Pepper the Maid

by Yuti

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Storycodes: F/m; maid; bond; rope; gag; scarves; captive; chairtie; balltie; blindfold; tickling; tease; poletie; basement; clothespins; discovery; F+/m; bagged; packaged; transport; public; kiss; caress; chloroform; kidnap; cons; X

Authors note: The images for this story can be found on my deviantart page

Chapter 1: Kidnapping experience

Let’s start with a little bit of background. My name is Steve, I’m 21-year-old student living in a small city with my parents. Since my childhood, I always have enjoyed practicing tie-up games, during childhood games with my mother or later with self-bondage experiences as a teenager. I’ve been in few relationships, but not a single one of my girlfriends were up to practicing these kinds of games.

When the summer holidays came, my parents went off on vacation for two weeks and I was left alone at home during this period. Well, not really alone. Actually, there is a maid named Pepper who comes each Friday to clean the house and do some laundry. Pepper is a beautiful 35-year-old woman, almost redhead. She’s often wearing different kinds of scarves around her neck, and her hair is usually held up in a ponytail style with a red hair band. She’s a very kind woman and a great friend to me, I’ve know her since I was ten years old and we like to chat while she’s doing her work.

My parents left on Thursday morning, so, I was alone for this day before Pepper came tomorrow. On my free time, I like to work on projects about BDSM (I recently discovered a great game called didnapper, and I’m thinking about doing some modding on it!)

This day, I was inspired to write a bondage story about a guy kidnapped by a door-to-door saleswoman. But once my story has progressed and I was about to write the part where the hero struggled while is tied up, I was blocked. Actually, it’s not the first time that has happening, I often tried to write bondage stories, but my lack of experience about being tied up in real life always make this story part hard to write. I often thought about asking my mom to tie me up in order to have a real experience and be able to transcribe that feeling into my story, but I was afraid of my parents reaction about this.

But suddenly, an idea popped in my brain. Why don’t I ask Pepper?

The next day, we were about to be alone in my house, so, I thought that maybe she could help me with that by tying me up and leaving me to struggle some time before untying me. Pepper is a trustable and very understanding person, and I was sure that she would accept.

The next morning, I prepared some ropes and waited for Pepper. When she arrived, she started by preparing some cleaning stuff in the kitchen. I joined her and started the conversation.

“Hi Pepper!”

“Oh, hi Steve, how are you doing?”

“Very well, do you have a lot of work today?”

“Not so much, when your parents are on vacations, it’s easier.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“And what about you, what are you doing on your holidays?”

“For now I’m staying home... I started writing a fictional story yesterday.”

“Really? You didn’t tell me that you like to write! I’ll be happy to read that.”

“Actually, I’m having some trouble on a certain part.”

“What’s that part about?”

“The hero is kidnapped and transported to a house where he remains tied up to a chair. He tries to escape from his bonds in vain.”

“That sounds interesting, but what’s the problem?”

“Well, I’ve never been tied up or kidnapped, and it’s hard to describe something you’re never experienced.”

“I understand, so, what are you going to do?”

“I was thinking that maybe... You can help me with that part...”

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe you can tie me up to a chair for few minutes, pretending you kidnapped me, so I can experience been restrained.”

“So... You want me to tie you up…?”

“Yeah, I know it sounds a little bit weird, but it will help me greatly with my story.”

“No, don't worry, it’s not weird, I totally understand your point. What a better experience for writing a kidnapping story than to be really kidnapped?”

“Thanks a lot Pepper!”

“But tell me more about the kidnapper, who is he?”

“Actually, it’s not he but she, the hero is kidnapped by a woman, but I’ll prefer to totally have finished my story before I tell you more.”

“A woman? Alright! Well, I have many ideas to help you more than just tying you up, it will also help you to experience the whole kidnapping part.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“You’ll see, but, let’s start by tying you up to a chair as you requested.”

Few minutes later, I was strongly tied up to a chair, shirtless, as the guy in my story, with my hands tied behind my back.

“Alright, are we done?” asked Pepper.

“Hmm, I think it would be great if you gag me too.”

“Alright, I got some scarves in my bag, I’ll take one out to gag you with.”

“Wait, you’ll need more than one scarf, for the stuffing.”

“The stuffing?”

“Yes, the stuffing you pack in the mouth before putting the gag, without that, the gag will be inefficient.”

