Paul's Revenge

by Lady Tressa

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High school and adolescence had been years of misery and despair for Paul, currently 21 years old, and a community college student, on the verge of academic washout, after enrolling in a medical technology curriculum. Paul’s despair stemmed from his inability to procure dates with females. Slightly effeminate in his demeanor and mannerisms, many erroneously believed he was gay. The fact that he had befriended a gay while in high school contributed to that perception, even though the relationship was asexual.

The pattern of female rejection continued into college. At some point during Paul’s psychosexual development, the thought of bondage had entered his sphere of consciousness. It was arousing and caused rigid erections. In his mind he fantasized overpowering beautiful women, tying them up, and forcing sex upon them. He had gone so far as to acquire a collection of assorted bondage paraphernalia, such as handcuffs, ropes and a ball gag. It was all mental, he never seriously contemplated a stealth attack, but the thought of performing it upon, shall we say a semi willing female, was a recurring thought.

On Paul’s first attempt to solicit a date in college, Elena, a big boobed classmate, candidly let it be known that he wasn’t her type. To add insult to injury, her remarks were made in the presence of several other students. Such occurrences hardly enhance one self’s esteem.

Much to his surprise, about a month later Elena approached Paul and apologized for her earlier rejection. Of course she would be willing to date him, she had just been having a rocky relationship with another male at the time and took it out on Paul. It was agreed they would go to a cinema, and afterwards spend some time at Elena’s private apartment.

What Paul did not know was that Elena was a materialistic manipulator, one who attempted to pry as many gifts as possible out of a relationship, before breaking it off. She was known to engage in multiple simultaneous relationships. The couple had attended different high schools, therefore Paul was not aware of her reputation. Her pattern of relationships with males was the same as in college, she would entice some sucker into giving her expensive presents, before dumping them like hot potatoes.

It was reputed that she had at least one sexual relationship with a male teacher at her former high school. Never an exceedingly motivated scholar, it was also reputed that she was able to either blackmail or sexually influence, teachers to inflate her grades.

Paul found the movie portion of the date uninspiring, with his mind focused on Elena’s apartment. On route to the apartment, Elena suggested they stop at a local mall and do a bit of window shopping. Paul, while hardly enthused, acquiesced none the less. In short time they visited an upscale department store and Elena quickly located an expensive mini skirt. She suggested she would be very indebted to anyone who purchased it for her as a gift. Paul, despite his limited finances, agreed to purchase the skirt as a gift, for one hundred fifty dollars.

Elena expressed her appreciation in a most perfunctory manner, before they departed the mall and headed for her apartment. Shortly before arriving there she casually announced that she was having her period, and it would be best to postpone the date until another occasion. To add insult to injury, she added that the mini skirt would look good on the date she had planned, with someone else, the coming week.

Paul was crushed, as he knew he had been used, but refrained from expressing any hostility as Elena, shopping bag in hand, exited from his vehicle in the driveway, and disappeared into her house. She didn’t even have the decency to thank him, or offer a kiss.

In the coming days Elena ignored Paul completely, acting like they had never met before. One day she even wore the expensive mini skirt to school, and was heard bragging that some sucker had purchased it for her. Thankfully she did not name the sucker. Paul began formulating a plan for revenge. Never one for violence, the thought of having the bitch with big boobs in bondage proved irresistible. All he needed was a second date and was confident he could subjugate the manipulator.

Confronting Elena in the hallway, Paul suggested going to another movie and maybe another visit to the mall. Since she wouldn’t be having her period then, perhaps she would feel up to some action at her apartment. Predictably Elena fell for the trap, fully intending to stand him up after he had purchased another expensive gift for him. This time she wasn’t even interested in a movie, with luck she could have a new sweater, and be making love in her apartment with another male.

The scheme went as planned, with Paul purchasing a hundred dollar sweater for her at a swank boutique. As they headed for her apartment, Elena had arranged to receive a fake cell call, to the effect that her mother was seriously ill, and desired her presence.

