Paradice Lost 9: Supplicants

by A Pensive Pen

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© Copyright 2017 - A Pensive Pen - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; dungeon; basement; latex; bond; cuffs; collar; gag; hood; bfold; toys; insert; nipple; electro; torment; tease; stuck; denial; FF; rom; lesb; game; dice; cons; X

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Author’s Note: The following is the conclusion of a sequel to “The Dice Game”. It is also a work of fiction intended for novelty purposes only. It contains graphic scenes which may not depict fully safe or wise BDSM practices, and should be enjoyed purely as fantasy.

Epilogue: Supplicants

Gabrielle’s palms gripped the armrests of her hard coach seat, trying her best not to move. Her arms, already sore, were exhausted from digging her elbows into the plastic. Anything to take pressure off her backside during the eight hour flight. Gabrielle’s mascara had run from all the times tears had filled her eyes since disembarking, but at last she was nearly home.

Almost done, she thought, trying very hard to be hopeful. Gabrielle knew the French countryside was somewhere below the clouds in her window. Any moment they’d pass outskirts of Paris and she’d be home at last. Nothing could be worse than this flight. Well, almost nothing.

Those three witches had kept their word, and kept Gabrielle strictly bound and gagged until mere minutes before they’d left for the airport. They’d packed and locked her massive suitcase and refused to give her the key until it was already checked in at the airport. Her only choice of clothes were tight jeans, sky-high heels, and a quarter-cup push-up bra under a form-fitting shirt with long sleeves. No panties.

After an ordeal like hers, every step and every swish of the clothing against her body was agony, brushing against her ultrasensitive skin. Her ass was wrapped in tight, rough denim which rubbed with every step. Her raw nipples already stood at rapt attention and constantly chafed against the cotton fabric. The tiny bra did not cover them but lifted her chest quite prominently for all to see. Gabrielle walked through the airport with arms folded, but once on the plane she had to choose between using her arms to cover her nipples or lift herself to try and relieve her crimson ass. She chose the latter.

After walking to her gate as slowly and carefully as possible without attracting attention, Gabrielle had stood and waited patiently for her plane. When a gruff, unpleasant tourist pushed her aside, Gabrielle managed to reduce her internal scream to a tiny squeak.

Of course, there was no avoiding the flight itself. Amidst the bustle of storing luggage, Gabrielle lowered herself gingerly into her seat. Being forced by the flight attendant to tighten her seatbelt brought the first tears as Gabrielle’s ass pressed into her seat. As soon as that little light vanished, so did the belt.

After hours of gazing enviously at the fluffy clouds, Gabrielle caught the pervert sitting beside her staring intently at her tits… again. She didn’t care anymore. All she cared about was keeping still. The plane shuddered mildly. Gabrielle gasped in sudden pain, then smiled awkwardly at King Leer beside her.

Gabrielle did not take notice when the plane rolled slightly to the right. All she cared about was getting home. Though reluctant to reapply her seatbelt, she nevertheless waited patiently as the plane tilted back for its landing. The jolt of the plane touching settling onto its wheels was a small price to pay.

“Ladies and gentleman,” the captain’s voice suddenly sounded in pleasant French, “Due to unforeseen delays at Charles de Gaulle Airport, we have been temporarily diverted to Orly Airport while we wait for our gate to clear. Due to immigration regulations for international flights, we are unable to allow passengers to exit the plane until we arrive at our official destination. Please remain seated and hopefully this delay will only last one or two hours. I apologize for any inconvenience.”

All around, passengers voiced their displeasure. Gabrielle would have joined them, were she not fighting back more tears and trying very hard to keep still.

* * *

“Are you sure about this?” Gwen asked, biting her lip.


“I don’t know, this doesn’t feel right.”

“You’ve tied me up before, Gwen,” Cheri reassured her.

“Yeah, when you lost at Dice, and with Laura,” Gwen still looked uncertain. “But this is what Gabrielle did to you. I… I don’t want to do that to you.”

“You’re not.”

“How is this any different?”

