The Party Last Night

by Jean-Marc Conier

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© Copyright 2001 - Jean-Marc Conier - Used by permission

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This is the first story I am posting to the net. I'll post the remainder of the story if I get any reasonable feedback. Of course that's awfully selfish of me considering how much I have enjoyed stories by Dierdre, Jym, Kristen, M1ke Hunt and many others, and I never wrote to them letting them know what I liked... I welcome commentary and suggestions...I have written around 25 stories, none of them published anywhere and I may go back and edit them for the newsgroups. I find writing these is a welcome break from the psychological thriller novel I'm writing that seems destined to go unfinished...

WARNING: This story is a work of fiction that contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts. If this type of content offends you, or you are under the age of 18, do not read it. Though of course, I really doubt anyone has ever read the disclaimer before realizing they were in the hierarchy... :)

The Party Last Night

I suppose it would be nice to begin at the beginning but I'm not really sure where that would be. Last night my wife and I went to a party thrown by a mutual friend. I didn't really want to go, but Danielle seemed so excited about it I went anyway. It had been a very long week of work getting ready for the busy summer season at the Truck Wash. I recently got a promotion to Day Shift Manager, not much more pay, just a lot more headaches. But the job includes benefits and we needed the insurance. Unfortunately, most of my crew from last summer had moved on and I've been busy trying to hire and train enough people to be ready in time.

Every night for the last couple weeks I've come home later and later. Dani seemed all right with that, a little distant perhaps, but we've been through worse. Our dinner conversation has been sparse at best and the sex has been even sparser. The first couple years of marriage, Dani would greet me with open arms and a wet pussy when I came home from work. Now it's a grunt from the couch telling me dinner's in the microwave.
I guess that's the main reason I agreed to go to the party. I hoped we could rekindle something by hanging out with our fancy-free friends and reliving more care-free times. I had to argue with my boss for an hour to leave before 6 in hopes of being to the party by 8. The whole drive home I told myself that I should make an effort to make this Dani's night, she deserved it. I got home around 7 and found a note on the fridge telling me she'd already left for the party and would see me there. It was a little unlike her, but I guess I underestimated how much she wanted to go.

I showered away the day's stress and began changing clothes. I wanted to look nice for her so I pulled out a sweater I knew she loved and my good slacks. A little styling gel and a splash of cologne and I felt like a college student again. It took me a few minutes to find my dress shoes; it always does. They needed a good polish but I knew I was probably taking too long as it was so I headed out the door.
As I pulled in to the subdivision it seemed odd that the street wasn't full of cars. Usually when Michelle throws a party the whole block is full. Instead only two or three cars were on the street. I wondered if perhaps I wasn't so late after all. Michelle and her new husband Bill had just moved into this house a few months before. The landscaping was magnificent and reflected the free time Bill had at his union job. The house was the gem of the neighborhood.

Dani's car was in the driveway so I parked on the street out front. I could hear muffled music from inside. I adjusted my sweater and brushed my hair back with my fingers then rang the doorbell. I smiled to myself as I heard their musical door chimes through the door ringing out like some old fashioned church bell. Michelle always was a little strange.
After a few moments, Bill greeted me at the door and ushered me in. Michelle had done quite well for herself. Bill was tall and slender with the kind of features that land you on magazine covers. At first glance he appears to be a skinny weakling, but one handshake will convince you otherwise.
"Jim, buddy! Good to see you. We were starting to wonder if you'd make it."
"Yeah, traffic was a little nuts on 47," I lied. "But I'm here now. I see my better half is already here."
"Yep, they're upstairs having girl talk. Let me show you around."

The party was more like a quiet gathering of a dozen friends and it didn't take long for Bill to introduce me to all the guests. Some people I knew from previous parties. The rest I assumed were work acquaintances of Bill's. After an hour or so, I realized I still hadn't seen Dani or Michelle. I flagged Bill down and asked him how long he thought they were going to be. A strange smile came over his face.
"I dunno really. Though I think it may be a while yet. If you want, you can go up and find out for yourself." Bill pointed up the stairs and then returned to his drink as a work buddy called him over.
I set my drink down on the counter and made my way to the stairs. The walls in the stairwell were lined with expensive-looking watercolors that depicted women in various stages of undress. As I reached the top of the stairs I noticed a series of photographs on one wall. They pictured a solitary woman blindfolded and bound in assorted positions. In every photo the woman's face was turned away from the camera giving the pictures an eerie voyeuristic feel. I felt my breath quicken and I turned away, somewhat fearful, though I knew not of what.

