still loved her and when his last rotation came up. He tried to get back to her but it had been too long and she had remarried some one else. His kid was happy and she was getting child payment from his investment. But he just could not see her without feeling betrayed. That was the last straw for him.

So he moved as far away from her and the sea as he could.

Frank had mustered out two years before him and settled down in Vermont. His home state. James decided to move to Denver. One of his investments was a refurbished tenement apartment on the outskirt of Denver.

Four floors Revamped warehouse. Close to the Air Force academy in Colorado springs.. Far away from the sea as he could get. He knew cold and he knew heat. Oddly for a kid from Corpus Christi, Texas. He like cold better. Never liked the heat.

So while puttering around the apartment. Just getting settled. He only been here a few weeks. There was knock at his door.

Having no friends he wondered what or who it could be.

Oh he was in charge of the building and made no bones about it. His apartment number was posted on the information desk. There was supposed some one manning it but it was unfinished. He was going to have to do something about that. The divorce had taken the wind out of sails more than he thought. Normally if some one wanted something to be fixed he would look into it and then call some one to fix it. He just did not feel like tackling the job himself.

Through the peep hole he saw a nice looking girl. Maybe five-six. With apple cheeks and hazel eyes. Long blond hair braided. Maybe she had a bit of Scandia blood in her.

Opening the door the girl gave a little wave. “Hi”

“Hi. Can I help you?”

“I just wanted to welcome you to the building. My name is Julie. My roommate is Jackie”

“James Coaltrain.”

“Like the Jazz guy.”

“Sort of. I am old rolling stone guy.” What the hell. Why did he say that?

“Well I know you’re the building super. Or something. I just wanted to ask a favor. I have a cat. I might be away for the weekend. My roommate and me go skiing a lot. I want you to check on her if I do not make it back by Sunday. Say about 8pm. I should be back by then. I'll give you a knock on the door when I get back.”

Pets were allowed in the building. No big deal. No real commitment here.

“Sure. 8pm. Sunday. You got a spare key. I don’t keep spares.”

She handed him the key. “I’m just down the hall. 207. I'll be by before 8pm on Sunday to pick the key up.”

“Sure. Julie. I can do that.”

“Thank you.”

And for the then next two months. Like clockwork. She would knock his door Friday night. Gave him the key. They chatted in the hallway a bit and then on Sunday she knocked on the door and take the key back. He saw the room mate Jackie once or twice. He never saw them leave for what ever skiing place they where going to. He figured they left very early and having listen to the sound of turbine engine for most of his military career. A herd of elephants could go stomping thought his apartment and he would not wake up.

That was until today.

It was a snowing out on a Sunday. Not a heavy one. Just big flakes drifting down. He was expecting to see Julie. It kinda was the highlight of his day.

He had gone to the Local VFW and legion hall. Made a few friends and the idea of doing community work was something he could do. He did not have any war stories. Any time trouble bubbled up. His ship was on the wrong side of the world.

It was 8:10 pm. Maybe she was held up in traffic. 8:30 rolled by. Then 8:45. Then Nine. Okay. Might as well feed the cat.

He knocked first. Nothing. Knocked a little harder. Nothing again. He used the key.


There was a muffled noise.

As he looked around careful to make sure the cat did not get out, He looked around for a bowl. Odd. No bowl. No cat food in the fridge or cupboard. Funny. After all this time she never told him where the cat food was. Not that he asked either.

There was that funny feeling. The same feeling he got when he felt his wife was cheating on him. Something was wrong. There was another muffled noise from the bedroom.

He opened the door to the bedroom and saw what could only be described as a improvised rack.

Julie was naked. Spread eagled on the bed. Limbs held apart by ropes and chain. The arms where chained to the post of a well built four poster bed. The post were four by four timbers six foot high. The bed frame looked to be metal. Huge bolts held everything together. There where ring attachment on the post and metal frame. If he had a guess. It looked to have been assembled on the spot. No welds.

Moving on to Julie. She was blindfolded. Her head turned to the left and he saw red earplugs. Damm. She might hear him but he would have to yell.

Red ear plug were a foam and very dense. They muted sound . There where yellow, green, and blue. Each color was for a different level of ear protection. Red was the highest.

Her legs where held apart by a pulley system to a capstan wheel. A strain gauge connect to the motor. Ensured she was not drawn and quartered. There was a timer but It looked to be turned off. There where wires hanging from it that did not looked to be connected. One looked pulled out.

On Julie herself there was wires going to her vagina and breast. But on closer examination there was a collar on her neck with more wires going under the body. He saw her left hand grasping something. A box with a button. She was pressing it and nothing seemed to be happening. Or at least to his way of thinking.