Paul stopped his Ford Focus in the parking lot of a shopping center about one mile from her apartment. “Why are you stopping here, my apartment is that way”, she snapped arrogantly.

It must have been the surprise of her life, when Paul produced a set of steel handcuffs and quickly cuffed her wrists behind her back, so quickly she was unable to react promptly enough to resist. “Who the fuck do you think you are, take these handcuffs off or I’ll have you arrested” she commanded.

“We are going to my house and play some bondage games, whether you like it or not, nobody gets hurt” he replied. The manipulator with the big boobs had long harbored a secret fantasy about being used in this way, but she wasn’t about to reveal it.

She would have preferred someone more macho in demeanor and appearance, but Paul would do. It would have been difficult to escape even had she desired, as the windows on Paul’s car were tinted, making it difficult for anyone to observe her plight as she sat in the front seat, her wrists cuffed behind her back.

Paul tried to remain as calm as possible under the circumstances. “I don’t intend to hurt you but I do like women in bondage” he announced, as he headed for his house, about two miles away. He lived with his parents’, but they were away for the weekend, thus assuring privacy.

Elena put up a façade of indignation and protest for the duration of the trip, threatening to have Paul arrested. He reassured her that his intentions were not violent, he merely wanted “a return on his investment”.

The remark did not set well with Elena, who was not accustomed to fulfilling promises made to men, especially ones like Paul, whom she considered a dork and an easy mark. Elena briefly considered trying to escape from the car but decided against it. It would have been difficult to begin with, and she didn’t really feel Paul would do any harm to her. She did remind Paul that several people knew about the date, and Paul reassured her once again that he would not cause harm.

At Paul’s house Elena was led inside, without offering any resistance. Her feeling was let him play his bondage games and she would eventually find some way to get even with him. She was attired in a tight fitting green dress and red five inch heels. If Elena thought the session would consist of her being felt up while in handcuffs, she had another thing coming. Paul wasn’t about to remove her handcuffs so she could undress, instead he took her to his bedroom and ordered her to lie face down on the bed.

Elena soon realized that Paul had more in mind than just feeling her up while in restraint. He wanted coital sex, something Elena could not fathom with someone of inferior masculinity, such as Paul. She promptly voiced her protests, threatening again to have him arrested. She was silenced with an oversized red ball gag. The ball gag was extremely uncomfortable, causing her jaw to ache, and embarrassingly to drool. Paul got in a few words of humiliation by trying to assure her that drooling was not uncommon in this type of situation.

As Elena wore no underwear it was easy to take her from the rear, by hiking her dress, and propping two pillows under her stomach. The rigid erections that Paul often experienced on a nocturnal basis, were now in real time, as he prepared to mount his victim. To Paul’s way of thinking, Elena was not an unwilling victim, but a cock teaser, who manipulated males for materialistic purposes. Being forced to have sex in this manner was becoming a person of such character.

Elena reflexively moaned through her gag as the penetrations increased. This instantly caused Paul’s erection to harden, and once Elena realized this she attempted to refrain from making the sounds. She was determined to deny Paul a pleasurable sexual experience, loathing the fact that on this occasion she had been the one manipulated. Being felt up in handcuffs was one matter, but involuntarily fucked by someone she had so little respect for was another.

The assault continued even as Elena ceased her moans, with Paul’s erection attaining maximal hardness. Finally Elena could bear it no longer, she resumed her moans and climaxed. Paul continued his penetrations for nearly five minutes before ejaculation.

Paul might be gullible and prone to being duped by a bitch like Elena, but he fully understood the revenge he had inflicted. Elena had been forced to have sex with someone, whom she would never seriously consider as a partner under voluntary circumstances. Elena’s day of reckoning had arrived, but it was not yet complete. Paul was not possessed of stellar erectile endurance capabilities, but he knew plenty of ways to further humiliate such a bitch.

Elena was resigned to the helplessness of the situation, knowing full well that she was responsible for it. When Paul’s cock made its first penetration, it only confirmed Elena’s perception of his sexual inferiority. The fact that it quickly hardened due to her erotic response, caused her much angst.