“I want this, Gwen, and I know I can trust you to take care of me. I never felt that with her.” Cheri looked straight into Gwen’s eyes.

Gwen exhaled slowly. “Ok.”

“Thanks, Gwen,” Cheri said. She added playfully, “just promise you won’t go easy on me.”

“I promise.” Gwen took a moment to collect herself and properly get in the mood.

They were back in their basement. Cheri wore the full purple latex outfit she’d received from Gabrielle, and was already kneeling against the wicked pole device she’d been bound to when Laura and Gwen escaped. This time, she willingly offered her limbs as Gwen, wearing everyday clothes, secured Cheri into the pole’s cuffs and straps.  Cheri soon kneeled helplessly before her friend, her arms and legs locked sharply behind her, and didn’t mind one bit.

“Can we do the clamps first, please?” Cheri asked politely as Gwen tightened a strap around her corseted waist.

“Who’s in charge here?” Gwen managed to joke as she picked up two alligator clamps. Carefully, she untied the lacing just above Cheri’s corset and pulled it aside, allowing Cheri’s heavy breasts to spill forth for all to see. Gwen carefully worked the jaws of a clip onto Cheri’s tender nipple.

“Ohhh… a little tighter.”

“I thought you hated these things.” Gwen complied by turning the tiny knob on the clamp, to Cheri’s obvious satisfaction.

“I let you think that so you’d keep using them on me,” said Cheri slyly, her eyes closed.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Gwen smirked. She grabbed two small oval vibrators with tiny wires leading to the stand’s control box, mounted to the stand behind Cheri. “These too?”

“Yes, please,” Cheri was ever pleasant. “Set for ten second intervals, gradually increasing intensity to maximum, and a twenty second pause in between intervals. And put a 1 ounce weight on each one, so they’ll swing and tug at me.”

“You’ve thought this through.”

“I told you I wanted this.”

Gwen did as she was told, then looked at Cheri again. “And what about down there?”

Gwen gestured between Cheri’s legs. A track on the floor between her knees allowed for different attachments Gabrielle had bought. A selection of differing sized phalluses lay off to the side. “You want one of these?”

“Yes,” Cheri said resolutely. “the 5 inch one. But I also want you to attach that wand as well. It fits into the attachment in front there. Set it to turn on and off randomly.”

Cheri flushed at the thought. Gwen set the proper equipment aside. “Alright, then. How long do you want to stay like this?”

The bound woman turned, if possible, even redder. “Well, honestly… I want to feel helpless. Maybe you should decide.”

“You sure, Cheri?”

Cheri thought for a moment before nodding. “I can work with that,” Gwen said with a grin, “Are you looking for these things to tease you, or get you off? Or am I deciding that, too?”

“I don’t think that should be up to me, either,” Cheri said breathlessly. She was clearly nervous about this, but also excited. “B-But if it was, I’d probably want… to have two orgasms: one quickly and another right before I was going to be let go… and I’d want to be teased in between. Mercilessly.”

Gwen stared. She, Cheri, and Laura had done things that mean to each other before, sure. But no one had ever asked for it like that.

“You sure, Cheri? You’ll probably regret that.”

“Yes… and stop asking me that. If I didn’t regret it a little, it wouldn’t be fun.”

“Fine,” Gwen shrugged, moving on, “then I guess it’s time for this.” She picked up a mass of rubber and tubing. It was Cheri’s neck corset, made of black rubber and with a sturdy strap connected to an attached inflatable gag. Cheri gulped as Gwen pumped the oval plug to an imposing size.

“Open up!” Gwen said playfully as she approached. Cheri slowly parted her lips and had to stretch her jaw to accommodate the gag’s size. Once fully in, Gwen laced the corset on tightly and buckled the strap, sealing the plug deep in Cheri’s mouth. The rubber hand pump for the gag dangled in front of her.

Her eyes and nose left uncovered, Cheri watched closely as Gwen lifted her head up and back until it fit into the steel collar of the stand. Gwen closed the collar and locked it so that Cheri was held irresistibly upright in her now complete bondage, effectively unable to move her head. There was a glint in Gwen’s eye that hadn’t been there before.

