Pegging Class

by Siobhann

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© Copyright 2021 - Siobhann - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m+; bond; pegging; anal; group; gag; college; crop; messy; cons; reluct; XX

Just a silly little fantasy I had. Don't try this at home. I guess deep down I wish I had more access to information and training in the kinky stuff. I learned late and was clumsy about it. And it is college, so they are all at least 20 years old. Enjoy.

Along the wall, leaning on the wall, palms flat, mildly spread eagle, a dozen cheerleaders are offering their asses to the room. Behind them are a dozen jocks getting ready to anally penetrate the cheerleaders. Between them Professor Fine walks the line, fingering each anus to check for lube, rubbing each cock to ensure it is slippery, her black gloves shiny and wet, greasy, she is satisfied with the students preparations. No need to whip anyone. She blows a whistle.

The boys in their plaid skirts lean over a little farther, trying to open up a bit more. The girls in their football jerseys grab their strapons and aim for the hole. They step into it. Rubber cockhead meets fleshy butt and a dozen moans fill the air. Prof Fine instructs them.

“Now jocks, penetrate. Watch your footwork. A good reaming starts with good footwork. The heads should be in by now. Slow and steady, I don't want to see any blood. Roger, arch your back more, offer yourself. Tammy check your straps, your harness is loose.”

This is how the students are tested in this class, called ‘Girls Fuck Guys’. The guys, dressed as cheerleaders, are all gagged. Prof Fine does not want to hear a bunch of sissy boys whining about how much their asses hurt, and besides, she tells the class, that way the fucker has to get all their information from the fuckee through body language and bodily response. Teaches the girls wearing cocks how to fuck better. The most important information can be received through the hands or the thighs as they contact your lover.

“Should be halfway in by now. Stella, a little fast dear, you don't want to rip him. Let him take it in at his pace. Keep thrusting, slow, measured thrusts. C'mon jocks, control your hips. Rhythm, think rhythm. Sexy hot slow rhythm.”

As the dildos dig deeper, the moans from the cheerleaders get louder.

“Would you sissies please be quiet. I have instructing to do,” and Fine smacks her crop across a few backs, up by the shoulders. The loud smack sound quiets the cheerleaders.

“Well, you are all in now. Donna dear, push in. You are in now, should be ball to ball, jocks, your balls should be slapping up against her balls in front. Is everyone there?”

They were; all dozen buried deep. Now the thrusting increased, length of stroke, depth of thrust, velocity. Fine talked them all through it, patrolling up and down the line, offering hints, pointers, and slaps when needed. The jocks were having a marvelous time in class, the cheerleaders were moaning low, trying not to get slapped.

“This is good practice for you, jocks. When your slave is all tied up, gagged, you know, your panties in his mouth, some duct tape over it, he won't be able to say 'faster' or 'slower' or 'mercy!' so you will have to read your slave through tactile feedback. Keep your hands on the hips. When you get all the way in, pause, let your thighs rub his. Is your slave pushing back for more, are they pulling away, are they quivering and throbbing ready to explode. Read his body."

The rules for this lab exercise are simple. Strap-on cock, fuck the guy. But Fine likes to torment as well as teach, so her twist is the first guy to cum, that pair of students is the classroom slave for the week. The goal is to teach control and orgasmic restraint, to fuck slow, make your lover last longer, extend the pleasure. Especially since men need time to recover from a climax, busting one early can lessen the enjoyment of the whole scene. So the jocks work hard on restraint, work hard on pacing, and not just banging away to get off.

Inevitably though, one of the cheerleaders loses it, and with a groan he suddenly opens up and pours out his cum onto the wall in front of him, cum shooting out and painting the wall, dripping onto the floor, for all to see. No hiding that from Prof Fine.

“Oh Roger, bad boy. And Stephanie, you pushed him too fast. Bad jock. Get out of line, you know what to do.”

And with that Professor Fine cropped Stephanie hard across her ass, she jumped from the pain, and pulled out. Before he can even come down from his climax, Fine beats the crop across the two of them until they move toward the front of the classroom, her rubber cock bobbing and swaying as the straps have loosened a touch, he walking slowly and using the chairs to support himself, his still hard cock dripping cum from the head. When they get to the front of the class, he leans over a bit and puts his hands on Professors desk to steady himself. He is embarrassed. Stephanie is pissed at him for letting go, but she knew he was on the edge. She sees the cum dripping from his cock, and instinctively bends down a little, reaches in and masturbates the last few drops from out of his cockhead. He smiles, an embarrassed, weak smile.

“Well class, one down, you know what that means,” and with that the jocks bust a move, thrusting deep, forcing their strapons to press up against their clits, rubbing themselves to ecstasy and who cares about him. One by one the guys bust a nut, groaning, snorting, hands slapping the wall, feet stomping the floor, legs quivering, cocks letting go. Within two minutes all the boys are spent, the girls climaxed as well, and a strange afterglow sets in, the students not allowed to move, but their bodies wanting to collapse. 

“With your cock still in his ass, unstrap” Fine instructs. “Leave the cocks in there, the boys need some punishment. Roger lasted less than five minutes, and that is my base time for this lab. Your punishment will be to keep it in your ass, still feminized as cheerleaders, as you go to your next class. Cheerleaders stand facing the wall. Jocks may sit.”

The jocks unstrap themselves, in the process some of the cocks begin to slide out of the asses, so one or two of the girls have to give their harness a solid shove to put it where it belongs. The groans say they seem to like this. The jocks sit down in their chairs, spent, sweaty and quite pleased. 

Ariel, Professor Fine's teaching assistant, comes in with some thin leather strapping, gives some to the professor, and the two of them go to work on the cheerleaders. Each lady grabs a student, turns them around, and hooks the strap to the strapon harness, tugging tight and buckling it in front, just above their cocks. Secures the harness, keeps the cock in their ass. Rather uncomfortable, but that is how punishment works. As each one is secured, he can sit at his desk.

“You two, now your punishment. You know what I want. Clean up my room!. Hands and knees. Stephanie, you start at the far end” and with that, the chumps up front get down on their hands and knees and crawl over to the wall where the lab session took place. When they are both in place, one at each end of the wall, Fine blows a whistle, and they start their race.

The two of them must lick all the cum off the wall with just their tongues, they have to clean the wall and floor of any trace of cum. Ariel notes where they begin, so that the one who gets past the halfway point is the winner. Ariel marks halfway with a piece of chalk on the wall.

But Roger and Stephanie are deeply lost to lust and both naturally submissive. As they perform their duty of licking all the cum off the wall, they look at each other, excited by what they see, excited by the humiliating task their lover must perform, doubled by the thrill of knowing that they look just as sexy, and just as humiliated as they do it too. When they meet near the finish line, their eyes are locked on each other, unable to look away, and unwilling to see the other one get punished without sharing in that punishment. So just as they are about to lick up the last drop, get the last splash of cum off the wall, their tongues meet on the chalk line, move up together, and as their tongues load up on cum they push their mouths together, kissing deeply, kissing hard, tongues in each others mouths, they rise up on their knees and embrace, eyes closed, and await the wrath and punishment of Professor Fine.


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