by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; monoglove; armbinder; gag; collar; toys; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring. . .no, that was not true at all, Brandy thought to herself. She was stirring alright. She writhed on the couch bound beside her boyfriend Grant who was gently petting her blonde hair. The little gel vibrator nestled all snug in her sex was pulsing little rhythms of pleasure when Grant wanted it to. So far, he hadn’t given into her whines pleading him to send her over the edge. It was her own fault. He had caught her.

The young blonde shuddered as a mini orgasm swirled through her and she moaned into her harness gag.

Brandy was dressed in what was once locked inside the iron box that resided under their small Christmas tree. Her legs were encased in a red latex mono glove that Grant had laced up tightly. The binder started at her ankles and tapered up her thighs, ending just below her crotch. Her arms were trapped behind her back in a matching gloved arm-binder that resembled belted vinyl opera gloves; the wrist straps buckled to the opposite upper arm. A red collar gleaming with chrome fasteners and ‘D’ rings adorned her neck and a ball gag harness kept her complaints to unintelligible mewls. She now laid curled up on the couch, her head on her boyfriend’s lap.

“It’s not Christmas yet,” he said, turning off her vibe as he kissed her on her forehead.

Brandy glanced up to their wall clock. An hour to midnight. An eternity.

She shouldn’t have peeked but it was in her DNA. Ever since she found out there wasn’t a Santa Claus, she challenged her parents by trying to see what presents she was going to get. She would creep around the house looking into closets and crawl spaces; underneath beds and in out-of-reach cabinets. It became a game that Brandy never outgrew. Grant found out the hard way their first Christmas celebration together when she found the cookbook collection she wanted in the closet of his small apartment. He told her that the following Christmas would be different. That he would punish her if he found her peeking around for her packages.

Now he was doing just that.

Dressed in his red flannel loungers and black silk robe, Grant took another sip of wine as he sat there with her. As her head lay on his lap, she could feel his hardness against her cheek. She began to nuzzle him, hoping he would finish what he had started within her.

When Brandy had seen the old-fashioned lockbox beneath the blinking lights of the tree, Grant said that whatever was inside there would be her punishment if he caught her trying to find her ‘big’ present. Of course, Brandy made sure he was at when she did her peeking but no matter where she peeked, she couldn’t find anything she would call ‘big’. What she didn’t know was that Grant had a camera hidden, its glass eye coolly watching her larceny. Tonight he had shown her the recording of her and she bowed to her fate.

It wasn’t all bad. She found out what was in the box.

The vibrator erupted again, sending a flurry of little pleasures inside her.

Brandy moaned as his hand drifted down over her breast and began to lightly pinch her stiffened nipple. She began to rock her hips again and looking up at her lover. Grant had that construction-workers body that women drooled over. His dark brown eyes and his closely-cropped blonde hair and his snake-charmer smile would melt even the coldest heart. Brandy thought herself lucky to have such a man.

Grant dipped his finger into his chilled wine and dribbled it onto her nipple.

Their apartment television glowed with video of a burning yule log and a collection of Christmas tunes played in the background. Even in her predicament, Brandy felt warm and safe and loved.

“Ready for your present?” Grant asked.

Brandy nodded as she shifted herself so she lay on her back.

“Well, you still have awhile to go before midnight,” he smiled, “traditionally, we should really wait until the sun comes up.”

Brandy shook her head and moaned into her gag. There was no way she could take this until morning.

He laughed and took another sip of wine.

“You need to learn a little patience, my love. I think I know how we can kill some time before I give you your ‘big’ gift.”

She felt his hand trace over her stomach to the hem of her little red g-string. He gently pulled it aside and dipped his finger into the folds of her sex. More flurries of bliss stirred inside her. She arched her hips to him and he eased his fingers in more.

He then extracted her vibe.

Grant moved over her to stand. His robe pooled at his feet followed by his loungers. His cock was fully erect, a very welcome sight for Brandy.

“Roll over, my sweet,” he said.

The young blonde did as she was told. She felt his hands on shoulders as he helped her to kneel on the couch. His warm hands kneaded the cheeks of her rear before he gently pushed down on her back so her rear was up in the air and her head was buried into the cushions.