“I know, I know,” Gwen mused, “you asked me to stop second-guessing you, but I have to be sure. This is your last chance, Cheri. If you like, I’ll release you now—no harm, no foul. Or you’re going to remain bound however I want, as long as I want, end of story. There is no in between, understand? You know the signal.”

Cheri did know the signal. Just a little hum and Gwen would understand. Gwen waited long enough to ensure Cheri thought about her decision, but Cheri elected to remain silent.

“Suit yourself,” Gwen said finally before pacing around Cheri’s helpless form. “You know, you asking me to tie you up today has me thinking about the last time we played the Dice Game. You lost and were getting tied up by Laura and me, and you were so obviously loving it. We were going to be nice to you, but you kept complaining that the straps were too loose. ‘Two more notches, Gwen. Two notches,’ you kept saying until we got fed up and gagged you.”

Cheri looked at Gwen apprehensively and made a small noise through her gag, unable to manage any more. Gwen kept talking, “I like that attitude, Cheri. It should be our motto for today. ‘Two more notches.’”

Gwen looked at Cheri appraisingly. “Let’s see, two more notches. Two more… I know, how about two more pumps!”

Gwen grasped the pump for Cheri’s gag and gave it two generous squeezes. Cheri’s eyes popped as the unseen gag grew stiflingly large in her mouth. She groaned and only tiny mews escaped. She shook in her restraints but remained exactly as helpless as she’d asked to be. Gwen removed the tube and pump from the corset and tossed it aside.

“Annnd, let’s see,” Gwen eyed Cheri’s breasts. “How about two more turns on these clamps?”

Cheri actively opposed this one. Two turns was an awful lot, but all she could do was wince uncomfortably as Gwen adjusted the knobs on each clamp until they tweaked her nipples ruthlessly.

“Hmm, what else? Add two more ounces of weight—per clamp, of course. And you said 10 seconds on and 20 off? We’ll do 20 on and 10 off instead.”

Cheri groaned anxiously as two more tiny weights clipped onto each clamp. Gwen flicked them so they tossed about, twisting their anchors maliciously as they went.

“Something’s still missing. Two more… got it! Two more straps for those sexy tits of yours!” Gwen swiftly grabbed two straps and fed them around the base of each of Cheri’s defenseless orbs. Gwen buckled each tightly but hesitated before moving on.

“I almost forgot,” she said, smacking herself on the forehead coyly, “two more notches! Wouldn’t that be embarrassing, these are actual notches.”

Cheri shuddered in protest as Gwen grabbed each of the straps on her chest and pulled them forcefully until she could the buckle reached another two notches. Cheri’s plump breasts now jutted out before her like oversized softballs. They heaved with each breath, but she could do nothing to lessen their severe bindings. Gwen playfully grabbed each rotund globe and squeezed it gently. Cheri moaned sharply in a pleasure she couldn’t conceal. Now Gwen was ready to move on.

“I believe you asked me to set up some of these wonderful toys for you,” Gwen said, surveying her options while Cheri panted, “hmm, you mentioned this 5 inch bad boy, but the motto of the day is ‘two more.’ Let’s go with his 7 inch brother, shall we? And you wanted the wand turning on at random times? Fine, but I’ll set it to turn on twice as frequently.”

Cheri tried adamantly to complain as Gwen mounted the larger (and markedly thicker) dildo onto a piston with a 6” stroke, then clamped the wand vibrator beside it. Kneeling before Cheri, Gwen slowly opened the zipper between her captive’s legs, revealing her ass and dripping pussy. Carefully, Gwen lined up the retracted piston and lubricated the dildo generously before using two fingers to part the vulva. Cheri purred instinctively as she felt the penile head press into her. The wide bulb of the wand settled against Cheri’s trembling clitoris. Tightening some wingnuts to hold the piston and wand firmly in place, Gwen pouted so that Cheri could see.

