Paul & Susan's Intitiation 2 The Competition

by Serval

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Storycodes: MF+/mf; D/s; bond; bdsm; cbt; cons; XX

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Part Two - The Competition

When Saturday arrived they both took their time in the bathroom.  Stubble had started to form on their genitals from their first shave last week.  Paul shaved Susan’s lips before she shaved off the stubble that had grown round his prick and testicles.  The letter they had received told them to arrive wearing just a coat and nothing on their feet so it didn’t take them long to get ready.

When they arrived Richard opened the door and took their coats leaving them totally naked. “Nice to see you again, here put these bits on each other.  They act as effective gags as well”.  He casually ran his hands over Susan’s body, pausing to twist each nipple and slowly running his index finger down the crack of her pussy.  He did the same to Paul, but held his balls firmly, squeezing and pulling them down until Paul let out a muffled grunt.  Leg spreaders were attached to their ankles so that they had to walk in a strange staccato fashion, leaving their feet apart at all times, making their genitals constantly available for any wandering hands.

As the guests arrived Paul and Susan stood in the hall holding trays of champagne.  Each guest looked them over and most groped them.  All the guests wore clothing, which showed off their sexual assets.  The women mostly had platform basques and virtually all had shaved pussies, but Paul was ordered to keep his eyes up.  Susan was told to keep her eyes down so that she could look at each set of balls and cock as it came through the door.  

When all the guests had arrived they were ordered into the kitchen to fetch extra drinks.  Sarah took the opportunity to put a pair of nipple clamps on Susan and then on Paul.  Both pairs of clamps were spring loaded and linked by a chair.  The pain was not too bad initially, but as time went by they cut in and hurt dreadfully.  The leg spreaders caused both Paul and Susan to walk with an unusual gait by bringing their knees up high.  When they stopped they normally had a hand stroking them between their buttocks.  Paul found it was the men who squeezed his balls firmer and longer while Susan found that it was equally as likely to be a female finger as a male finger, which found its way into her cunt.

Next time they returned to have their trays refilled they were attached to special trays.  Firstly they had the immediate searing pain of having the nipple clamps removed and a tray was attached to their waist with a broad belt.  The front of the tray immediately flopped forward.  The front of the tray was then suspended from their nipples with a spring-loaded clamp.  The time taken to put the trays on their waists had let the pain in their nipples subside.  Now it was back with a vengeance.  Each drink added to the tray heightened their awareness of their nipples! Susan had a pair of the clamps clipped onto her inner lips, while Paul had a weighted collar attached to his scrotum causing his balls to be squashed out of the bottom. 

When all the drinks had gone the trays were removed and blindfolds were put on them.  “Time for the fun to start”, said Richard.  Paul and Susan were gently lent back and strapped onto two benches.  Their legs were spread wide apart.  Each had a female pussy sit on their mouth while the thighs of the incumbent cut out all the noise.  Suddenly hands were all over them.  Susan felt her pussy being pulled wide apart. Numerous articles were pushed inside her.  She guessed at fingers, vibrators, dildos and even pricks!  Paul felt his foreskin pulled roughly backward and forward, fingers gripped each ball, squeezing, pulling and twisting.  Almost as quickly as it started it stopped.  Before last week Susan had only had one prick in her, now she didn’t even now how many had entered her!  The pussies on their faces were not removed.  Time stood still, then each received a stinging whip on their soft and tender inside thighs without warning.  Nine more strokes followed before they were released. 

Their blindfolds were removed and they were forced to kneel on all fours.  “Now the licking and sucking competition.  The first one to make their guest come wins, the other enjoys a buggery.” said Richard.  “To make it fair we will do the opposite sex first then the same sex, so both get a pussy and a prick to suck.”  The guests drew straws to see who would get the first attention.  Susan got Peter’s prick to suck.  It was long and thin and to her amazement, circumcised.  Paul had to suck the tiny clit of Carol, she was one of the few who was totally unshaven.  Her thick bushy hair ran down the inside of her thighs.  While Paul licked and licked Susan gobbled eagerly at Peter’s prick and was rewarded by a thick stream of come spurting into her throat.  Paul was encouraged with a cat until finally Carol came.  At the end of the first round he had a deficit of 96 seconds to make up. 

Hugh and Cath replaced Carol and Peter.  Cath was totally shaven with a prominent pair of inner lips and large clitoris while Hugh had a short stumpy prick, which Paul thought was as wide as it was long.  Susan and Paul looked apprehensively at their tasks but started briskly on the word go. Susan was given a 96 second start so it was first past the post!  She sucked and licked for all her worth, but it was Paul’s sucking and head banging which won the day.

Four women held Susan in the kneeling position while Richard rubbed oil into her arse.  Someone she could not see then mounted her and she felt his prick slide up her anus.  Paul looked on as his wife took her buggering.  He could tell that she was enjoying it as her nipples stiffened and she began to smile, he was glad he had won that game in more ways than one.