A light was on in a room at the end of the hallway and I headed toward it. I adjusted my sweater and ran my fingers through my hair once again. At the door I paused and heard muffled sounds from inside. Faint, high-pitched sounds like those of a child or a puppy. I knocked softly on the door.
"Dani? You in there? It's me. Jim."
The sounds inside the room stopped and I listened intently for footsteps but heard none. In fact I heard nothing at all. Then abruptly the light under the door went out, and the door opened just a few inches. Michelle's face, or rather her left eye, appeared in the doorway.
"Yes, Jim? What did you need sweetie?" Her tone was pleasant but somewhat abrupt.
"I was looking for Dani." I tried to peer through the door but she blocked my view. The smile had gone from her face and she seemed hurried to get me out.
"She's busy right now, honey. I'm sure she'll be down to see you later." She started to close the door.
"Wait!" then a little softer, "please." She paused and waited for me to continue. "I'd really wanted to make this a special night for Dani. She really deserves it. If she wants me to go back downstairs I will, I just wanted to make sure she knew I wasn't ignoring her."

"Sweetie, she has other things on her mind right now. Frankly I don't think it matters to her where you are or what you're doing. She's a little too busy to worry about you."
"Busy? What do you mean? Can I please see her?" I was growing more impatient by the minute and wanted to know just what was keeping my wife so busy. Michelle seemed determined to prevent just that.
"Just a minute." She gruffly closed the door in my face. I listened for any sign of what was going on, but heard only muffled whispers. After a couple minutes, I began to worry about what could possibly be keeping my wife. In a strange way I could feel my marriage falling apart.
"She says you can come in, on two conditions. First, you are not to interfere with what she is busy doing. Second, you may not leave the room until she has finished."
"Fine. Fine. Just let me in."
"You accept her conditions, then?"
I didn't understand why she would need to ask me twice, but I hastily reaffirmed that, yes, I accepted her conditions. I wasn't trying to interfere with anything and I wasn't going anywhere anyway.

She opened the door, and I shuffled into the dark room. I heard the door close behind me and a faint click indicating it had been locked. A hand took me gently by the wrist and led me forward a few steps. Another click and a table lamp came on. A moment later I saw just why my wife was so busy.
Directly in front of me, seated on a high-back arm-less wooden chair, was Dani. Her ankles were tied to the legs of the chair with soft nylon rope, a rope that also held her knees apart and cinched down tight. Her wrists were tied tightly behind her, pulling her shoulders back and thrusting her chest obscenely forward. Two more ropes crisscrossed in front of her, separating her breasts and digging in to her soft belly. Her blindfolded head was turned sharply to the right and seemed held there.
After a moment I realized the gag in her mouth was somehow tied to her wrists, keeping her from facing forward. Only then did my conscious mind recognize that she was naked. Beads of sweat ran between her breasts and down her neck. And her thighs were strained against her bonds. Suddenly I recognized who the model was for the photographs in the hallway.

I stood like a statue, too frightened and overwhelmed to move, as Michelle stepped in front of me and whispered something in Dani's captive ear. If the sight of Dani had frightened me, then the sight of Michelle almost made me faint. Her entire body seemed to be one shiny black mass.
From her boots to her gloved fingertips, she was covered in tight black leather. As she turned from Dani to me, I saw that key parts of her body were left exposed. Her breasts were provocatively displayed through openings in the bodice, and I saw her small dark nipples for the first time. As my gaze drifted lower I saw the crotch of her outfit was open as well. Her fingers stopped my tour as she lifted my chin into her eyes.