“It feels wrong, doesn’t it?” Gwen asked Cheri despondently. “You have a very nice toy to play with your pussy but it’s just one, and I’m all about two’s right now. You think we need another one?”

It took Cheri a moment to realize what Gwen meant. She cried out and tried unsuccessfully to shake her head.

“You’re right, Cheri. We definitely do.”

Cheri looked on powerlessly as Gwen fitted the 5” dildo to another piston with a smaller 4” stroke. Moments later Cheri yelped as she felt Gwen spread lubricant generously over her ass before the tip of the toy was inserted. Gwen carefully angled it and then mounted it to the track behind the others. Cheri strained to watch, and her peripheral vision just barely noticed Gwen moving to the stand’s control box behind her.

Plugging in all the cords, Gwen asked the back of Cheri’s head if she were ready.

“Mmm-ummmph!” was all Cheri could manage, which Gwen took as a resounding yes. She began pressing buttons on the box.

Cheri’s nipples promptly sprang to life. With the ultra-tight clamps and weights, the two vibrators resonated powerfully on Cheri’s chest. The immediate feeling was bad enough, but Cheri felt the vibrations intensify gradually until they abruptly ceased on the twentieth second. Cheri sighed in relief, thinking Gwen had come to her senses. But they promptly started again and Cheri learned just how brief ten seconds could be.

Then Cheri cried out as the wand buzzed her clit in a sharp burst. Very quickly it happened again, and Cheri realized that Gwen had set the wand to full power. The ecstatic jolts were never more than a few seconds apart. Cheri could barely recover.

Yet before Cheri could even attempt to adapt, the large dildo slowly inched forward into her pussy until all seven inches filled her, and gradually slid out again. A moment later, Cheri felt the second dildo begin thrusting into her ass. Their pace was tantalizing and seductive, but Cheri already wished they would speed up and just fuck her.

Gwen deliberately set the pace of Cheri’s anal probe a fraction slower than its counterpart, to keep them in an asymmetric rhythm. Turning other dials, she also set each one to rotate teasingly as they worked their way in and out of Cheri, who seemed quite appreciative of the many bumps and ridges massaging her.

Gwen finally returned to face Cheri who, battling her near constant stimulation, fixated on her standing benefactor with glassy eyes. Intense or not, Gwen had given her exactly what she asked for.

“Having fun?” Gwen asked knowingly.

Cheri nodded her head inattentively.

“I hope so,” Gwen warned. “I told you I have a date with Shawn tonight, right? We’re going to an early dinner and then a movie. We’ll probably hit the bars after that. I doubt I’ll be back ‘til tomorrow. I can let you out then.”

“Nnnmph!” Gwen never mentioned that! The stand was already overwhelming her senses. Cheri tried to shake her head. Gwen leaned in until their noses almost touched.

“Not sure you have a choice, honey,” she said, and started walking toward the stairs.

“MMMMM!” Cheri shrieked.

“Oh fine,” Gwen dismissed her casually, as though this hadn’t been her plan all along, “I’ll set your phone alarm for 9 o’clock. Laura will be back from teaching her Pilates class around then and it’ll let her know you’re down here. Enjoy!”

Cheri listened gravely as Gwen climbed the stairs and closed the basement door. Daylight was fading from the window-wells. In the silence, she had nothing to distract her from the toys playing with her helpless body. The dildos thrust on tirelessly, sliding in and out of her soaked orifices. They felt incredible contrasted with the wand’s random bursts, even if Cheri struggled to bear them. Her tits felt assaulted from all angles. It was uncomfortable and humiliating, but she actually wanted it that way. Feeling her breasts handled so roughly, especially while bound, made Cheri extremely hot. It was no surprise, then, that Cheri was aroused beyond belief within minutes of Gwen’s departure. She couldn’t imagine a better feeling, yet all she could do was kneel there in her bondage, growing hot in all that latex.

Gwen actually returned a while later. Clearly, she had been upstairs preparing for her date. She was dressed and looked ready to go. By then Cheri was moaning passionately through her gag, eyes shut in concentration. She was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure coursing throughout her body, her body shaking in response to every imposed sensation.