“I see, very clever.”

Then, she took few scarves from her bag and made a pretty big package, she then stuffed it deeply into my mouth and put on a pink scarf as a gag.

“Are you alright?” asked Pepper

“Mphhhhhhh!” I moaned through my gag.

“I’ll take this as a yes. Well, now enjoy your captivity, I’ll get back to my maid duties!”

I started struggling against my bonds, but Pepper really did a good job, it was impossible to escape. Pepper started doing her cleaning job while I was completely helpless in the middle of the kitchen, I was totally under her control. So, I watched her cleaning the floor, the fridge, do the dishes, dust the room…

At one moment, she even dusted me off.


“Everything has to be clean, even my little prisoner.” She replied to my moaning with a smile on her face.

When she finished cleaning the kitchen, I’ve been tied up for almost 45 minutes, I’ve now got enough experience to continue writing my story, so I thought it was time to be untied.


“What’s going on?”

“Mpunmph mtimph mphhee mpnpmo.”

“I can’t understand a word of what you’re saying, hold on.”

She lowered my gag and extracted the packing from my mouth.

“Thanks, you. I think it’s good now, I’ve got everything that I need for my story, so you can untie me now.”

“No, I don’t think so. I told you that I had more ideas. You’re going to experience a full kidnapping, and there is no way I'll let you go now!”

“Whatmphhh! ”

She put back the scarves stuffing in my mouth and put the gag back.


Then, Pepper started putting the cleaning stuff back in the cleaning trolley. When she was finished, she untied me from the chair but kept my arms and legs securely tied up. She then put my hands in front of me, took a new roll of rope and connected my hands to the trolley with it. During the whole time, she just ignored my moaning and smiled at me.

“Let’s move to the bathroom now!” she said.


Pepper moved the trolley to the bathroom and I was forced to follow, attached to the trolley, like a prisoner being moved to another cell. When we arrived to the bathroom, Pepper left me tied to the trolley and start cleaning the place.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be long, but you understand, your kidnapper has to keep an eye on you, or you’ll try to escape.”

I thought: What does she mean by “It won’t be long?”, will she finally untie me? No, it seemed that she had another idea in mind.

After a while, I managed to loosen my bonds a little bit, but still not enough to allow me to escape.

Pepper noticed that.

“You’re really agitated, oh, I see, you’re trying to escape right? Let’s fix that!”


“Anyway, I’m done with the bathroom, let’s tighten your bonds and prepare you for the next step.”

Pepper untied me from the trolley, tied my hands behind my back and my knees to my chest, I was completely helpless and unable to move. With some efforts she then picked me up and carried me to the lift of the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom is equipped with a small lift which allows the maids to transport some cleaning stuff and tools to each floor (and vice versa).

It’s not something designed for humans, but it could easily handle the weight of one person, and in my tied-up position, I could be placed into its tight confines. So, Pepper put me in among the other objects, the brushes, sponge, buckets, washing products…

“Like this, it’s gonna be much easier to transport you between the floors”


“Oh, I just have a new idea! What if I blindfold you?”

“Mphhhhhh!!!!” I tried to object.

“I know, good idea!”

Pepper unhooked the scarf around her neck and blindfolded me with it. The smell of her perfume was intoxicating, I could feel my arousal rising.

“I’ll going to have a break now, so, you’ll stay here for an undetermined time, but don’t worry, when I’ll get back to work you’ll feel it, literally.”

“Mphhh mphhhhh!”

Pepper then locked the lift door, covering my moaning. I was bound, gagged and in the dark, stuffed in the middle of cleaning stuff in a lift, I was feeling like an object, like another tool that pepper used for her work. Every time I tried to struggle, the ropes were more and more tight.

Suddenly, after like an eternity, I felt my cell vibrating, the engine turned on and the lift started transporting me the floor. Then it stopped, the door opened, and I felt hands grabbing and unloading the cargo, including me. I felt my bound body being moved; I didn’t know where I was going.

My tied-up position has now been modified, I was now on my knees, on something pretty comfortable, my hands above me and tied with... shackles?

“I hope you don’t mind, I found this in your bedroom, and I thought it was a better way to tie your hands to the bed roof.” said pepper while removing my blindfold.

As Pepper said, we were now in my bedroom, I was tied up on my bed kneeling and with my wrists chained to the four-poster bed roof.

“Mphhh mphhh!”

