Paul's Transformation to Paula

by Mistress Lisa

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Paul McCord was 5’6" tall, 136 pounds with shoulder length hair. He had been teased his whole life and called sissy boy in school.

Paul graduated from Bucks County Community College with an AA degree in computer programing and was top in his class. His Professor contacted on of the leading corporations in Philadelphia and explained how he was the brightest student she ever had and that he was a gifted programmer. After meeting with Paul, he was hired and told they would set up in his home a remote office that he would work from so he could handle even weekend or other emergencies.

Paul’s life was great until he received a call telling him his parents were killed in car accident.

Paul decide to move to his parents 3-bedroom house in North Wales, Pa that he inherited instead of renting the two-bedroom apartment he was living in. Paul converted the dining room area to become his home office and moved back into his old room. Paul decided he would donate their clothing to a local homeless shelter in their memory.

On Saturday, he entered their room with plastic bags for the clothes. He stated with his father’s stuff since nothing was going to fit him as his father was so much taller than him and he was about the same size as his mother. Paul went through the top drawer which had underwear and socks and then the second drawer which had shirts, pants ties and other items.

When he opened the bottom drawer, Paul received the shock of his life as he saw it was full of leather items and restraints, handcuff, collars and other BDSM items. Paul had in the past surfed the web and watched BDSM and crossdressing videos so he knew what some of the items were but had no idea his parents were in it this.

Paul’s cock grew hard to its 8" length as he sorted through the items. He found a 7" long 3" wide black butt plug, a chastity belt and chastity cage, straight jacket and several whips.

Paul moved to his mother’s dresser, opened the top drawer and saw cotton panties, sexy silky thongs, garter belts, stockings and bras. He noticed that three of the bras had breast forms in the cups on being 38DD. The second drawer had skirts, blouses and sweater. And when he opened the bottom drawer, it was like his fathers full of BDSM items, except most the leather items were in pink.

Paul looked at everything and was excited as he loved watching crossdressing video and dreamed about dressing up.

Paul went to his father’s drawer and took out the steel chastity belt which when worn forced his cock down between his ass cheeks. Paul went downstairs and returned with a bowl of ice and stripped. Using the ice on his cock, he lost the hardness and quickly slide it into the chastity belt and locked it shut.

In the mirror he could see a flat front and he felt his cock between his ass cheeks.

Paul picked out a sexy pink panty and put it on over the chastity belt. Next, he picked up the padded bra that was 38D and put that on. He looked in the mirror and saw a sexy female. I got the pink garter belt and black seamed stockings from the drawer and put them on feeling sexy and his cock grew in the chastity belt painfully.

Next, after checking he had keys to the locks that worked, Paul locked the pink collar that said, "slut slave" around his neck and the pink cuffs on his wrists and ankles. He looked in his mother closet and found a pair of black 5" heel shoes with straps and put them on.

He pulled out a very sexy black nighty and slipped that on and looking in the mirror he saw a female looking back at him and his cock was being crushed in the chastity tube. Paul walked around the bedroom looking in the mirrors and loved sexy and female looking he was.

Paul hear his cell phone ring and answered it not recognizing the number. A female voice said, "You are such a slutty shemale slave".

A shocked Paul looked around and the voice said, "I can see you through the hidden cameras in the house as I watched your parents who were my slaves and you are now Paula. I am Mistress Tara and you are now MY slave and will obey or I will release the video, but I think you enjoy being a female slave and I will train you and you will become part of the group replacing your mother."

Paul was in shock, but his straining cock told him it was what he wanted.

Tara told him he was to go down stairs and kneel in before the front door with his hands palm up on each knee and had ten minutes to comply and wait for her to arrive and she told him she had the keys to the house.

Paul thought about what to do but here was the dream he wanted to be a female bdsm slave, so he did as Tara requested and knelt before the door.

Paul was very nervous as the door opened and a 6’ tall dark-haired lady in a black leather catsuit entered his house. She had at lease 40DD breast and a very sexy ass and Paul’s cock strains the confines of the Chastity belt.

As Tara stood in front of the kneeling Paul, she asked him if he was accepting HER as his dominatrix Mistress as her slut shemale slave.

Paul told her he would love to serve her every need. Tara unzipped the zipper reveling her bare asshole and told Paul he was now Paula and to get his tongue in her ass crack and lick her clean. Paula crawled forward and spread Tara’s cheeks apart and licked her smelly wonderful tasting ass clean.

After several minutes Tara asked Paula if she was ready to replace his parents as one of her slaves and give her complete control over him. Paula on his hands and knees begged Tara to allow him to become her shemale slut slave.

Tara told Paul to follow her as she left the living room and opened a door to the basement. They crossed the basement floor. (He thought the room was smaller than he remembered). Tara pressed a panel on the wall and a hidden door opened reveling a fully equipped dungeon. Paul was pushed under hanging chains and he was cuffed to them. Tara asked where the key to the chastity belt was and he told her.

Tara returned in a few minutes and pulled down Paula’s panties and unlocked the chastity belt. Tara smiled and told him he had a nice sized cock. Tara walked over to a nearby table and picked up a huge strapon of 9". Laughing she told Paula, "I hope you enjoy this!" as she lubricated the plug, and spread his ass checks apart and poured lubricant over his asshole.

Tara positioned the dildo against his asshole and with a hard shoved rammed it deep in Paula as she screamed in pain. Laughing Tara told her to get use to it. Tara fucked Paula until he screamed and his cock shot his large load.

Tara released Paula and told him Friday nights he would host HER and some of her slaves in the dungeon, and locked Paula back in the chastity belt keeping the keys.

Paula told Tara it would be his honor to be her slave and would love to earn the privilege of worshipping her body and he would be hosting a weekly meeting of her slaves as his parents did.

A smiling Tara told Paula you will be doing that and so much more. She released Paula and pocketed all of the keys and told Paula he was to wear female clothes unless he had to meet with people for his job.

Paula agreed as he was in love with Tara.

To be continued

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