“Still playing, I see,” Gwen smiled knowingly. Cheri’s eyes opened to see her friend, and she groaned longingly. Cheri seemed to want something.

“You said something earlier about getting off early in your little session, and then to be teased until right before your release. I believe you used the word ‘merciless’?” Gwen asked devilishly. “I came to make sure you’ll be teased properly. I assume you’ve already had that first blissful ‘O’?”

Cheri slowly shook her head and looked hopefully at Gwen. Orgasm was clearly all she could think about.

“Oh?” Gwen asked with a mischievous smirk. “I thought for sure you’d have cum easily by now with all these things. You must not be even trying.”

“Mmph!” Cheri nodded as emphatically as she could in the collar.

“Well? Can’t you then?”

“Mmmmmmph! Nuh-uhm,” Cheri groaned in desperation. Her gaze was the definition of eagerness. She must have been waiting for Gwen to come back.

“Don’t toy with me, Cheri, I’m serious. You mean you can’t get yourself off no matter how hard you try?”

Cheri nodded fervently, her hips gyrating in subdued desperation. Clearly she’d been trying adamantly to achieve orgasm for some time now. Gwen put her finger up to her chin for a moment, considering the situation.

“Hmm. I think that’s probably for the best.”


“In fact, I brought you a little surprise.”

Cheri’s eyes went wide as Gwen produced Laura’s special tube of aphrodisiac cream and squeezed some onto her hand. Without even stopping the piston, she clasped her hand lightly around the dildo so that the cream spread liberally over the shaft on its way into Cheri’s pussy. Another nice dollop found its way onto her clit. Cheri moaned helplessly and pled with Gwen as she felt a hot tingling building between her legs. Gwen caressed Cheri’s vulva to get the excess off her hands and looked at her playfully.

 “Oh, honey. I’m so glad you made this my decision! Otherwise you’d probably just pleasure yourself and that would bore you, wouldn’t it? I know what you really wanted.  You wanted two notches.”

Cheri cried out frantically into her gag. The cream already had her in a frenzy. Climax was the only thing she wanted, the only thing her body would settle for. But her pleas were ignored as Gwen walked away, and Cheri suddenly found a blindfold descending over her eyes.

“Play with your toys, Cheri,” Gwen pandered, “and forget about those O’s. They just weren’t a good fit for you. Trust me.”

Cheri heard Gwen’s footsteps fading again. She thrashed and moaned with all her might, absolutely desperate for orgasm. She’d never reach it like this. The cream was really kicking in and enough coated her pussy to last for hours…

“Oh, and Cheri!” Gwen called from the base of the stairs. “Speaking of the whole two notches thing, I’ve decided to set that phone alarm for 11 o’clock instead of 9 so you have enough time to play. Hopefully Laura hasn’t gone to bed by then!”

* * *

Laura came home from her Pilates course still in her athletic gear. Kicking off her shoes, she found the house dark and empty. Gwen and Cheri must both have gone out. Laura didn’t mind, and looked forward to having the house to herself. She showered and settled onto the couch with a fluffy robe and a romance novel.

She read for a while before the deadbolt slid open to sound Gwen’s arrival. She wore a casual dress.

“Hey, Gwen,” Laura called from the couch. “It’s not even eleven. Didn’t you have a date with Shawn tonight?”

“I did. We just got out of a movie but I didn’t really feel like the bars,” Gwen said with uncharacteristic awkwardness. “So I came home.”

Laura paid little attention to it and returned to her book. Gwen sat down next to her, clearly looking to say something. Finally, Laura lowered her book again.

“Something wrong?”

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you tonight. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. I don’t really know why.”

“What do you mean?” Laura asked with concern.

“Well… I can’t get something Gabrielle said out of my mind.”

“Gwen, you need to forget about her. She was nuts.”

“I know, I know,” Gwen said, clearly struggling with what she wanted to say, “It’s just, she kept making it sound like you had something specific you needed to say.”