Paul’s next move was to fasten a leather collar around Elena’s neck, and attach a six foot metal leash to it. With her wrists still cuffed behind her back, the ball gag was removed, and she was ordered to bark like a dog, as he was led around Paul’s house. Elena considered begging him to stop the humiliation, but she knew that would only enhance his gratification. Let the pervert get his kicks, and she would worry about extracting revenge later.

Paul then produced a camcorder and ordered Elena to kneel upon the floor, still handcuffed, with the leash dangling from her collar. She was ordered to repeat the following, “I am a useless slut who enjoys leading men on to believe they will have sex and then letting them go”.

One of the items in Paul’s toy collection was a female chastity device, which he had long been tempted to use. He was able to overcome his temptation to use it presently on Elena, but a little bit of psychological terror wouldn’t hurt.

“I think I’ll lock this on you and leave it on for a week, that will keep you from having sex with anyone else and at the end of the week you can come back and beg me to take it off”, announced Paul.

Elena begged Paul to spare her such an indignity but in the process hesitated to recite the various degrading statements he had dictated. Paul brandished a flogger, and although he did not use it upon her, Elena quickly got the idea, and recited the statements.

She was ordered to continue barking as well, all of which was duly recorded upon the camcorder. The recording ran for nearly fifteen minutes, it included her confession of manipulating men to buy her expensive gifts, as well as her sexual preferences. Specifically mentioned was her preference for men with well endowed genitals.

Paul was now in total control. He assured Elena that if anything became of the incident, the tape would never be found and it would be released on the Internet. Elena, never one to beg for forgiveness, did just that, promising she would do anything to right her previous transgressions. While Paul was obviously pleased at her sudden humility, however insincere it might be, he was in no mood for forgiving. He had accomplished his goal of having bondage sex, despite the money lost on the gift he naively purchased for her on the first date.

It was now Paul’s turn to inflict some additional psychological terror upon her. “I know a 65 year old guy who would love to fuck your young ass, I think I’ll give him a call and see if he can come over”, he announced.

As Elena knelt terrified, Paul made a simulated call on his cell, just far enough away for her to not realize it was a fake. She listened as Paul vividly described what he had just done to her. Paul then hung up, adding in disgust “he is not available, let me try someone else”.

At this point Elena began begging for Paul to release her, even offering to return the gifts he had purchased for her. “You take me for a fool don’t you, I think I’ll take you to a dive bar out in the country and charge guys for a blow job with you”, he retorted with feigned contempt.

Elena broke down and began sobbing. This provided Paul with an opportunity to inflict even more havoc, by demanding to know the specifics of her relationships with other males. She was in no mood to resist. Most recently she had manipulated a guy named Pete into buying her an expensive pair of shoes. Evidently Pete was attractive enough, that he received one fuck from her, before she gave him the shaft.

Her real target was one of the college all-stars, Larry, who was on an athletic scholarship. In addition to his reputed sexual prowess, he came from a wealthy family. Elena envisioned going steady with him, receiving an automobile as a gift, and perhaps then ditching him.

She even conceded harboring some bi-sexual leanings. “Neat I know a dominatrix who would love to use a lesbian virgin, I’ll give her a call”, he replied. Once again Elena begged to be spared and Paul put forth the best acting performance he could to convince her that his leniency was motivated by genuine kindness.

Paul was deeply impressed, although not favorably, by Elena’s candor. He was tempted to subject her to some heavy duty torture, but his better judgment prevailed. Her restraints were removed and she was allowed to dress. Elena remained silent as Paul drove her back to her apartment, where she exited the car without saying a word. Paul could not help but wonder how she would react to his presence in the future, as seeing him at school was unavoidable.

It was mid semester break, after which Elena did not return to college, and Paul never had the opportunity to see her again, something he very much desired. Rumor was that Elena had failing grades, however it was learned that she had moved to another city, nearly one hundred miles away.