Her dark green eyes were smoldering and I saw something there I had not seen before. Not at the parties in college. And not at any of the casual dinner parties. An animalistic lust was plainly visible and I felt for a moment that I was being hunted.
"So, Jim. You like what you see?" Her hand drifted down my chest, past my belt and touched gently on my crotch. "Or does it frighten you too much?" Her fingers grasped my cock through the slacks and squeezed. I felt momentarily faint and my whole body trembled a little. Then a strange calm came over me.
"Actually,.... yes to both questions."
Her hand took mine and pulled it down her belly past the edge of the leather. The action pulled me forward bringing my head to her shoulder as my fingers sank into her pussy hair. She rubbed my fingers across her wet slit and brought her lips to my ear.
"Who would you rather trade places with, Jim? Me, or your wife?"
She bit down hard on my earlobe and ground her cunt against my hand.

Two images fought in my head. One was of my wife, Dani, bound in place, her mouth open and wet, as I fucked her mouth with my cock. The other was of being blindfolded and tied, nails scratching down my chest, pinching my balls, toying with the head of my cock. The images were broken by the feel on Michelle's warm tongue sliding into my ear as her hand rhythmically squeezed my cock. I forgot all about the party, my wife, my job, everything but her hot breath on my ear and her fingers on my dick. Too quickly, she pulled away and I fell slightly forward, my pulse quickening. When I looked up again, Michelle was holding soft nylon rope stretched in front of me.
"Let's find out shall we?" A gleam in her eye suggested I didn't have much choice.
She held my gaze for a moment before turning away abruptly. As she took two steps towards a dresser against the wall my eyes returned to Dani. Her nipples were hard and tight, small drops of sweat trickling down the curve of her breast. Her thighs were taut, stretching against the ropes, with just a faint quiver indicating the struggle. As my eyes adjusted, smaller details became clear. The matted hair surrounding her cunt. Thin angry red lines which crisscrossed the side of her hip before disappearing underneath her ass. Her toes curled tight against the floor.

I was so lost in my wife's beauty I didn't hear the command from Michelle until she repeated it.
"I said strip!"
I looked up into Michelle's stern grimace and knew at once the role I was destined to play. Before I had even considered the implications my fingers had unbuttoned my slacks which slid to the floor. I bent at the waist to pull my shoes off, then tugged one pantleg over my foot. I heard the whistle a splitsecond before the crop cut into my ass.
"Faster slave!"

My erection abandoned me as blood flowed to the stinging welt rising on my cheeks. I tugged the pants free and cast them aside then jerked the sweater over my hand. I stood in my briefs with a withered erection and throbbing pain in my ass.
Michelle's hand grasped my shoulder and she spun me around to face her. In one motion she dropped to her knees in front of me and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my briefs. She jerked them roughly to the floor, then dug her nails into my hips using me as a crutch to rise to her feet once more. Her left hand rose to the back of my neck and she pulled my mouth to hers. Her tongue invaded my mouth, forcing my tongue back as she probed and explored at will. Her teeth nibbled then bit down on my lower lip as her right hand squeezed and pinched my tender ass.

My cock started rising again as it pressed against the folds of her cunt. The leather against my chest was warm and soft. Her fingers found the welt on my left cheek and pinched it hard. I cried out in pain, but my cry was smothered by her kiss. She wrapped her right leg around me and squeezed me tightly against her, grinding her mound against my cock. I felt each pulse in my groin as my arousal grew. Then she shifted her weight and my legs went out from under me. I fell to the floor with a thud as she looked down at me laughing.
"So, pet. You wanna chicken out now? Or can you take more?" Her foot rested on my abdomen, inches above my groin. She ground it against me as I considered my answer.
I closed my eyes to try to clear my head. So many thoughts and feelings were rushing through me. I felt out of breath, as though I'd been running for hours, though it had been scant minutes since I had walked into the room.
"Well?" Her foot twisted on my belly as though stamping out a cigarette. It took all the will I could muster to nod my head, eyes still tightly closed.