“You mean that I’m a lesbian? Look, she—“

“No, something more than that. Something you were supposed to say specifically to me. She didn’t include Cheri when she was pushing for that, and I think that was on purpose.”

“Look, Gwen, you should just forget it—“

“Are you in love with me?” Gwen blurted out.

Laura froze up. She closed her book without marking the page.

“In the car it sounded like you knew,” Laura said quietly.

“I knew you liked women, yeah. But this is kind of different, isn’t it?” Gwen knew this was a bombshell and waited patiently. Whatever this was, it wasn’t easy, but she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Gwen,” Laura said slowly, “I wasn’t really comfortable with myself for a long time, so I hid it, even from you and Cheri. By the time I sorted myself out we were all such good friends that I was afraid I would ruin it. You’ve always been so smart and witty and beautiful…”

Laura stopped. Gwen couldn’t help but smile even though her eyes were tearing up a little.

“I do love you, Gwen. Or at least I did. Maybe I still do, I really don’t know anymore. But I think the best way to work though all this is to try and get myself out there. I want to meet some people, some women, and see how things go. And I’m going to. And I think that, more than anything else, you’re the best friend I’ve ever had. I’d never risk that.”

Gwen looked at the ground sheepishly. “Well… what if I felt something too?”


“I don’t know!” Gwen didn’t really know how to articulate her thoughts. “I’m not a lesbian. At least, I don’t think I am. But ever since I suspected how you felt I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. About how feels to be close to you, and—and how it must have been for you all this time, and… honestly, all the chances we might have missed together. I don’t know if I want to be with, like, women. But maybe there’s something here anyway, with you.”

“Does Shawn know any of this?”

“Yeah, right,” Gwen snorted.

They sat in silence for a moment. Laura was spinning. She’d never imagined for a second that Gwen might say things like this. Gwen seemed to know what she was thinking.

“Look, Laura,” she said seriously. “I don’t really know how I feel. Right now I want you, but I don’t know if I’ll feel that way forever. I’m terrified that I’m going to jerk you around and end up hurting you. If we were to kiss and then I—“

Gwen was cut off as Laura leaned in and let their lips meet for the first time. Gwen quivered, trying to process the emotions swirling through her. For Laura, it was like coming up for air. After moments that felt like centuries, they parted again. Gwen seemed to forget everything she’d just been saying.

“I have something for you,” Gwen stammered. She rose off the couch and dashed to her room. Laura bit her lip. Perhaps she’d gone too far.

Gwen returned with a box wrapped like a present. “I know your birthday’s not for a couple weeks,” she said, “but I’ve been staring at this every night wondering whether I should give it to you, or if I was even brave enough.”

The box rattled as Laura opened it. As the paper slipped away, Laura saw a regular old shoebox that felt so light it might have been empty. She opened it and found a pair of dice. One was red and the other blue.

“These aren’t for the Dice Game. They’re for, well, us. Maybe we’re just friends and they’ll never be used. Maybe they’ll be used once and never again. I don’t know. And I can’t promise you anything more than that we’ll always be friends. But I’ve also gone to bed every night lately, imagining what it’d be like to use them with you.”

Laura didn’t have answers any more than Gwen did. But that didn’t stop her from beaming. This was just about the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her.

“Are the rules the same?” Laura leaned closer to Gwen for a second time.

“Almost,” Gwen breathed. “I can explain as we go along… I mean, if you want to…”

Their lips nearly touched. Laura asked quietly, “What if Cheri comes home?”

“Don’t worry about that,” Gwen gasped as they kissed again.

Laura picked up the dice and handed one to Gwen. They each let them tumble back into the box without looking. But Laura couldn’t wait for long. Her dice read a four while Gwen’s a three.

“What does that mean?” she asked. Gwen bowled her over and they kissed again.

“It means,” Gwen replied between breaths, “that I get to be your helpless damsel in distress tonight.”

“Oh really?” Laura said happily. She picked up the red die and rolled a five. “And that?”

“Position, same as the other game. Spread eagle on the bed.”

