Outward Bound

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; stocks; cons; X

Charlotte and Anne were old friends. They had known each other for years and found they both loved bondage. They had tried it with their boyfriends the relationships cooled and they split with the boyfriends calling them weirdos. Now they tie each other up now and then.

They decided to go camping for two weeks and loaded the tent and the rest of the equipment into the rear of the estate car they had hired. They set out several rules and decided they must pick one each. No more and no less. But they each put in ten rules, so any one of them could have been picked. Charlotte went first and pulled out a piece of paper. No trousers or skirts. Only shorts to be worn it read. Charlotte had not put that one in, so it must have been Anne who wrote it out. Charlotte looked at her. "Well, it should bring the boys around!" Anne said with a laugh. Charlotte just shrugged her shoulders. Then Anne pulled out a piece of paper. Each person must take a turn at driving, changing places when a stop for a break is over her one read. That was Charlottes rule. Anne agreed to that one. It sounded fun. Anne shuffled some cards and Charlotte cut them several times. Anne said she had won as she had a Queen and there was only a slim chance that Charlotte would beat that. Charlotte pulled out a King.

Anne turned her back on Charlotte while she bound her hands tightly behind her. Then she strapped in a ball gag and fastened this tightly behind her head. She pushed Anne out to the car and opened the rear door. She put Anne on the rear seat and tied her ankles together. Fussing around she managed to get the seat belts done up. Then she jumped into the drivers seat and set off.

They had been travelling for about three hours when Charlotte pulled up into a car park of a cafe. She went to the back seat undid the seat belts and the rope around Anne's legs and pulled her out of the car. She undid the buckle of the gag and told Anne they were going in for a coffee.

"Okay then, untie my hands" Anne said. 

"No way, Jose', you are going in like that. The rule did say " we would change places when the break was over!" Charlotte replied. 

"I can't go in there like this" Anne protested. 

"Okay, wait here then!" said Charlotte locking the doors. Anne agreed to go into the cafe and Charlotte put a coat over Anne's shoulders to hide her bound arms.

The two girls were conscious of everyone looking at them as they entered the cafĂ©. Charlotte ordered the coffee and some buns and they made their way to a table in the centre of the cafe. 

"Okay, now untie me. I have come in with you!" Anne said pleadingly. Charlotte got up and went behind Anne and whipped off the coat exposing Anne's bound hands. Now everyone was looking. Charlotte noticed a lot of the men grabbed their groins when they saw Anne all trussed up.

But Charlotte did undo the rope and the two girls had their buns and coffees. A woman came up and asked what was going on. The girls told her and she said it sounded like real good fun. She gave Charlotte a card and told her to call in if they were in the area at any time. Anne looked around and saw a lot of the wives telling the men they were not to look. But soon the girls left the cafe. Anne noticed that for some reason, a lot of the men had to go outside as well at that precise time.

Charlotte stood there while Anne made a great fuss of tying her hands behind her back. She made sure all the men around got a good ogle of poor helpless little Charlotte. She fastened the gag in her mouth and opened the rear door. She lay Charlotte on the rear seat, tied her legs together and fastened the seat belts up. One man came over and asked what was going on. Anne told him they were okay and were enjoying themselves. Charlotte had to agree in the best way she could.

Anne drove for another three hours before she stopped. "The perfect spot" she said. She got out and released Charlotte. They were at the top of a hill and had fantastic views. They quickly put up the tent and made something to eat and drink. Afterwards Charlotte said she was going to look around the area. They washed the dishes and Charlotte went and banged two wooden stakes into the ground about two feet apart. She called Anne over. 

Anne looked at the ropes in Charlotte's hands and said "Oooh Mistress, you are not going to tie me up and abandon me here in this lonely place all by myself are you? Please don't do it. I will be good in future. Please don't leave me here all alone and no one around to find me" in a pleading voice.

Charlotte said nothing but turned her round and wound the rope around her wrists again. She put the gag in Anne's mouth and then sat her down. She tied each ankle to one of the stakes forcing Anne to sit with her feet two feet apart. Then she got two more stakes and banged them in four feet from each leg. She tied a rope from below Anne's kneecap to each one of the stakes. This meant that Anne had to sit there and expose her crotch. The legs of her shorts had ridden up and were now just short of exposing her pussy to the world. 

"You do look nice there Anne" Charlotte told her, "I will try and find you a man who would come and do what he wants with you!" With that she walked off leaving Anne sitting there pondering on how long Charlotte was liable to be. All she could do was sit and watch the sun go down.

All the night noises started, owls, foxes, and all the other inherent noises of the night. Anne got a little worried now in case something had happened to Charlotte and she would be left sitting here with no chance to escape and no one knowing she was there. But Charlotte did turn up and released her. Her legs were getting cold and she moaned. "Well, you can't moan. It was you who put that stupid rule about us only wearing shorts!" Charlotte told her. Then she carried on, "you would never believe what I have found. Anne asked her what it was but was told she would be shown in the morning.

The two girls awoke to a beautiful sunrise. They washed and got dressed and then made breakfast. Afterwards they washed everything up and put it all away. Now Charlotte was ready to show Anne what she had found. She grabbed the bondage gear which surprised Anne and they walked towards some woods, with Charlotte in the lead. Anne saw a hill rise up before them. "Not far now, just on top of that hill!" Charlotte told her just before she was going to ask how much further they had to walk. 