She put her finger on my gag in a sign to order me to be quiet.

“Be quiet, I opened the window, and I don’t want the neighbors to hear you.”


Pepper started cleaning my bedroom, it was more embarrassing because, unlike the other rooms of the house, it was really intimate to me, and I was totally helpless, forced to watch Pepper manipulating and cleaning my stuff. Actually, watching Pepper was kind of pleasant, I never realized how beautiful she was. After a while, she suddenly climbed on the bed.

“You know, sometimes, the kidnapper would torture her victim in order to get information, right? Or sometimes just for the pleasure to be a bad girl...”


Pepper then placed her hands on my naked chest and started tickling me.

“Mphhhh mphhhtopmphh!!!”

After 15 minutes of intense tickling, I was completely exhausted. Pepper, as usual, tidied up her cleaning stuff before preparing me for my next “experience” as she said.

“I really have an awesome idea for your kidnapping experience, but I have to prepare some things before, so, you’ll be locked away somewhere safe until everything is ready!”

“Mphhh mphhhhhhh!!!!”

Everything happened so quickly that I couldn’t escape, my arms were rebound behind me again, I was blindfolded, stuffed back in the lift, transported to a new room and tied up in a new position. This time I was standing, hands behind my back and my whole body was restrained to a kind of pole. When Pepper removed the blindfold, I realized I was down in the basement.

“Fine, you’ll stay here while I gather the dirty clothes and set up everything for the next step!”

I noticed Pepper was holding two pink clothespins.

“Mphhhhh mphhh?”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot, it’s to help you wait, another torture idea of mine, you can maybe add it in to your story!”

She pinched the clothespins on my nipples and left. It was painful.

“Mphhhhhhh mphhhhhh!!!”

After almost 20 minutes, I heard the basement door opening, I thought Pepper had finished her “preparations” but then I heard another voice calling upstairs.

“Pepper, are you here? Are the laundry bags ready?”

I immediately recognized the voice, it was Kendra. Kendra is a beautiful tall black woman who runs a laundry maid service. We call her when our washing machine is broken or when the laundry is too big to do in our machine. She usually packs the clothes in multiple bags and takes it to the laundromat and then brings back everything at the end of the afternoon.

I was torn between the shame of being found helplessly tied up in my own basement by someone else, or the hope to be finally released. I decided to moan in order to try getting her attention.


“Is someone in the basement? I’m coming!”

When she discovered me, she exclaimed and comes closer to me. She was wearing a pink maid uniform and a red scarf.

“Steve, what happened? Who did this to you!”


She then noticed the clothespins.

“That must be painful, let me take this off for you.”

“Mphhhanmpnx, mpyoumpphh”

Kendra lowered the gag and took out the big scarves package from my mouth.

“Are you okay, what happened?”

“I’ll explain everything to you, but can you untie me first?”

“Right away!”

Suddenly, we heard some footsteps upstairs. I knew it was Pepper, but Kendra ignored everything from our little “experience”.

“Oh no, I think your aggressor is still in the house!”

“No, don’t worry, just untie mphhh!!!”

Kendra hand gagged me.

“Hush!!! It’s coming over here... I’m sorry, but if your aggressor noticed you’re ungagged, he will know that I’m here, I have to put back these scarves in your mouth...”


Without letting me a chance to talk, Kendra put the stuffing in my mouth and put back the gag.

“I’m sorry, I have to do the same with the clothespins too...”


“Hold on! I’m going to hide and improvise according to the situation!”

Few seconds later, Pepper came down into the basement.

“Hey, everything is ready, but I heard some noises from here, what’s going on?”


“Hmmm, you're still gagged and all your bonds seems fine, so…?”

“Pepper? Is it you?” asked Kendra, coming out of hiding.

“Oh! Kendra! I didn't expect you so early, but, you’ll make my whole plan easier!”

“Can you explain me what’s going on, especially why Steve is all tied up?”

After few explanations about my predicament, Kendra stared at me and laughed.

“Hahaha, you should have told me the whole thing when I ungagged you! I pretty much like this idea you have for making your story be more credible! So, what’s the next step?” asked Kendra.

“Actually, I was counting on you. Sometimes in the movies, the bad guys encase the hero in a crate and sent him or her away, to an island or a foreign country to be enslaved or left forever.” explained Pepper.