The sight of this lovely young lady helpless before him was hypnotizing. Glancing around the bedroom he notice everything a young woman would have. Dressing table and chair. A good half dozen stuff animals everywhere. Then he saw a note taped to dressing table mirror.


You bitch. You tried to take Henry away from me. Well he and I are running away. I know that old guy down the hall will get you out. I also have your credit cards. Payment for all the pain you caused me.


He inwardly winced. Okay, how to get her out. He did not see any keys. So unchaining her arms was out. So going back to the kitchen to get a knife. He cut the rope to her legs. Why did she not yell or cry out? He pulled the ear plugs out. Took off the blind fold. Her eyes stayed closed.

“Julie. Its James. Where are the keys?”

“Collar off.” she whispered.


“Collar… Aghhh.”

She reared up. Something was shocking her. Damm the collar must have done it. Shit. He felt around the neck and unbuckled the collar. He saw two metal stud the rested again the voice box. Any time she made the slightest sound. She got a shocked. Wires lead to a box under the pillow. Hells bells. This Jackie was one devious bitch. Julie could cry out and then she would be shocked. Even in the moment of sexual bliss. She could not even moan or speak a word. Damm. That is cruel.

“Keys. On top of post.”

He found them. Being just a tad under six feet he figured why he did not see them.

He unlocked her. Then realized she might have been this way for a long while. Days even. Back To the kitchen and retuning with a bottle of spring water.

She took it and began to gulp it down. She choked on it for a moment.

“Easy. Take it slow.”

“Thank you.”

“Yeah. I'll be in the kitchen. I don’t think you had anything to eat. I’ll cook up something.”

Another sweep of the kitchen and he found spaghetti. He started the pot to boil. Found a few pork cutlets and began to cut them up into bite sized .pieces. Some seasonings he found and fried them up.

Added lemon juice to the hot water. The starch cooks better in the lemon juice acid. Plus a slight lemon taste. You pick up a few things in the Navy. Cooking was one. He did hang around the cooks helping out. Stove number 3 was always a breaking down. Nancy they called it.

He found some sauce and began to warm that up. Added his own small touches.

He heard the toilet flush. Julie came out with the empty water bottle. Dressed in jeans and sweater.

“Smells good.”

“Have a seat on the couch. Be about five minutes.”

He did not say anything. She was going to have to explain or not. Her choice. Her lifestyle. He was not the one to judge.

Another bottle of water and a plate of spaghetti and pork was ready and he served it to her.

“I guess I owe you an explanation.”

“If you want.”

“You're nice. You could have raped me.”

“Not that kind of guy.”

She swallowed down a piece of pork. ”Oh that is good. Where did you learn to cook.”


“I thought you where military. The hair cut gave it away.”

“You get used to things.”

“Like bondage?”

“Nope. I hear about it from every port of call. Did most of my tour in the east. Sea of china, Sea of Japan. That sort of thing.”


“Nope. Cruiser. They retired her and me about the same time.”

“No gulf war?”


“What rank? “

“Made master chief.”

“Like the video game.”

“What video game?”

“Never mind.”

“I never played them. Did a lot of reading. Took some collage classes on line. Got a degree in business. But the suit and tie crowd never fit me.”

“Well thank you for your service.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Julie slurped up more spaghetti. He wonder if he should leave but wanted to see that she was okay. A day or two with out food and water was a dangerous thing.

“You're not going to mention this to anyone.”

“Why. Your business.” Then he thought of something. “The cat I was to take care of was your pussy if anything went wrong?”

“Yeah. It was a joke me and Jackie shared. I trusted her but she insisted on a back up plan. You where it. I’m sorry.”

“Well I see she may have had this planned for a long time.”

“Yeah. I can see that now.”

“Interesting set up. The timer and capstan winch. The button was the emergency release?”

“Yes. It was supposed to work. I saw the wires pulled. Jackie sabotage me. She built the thing. We take turns. It is one hell of a turn on and lot safer. No unprotected sex. No commitment and no regrets later. “

“ I can fix it. But I have to ask. What’s wrong with a man.”

“I did and didn’t. Its hard. All those clean cut academy grads. They are all right I guess. But they put salt peter in the food or are so damm head up in the sky. None want to just fuck your brains out. Introduce to mom first. That kind of thing.”

“I see.”

“Look. I should not be dumping my shit on you. You’re a squared away guy. Retired navy. You came to my rescue. I don’t know how many guys would have jumped me first. “

“ I can handle it. Wife cheated on me twice. So I am divorced. I married the Navy. She is a hard mistress to leave. I put some distance between both my ‘wives‘. That’s why I am in Denver area.”

“Wow. That is some distance.”

There was a pause as the last pork meatball vanished. The noodles followed quickly.

“Ahh. So what now.”

“Now you go to bed and if you want to talk some more. I'll be ready to listen. You got some banks to call.”