They were both puffing and blowing when the got to the top. All Anne could see was some bushes. Charlotte went into the bushes and called Anne over. Anne got there to see a heavy lid of some sort. Charlotte pulled back the locking handles, heaved the lid open and shone a torch down the hole. It was a hole about eight feet deep and about six feet in diameter. "What is it?" Anne asked. 

"I don't know, but what a prison cell it would make. You could put someone in here. lock them in and walk away and they would be lost from the world forever, there to call out in desperation but not getting anybody to let them out!" 

Charlotte asked Anne to tie her up and leave her down the hole. "I think the air should last about an hour" she said. 

Anne agreed and they both climbed down the rungs of ladder in the shaft. Anne tied Charlottes hands behind her back and gagged her. She tied her legs and said "Well, that is it, the end of our friendship. I am going now and there is nothing to stop me!" 

With that she climbed up the ladder and pulled the lid back. She held it upright and said "Now no one knows where you are, safely locked in your tomb. I can say we had a row and we split up. I can go to that woman's address for the rest of the holiday". 

She watched Charlotte writhing on the floor of the shaft. She was getting very worked up. Anne called out once more "Goodbye Charlotte, sweet dreams. Even if you get the ropes undone, you will not be able to open the hatch as there are no handles on the inside of the lid!" 

Charlotte had not noticed that. With that Anne closed the lid with a clang, cutting out all light from Charlotte. It was very quiet in the hole, deathly quiet in fact. Her writhing and imagination made her have a small climax. She was very wet. But she was okay as after forty minutes Anne opened the hatch up and went down to get her. She untied the ropes and just as they started up the ladder the lid closed. They heard the locks being pulled into place. Now they both panicked. They screamed, but there was no answer. Their hearts racing, they tried with all their might to open the hatch. But after a time it opened and the woman was there, the one who gave them the card. 

The girls climbed out of the shaft. "You are just down the road from me, and I thought as you both like bondage, I would trap you in to show how dangerous it could be!" she told them nodding at Charlottes soaked shorts. The woman explained it was from the war. If England had been invaded, men were to hide down the hole and creep out at night to do sabotage and kill the enemy. "There used to be more shrubs around it years ago. It should have been welded shut!" she told them.

The two girls and the woman parted company and the girls went back to their camp. They decided to take the woman's offer up and visit her. They drove there, but with no one tied up. They had had enough shocks for one day. It did not take long for them to arrive at her farm. She told them to pitch the tent around the back of the house. They soon had it erected and went back to the house. The woman made them some coffee.

"You are just in time for the local festivities. The witch hunt festival. You can stay here for the rest of your holiday. If you really want I can tie you both up for the duration. It would be safe as I would be your guardian. Give it a thought!" 

The girls ate the tea and went back to their tent. They noticed by the river that there was an old fashioned ducking stool that they used to duck the witches in the river with. Anne saw the pillory and the stocks. But the one that got Anne was the pillory that was only four foot from the ground forcing the person to bend over. On the floor was a board that they had they legs fastened to in order to make them stand with their legs well spread. Charlotte noticed the post. "I wonder what that is for?" she said to Anne. "Probably for burning witches" came back the reply.

The next morning they went to the house to buy some eggs. "Good heavens, there is no need to buy anything. If you agree to take part in the festival you could have it for free!" The woman said. The girls agreed to take part. They were told to come back later. They returned and had a drink. They felt drowsy and soon passed out. They awoke to find Anne fastened in the ducking stall and Charlotte tied tightly to the post. Both had a scold's bridle on. They hated the way that the tongue was depressed preventing speech. Charlotte saw the girl in the stocks bent over. She was wearing an old fashioned dress.

The day wore on and the girls, no matter how much they struggled, could not escape. Charlotte watched as a man came along and lifted the girls skirt. He started playing with her and she moaned. Soon he rammed home his manhood and she writhed in pleasure. Charlotte was getting pretty fired up as well. She thought she would be another way soon as the men collected firewood and started to put it all around her. They were going to burn her as a witch! And all Anne could do was watch. They would start on her afterwards, ducking her under the water until she drowned.

But soon the women arrived and untied Charlotte and put a dummy in her place. Anne was unstrapped from the ducking stool and a dummy was put in her place too. The girls was still in the pillory though. Fireworks went off and drinks were produced. They all had a great time. Charlotte was allowed to set fire to the dummy that replaced her on the pole. It was explained to her. The girl in the pillory volunteered as her husband could not get an erection. But seeing her their like that cured him. Anne and Charlotte were needed as witnesses to the act they performed. The burning of the witches was done to celebrate 300 years of the last witch burning in the area.

When the party was over they retired to their tent. But they woke up to find they had been tied up again. The woman's head popped in through the flap at the front. "Good morning sleepy heads. You never said you wanted not to be tied up, so thinking you did, I got some lads to do it for me. They are from the local outward bound school and are experts at tying people up" she said. The girls tried to talk but they were gagged. Then the boys returned and pulled them put of the tent and took some chains and locked them both to a stake in the ground.

They could only walk about six feet from the stake. "Oh well girls, now you are outdoors for the week, you could say you are definitely outward bound! Enjoy yourselves" Said the woman and she walked off leaving the girls pondering their fate. Would they ever escape? If she wanted to, the woman could take them back to that shaft and put them in and leave them to die. She could sell them off as slaves or use them as sex slaves. They had no option other than to wait and find out what she would do with them.


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