Out of the Way

by Pauleine

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© Copyright 2011 - Pauleine - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; femdom; chast; bond; naked; rope; gag; bdsm; paddle; cupboard; shoes; torment; cons/reluct; XX

My sister was coming over for dinner and my boyfriend was just being a huge pain in the ass. I am trying to cook and he is trying to touch and kiss me. The moron couldn’t see I was busy. I finally had had enough of his infantile behavior. I wasn’t going to have him ruin a pleasant dinner with me and my sister, so I decided to teach him not to pester me, then get rid of him for the evening. I’ll make some excuse for him, Meredith will understand. We live in a female led relationship were I make all of the decisions and run both the house and the bedroom. In fact, I keep him locked in chastity most of the time. I think that was why he was getting so frisky. He has been denied for a week with one more to go, maybe more now. When I could take a break I ordered him into our bedroom and told him to strip naked. The idiot thought we were going to have sex or something. Not today sweetie. His attitude changed when he saw me getting out my bondage bag and taking out several skeins of rope although he does like his bondage games.

“Boy you are a real pain in the ass today. I need to get you out of the way, and punish you for driving me crazy. Give me your hands, palms together.”

I then looped a piece of rope several times around his wrists then a couple of cinches through the rope. Knot tightly tied above his wrists away from prying fingers.

“I don’t want to hear you whining or bitching so a gag for you is in order. Open that fucking mouth of yours.”

I wanted him pretty quiet so I stuffed his mouth with an old pair of balled up pantyhose. Then to keep them in place, several strips of duct tape, both over his mouth and across it up to his cheeks. To check my work I gave his nipples a good hard twist. Just a muffled cry came out.

“That will keep you quiet. Now place your hands behind your neck. I want to get them out of the way too.”

I then looped rope through his wrists then separated it with one piece going under his armpit and around his chest then over his wrist and back to his chest. I did the same with the other piece and the pulled them tight and knotted them in front of his chest. His hands were now quite useless to him being tightly tied behind his neck. I wanted to punish him.

“Stand in front of the bed ass wipe. I don’t want you to hurt yourself if you fall. You have been bothering me in the kitchen even after I asked nicely for you to quit. Now I am not so nice. You have pissed me off. Twenty-five strokes from my wooden paddle. I will add ten more for every time you fall onto the bed. I am going to tie your ankles together so you don’t jump around. Do you understand? This is punishment, it is going to hurt.”

He mumbled something incomprehensible through the gag. I honestly didn’t care what he said. I was pissed and he was going to suffer. I used some more rope to tie his ankles together.

“You better keep your balance boy. I am intend to lay into your sorry ass. Remember if you fall I am just going to beat you more.”

And I did. No warm up just the full force of the paddle. Whap, with full force. He yelped into his gag.

“See why I gagged your sorry mouth? You have no control. Since I am taking time from preparing my meal for my sister and spending it with you, I want you to shout out each stroke and thank me. Is that clear?”

He again mumbled something.

“Good let’s begin with one. That first one was your warm up.”

I belted him again and listened for the count and my thank you. It was unintelligible but an attempt. Whap again the count and thank you. This continued till he took ten when he started to wobble. The tears were already streaming down his face.

“Oh is that hurting sweetie? Well it is fucking supposed to. Don’t you even think about falling over. I asked nicely remember? You didn‘t listen so now you are paying the price.”

Ten more really good ones. I love the solid crack of the wooden paddle on his bare ass. His bound hands jerking around but tightly tied behind his neck. He was really wobbly and couldn’t control his balance very well with his ankles tied together. On twenty-one, he fell onto the bed.

“You fucking wimp! You can’t take a little paddling and from a girl to boot? You are so fucking useless. Look at you, tied up gagged, crying like a little girl and all because I'm a dominant and powerful woman, have made you so. When are you going to fucking learn to not piss me off. When will you start paying attention to what I tell you? Now get back on your fucking feet. I have no patience for your fucking weakness. You have just earned yourself ten more.”

I gave him ten more good ones. He was crying like a baby and blubbering into his gag. He was still counting though and thanking me although you couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

“Five more sweetie. You better pray you don’t fall again. I am really enjoying this.”

I gave him the last five with all of my might. It was a miracle he didn’t topple. I was a little disappointed. I really was enjoying beating him.

“All right now, I hope you have learned something. Now I want to visit with my sister in peace. Maybe I will bring her back later so we can all play a game. Till then I am going to make you disappear. I am going to finish tying you up.”

I took out some more rope and then tied his elbows together at the top of his head. I had some extra so I used it to tightly cinch his elbows as close together as possible squeezing them tight against his head. I then ordered him into my closet. He had to walk very carefully and take little baby steps since I left his ankles tied together. I ordered him to go in face first and face the back of the closet. I then used more rope to tie his elbow ropes to the clothes rod. He was quite tightly tied to the rod, in fact his elbows were actually touching it. I then took a pair of Japanese nipple clamps and clipped his poor little nipples. The chain I tied with a small piece of rope to the rod. No wiggling around or those nipples were going to suffer some serious pain. He should know better than to get me angry.

Another rope tightly tied around his knees and his bondage was complete. He was now standing there with his hands tied behind his neck, his elbows tied together then tied to the clothes rod. His ankles and knees were tied together. He was gagged and had nipple clamps attaching him to the curtain rod. I did think of one more torment for him. Since he knows the female body is the vastly superior one, he has dabbled with a bit of cross-dressing. He in some small way hopes to achieve the feeling of power and superiority that a natural female has. He’ll never come close as long as he carries that junk in the front, but it is an attempt. To this end he has a pair of 5” heels he tries to wear. Hey no time like the present to practice standing in them, after all, he loves it when I wear them. So I got his shoes and put them on his feet. Standing there all tied up wearing 5” pumps with his nipples chained to the rod was going to be a very interesting experience for him.

“So long sweetie. I hope your ass quits burning soon and you don’t rip your fucking nipples off. Get used to those shoes since you’ve nothing else to do. Now you’ll get a good taste of what I suffer through to look good for you. I am going to finish supper. I’ll check on you once in awhile. Enjoy your bondage. Maybe I’ll send Meredith in to check on you too. You know how she is getting into this female superiority and I am sure she would enjoy seeing you in bondage like this.”

I kissed him on the cheek then closed the door, I think my sister and I were going to have a good time. The desert was going to be a fun evening tormenting my boyfriend. Oh yes, the superiority of the female. Natures way. God I am so glad I am a girl.