“On a Sunday. She has a got two day head start.”

“Credit card offices should be open. You could track her down.”

“No. I was after Henry but it did not get very far. I thought she was after a my boyfriend. But we broke it off a month ago. “

“Seems you two got your wires crossed.”

“Yeah. It looks that way. Relationships are hard.” Julie pointed to the bedroom.” That is easy.”

“No commitment,”

“Yeah. But there is one problem with that.”


“Like anything else. You want to take it to the next level.”

“How do you mean. You where obviously held captive. Constantly made to feel pleasure and pain. What would be the next level?”

“It hard to describe. It like losing control. I know it sounds crazy. But it a thrill ride. Coasters in the dark. You can't see the track. You don’t know what happening next. It really put a thrill into it.”

“Sounds crazy.”

“Yeah I know.” Julie yawned.

“Look. We can talk about this later. If you want. Its late. You need to get some normal sack time.”

She leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Thank you again.”

He left making sure to leave the spare key behind.

Sleep did not come to him as it should. Taking out his lap top. He relented and looked online. Good god there was a lot to look at. Some was really kinky stuff. People did this for fun and money. Just how ignorant of the world was he?

He wondered why any one would do this. But it was hard to get around the fact that once you see something. You cannot un-see it.

He finally was in bed and sleeping by two a.m.. In the morning he could not help looking at her in his head. Yes she was sexy and attractive but easily twenty years her senior. He could be her father. But it was her choice. He fought and may have died for people like her. God love the USA and all the ships at sea.

Monday passed with out her knocking on his door and Tuesday as well. He wondered if she would move out. Wednesday came and he thought about knocking on her door. No. Let it be her choice.

On Friday there was a knock on the door. She was standing there a little blushed.

“Can I come in.”

“Sure. I was going to fix a chicken. I have more then enough for two.”

“Thank you.”

“Have a seat.”

Julie sat down on the sofa. “What do have to drink.“

“Water. Orange juice and milk.”

“No Beer or wine.”

“Nope. Got drunk once. Woke up in the brig. That was enough for me.”

“Wow. That must have been some bar fight.”

“Not really I was passed out. My buddies picked a fight with some marines. They just scooped us all in the wagon and that was that. I got off easy.”

He got the chicken in the roasting pan. Slid the oven door closed. “Dinners in an hour. “

“That’s great.” Julie paused. While he sliced some potatoes with the skin on. She wanted to say something but was hesitant to say it.

“Need to talk?”


“About your cat?”

“Yes.” Julie turned a little red faced.

“Go on. I can listen.”

“There no way I can say it. But could you tie me up.”

He nearly cut himself with the paring knife. ”Pardon?”

“Its hard. I like sex. A lot. I like how it makes me feel. I like the loss of self control.” She paused. “I am one horny bitch.”

“I think you need professional help.”

“Its normal. Like Viagra. I just can't do it with out that feeling. I feel the beast. Like a caged animal set free. I like the total lack of control. I tried tying myself up but I know I can get out anytime I want. I tried.”

“I am not sure I am the person you should be talking to about this.”

“You already caught me. Online is dangerous. There are some bad people out there and they would do me worse than Jackie had. OH! I found out she is in Portland with Henry. Anyway. I trusted her and look where it got me. I trust you. I know you would not hurt me.”

“But tying you up would hurt you.”

“See. You don’t want to see me hurt. But it won’t hurt. Not if it is done right. I can teach you.”

Would he enjoy seeing her naked again.? Maybe. But there was a sense of wrongness about this.

“I don’t know.”

“Your a good man. I know you would not want to see me suffer. Its an itch I can't scratch, My body is on some weird sexual clock timer thing. Like an animal in heat. The beast I call it. I have to feed the beast as it where. If I don’t get tied up by midnight I'll turn into a pumpkin.”

“Say what?”

Julie got off the sofa and saunter next him. She draped herself over him and rested her head on his shoulders. “ I need to do this. Please help a girl out. It not like your fucking me. I will sign a wavier if you want.”

“This feels wrong.”

“Oh come on. Ever play cowboys and Indians.”

“Nope, Only child.”


It was against his better judgment. But if she signed some sort of wavier. It might make him feel better.

“Okay. Just this once. After dinner. Then its cold turkey for you.”

Back at Julie apartment she had a vision in mind what she wanted. She stripped naked. Inserted a butterfly vibrator and strapped it on.

She instructed him on how to tie her up. She wanted him to hog tie her. It seemed everything he needed to do the job was in the nightstand. Ropes of deferent lengths. All had a color coded thread on to identify its length. All neatly coiled and ready for use. A separate rope for Ankle. Then knees. Then wrist. Then elbows. Then another rope tying the wrist to the ankles.

