Pain Test Session

by Chris Powell

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© Copyright 2007 - Chris Powell - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; D/s; bond; bdsm; pegs; toys; cons; X

I work over night so when I arrived home Monday morning the first thing I did is take the kids to school. It takes about 10 minutes. I did this and returned home. I noticed a note on the bed and so I read it.

It said: "Take a shower and then tie yourself spread to the bed. Put 15 clips on your balls and shaft and use the clothshanger with clips on your nipples and tie off to the bed (it's one of those metal hangers with clips to hold the cloths). Gag and blindfold yourself and wait. I am not sure how long this will last." That was all it said.  

I had no idea what that "how long it will last" was.

I took a shower and then returned to the bedroom. Mistress was asleep on the couch.

I started by laying out what I would need. I decided the clips best to use are the small hair clips you find in the health and beauty aids session of a store. They are really small but work well on your shaft. Clothspins are so big. I placed an escape key under the mattress within reach of my right hand. I lay down on the bed and tied my ankles to the foot board of the bed pulling them to open me up and make as wide a spread eagle as I could.

Next I tied off ropes to the side of the bed frame and attached ropes to my knees. These I again pulled to make me even wider. Once done I could bearly move my legs as they were in a very tight spread eagle. Oh I forgot just, before I tied myself I took a double dose of viagra. That drives me crazy and keeps me at full attention if you know what I mean.

Ok then after finishing with the legs I added the clips to my ball sack and my shaft. I put ten of the little puppies on my sack and then the last five on on the shaft, working from the bottom up the last two on the head. Those last two hurt, but it only lasts a few seconds and then it's just a dull pain.

Next a placed the hanger on my nipples and pulled it tight to the head board. Again it hurts for a couple minutes and then it's not that bad. Now was time to finish. I pushed the ball gag into my mouth which is larger then the normal ones you see, it fills your mouth very well and buckled it behind. I then pushed ear plugs into my ears and placed cotton balls over them. You can't hear much when you do that. I straped the blindfold on and put the strap over my ears and buckled it behind. This keeps the cotton in the ears.

Last I decided to wrap an elastic bandage, "like you would use to wrap your ankle or knee if you hurt it" around my head over the gag and blindfold to hold everything in place. I waited a few minutes then before finishing to make sure everthing was as comfortable as possible and then placed a handcuff on my left wrist and cuffed it to the head board as far stretched as I could. Then last I reached up with my right hand keeping the key in my hand and closed the right handcuff to the other side of the headboard. I still had the key in my hand, so again I checked to see everything was ok and then droped the key. I was now tied tight to the bed until Mistress arrived or I felt the need to use my escape key that Mistress does not know about (a big mistake).

It was well over two hours when Mistress arrived, I was getting bored but what could I do but wait. I had no vibrator to keep me entertained so I just waited.

She came in and I did not hear her. The first time I knew she was in the room was when she tightened the nipple hanger twice as tight as I had it. She played with the clips on my balls and shaft pulling them, which hurts like a son of a gun. Then she removed them slowly, each one sending a throbing pain thorugh my shaft. Then she started adding normal clothspins to my ball sack, about 20 was added as I writhed in pain. She placed them down below my balls and then down the inside of each leg. Next she added several to my stomach and then up my sides.

She moved to my right arm and started just below the wrist placing them down to my elbow. She then repeated this on the other side. She decided this was not enough so she started at my ankles and ran them up both legs to meet the ones by my balls. Wow was I fixed with over 100 clips. Then she played with my shaft and made me hard, that's not hard to do. Then I felt rubberbands placed around my balls and shaft. Then two vibrator were placed on both sides of my shaft. She turned these on and it felt really good with the pain and the pleasure of the vibrators.

She plugged me with the small glass penis plug we have and sealed it in with vetwrap. She then removed the clip hanger on my nipples and I felt a vibrator taped to each one and turned on high. I then heard her say, "Can you hear me?"

I shook my heard yes.

She said, "I am going to have lunch with my sister, I will be back soon and when I return I will do some things you have wanted and you will feel more pain and great pleasure!" With that she was gone. I did not have time to reply. I did not believe her at first, so I waited and waited and the pain got more and more. Then the vibrators fell off my shaft and that's when it really started to hurt.

Finally I decided to do the really wrong thing. I went for my escape key. I retrieved it and got it in the lock and the handcuff came part way open and then stuck. Trying to get it the rest of the way I dropped the key behind the bed. "Damn" I said to myself. But with some pulling I was able to pop the handcuff open, the key had done it's job. I then did the worst thing I could have done, I started to remove the clips.

Amazing what pain will make you do. Before I knew it I had them all off. Then it hit me, what will she do when she gets back. I must admit I was scared. I retrieved a second key and placed it in my hiding place. I then recuffed myself and waited. After an hour I stared to feel I needed the bathroom something really bad. I took a chance, and released myself to go. Coming back I ran right into Mistress standing with the door open and hands on her hips. All she did was shake her head turn and shut the door. My mind did not know what to do, caught red handed. I decide to tie my self back up and take my punishment. I am not sure that was right or wrong.

I had forgot to replace the key so I was totally under her control now. She came back and was pissed. She said she could not believe I had a way to escape and that I could just stay tied up, she was leaving. She slamed the door. She has done this before and I knew she would not do anything, she has a temper but it only lasts a few minutes. She came back shortly and sat on the bed.

"You said in your interview that the worst thing I could do to you was leave you alone, so that's what I am going to do. You will stay tied right here until 3 (it was around 1) or until I feel like letting you go. I am not touching you."

She again left and I moaned into the tight ball gag. About an hour later she came back and I could tell she was no longer mad. She found a clip on the foor and amused herself with putting it on different places on my body and pulling it free, She lit matches and blew them out and touched them to my body. She used a metal spiked wheel thing and run it up and down my body including my shaft.

Finally she removed my blindfold and said "You have to make a decision, either I am in full control or we don't play this anymore. No more escape keys. Once you are tied you are mine and you will have to take whatever I do. Think it over and tell me later."

She then begin to suck my nipple and then play with my shaft. It did not take long but I had one of the best orgasms I have had in a very long time. She then gave me the key and went up front. I released myself and cleaned up the room. I went up front and we talked about the day before at work. Nothing was said until later.

I went to catch a nap later, since I work over night and she came in laid down with me and held me in her arms, said she really had not meant to be such a bitch. Those were her words. She said she enjoyed tying me up and wanted to continue. I thanked her and kissed her and told her how much I loved her. All night as I worked I thought it over and the more I thought the more I think I over reacted and should have left all the clips on. I have decided to ask her for a repeat. To start over with the session and this time I will not make the mistake of having a release. I am sure that will be a future story.