My eyes remained closed as I felt the soft nylon rope encircle my wrists, tying them together. Instinctively I knew I wasn't supposed to move, wasn't supposed to speak, was just supposed to lie there. Until Michelle told me what to do. I felt the floor shift beside my head and soft warm leather settled onto my arms, pinning them over my head.
 The scent reached my nose moments before the warm flesh. Her cunt was wet and pungent as she settled it down onto my face. Her calves slid across my arms, the leather pulling my skin, as she lowered herself into my tongue's reach, my nose settling into the crack of her ass. The strong, almost earthy scent filled my nostrils. My tongue tentatively probed at the tender flesh before it, a little too hesitantly for Michelle's taste.
Her hand slid forward, brushing past my cock, and took hold of my balls. At first the touch was pleasurable, then she began to squeeze. "Is that the best you can do, slut?" she asked, as her grip tightened.
A wave of panic went through me and my tongue responded with a flurry of strokes, dancing this way and and that, in light circular strokes and firm rough licks. My tongue delved between her lips, thrusting gently inside her and the pain in my groin abruptly ceased. Soft moans signaled her appreciation as I flicked back and forth across her swollen clit.

Her hand now rest on my thigh, more concerned with supporting her weight than inflicting torture, and her nails absently dug in to my leg. The legs on my arms began to quiver with a faint rhythm as my tongue probed deeper into Michelle's cunt, setting off small spasms with each thrust. Her walls clenched down on my tongue, trying to trap it within her as her climax approached. I raised my head slightly to reach her clit once more, and twirled it in circles over my tongue. Michelle's whole body quivered and shook and she let out a guttural moan as her juices flooded my mouth. I continued my assault through two more sets of spasms, each more frantic than the last, until her swollen pussy was too tender for any more.
Her body collapsed forward, breasts pressed against my belly, head resting against my thigh, her ragged breathing blowing across my groin. As my own breathing slowed, I caught a faint whimper from across the room. For a moment I had forgotten that my own wife was bound and gagged and forced to listen to the entire scene.

"Very good slut." Michelle said as she rose up off of me. She rolled her shoulders and arched her back slightly, as though letting her satisfaction roll over her.
"But I think it's time for my little pet to get some attention."
She walked over to where Dani was sitting and stroked softly down Dani's neck. Her hand trailed further down, over the swell of her breast, brushing gently across the hard nipple then down across her belly and between her thighs. I heard my wife whimper as Michelle's fingertips disappeared from view, then returned, glistening.
"Would you like a taste, slut?" She extended her hard towards me and I raised my mouth to meet it. Just as I caught a whiff of the pungent scent, she jerked her hand away.
"No, I don't think you've earned that yet. Maybe in a little while. First I think it's time for little Dani to get involved. Let's see how much she misses you." Michelle returned to Dani's side and released the gag.

Still blindfolded, my wife turned her face forward, yawning slightly trying to stretch her tired jaw.
"Well get your ass over here, slut!"
I jumped to my feet and walked over sheepishly, unsure of what was expected, a little nervous. Michelle grabbed my halfhard cock in her fist and squeezed it, rubbing her thumb back and forth over the head while she spoke.
"I'm giving Dani the chance to earn her release; and I'm giving you the opportunity to take advantage of her like you've only dreamed about. You know, the thoughts that come to you late at night, when she's out with friends and you're stuck jerking off." Her hand pumped rhythmically over my rapidly hardening cock. "And you secretly want to make her pay for not being there to suck your dick. Don't even think about denying it, Jim. I wouldn't think about it at all, because the thinking you're doing right now makes it that much easier for her to win...."
Win? I panicked a little, realizing too late what her intentions were. I tried to clear my mind but her hand made that rather difficult. She was right, of course. More right than she knew.

"Here's the deal, Jim. Your pretty little wife is going to try to make you come. If she can do it in under two minutes, I release her and you'll be the pet both of us have always wanted for the rest of the night. If she can't, I guess you and I will have to punish her. You'll get whatever your heart desires for the rest of the night. Think about what you'd do, Jim. Or maybe you better not, you're getting awfully hard."She squeezed one last time, and I felt how right she was. She put her hands on my shoulders and guided me in front of Dani. My hard prick brushed against her nose, and she pulled her head back a little. Michelle nudged me forward an inch or two then stepped to one side.
"Open up, Dani. You have two minutes, starting.... Now!"

Her tongue flashed across her lips to wet them, then she engulfed my cock in her mouth. As her tongue made its first circle around the head, I knew I stood no chance. I rarely last two minutes with a bad blowjob, and this was the best I'd ever had.

.....To be continued....