She did not want to be on the bed. The hard floor in front of it. On the white fur rug. Before gagging her she told him to tie a rope to the bed post and to her. A rope leash to her shock collar so she could not ’escape’. He hated that thing. A wire from the collar to a small black box with a green LED to let you know power was on and a small knob to adjust sensitivity. He did not want to put it on her but she was insistent.

Why then the gag. It was another means of discomfit. There some sort of picture in her mind of how she was going to bound. He was doing a paint by number of how her vision was to be.

Three hours was the time limit. She could snap her finger while tied. Three times.. That was the safe word. It felt odd but he was navy and one thing you learn is knots. Its almost required. Plus he was an eagle scout. He watched her struggle and he lost count on how many times she would wince in the throws of ecstasy. Unable and unwilling to let the slightest moan escape.

It was torture to watch her do this to herself. Yet it fascinated him. She would struggle trying to escape. She really was trying. It was a game. A battle of wills. The power play. If she could get free. She won. If she could not. He won.

Yes he was getting off on it. Not that he wanted to jerk off then and there. But it did get his yard arm up the flag pole so to speak. Julie was right, She was one horny bitch. Her words. Not his.

After three hours he ungagged her. Victory was his. Yet he did not feel victorious.

“Water.” she whispered.

He bottle fed her and was about to untie her. But she kept shaking her head no.


Now what?

He picked her up and put her on the bed. The vibrator was cycling inside her. Good god! How much of this could she take?

He formed a theory that her body had been doing this for two days a week for easily two months. Maybe more. It was possible that she had built up a resistance, She was hooked on the estrogen and what ever body chemicals she was getting from this bondage. A sex junkie?

He laid her gently on the bed.


“Another three?” He asked.

She nodded yes.

“Are you sure.”


She looked at him. Pleading and begging. Damm. Not able to say more than one word without punishment.

The hours passed, He watched her. His chief concern was cutting off the blood flow to her arms and legs. They stayed a healthy color but in the throes of her struggles they would turn red. Then she relaxed, caught her breath. Color returned to her limbs and she do it all over again.

This girl would never stop. How was that possible?

Another thought occurred. Marathon runner. Julie was so conditioned to her sexual acts. That she had built up an endurance. Combine that with her body needing higher and higher forms of bondage or whatever, Meant that a two day stretch of unrestrained. Or rather restrained sexual masturbation was the only way to satisfy the itch. God help any man who married her.

She was at the three hour mark and he ungagged her.

“Collar.” she whispered.

Thank god. He thought this is over. With out the collar on she could speak more freely.

He undid the rope binding the arms to the legs of the hog tie. The was about to undo the rest when she shook her head no.

“Now tie me to the bed.”


“I can't sleep free. Untied I mean. I just lay awake most nights until I fall asleep exhausted. “

“I’m worried about your feet and hands.”

“You're sweet. Its okay. I can still feel them. You did a good job. Tight but not too tight.”

“You sure?”


“What about that,” Pointing to the vibrator.

“Batteries are dead. I'll just leave it in.”

He tied the feet to one post of the bed. The another rope was used at her direction around her waist to the metal side rails of the bed.


“Are you sure?”

“The batteries died on that too. The trick is you don’t know when. I assumed it worked. Just tie a rope to the ring on the collar. Then to side of the bed. I won't go anywhere.”

The LED light was off. Even though the switch was on.

He complied but felt very wrong in doing so. He camped outside her bedroom. Then leaving the bedroom door open. Half fell asleep on the sofa. Thankfully she did not want to be gagged. Out of concern he checked on her about 5 am. She was pretty much where he left her.

The more he watched her the more he wondered why.

Why her and why him? Yes she was pretty. Yes he would and could but the wrongness of it all. This was not him. It was like an auto accident on the freeway. You hate that every one is slowing down to look but hate the idea that they are doing so. Yet when you come to the accident. You do the same damm thing. You slow down.

Then again he was the kind of guy to help a person out. Oddly the boy scout code popped into his head.

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my Country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

He bet that General Powel never accounted for bondage when he kicked off scouting.

The line that was really pulling at him was ‘To help other people at all times’. Well he was helping.

The worst thing for him was he was watching her letting her do this to herself. He also could see she wanted to do it right and had taken precautions. It was boiling down to a matter of perspective. His and hers.

Then the last line of the pledge. Especially the last two words. Morally straight.

This was crazy.

But what kind. The good crazy or the bad crazy.