“Haha, sounds great, what do you have in mind?” said Kendra

“Well, we can reproduce something like this. I was hoping that we can pack him in a laundry bag among the dirty clothes, then you’ll drive off to the laundromat and leave the bag in the middle of the room while you’re waiting.” said Pepper

“Amazing imagination you have! I really like this plan.”  said Kendra

“In addition, he will have to remain silent to not be discovered by the other people at the laundromat!” explained Pepper

“Alright, what does our little prisoner think about his free ride?” asked Kendra

“Mphhhh mphhhhh!” I tried to object again.

“Hehe, we’re not really asking your opinion anyway.” Said Pepper while they both laughed.

The two maids untied me from the pole and carried me to the garage, ignoring my moaning. A lot of laundry bags and dirty clothes were placed in the garage. Kendra’s van was parked here. Kendra and Pepper then put me in an empty bag, just big enough, at the back of the van. Then, they gathered the clothes and put them in the bags, including mine, hiding me. At the end, only my head was visible. Kendra then went to the driver’s seat.

Pepper was closing my bag and said, “Have a good trip, see you later!”

She kissed me on the cheek and pushed my head down to be able to fully close the bag.

I was now a helpless piece of luggage waiting to be transported. I heard Pepper jump off the back of the van and closing the doors, then the engine starts and I was carried away by Kendra. It was a long ride, the laundromat was pretty far from my home, it took almost 40 minutes.

A few minutes after the van stopped, I felt myself being unloaded and carried. Suddenly, I was disposed of on the floor, and then I heard Kendra’s voice and many others too, there was no doubt that I had arrived at the laundromat. My bag was opened, and a few clothes were taken out and it has been immediately closed again. I could hear the conversations of the people in the laundromat.

There was certainly a cheerleader, talking about a competition to her friend. I’ve deduced Kendra was talking to a stewardess. There were also other people around me, everybody except Kendra, ignored that there was a bound and gagged guy in a bag of the middle of the room. It was at the same time pretty worrisome with the fear of being discovered, but also exciting, I could not explain why.

After a very long time, I felt the bag being moved again and I was loaded into the back of Kendra’s van, the stewardess helped her with carrying the bag, I could feel her hands against my back through the fabric.

“Wow! This one is big and heavy!”

“You’re right, the van is pretty full, would you help me to shove it in?”

“Of course”

They gave some pats on the bag in order to properly push it at the bottom, it was like they were spanking me and it was really hard to stay quiet. After the doors were closed, they chatted a little while outside, then Kendra drove off to my home.

After another long ride, I’ve been finally unloaded, moved and got out of the bag by Pepper. I noticed that I was in my mom’s walk-in dressing closet, Pepper was storing the clothes.


“Oh, I almost forgot!”

It was the very end of the afternoon, I thought my experience was about to end and that Pepper would finally untie me, but, she had another idea in mind. So, instead of untying me, she tied me up to a chair, as when the whole thing started.

“This is my last job for today, so wait just a little bit longer.”

When all the clothes were properly stored, Pepper came to me.

“So, are you happy with your experience for now?”


“I was thinking about something else too... You've been through a lot of kidnapping situations, but what about a love kidnapping…? Where the woman kidnaps the man she has a crush on, to have some fun with...”

“Let me show you...”

Pepper gently touched my body, she was very close, I could feel her hairs. She then kissed me all round my neck, while doing a little bit of groping on my private parts. This was really amazing, I moaned with pleasure through my gag while Pepper enjoyed my body. After few minutes, she sat on me, on the chair, in a reverse position and took off the gag.

“So, did you enjoy this last experience with me….?”

“Yeah, now my story is gonna be awesome...”

We then kissed passionately.

After that, Pepper stood up and said:

“Would you like to extend the experience?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“A true love kidnapping?”

“To be taken where?”

“To my home of course.”

I thought it was a kind of metaphor to simply invite me to her home to continue what we started here, so I said, “Alright, I accept your kidnapping offer!”

Suddenly, Pepper stuffed my mouth again and put back the gag.


I heard a kind of bottle and liquid spilling behind me.

“Well, for a better experience, you need to be treated like a true kidnapped person.”

Pepper put a rag, soaked with chloroform, to my gagged mouth. I tried to resist, but I progressively felt asleep.

“Mphhhh!! Mphhh.. mphh....”

“Good night, tomorrow will be a new experience for you!”

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