Perfect Evening

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; spreader; toys; bdsm; whip; nipple; tease; torment; mast; climax; true; cons; XX

This is an account of an evening spent with my favorite playmate, this happened months after our first encounter that I have previously written about (First time shared) and was again one of the most exciting nights of my life. I would like to thank her for her patience and for sharing those times with me, if she happens to read this please contact me, my e-mail is still the same.

I stare at the perfect ass protruding from her arched back, the thin white strap of her thong separating two firm round cheeks that are atop two thin but toned legs, their muscles stretched by the arched position the strapped on high heels she is wearing forces them into, showing every curve and line from her leather wrapped ankles to her dampened thighs. The wide leather around her ankles is attached to a thin steel rod keeping her legs spread about three feet apart adding to the stress her muscles are showing and keeping her from being able to close her legs as she is forced to maintain her arch. I watch her flat stomach expand and contract as she breathes deeply, her anxiety increasing as she listens to my movements.

Over the last week we have talked about this evening and varying details and both have been looking forward to tonight, she mainly to see if I have what it takes to truly dominate her, the worries of the past week gone now her only worry is can I control myself and not go too far but push her hard enough to make her feel out of control. My anxiety is the same but feels much worse knowing that if I cross that invisible line I might drive her away and knowing that if I don’t at least push towards it I might drive her away also.

I could have never believed I would have a woman so beautiful and so willing to allow me the honor of having her trust me to try and give her a fulfilling night of bondage. I continue to take it all in as my eyes, and hands, wander up her body, my stroking of her legs has aroused both of us and now I watch the chain connecting the two clover clamps to her pierced nipples sway with each breath, a slight moan is heard as I ran my hand near her engorged nipples and reawaken the pain in them, her perfect breasts feel wonderful in my hands as I continue to stare at her incredible body, the wide leather collar that I had made her months ago already showing wear as it is once again strapped tightly around her thin neck.

Her red painted lips that normally have a wonderful pouty appearance are currently sealed around the large ball strapped into her mouth, the tight strap cutting into the corners of her mouth as it disappears under her long strawberry blonde hair covering the buckle holding it in place, her beautiful eyes searching in the darkness under the rubber strap covering them keeping her completely in the dark and allowing her imagination to take over.

White rope wound tightly multiple times around her thin wrists and then cinched tightly in between are now tied to a scalloped support post, the scallops not allowing her to raise or lower them and forcing her to hold her arched position that allows me perfect access to do as I please with her, the painted finger tips digging into the post as she tries to adjust the arch that is quickly becoming uncomfortable but not allowing any movement up or down. Her fingers continue flexing as they search for a way to release the bonds holding her in this position or maybe trying to encourage her captor to hurry up and get started.

I have become lost in the moment, the beauty of a captive female, one wanting to be where she is and has cooperated in every way to be under my control and asking me to do this for her. Snapping out of my trance I grab a breast and slap an ass cheek making her squeal slightly and jerk in her restraints and say quietly “Ready?” she grunts once and I pick up the whip.

It is custom made from ¼ wide thick rubber thongs, each comes to a point at the end, I begin slowly whipping each cheek in turn increasing the amount of pressure a little with each swing, it had been discussed at length about her signals to tell me enough or stop I that I was not going to ask once we started and that if she gave no signals I would keep increasing until she did, so I continue to increase the speed and vary the impacts until I see her ass turning pink, she is beginning to moan and grind her ass in the air, I continue to whip her and reach over and turn the small vibrating egg that I had nestled in her thong right over her pierced clit on to its lowest speed, she immediately responds with a little higher pitched moan as I continue to whip her ass and now her upper thighs.

Her upper thighs are turning pink and her body is jerking with each impact, her hands are still stretching and pulling against the ropes holding them tightly to the post as I change positions and allow a few of the thongs to slap up higher between her legs. As they occasionally reach her swollen pussy lips that have been parted by the thong she wears she squeaks and jerks harder but never gives any signal to stop or back off. The pink marks are now getting redder and rising much faster as I increase the intensity of each lash, I reach up and fondle her pert breasts eliciting another squeal from behind the large ball as I awaken her clamped nipples once again.

After ten minutes I stop her whipping and rub my hands over her red ass and thighs feeling the welts and the heat they are giving off, I continue running my hands over her body, she never quits grinding her hips that are now rubbing on my body as I reach around and continue to feel her smooth skin and heaving chest as she gasps for air.

I break myself away from her and get a groan from her expressing her displeasure of my breaking contact and I swat her warmed ass with my hand and move next to her and take the remaining rope hanging from her wrist tie and loop it around her nipple clamp chain and gently pull the slack from it making her lean further into the post, her forehead is now touching the post as I stroke her body for a few moments more before picking up the whip and giving her one light stroke before bringing it quickly back down much harder, she squeals again as her jerking body causes her to tug on her clamped nipples and tries to fight the reflex of her jerking each time I bring the whip down.