He looked around the bedroom again. Still something bugged him. It looked like a teenagers room. A good dozen stuffed animals, a unicorn poster. A mirror sculpture of some kind above the bed. Make up table and chair across from the bed. The note from Jackie still taped there. A clock on the make up table. A closet and the bathroom door to her right. Plants hanging in the two corners on the left and window with the drapes closed. The bed that was built on site. Bolted where it stood. No way could any one could move that thing. Two dressers flanking the bed with table lamps. The bedroom had more furniture than the rest of the flat. The living room had a rug. Sofa. Two chairs. No TV. A printer. A desk with a computer on it. Book shelf with a few books. Mostly full of magazines he had not looked close enough to read the titles. Kitchen had the essentials. One cabinet was her liqueur locker. The hard stuff. Bourbon. Vodka. Whiskey. Fridge had a beer. Just one. Juice. Eggs. assorted condiments. microwave snack foods. Microwave was next to the fridge. Looked new. The plastic sheeting was still on the door window. A toaster oven that was also new. A pile of empty pizza boxes.

He shifted his focus back to the bedroom. Julie stretched out. Able to roll side to side a little. Arms still bound behind her. Legs trying to curl up into a ball but stopped short. The heat was on high making it a little warm for him but since she was naked. It made sense.

Then the odd part. He did not see it at first. All the stuffed animal where looking at the bed.

Julie wanted an audience.

She may need help. Was there such a thing as sex addiction? Maybe. But where do you go? There was no patch or gum. Julie was doing this in her own way and from her instruction of having him tie her up. She seemed to know ‘the ropes’.

The alarm ringing startled him. He moved over and shut it off. She couldn’t.

“Morning.” she croaked.

“Morning yourself. Are You done.?”

“Not quite. I need to go to bathroom. Just untie my legs.”

He released her legs and undid the ropes holding her to the bed. She swung over the bed. Stood up and waited to test her balance. Satisfied. Julie was half way to the bathroom door then stopped.

“Uhh. I need some help?”


“The vibrator.”


He came next to her. She had a smell of having sex. That sweaty smell of body fluids in heat. He unbuckled the vibrator and it popped out into his hands.

Julie went inside the bath room. Hands still bound behind her. So she kicked the door closed with her feet.

Funny. He has seen her naked most of the night and she was shy about taking a piss. Weird.

He took a position next the bathroom door leaning against the frame


“Yes.” said her voice was raised so he could hear her through the door.

“Where do you work?’


“How is that?”

“I do home tech support. You know that work from home thing. It’s a contract kind of deal. Weekdays in the morning.”

“So you don’t go out.”

“No. Not really. I do shopping on Monday nights. Really late. No one is around.”

“So how did you get into …this.”

“I met Jackie when I was in collage. We roomed together. She and I could not cut it. She found this place and I moved in after her. The lease is in both our names. Rent is paid up. But with out another roomie. It not going to be easy. I can get by.”

“You think you can find another roommate?”

“Not really. Not one that won’t screw me. Or tie me up on the weekends. It was Jackie who got me started. Her sister was big into the scene as it where. The whole bondage thing. I think she is online as Gale Primrose or something.”

He heard her pissing in the toilet. Still something nagged at him. Something was still off.

“Julie. Are you gay or…”

She laughed. “No. I like men. I like you. I am just horny. I Like the idea of getting off when you have no control. It’s the whole relationship thing I cant get past. Then Aids and HIV scares the shit out of me. I just feel this is safe sex.”

“Let me guess. You never had sex until after you graduated from high school. “

“Yeah. Parent kept me on a short leash. “

“Any brother or sisters.”

“Two of each. Five kids. Dad worked in a steel mill. Mom in a department store.”


“Damm. Are you a detective? Your right. Yeah. I got the scholarship here and saw a way out. But it only covered the first year. Books and tuition. “

“So where are you from?”


“Old steel town.”


Water in the sink was running. He heard her slurping water like a drinking fountain. Then the water went off. She had to contort her body to get the faucet turned on and off. Or she was Houdini. The toilet flushed. Then the bathroom door knob jiggled.

He took the knob and turned it. Gave it a little push. It bumped her ass.

She pulled the door open the rest of the way and then skipped to the bed. She crawled up onto it with her legs under her. She smiled. She had a very nice smile.


“I’m hungry.”

“Okay Ill untie you and fix something.”

“No. I want breakfast in bed. You feed me.”

“This is nuts.”

“You can screw me later if you want.”

“No. I wont screw you.”

“See. I was testing you. I told you about the HIV and Aids. But you already said you where married so I figured your safe. So if you want to set me free. You have to feed me breakfast in bed.”

“Your crazy.”

“You could leave and I would still be tied up.”

“Alright. Breakfast in bed.”

“And you feed me.”

“And I feed you. But then you getting free.”


This was nuts. But he hit the kitchen again. She needed to go shopping. Her larder was pretty thin. Toast, juice and scrambled eggs.

Plate and glass in hand. He went to bedroom. Julie was sitting upright. A huge grin on her face. This was some other kind of turn on for her. Fine. Whatever.

He gave the toast first. She nibbled on it. Great, she was in no hurry to get this over with.

