by Pauleine

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© Copyright 2011 - Pauleine - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; femdom; chast; bond; naked; rope; hogtie; foot; gag; tease; cons; X

My boyfriend and I are currently living in a female led relationship. I make all of the decisions, manage all of the finances and decide if or when he gets sexual release. He cooks, cleans, does laundry and takes care of my sexual needs. I keep him in constant chastity but do allow him to wank himself before me as a reward for good behavior. He thoroughly enjoys bondage games and is constantly begging to be tied up. It actually gets quite annoying. Today was one of those days.

It was a Saturday after a very hectic week at work. I just wanted to relax and enjoy some ‘me’ time. I was dressed to relax, just some old shorts and a tank top, no bra or shoes, just comfy. I was enjoying my coffee out on the deck after a very late breakfast. My boy was subtlety trying to get my attention. He knows better than to just flat out bother me, but it was getting annoying. He would go about his business then try to sneak longing glances at me. He probably was hoping for a game or to be let out early. No hope of that. He’d been in chastity for ten days now but still had four more to go. His constant peeking and leering at me was really getting on my nerves. This was not how I planned to spend my day. I needed to unwind without being pestered. I remember reading on one of the femdom sites about a Mistress who parked her boy when he got annoying. She tied him up in a room and left him for the day while she had the rest of the day for herself while he was in bondage bliss. This might just be the answer. I will park him for the day. I ordered him to come here. He entered, kissed my feet, knelt down before me and waited for my command. Such a good boy.

“Boy, I have decided to play one of your little bondage games with you. I am going to tie you up good and tight in the back room. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes Mistress. I would love it. Thank you.”

“Good, then do what you have to do, strip and wait for me in the back room. I will be along when I am ready.”

The fool didn’t realize he was to be tightly tied up for the entire day with no chance of relief, from either his bounds or his chastity. I often let him jerk off in front of me after a tie up game. I am not totally heartless, but not today. He has pissed me off. Besides I need my space today. I finished enjoying my coffee knowing I would have as much ‘me’ time as I wanted after I tied numbnuts up. I gathered up my bondage bag with all of my rope, duct tape, gags and other bondage toys. I was going to tie him up like never before.

When I entered the room he was there kneeling, stark naked except for his chastity device. The cock tube always looks so cute. When he realized I had come into the room he quickly kissed my feet, as is our custom when he comes into my presence, and knelt before me. He is getting better trained, maybe today will teach him not to pester me. I laid out my rope and a big red ball gag on the spare bed. I was ready and by the look of his cock straining in its little cage, so was he.

“Boy you have been irritating me this morning and I intend to put a stop to it. I do not need you constantly sneaking peeks at me while I am eating or finishing my coffee. Do you agree that this is what you were doing?”

“Yes Mistress, I was trying to get looks of you. It is just you are so damn sexy. Your short shorts, no bra and your cute, sexy feet with the bright painted toes. I can’t help myself.”

“Well I am glad I still turn you on boy but I need some time for me. So I am going to tie you up back here while I go about my business. Now turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

He of course immediately turned around with is hands held palms together behind his back. I needed my time alone so this was going to be one strict, tight tie. I looped my rope around his wrists, tightly cinched it several times and knotted it above his wrists. He was effectively helpless now but I had much more in store for him. A rope around his elbows looped drew them together, then tightly cinched and knotted. His elbows were almost touching. He let out a little squeal as I drew them tightly together, but he knows better than to complain. Now I doubled a long piece of rope wrapped it around his right wrist and looped it drawing it tight. Then I wrapped the rope around his waist and back to the other wrist. There I tied it around his wrist effectively gluing his wrists to his back. Again the same technique above his elbows. His hands and arms were tied quite tightly to his back and totally useless to him. In fact, he couldn’t even move them a wiggle.

“I hope you are enjoying my bondage boy. Are you arms adequately tied up?’

“Oh god yes Mistress. Everything is most secure. I can’t budge my arms. Your bondage work is magnificent. Thank you so much. I am very tightly tied. Thank you.”

“Good, I am glad. I want you to be quite secure today. I don’t want you bothering me all day.”

“All day? Mistress that is way too long for me to stay tied up. I can’t handle that you know that, especially when you have tied me so tightly. I mean my shoulders ache already. Please don’t make it too long.”

“Shut up boy. I am tying you up and I will make it as tight as I want, and I will keep you tied for as long as I want. Don’t forget who makes the rules in this relationship. Now get down on your fucking belly. I have some more rope to use. A lot more rope. “

He struggled to get down on the floor, seeing that his arms were completely useless to him being tied the way they were. He hit the floor with a big plop and I just couldn’t keep myself from laughing at him.

“You are such a klutz. You look so foolish trying to do something as simple as lie on your stomach. Oh well, I always knew you were pretty worthless. I often wonder why I keep you around. I hope your cock cage isn’t jabbing you in the groin. Too bad for you if it is.”

“No Mistress, I am alright.”

“Too bad, we’ll see how you manage when I am through tying you up.”