I continue to adjust my position and change direction and landing area of each stroke as her ass is turning red again and the welts are growing in number and size as I keep increasing the strength of each lash waiting for her to give me a sign, she hangs her head down between her arms and moans loudly almost making me stop thinking she has given up but then she raises her head quickly and shakes her hair back with a growl and I now know it’s a battle of wills, who will quit first as she bites down on her gag, her body still grinding in the air urging me to continue and her hands still reaching for release but her mind will not give in.

After another fifteen minutes I stop my whipping and move in close behind her and run my hands over her body, squeezing the clamps tighter then running them over her face wiping the leaking drool on her cheeks making her growl at me again as she continues to rub my groin with her ass, I kneel behind her to inspect the whelps that are now covering the majority of her ass and upper thighs and run my hands over them to feel each one, she begins to moan as I do this so I continue with one hand and take the other and press the humming egg tighter into her mound, she responds immediately and I can feel her beginning to quiver in my hands. I continue her massage as I run my hands down her trembling legs feeling the muscles that I sure are beginning to ache.

Standing again I take the whip and without warning give her a quick lash in between her legs causing her to jerk hard and almost pull a clamp off, I can see the clamp has moved up onto her piercing and quickly turn up the egg to half way as she begins to moan again I start whipping her harder. She has lowered her head again, her hair covering her upper arms and drool is flowing from her gagged lips as I steadily increase the strength of the flogging determined that I will not be the one that gives up first. Her hips are still grinding in air as I turn the egg up again and lash in between her legs and she jerks hard again popping off one of the clamps, with this she throws her head back again and moans loudly and I can see and feel her body shaking as her first orgasm hits her.

I continue to whip her as she quivers from head to toe and strains against the ropes holding her, her knees are wanting to collapse but she continues to stand. After the first wave her head is now hanging between her arms, she is panting and moaning, her hands twist in the ropes and she has tried to move her feet as I continue to whip her now beginning to increase the strength again as I can see the welts are now dangerously close to being actual broken skin so I turn up the egg to its highest setting and rub her freed breast and pinch the sore nipple hard as another wave of orgasm washes over her, she tosses her head backwards again as she screams into her gag and drops to her knees, her wrists are tied just low enough where her knees touch the floor but most of her weight is now supported by her outstretched arms as she grinds her hips against the wall the bottom of the post disappears into while she hangs moaning.

I can hear the egg hitting the wall as she continues to grind against it and resume my whipping but have now moved to her back and at a much reduced intensity but still bringing whelps up with each stroke as she leans her head back again I can see her flared nostrils and the one clamp still holding tight, the connecting chain has slipped through the rope and is now stretching her nipple upwards.

She continues to struggle and thrashes wildly until she is moaning deeply and hanging from her wrists panting and I know it’s over, she can take no more and I don’t think I can either and lay the whip down and kneel behind her and hug her while my hand explores her exposed and quivering body slowly reaching down and releasing the clamp from her twisted nipple. She gives me one last squeal and leans back into me as I continue to stroke her and eventually force the egg into her wet pussy and message her clit making her body tense again and begin shaking as she moans with pleasure before hanging limply again against my body.

We stay embraced for a few minutes before I stand and hold her bound wrists with one hand and pull the rope free from the post, as I lower myself back behind her gently lowering her arms she turns her body so she is lying in my lap, her beautiful hair all across my face as I slowly lower her hands into her lap. She lays on my chest gasping around her gag, her legs still held wide apart by the spreader bar as I brush her hair from my face and remove the blindfold and look into her eyes, they are slightly foggy as she is still recovering from her orgasm’s but they don’t look mad so I loosen the gag strap and slip the ball from behind her teeth and ask if she is alright.

She smiles her gorgeous smile at me and reaches up with her bound hands and strokes my face and purrs yes. I smile back at her and we sit wrapped together for another half hour before she says she would like to close her legs now and allows me to slip out from under her and uncuff her ankles. I reach for her hands but she pulls them away saying not yet and reaches out and holds my face while she kisses me deeply. We move to the couch and I get some lotion and begin applying it to her welts making her hiss as the cool liquid hits some of the “warmer” spots. We drink a glass of wine and she settles down lying again against me and falls asleep naked with her wrists still bound together and we both slept well into the next afternoon, reliving the experience we had in our dreams and waking to each other smiling.

Later that day she explained to me that that had been the only time she had ever had multiple orgasm’s and couldn’t wait to do it again. We both decided that we would have to wait, for when she sat her still naked butt on the hard kitchen chair for breakfast she squealed loudly from the lingering welts, we both laughed as I got her a pillow to sit on. It took a week for her to be able to wear tight jeans again comfortably and up until the day we parted we joked about her stripped ass.

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