“Thank you master.”

“You do not have to call me master.”

“I like to.”


“Yes master.” She smiled again. Now she was teasing.

In retrospect. How could she stop him from untying her. Chasing a naked woman around the apartment half bound. Yeah that did not seem a good idea. Just let this be over with.

It was the longest breakfast he had even done. Or it seemed so. When the last egg was gone. The juice was drained from the glass. She turned about. Presenting her bound arms and hands. The color was a little red. He untied her.

Arms freed. She whipped around and hugged him. ”Thank you.”

“Okay. You get some clothes on. If you need to talk. I will be down the hall. But I think you need help.”

“Maybe I do But it was nice that you helped me. I feel so alive after a session. “

“That’s fine. But I need some real rack time. So don’t do anything stupid.”

Julie hung her arms around him and gave him a kiss.

“Thank you again.”

He unwrapped her from him and gently sat her down on the bed.

“Your welcome.”

He left again making sure to lock her door behind him. “Goodnight.”

He said it even thought it was morning.

He was not that tired and needed to think. Plus the corner market was open. The weather was cold and clear. Jacket. Hat. Gloves. He walked to the market. His old Chevy had ice on the windshield and it was a good ten block walk.

He needed the time to think so he hiked it. The snow crunching under his feet. He wonder what. If anything, he should do about Julie. Who could he call? Was this the only time? What if she came back? Would she come back?

If she wanted to do this again. Would he assist? It felt like he was her pimp. Bondage pimp? Good heavens. How does that even work?. She said she could not do this herself. Worse she could really hurt herself. This bondage sex thing of hers. How do you even break it? Cope with it?

It was like a drug to her. Cold turkey seemed to be the answer. Or what about the other direction. He never took a drink after that bar fight. He never got drunk before in his life and that whole day was a blur. Damm. That was over twenty years ago.

But too much of a good thing. That might make you back off or quit. Then some drug addicts died from too much of a good thing.

He was so wrapped up in himself that he missed the turn for the corner market. He doubled back.

He did enough shopping for him and her. Three bags of food. He could have bought more but that would have meant getting his truck. The walk cleared his head and he came to a decision. He would help her if she asked. But at the same time try and talk her into getting professional help.

On the way in he checked his mail. Sorted through his mail and saw a letter from Frank. They where old school. No phone calls or email.

There was another letter from his investment broker. His divorce lawyer. Her divorce lawyer. Publisher clearing house. He opened the letter from Frank. He wanted to know how he was doing. Etc. Would he be interested in selling his half of their investment to him. Etc.

After packing away his and her food. In his apartment. He finally got to sleep. When he woke up. It was a Saturday night and he was not a big movie watcher or bowler. Normally it was music on the radio and a Tom Clancy novel. He got other books he been wanting to read. Mostly out of curiosity sake. But at six o’clock. Their was a gentile knock at the door.

He opened it with out looking through the peep hole.

“Hi?” said Julie. “Can I come in?”


She came in with a boundless energy. There was a kid who got caught with her hands in the cookie jar like look. He could tell what was on her mind.

“What’s for dinner?’

“Hungry? I got some minute steaks and tater tots.”

“Ooooooh. Tater tots. I have not had those in years.”

He put the tater tots on a cookie sheet and set the oven. Then the timer. The minute steaks took less time so he waited on those.

“So. What do you do on a Saturday?”

Julie was warming up. Trying not to say the thing on her mind. “Read.”


She looked around. He had not been here very long and usually after buying a book. He’d gave it to some one else. So right now his library was a half dozen books.

“Tom Clancy. Lee Child. Jack Reacher and Harry Potter? I would have not seen you reading the last two.”

“Kinda catching up. Never had much time on the ship. Reading was the only thing you could do.”

“ Never read the books. I’ve seen the movie. Tom Cruise was great.”

“Never judge a book by its movie.”

“Really. Why. You spend half as much time a get to eat popcorn while doing it.”

“You could do the same with a book. Plus you can rewind a book. You cant do that in a theater. So if you miss something you have to see it again.”

“That’s why they come out on dvd.”

“You don’t have a TV.”


“Oh. That right. But with a book you can stop and start where you like. You can get into the character and often a movie will gloss over or skip over details. Character quirks or totally marginalize or completely leave out a character.”

He was actually enjoying this book vs. movie debate. Plus having some to talk to was really nice.

“Ahh. But a movie can make something exciting. You hear and see thing that a book may not show you. Ever seen Fifty shades of Gray.”

“No. Not even read the book either.”

“I did have a copy. I can get it to you.”

“No computer. No dvd player. Just my laptop.”

“It plays dvd’s right?’

“I think so.”

“So when you saw a movie. Where did you go.”

“On base or some times guys would play it on a sheet. Impromptu theater. Carriers actually had movies flown in.”