I then retrieved some more of my rope. The first piece I looped around his ankles, tightly cinching it between his feet and knotting it off at the top of his feet. Next I tied his legs below his knee. Again tightly looping the rope around his legs, then cinching it between them and tightly tying it off. Finally again, above his knees, tightly looping the rope then cinching it with a very secure knot. Those legs of his were glued together. He could struggle for a hundred years and those ropes would not come loose. Lastly, the coup de grace. I looped another length of rope through his ankles, cinching them again, pulled his feet right up to his hands and ass. Then cinched the rope between his bound wrists. A few more loops around his hands and ankles each one drawing his feet tighter and closer to his hands. Then a finishing knot above his wrists. No prying fingers finding any of my knots. He was now in an incredibly strict hog tie, feet to hands practically touching, no slack. God I am good. He was going to stay tied up in that hog tie till I was completely rested. I would have the whole day to myself while he remained out of my hair, all tightly hogtied, in the backroom. Today was going to be good.

I then sat on the bed a few feet in front of his prone, trussed up body. I needed a cigarette and a chance to catch my breath. Tying him up, especially as tightly as I did today, takes a lot of energy. At least I had all day to recover.

“Well boy how do my ropes feel? Are they tight and secure enough for you? Do you like being trussed up in a tight little package barely able to move?”

“My god yes Mistress, I can hardly budge. You are not going to leave me like this long are you? Please don’t. I mean I love when you tie me up but this is pretty intense. This is going to get painful fast.”

“My, my aren’t you hard to please. You love your little bondage games then whine if it is too tight. 'Oh Mistress, it is too tight I might get a cramp'. 'Oh Mistress, tie me only how I like it'. 'Oh Mistress please don‘t make it hurt'. Well we will just see about when I decide to free you. Until then you had better keep me happy. In fact, I think you should wiggle over here and thank me for taking time from my day off and tying you up so well. You may thank me by kissing my feet. Come on let me see you crawl to me all hog tied nice and pretty. Crawl over her and kiss my feet.”

“Mistress I don’t think I can move. You have really fixed me tight. I can barely budge.”

“You better get you ass in gear boy. Trust me, you don’t want me pissed off with you any more than I already am. Now get over here and worship my feet. I want you to express your gratitude for all of the things I do for you. Now move your fucking ass!”

I know I needed some relaxing time but really, what could be more fun that watching a pathetic male who is all tied up wriggle, squirm, grunt making all kinds of funny noises and inch his way on his belly just so he can kiss your feet. I couldn’t help laughing and mocking him. Some grown man. All six feet of him helplessly hogtied and struggling for every inch just to kiss the feet of his 5’ 3” Mistress. Oh the power of a woman! This was actually a great start to the rest of my day.

“Come on you fucking worthless boy. Is that the best a big strong man can do? You are totally useless. Do I need to go get my crop and warm your bare ass to spurn you on? Aren’t my soft, pretty feet enough motivation for you? Come on keep that ass moving.”

“Mistress this is hard work, I am coming. I want to kiss those beautiful feet, it is just you tied me so tightly it is hard to move. I am doing my best, I will get there. Please don’t start beating me.”

After about ten minutes to cover five feet he got there and started to kiss my feet. It was hard for him to do even that because of the way I had him tied up. I would move my foot just out of range of his mouth and tongue and watch him struggle to get at it again. He really had to work for it. It was really quite amusing. I rubbed my feet all over his head and shoulders. Finally I just planted them under his nose and allowed him to give them both some great foot worship. I was getting relaxed already. Having a boy all tied up under your total control, lying at your feet and worshipping them is quite intoxicating. A natural high. After enjoying his ministrations to my feet I was ready to begin my day.

“That is enough boy. It felt good and I know how hard you had to work being all trussed up like that. Now I am going to leave you here all tied up and have some quality alone time. So I am not disturbed by your complaining and whining about being tied up too tightly or bothering me about untying you, I am going to gag you. I brought your nice big red ball gag. So open up your mouth and don’t say a word. By god if you complain I will fucking beat you bloody. Now open your fucking mouth.”

He reluctantly opened his mouth and I shoved the ball gag in. I pulled back on the straps, fitted it deeply into his mouth and buckled tightly it up. Not coming out anytime soon.

“How does that feel boy?”

I was rewarded with a quiet mmph mmph. No complaining anymore. Now for some more fun. I still hadn’t forgotten his unwanted pestering and wanted to send him a clear message. I crumpled up six pieces of paper and threw them on the floor where he could see them. They were scattered around the room. I then placed the wastebasket in the corner furthest away from him.

“I don’t see why I should have all of the fun today boy, so I have provided a fun, simple game for you. Your task will be to pick up all of those crumpled papers and put them in the wastebasket without knocking it over. How hard can it be? To make it more interesting, each wad of paper is worth ten strokes from my new single tail whip I just got yesterday. You will receive ten strokes for every piece of paper left on my floor. All of them if I come back and the basket is tipped over. I will tie you down and whip your ass. When I feel rested, I will return. So have fun playing my game. I guess it does kind of suck to be you right now, doesn‘t it? Well that is just too bad. Being the woman in charge I get to make the rules. Good luck I‘ll see you later after I have enjoyed my day. I hope you enjoy yours too.”

We both knew it would be a miracle if he managed one piece of paper in the basket let alone all six, but hey it is my game, my rules. Besides I wanted to teach him a lesson and try out my new whip. A good whipping would be a great way to end my day. Oh yes, today was turning out to be a pretty good one. I blew boy a kiss, turned off the lights and closed the door on my way out. Who knew parking him could be so much fun. God it is good to be the girl in charge!