“You mean my bed,” Laura quipped. She pulled the tie of her robe loose and used the cord to tie Gwen’s hands behind her. “Don’t I need to roll to see how tight it’ll be?”

Gwen struggled to get closer. “Tight as you want. All I care about is the next roll.”

“And what’s that?”

“Red for how many times I pleasure you. Blue for how many times you pleasure me. Everything else is up to you,” Gwen finished, panting. By now Laura’s hand was hidden beneath Gwen’s skirt.


“Oh God. Everything.”

Laura smiled. “Come with me, then.”

Gwen moaned as they rose and headed for Laura’s room. Just then, they heard a sudden noise in the room, like a violent rattling. It was coming from a large decorative bowl on their coffee table which was filled with polished round stones. A strange melody was rising up through the stones and every second or two the rocks rattled inexplicably. Laura brushed a few stones aside with her hand.

It was Cheri’s smartphone and it was having a fit. Laura examined it to find an alarm had been set for 11:00. But Cheri never left the house without her phone.

“Oh that,” Gwen said, “I left that for you. It’s to let you know that Cheri asked me to tie her up earlier. She’s in the basement.”

Laura stared at Gwen for a moment.

“Is she ok?”

“She’s having a great time. I made sure of it,” Gwen grinned wickedly.

“Can she wait?”

“She can’t not wait.”

Laura thought for a moment.

* * *

Cheri was in purgatory. Her aching nipples shuddered with the vibrators again and again. The wand never missed a beat, and the pistons never slowed. Laura’s special cream had worn off a while ago, not that Cheri could ignore her incredible need for release. Not for a second. She simply existed, unable to progress or recede. Her helplessness was comforting in its certainty, but as much as she enjoyed struggling fruitlessly in the face of unattainable release, she still needed release. Badly.

Cheri had no way to mark the time, nor of knowing when anyone might return to her in the first place. So when she finally heard footsteps thudding down the basement stairs, she yelled out in abject gratitude. Wide eyes longed to be freed of their blindfold.

The steps approached but said nothing. She felt a hand on her hips, surely to unbuckle the strap binding her. But it did nothing of the sort and she remained fully bound. The steps walked around her, and suddenly a finger flicked her nipple. Cheri grunted and moaned for release, waiting for them to finally remove these excruciating clamps. Instead the hand squeezed her bound breast smartly, almost as though examining it. Cheri moaned again desperately, throwing her arms against the manacles she knew wouldn’t budge. Abruptly the vibrations on her nipples switched. They switched on for one second, then off for one, repeating. Cheri whined pitifully. Maybe they were just having fun, but Cheri felt like any more torment would be the end of her.

Now the clinical hand probed between her legs. It felt her pussy where it rested upon the wand, deftly sweeping aside the only flap of skin between the wand and her bare clitoris. Cheri grunted in frustration. She’d spent ages flexing her hips to maneuver that tiny veil between the wand and her sensitive nub. What was Laura doing?! Was this even Laura?

Still, none of it would matter once the vibrators finally shut off. Except they didn’t. Instead, Cheri felt something strange near her backside. The warm dildo thrusting into her suddenly felt cold and newly slick. She felt the same chill in her pussy and quickly realized that new lubricant had been spread onto the thrusting dildos. They thrust into her with renewed vigor.

Cheri whined loudly into her gag. Weren’t they here to let her go?

Cheri’s pussy felt a hot tingling that immediately made her tense up. She recognized its effect just as she felt two fingers spreading her vulva. Something velvety lapped against her clit and for a blissful moment Cheri believed the fingers were there to pleasure her. But then it began to tingle as well. Cheri shrieked and threw herself against her bindings.

“Mmph! Nuh-hmm Cmmmh! Mmmph-MMMMMPH!!!”

Her only answer, as the cream once more filled her with carnal lust, was a loving peck on the cheek. The footsteps headed for the stairs again. Cheri gave one last frantic cry before she heard the door close. Cheri had only one path before her: to ache, and need, and simmer in her extreme arousal until anyone except her decided it was enough. The thought nearly made her climax. Nearly.

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