The timer rang. He plopped the steaks on a frying pan. Then toasted some buns.

Buns. Why did that make in smile inwardly.

Julie enjoyed the meal. He figured she had not anything to eat since he gave her breakfast in bed. Literally.

After she ate. Julie was on pins and needles.

“Thanks. That was great.” Wiping her cute little mouth with a napkin. She smiled again. Beaming.

“Your welcome. I figure you had not gone shopping. I did for both of us. I got some groceries for you.”

“You did? That’s sweet of you. I can't pay you back.”

“Just trying to help out. You can pay me back later.”

“Speaking of helping out...”

Julie paused. He could see it coming. Here’s the pitch.

“I need your help. I want to you help me tie me up again. Something different.”

And it is out of the park. Next batter. “I thought you where going to go cold turkey.”

“No. You said it.”

Strike one. “You can't keep doing this to yourself.”

“But you said you would help. You would not want to see me get hurt.”

Strike two. “You need help.”

“I am. I never had anyone beside Jackie to talk to about his. I need your help. If you won't. Who will.”

Swing and a miss. Strike three. He was out.

“Alright what do you want me to do.”

It was back at her flat. She wanted to get ready and while she was in the bedroom. Door closed. He put away the food he had bought.

While waiting he wandered about the living room. He tried to take a book down from the shelf but it was stuck to its neighbors.

Closer exanimation showed it was prop. All three had been glued together. Looking at the bottom it had the words. ‘Cinema props‘.

What the hell?’

He wondered what that meant. He had been to Hobby Lobby and saw fake books before. Normally they where hollow so you could hide something. But there was nothing to hide. No hidden catch or anything. They looked to have been molded together. Felt almost like rubber.

He placed the book where he found it. The magazines were People, National Geographic and True Detective. Which seemed to sport some bimbo on the cover tied up some where waiting for a hero to show up.

Odd. A few were postmarked from an address in Pittsburg. The date was about three months ago. How long had Julie been here. More than a year maybe? Another had a Denver library stamped on it. The date was about the same time. Libraries like to keep magazine on file. He was not sure about if they let you check them out or not. He had the odd feeling. Something was off.

The bedroom door opened. He did not know what to expect and this was not it.

Having seen her naked was one thing but her outfit was something else.

During his brief foray into bondage research. He saw what a dominatrix was. Or the stereotypical version. Julie pretty much captured that image.

Four, maybe five inch high heeled boots with a metal spike as a heel. The boots stopped a few inches below the crotch. A black thong.

Some sort of was corset was laced tight. It pushed out her breast and knocked off a good four inches of waistline. It hugged her accenting her curvaceous figure.

Gloves that went past the elbow and nearly to the armpit. That damm shock collar. A head harness that had a bright red ball gag hanging from it. The butterfly vibrator was in. He could see its shape out lined by the thong. Ankle and wrist had some sort of manacle on them.

Now what was her game?

Julie wanted to be held upright. Spread eagled. Ropes holding her legs apart and arms apart at the end of the bed. To ensure her legs could not slide apart or together. Another rope went from one leg to the other. All nice and tight.

Once he had done the dirty deed. All that was left was to turn on the two vibrators. That’s right two. One set was hidden inside the corset clipped onto her breasts. The other was in her vagina. He remembered seeing them both when he first discovered her

Two hours was the time limit this time. Stamping her left foot three then two then three was the safe word. The shock collar made it hard for her to say anything. Small little grunts where about as much as she could get away with. The hard part was standing in the boots. The slow pain of not able to move in heels that bent your ankle in an awkward position.

Seated not more than five feet away. He watch her sweat and wonder if he should turn the heat down. Hair matted against her face. Julie would shake her head violently in the throws of ecstasy while the vibrator did their evil work upon her.

What was going through that head of hers. Or anything at all. Sex did not have a playbook or a manual. It was mostly instinct. Animals in heat. You did what made you feel good. The beast she called it.

She was smiling when their was a brief pause in the action. A wisp of a smile at the corner of her mouth while she looked at him. Yes he was interested in her. But not in the way she was thinking. He wanted to make her stop this. Yet he could not turn away.

Two hours passed. He did not count how many times she hit a high point.

She wrapped her arms around him as he untied her from the post. He switched off the shock collar.

“Tie me to the bed. Use the padlocks on my hands and feet.”


“There. In the night stand. “

He remembered them on her when he first found her. They where used to secured her arms to chains. Now he was using them on her manacles to lock her limbs together. He only tied her feet. Shock collar off and gag out. She was asleep in no time. The vibrators was also turned off but left in her.

Now what. She slept soundly while he cat napped on the sofa.

Her alarm rang and he shut it of.

“Morning“. She said. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she had ran a marathon.