Brandy smiled around her gag as her boyfriend’s fingers hooked the g-string and slipped it partially down her thighs. She wiggled her ass for him, enticing him to hurry.

Kneeling behind her, Grant eased himself into her, feeling her slick canal swallow him. Slowly, he began to pull out and thrust into her, his hands bracing on her hips. Brandy matched his easy rhythm. Just knowing he was inside of her made her passions drift even deeper; burying her.

His pace picked up and so did the swelling storm inside Brandy. She chanted into her gag, ecstasy ever growing until he thrust himself fully inside of her. His whole body stiffened and held himself there as hot semen shot inside her. Brandy shuddered and screamed as the storm of bliss finally overwhelmed her. She bucked and writhed in her bindings as well as trying to keep him inside her for as long as she could.

As Grant softened, he withdrew himself.

“How did you enjoy your big gift,” Grant grinned as he gave her a playful slap on the rear.

Brandy frowned and rolled back over to look at him. The swirls of pleasure were still drifting inside her. Surely this wasn’t the ‘big’ gift he had been teasing her about. This has to be one of his jokes. . .

“And see, I timed it so you would not get it until after midnight.”

No, this couldn’t be it. Brandy growled into her gag as she watched Grant pick up his robe and drape it on.

“Merry Christmas, my love.”

Brandy thrashed in her bindings and yelled angry things at her boyfriend, but he seemed to ignore her as he went over to their tree and began to rearrange some of the ornaments. Finally, he turned around to Brandy.

“All that ruckus is going to drive away Santa Claus, you know,” he said, “Now settle down before you hurt yourself.”

Brandy settled a bit, but she was still trying to say something through her gag.

“Better. Now I am pretty sure that Santa is going to bypass this place since you were very naughty and tried to find out what your presents were this year. I told you that you were going to be punished if you tried it this year and you went ahead and did it anyway. Now I think this is the only way to stop that from happening.”

Brandy narrowed her eyes and stared at him.

“So, this is our new tradition in this household for the holiday season. I package you up when you get home from work or you package yourself up. Either way, you won’t get a chance to peek. If you agree, I think Santa just might pay a visit. So, what do you say?”

Brandy thought about it. She now knew he had got her something but she knew she would have to agree to his rules or she wouldn’t get her present. Slowly, she nodded her head.

“You know I am not kidding.”

The blonde nodded her head again.

Grant smiled and pulled out of his robe pocket a small little box wrapped in shiny gold paper with a deep red bow.

“Santa left this with me and told me it was my decision to determine if you were naughty or nice this year. I think you’re a little of both, so here’s your present.”

He set the gift down in front of her face. Brandy mewled and struggled, looking up at Grant with her blue, puppy-dog eyes. Her ‘big’ gift was just inches away and she couldn’t do anything about it.

“Aren’t you going to open it?”

Brandy groaned and struggled some more. The way she was bound there was no way she could get to it with her fingers. She could try for it with her toes. Wriggling, she sat herself up and swung her feet over to the present which was now dangerously close to falling off the couch. She clamped her feet onto it and with her big toes she managed to peel the ribbons and paper off of it.

Her heart dropped when she saw that the little box was completely wound in shiny black electrical tape. She moaned in frustration.

“Do you need help?” Grant asked as he sat down next to her.

Brandy nodded.

“If you want my help, I need you to kneel in front of me.”

The young blonde only paused for a moment before sliding herself carefully off of the couch and onto the floor in front of her boyfriend between his legs. Grant looked down at her knowing just how blessed he was to have her in his life. Slowly, he unwound the black tape until she saw that it was a small, black velvet jewelers box.

Grant cracked open the box and there nestled in white satin was a silver engagement ring with a single small diamond in two clutching swirls of tiny sapphires. Below the ring was two smaller rings with a single sapphire mounted in each one. It took her a second to realize they were matching nipple rings.

“Brandy, my love, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife and slave.”

Brandy stared at the three little rings. A flurry of butterflies swarmed inside her as she looked up at Grant smiling down at her. She quickly nodded, letting herself be enfolded into his arms. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she enjoyed the quiet rapture of the moment. It was indeed a very Merry Christmas for her and she was sure not in for a long winter’s nap.

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