Part 2

While Elena had moved to a distant city, painful recollections of her experience with Paul persisted, fueling a desire for revenge. Unknown to Paul was that Jack, Elena’s gay brother and a BDSM enthusiast, lived near Paul. Elena eventually related the whole affair to her brother, begging him to extract revenge. Her plea fell on sympathetic ears.

It was agreed that Paul would be abducted and subjected to forced gay sex, which would be filmed with a camcorder, for presentation to Elena. Jack and his partner would not identify themselves, leaving Paul to forever be unaware of the motive for the assault.

Jack was a twenty four year old n’er do well, who had recently been released from the state hospital for the criminally insane, having spent two years there for a sexual assault. Presently he was subsisting on SSI. His registered domestic partner was Brian, twenty years old, and the submissive of the two. Jack was known to pick up gays at local bars, bring them home, and subject them to forced gay bondage sex. He was more than willing to participate in the event.

It was decided that Paul would be taken in his own home. Jack, whose criminal resume included home burglaries, learned that Paul would be alone in his home on a Friday night, arriving home from work around 11:00.

After pulling his car into an unattached garage, Paul was in the process of closing the overhead door, when he was overpowered by two males, both wearing ski masks. Jack held a knife to his throat, suggesting that cooperation would be in Paul’s best interests.

Gripped by abject fear, Paul pleaded with the intruders that he had no money in the house. He had heard of home invasions, targeting drug money, and assumed his home had been selected mistakenly.

Jack’s response was to wedge a portion of a rag into Paul’s mouth, effectively silencing him. That was followed by a blow from a police style blackjack to Paul’s temple. It was sufficient to disorient him, but not render him unconscious.

Paul was led to the side door of the house, which was unlocked by Jack, and then into the living room. In short order Paul’s wrists and ankles were tightly bound using cable ties. Then came the unimaginable, his jeans were pulled down to his ankles. It was clear that this invasion was more than about money.

“I like forcing wimps like you to suck cock and then fucking them in the ass”, Jack casually remarked. The foul tasting rag was replaced by a metal dental gag, and ratcheted tightly open. This would permit him to be mouth fucked, without fear of him biting down.

Paul convulsed in horror as the accomplice thug produced a camcorder, positioning himself accordingly so as to record the assault. The assault would consist of two phases, first Paul would be forced to perform fellatio upon Jack, and for the second phase Jack’s accomplish would ass fuck him.

Jack, with ever a propensity for violence, was a person of few words. With Jack sitting on a floor pillow, Paul was ordered to suck his cock for nearly ten minutes. To emphasize his dissatisfaction with Paul’s technique, Jack took a cable tie, placed it around Paul’s neck, and threatened to tighten it.

The threat was sufficient to induce Paul to perform to Jack’s satisfaction. The oral invasion culminated with Jack thrusting his cock vigorously into Paul’s mouth for nearly two minutes before climaxing, leaving Paul no choice than to swallow the ejaculate.

Jack then traded places with the camera man, who removed the cable tie binding Paul’s ankles, then used pillows to position him at the correct height for anal intercourse. The anal invasion lasted for nearly ten minutes and was done without lubricant, making it even more painful than otherwise might be. Paul was still in a state of impaired consciousness from the blackjacking, which served to lessen the pain of a cock being forced into his asshole.

Jack went through the motions of searching the house for drugs. Intending to mislead Paul, he remarked to his partner “It looks like we got the wrong house”. Paul was grateful for the remark, at least they wouldn’t torture him into revealing information he couldn’t provide.

“Not a bad fuck”, remarked his partner. “Too bad I don’t have more time to teach him how to give a really good blow job”, countered Jack.

Paul’s ankles were bound again, and this time he was hogtied as well. However Jack left a small pair of wire cutters within reach of Paul, estimating that he could free himself within fifteen minutes. The criminal duo then departed abruptly.

It took Paul close to ten minutes to cut himself loose. He was in a state of shock, having undergone a most traumatic ordeal. Never did it enter his mind that Elena was responsible for the event. Elena would soon be enjoying a quality video of revenge being extracted upon him.

Paul was too humiliated to report the incident to the police, and the trauma would plague him for years to come.


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