“Had enough.?”

“I think so. Just unlock me”

This time with arms free she scampered to the bathroom with out needing assistance.

He took his position he had from last time. While the door was closed. Weird.

“So how long you been here?”

“Almost a year.”

“So you been in the Denver area about two years?”


“Do you actually ski.”

“No. I took a few lessons. But I have terrible balance.”

“Yet you can stand in high heels for two hours while masturbating… or whatever.“

“Yeah you're right. It is kinda funny.”

“Need me to cook anything.”

“Could you?. That would be great. I am going to take a shower.”

Back in the kitchen. He made hash browns. French toast and sausage. He kept it warm while she was showering. He still felt something was off.

So while he waited he wander around. A stack of mail was on they desk. He idly looked at it. Bills mostly. But there was on letter with no return address. Post marked Vermont. But he knew the hand writing.

Then pieces began to fall into place. He did not see any pictures. Pictures of her. Her family. Her and Jackie.

This was also a one room apartment. No roll away bed. No Murphy bed. The sofa was not a sofa bed. Where did Jackie sleep?

Did they share the bed. Possibly. It was big enough.

The computer was on but the screen was off. He moved the mouse and the screen came on. What he saw confirmed everything.

The computer was showing about a dozen live shots from her bedroom. The stuffed animals were hidden cameras.

Each giving her a different perspective. She wanted an audience but also maybe to blackmail him into some action.

He waited.

Julie was wearing jeans and sweater. Hair wrapped up in a towel turban.

He handed her a plate and sat on the opposite end of the sofa from Julie. She gobbled it up. When she finished he thought it best to get right to the point.

“You have not been here a year have you?”

“What do you mean?”

“This. All of this is a set. A movie set. Or something like it.”

“You're crazy.”

“Really. Care to check all your teddy camera in you bedroom. Or how about the fact that a few of your appliances have not been used. Or that you have magazines with Pittsburg post mark dated three to four months ago. “

“My mom sent them to me.”

“It cost more to send in the mail. You could have picked them up at any book store cheaper than having them sent to you..“

“Then where are pictures. Nothing on the fridge. None of you or Jackie. Or any family.“


He was on a roll and not letting her try to weasel out. “Then where did Jackie sleep or did she. I can check your rental agreement. I am the super. I can do that.”

Julie looked around. He was going to let her make the next move.

“Uncle Frank says hi.” she said in mock sarcasm.

“Uncle Frank?”

“I was supposed to have sex with you. But you did not go for it. Then Frank was going to blackmail you into selling your half of the business.”

She reached behind her and pulled out a envelop addressed to him. It was his mail from yesterday. It was from the investment banker he and other first started twenty years ago. She stole it.

“Uncle Frank has a deal in the works. A big one. Billions of dollars. He wanted to buy you out but you kept saying no. So when you wanted to move away he suggested this place. I beat you here about a week. Set me up. Jackie is my sister and only visited me here. I used her as a prop. Like an extra in a movie. She knows about my bondage. She is also not Gale Primrose. I am. I also do work from home. But not as technical support. I sell bondage videos.”

He waited. He expected something like this. Not to this extent. He just stared at her. Not saying a word.

“Are you mad. I Like you. I mean it. This is no act. Your nice. Too nice to do this to you. I am so sorry.”

“Extortion is a federal crime. So is stealing the mail.” He said he took out his phone.

Julie eye grew wide. She was in near tears. He was not sure if this still was an act. She did confess to just about everything. Maybe it was caught on camera in this room. He was not sure.

“Please. I don’t want to go to jail. I messed up. You know how Frank is. He a talker. You’re the only one he never could sweet talk. Please. I'll do anything.”



“Then your going to make a phone call.”

“Uncle Frank. Hi. Its Julie. No. He won't go for it. He got the letter before I could get to it. I don’t think he is going to sign it. You just going have deal with him or lose out. I am sorry. I tried. I’m okay. No he didn’t. He tied me up but I was telling him to. Its on the video. So you got nothing. I had to even have him sign a waiver so he would. Yeah its all legal and stuff. “

“Uncle Frank. Please. You sent me out here. You blackmailed me. I like doing bondage. But…”

The phone went dead.

“He has a bit of a temper. He was the one that started that bar fight twenty years ago.” James said turning off the recorder. Taking the phone away from her. He had the whole conversation on tape. He might need this in case Frank tried something like this again.

From his perspective. Either he was going to be rich. Or very rich or just keep things as they where. Either way it worked for him.

“Now what?” Julie asked.

“You're going back to school. I can blackmail people too.”

“I mean about this.”

He looked at her. Spread eagled on the giant bed. Arms chained and legs tied with rope. This time the capstan winch was fixed and the emergency release worked.

“Oh I am sure we can come up with something to tame the beast.”


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