The next game was more painful.  Paul had to kneel down with his balls dangling between his legs.  Each of the female guests fired three rubber darts from a dart gun, at his testicles.  The winner would be the one who scored a direct hit with each dart!  Their prize would be Paul’s tongue licking their clitoris.  Paul heard the spring release the dart and felt the thud as the first dart grazed the inside of his left thigh.  The second dart hit him in the middle of the right thigh, while the final of the three got his right buttock.  The game was not as bad as he thought it might be!  The second contestant faired only slightly better than the first with her first two darts, but her third skimmed the bottom of his scrotum.  “One to Mary”, said Richard.  Paul relaxed.  He was brought rigid as a dart slammed straight into his right ball.  A dull ache began.  The second dart followed the flight path of the first and his ball exploded as he let out a hiss of breath through his clenched teeth.  Fortunately the third wasn’t quite so accurate as it hit his scrotum between both testicles.  “Good shooting, three to Kara”, shouted Richard. 

The game continued with only the occasional bullseye until it was Wendy’s turn.  She scored three as well.  “We have a shoot off!” laughed Richard, “three more darts each.  Girls, go and show Paul what he is going through agony to receive.”  Kara and Wendy stood in front of Paul and opened their pussies with their fingers, each rubbing their clits.  For a moment Paul thought that it would be worth the pain to get his tongue in either of those two pussies.  However, the next six darts each found their mark.  “Sudden death, the first to miss looses”, said Richard.  Paul’s balls were on fire already and after five more darts it felt relentless.  On her ninth dart Wendy missed. 

“That was a great contest, bad luck Wendy,” said Paul.  “I will grant you one wish.”  

“As his balls are so small and made me miss my last shot I’d like to see him buggered while he serves Kara.”  

“Great idea, you can rub the lubrication up his arse,” agreed Richard.  Paul had time to study Kara’s pussy as Wendy greased his arse.  His attention kept being brought back to his balls as Wendy kept greasing them and taking the opportunity to squeeze them.  Kara was an oriental, Paul couldn’t tell if Japanese or Chinese.  She had a flash of straight pubic hair above her bald cunt.  On the inside of her thigh, as close to her lips as it could go was a small tattoo of a whip.  She knew he was looking at it and let her finger run over it.  

“Wait till I use one of these on you,” she whispered.  “I’ll make you beg for mercy as I move it across all your body.  The best bit is when the tip bites your balls.”

Paul felt hands take hold of his hips and slowly a prick was pushed up his arse.  When he felt the touch of thighs on his buttocks a hand came round one side and grabbed his balls while the other hand came from the other side began to pump his prick.  The prick in his arse started going in and out, feeling as though it was ripping him in two.  This was his cue to start licking Kara’s pussy.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are now going to prove that three into one does go.  For this we need Susan’s co operation,” said Richard.  Peter sat on the settee and Susan was made to kneel above him with the head of his prick just inside her pussy.  Nigel then knelt behind Susan and with the aid of numerous pairs of hands and ample lubrication pushed the head of his cock inside her arsehole.  Stephen then put his prick in Susan’s mouth.  “I need you all to come, now get fucking!” encouraged Richard.  “And Susan, if any of the pricks come out it is your fault and you will be severely punished.  If you keep them in Paul gets the punishment.”

All three men began pumping at once.  Although Peter and Nigel pushed and withdrew at different times Susan got into the rhythm of rolling her hips backwards and forwards.  The difficult part was keeping Stephen’s prick in her mouth.  She had to stretch and arch her back.  All the time she had to concentrate on the pricks, allowing herself no personal enjoyment, as she was desperate to avoid a severe punishment.  Soon she could feel and taste the three picks pumping her full of come.

After Susan’s success Paul was spread eagled across the room.  To his horror Kara walked over to him rubbing the tattoo of the whip on her inner thigh.  “We’re going to enjoy this,” she said, walking past him and picking up the whip.  Paul heard a crack and his arse exploded.  Kara’s expertise was not in doubt, she had caught him perfectly with the tip.  The next stroke was on his other buttock, matching the first exactly.  Her next strokes were different, she moved a little bit closer and let the whip wrap itself round his body, giving it a small jerk at the end which had the effect of pulling Paul towards her. Paul dangled on his ropes as the tip of the whip found a nipple.  Kara was as good with the whip as she had promised to be. After ten strokes he could not stop sobbing.  Kara moved round to the front.  She picked up his limp prick and stroked it gently, slowly bring it to an erection, before flicking it playfully and watching it jumping about.    

“Look its all excited”, she said, “does it want to go somewhere?  Not in a my pussy, no chance, I was just getting it out of the way.  I don’t want your balls hiding behind it.”  

With that she stepped back.  Paul tugged at his bindings trying to get as far away from her as he could.  Kara stepped forward again, teasing him some more.  “Perhaps I won’t after all”.  Paul felt the waves of relief flood over him as she put the whip down and playfully licked the head of his prick.  He went rigid as she picked up again and walked in front of her.  “Keep your eyes open” she said and flicked her wrist.  The whip sped forward, not with full power, but with enough to make him writhe in agony as the tip struck his balls. 

After this Paul and Susan were told to get dressed and show themselves out.

to be continued in part three - Meeting Robert.


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