Our Rack

by Bound Becky 2000

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Storycodes: FFF/f; bondage; cons; X

Our Rack
by Bound Becky 2000 
Our Rack by Bound Becky 2000

We wanted a rack so why not build one right?  The 4 of us got together and drew up some plans and threw out ideas on how to build it.  After a few hours of brainstorming and arguing, we had it figured out.  There was an old “come along”, at least that’s what I’ve heard it called, in our garage.  It has a hook on both ends and a winch so you can hook something to something else and crank the arm of the winch and pull it forward.  We took it and cleaned it up nice.  We found 3 saw horses in the barn that we could use too.  We needed a few 10’ long 2 x 4 pieces of wood and some other hardware so we borrowed Amy’s dad’s truck and headed off to the store.

We bought 6 of the boards, plus a box of wood screws, 4 thick eye bolts, a smaller board and 2 bolts with washers and nuts.  The cashier asked what the 4 of us were planning on building.  Sarah spoke up and said “a doghouse”.  The rest of us giggled.  Oh if he only knew.  We loaded up the truck and sped off to Jenny’s house to build our new torture toy.  We were so excited!

We brought our supplies to the basement and laid out our hand drawn “blue prints” and quickly went to work.  We screwed the 2 x 4’s onto the 3 saw horses to form a table.  There was a saw horse at both ends and one in the middle for support.  There was a small space between each board so we could run some rope through it if we ever wanted to do some rope play at a later date (I was almost positive we would).  At the end of the table, we screwed 2 eyebolts in the center part.  This would be for our feet to get tied to or chained or whatever we felt like using at the time.  Jenny and Amy started to mount the “come along” to the top part of the table while Sarah and I started to work on the wrist board.  We put 2 more eyebolts into the board, about 6 inches each way from the center.  This would give our hands 1 foot apart from each other.  After doing some measuring, we drilled 2 small holes into the board and placed the bolts through them.  We laid the board onto the table and the bolts went perfectly between the spaces of the boards on the tables.  Sarah climbed underneath and applied the washers and nuts to secure it down.  Now the board could slide up and down and was held onto the table and couldn’t be moved off or to the left or right.  Jenny and Amy finished their job and now for one final touch.  We tied a rope around the center of the “slider” board and finished it with a loop at the top.  That was connected to the hook of the “come along” and PRESTO!!!, instant torture rack.  We were quite proud of our creation and even more amazed at our skills with power tools.  Now we had to test it.

All of us agreed to do no torturing at this moment.  Each of us would get tied to the rack and stretched so we could get a feel of what it would be like.  Then the next person would get their chance and so on.  Jenny went up to her room and brought back some leather wrist and ankle cuffs.  I went first.  Amy and Sarah put the cuffs on me and buckled them nice and tight.  I laid down on the rack and Jenny padlocked my ankle cuffs to the eye bolts while the other two locked my wrist cuffs to the slider board.  “Cumfy?” asked Jenny with a sadistic smile.  “Excited” I replied.  The winch started clicking and I felt my hands being pulled up over my head.  I tried to resist it but there was no give.  “This thing actually works” I said happily.  “Say when” Amy told me and once it got to be a little painful I had her stop.  I was totally helpless there.  My feet and hands couldn’t move.  Actually, my whole body couldn’t move.  “My turn” shouted Jenny.  I was released from the cuffs and Jenny was next.  “This thing is awesome” she screamed as her body was slowly stretched.  After Sarah and Amy had their turns we had to decide who would get to be the first “victim” of our rack. 

“Its still early, lets go bowling.  We can bowl 3 games and whoever has the lowest average goes to the rack.”  Sarah had a good idea.  None of us were good bowlers so it should be pretty equal.  Off to the bowling alley we went.

On the way we came up with the rules.  The loser had no say in anything.  The winners would decide what the loser would wear and could torture her anyway they wanted and pretty much do whatever they felt like.  We always love these kinds of rules…except for when we lose.  We got to the bowling alley and played our games.  The scores were added and divided by 3.  I lost.  Damn!  We got back in Sarah’s car and my hands were tied behind my back.  “What should we do to her girls?” inquired Amy.  “Lots of terrible things” replied Jenny.  The entire ride home was them taunting me with torture and humiliation.  I was actually excited.

On the way home, we stopped at my house.  My house keys were taken from me and I was left alone in the car with my hands still tied behind my back while the others went in to get my stuff.  They were gone longer than I wished and I wondered just how much of my stuff they went through.  Finally they came running from the house with a bag full of stuff.  Laughing, they got back in the car and the teasing began.  “You locked the house after you were done right?” I asked.  “Nope” Amy sarcastically said.  “We found something interesting stuff in there” gleamed Jenny.  I could only imagine.  I had some personal things like a vibrator and butt plug and I was hoping they didn’t find those.  From the way they were acting I was sure they did. 

We got back to Jenny’s house and I was removed from the car and lead into the house.  Sarah untied my hands and Amy pulled out my dark blue thong from the bag.  “Her you go slave, put it on”.  I took it and went to the bathroom and changed.  After I walked out, my hands were cuffed behind me with MY leather cuffs. “Those look familiar” I said as I heard the padlock click and securing my wrists.  “This should look familiar too” spoke Sarah with a grin as she pulled out my red ballgag from the bag and stuffed it in my mouth.  After she buckled it nice and tight the girls pushed me towards the stairs that led to the basement. 

“Down you go babe” came from behind me as someone smacked me on the ass.  I grumbled through my gag and walked down the stairs.  I was chained to a pole in the basement and the girls left, saying they had some planning to do.  They shut the light off and closed the door.  I sat on the cold floor dreaming about the punishment I would be enduring soon.  I was so horny.

After what seemed like hours, the door to the basement finally opened and the light was turned on.  I was blinded for a few seconds then I saw Sarah, Amy and Jenny walking down the stairs towards me.  All of them were wearing black vinyl shorts (all of us had a pair) and black dress shoes.  Amy had a white button up blouse on.  Jenny had a black bikini top on and Sarah was wearing a white tank top.  They looked very sexy and also very dangerous, which was bad news for me. 

“Sorry we took so long dear” Jenny said to me “we had to go to their houses to get some stuff.” 

I figured that’s where their clothes came from.  I stood up and Amy unlocked me from the pole and led me to the rack.  My gag was removed and the padlock was release from my wrist cuffs.  I flexed my jaw a little because it was kind of sore thanks to that ballgag. 

“Hold still” Sarah ordered as she put on my leather ankle cuffs. 

“How much stuff of mine did you take?” I inquired as I noticed those were MY ankle cuffs. 

“You’ll see slave” she answered.  “Now get on the rack”. 

I did and my ankles were padlocked to the eyebolts at the bottom and my wrists were padlocked to the slider bar eyebolts.  Jenny started to wind the handle on the winch and my arms were slowly pulled upward.  The wood was smooth but I was kind of worried about getting splinters.  After all, I was completely naked except for a thong and splinters in my butt wouldn’t be very fun.  She stopped the winch but I still had plenty of room for my arms.  Amy pulled out a small metal box that was padlocked shut.  The padlock was the keyless kind which needs a number set on the dials to open.  She said in a stern voice “It’s simple.  Tell us the combination and we let you go.  Don’t tell us the combination and we torture you until you do.”  Jenny and Sarah laughed.  I had never seen that box before and they knew it. 

“And if I say that I don’t know the combination then I get tortured also” I stated. 

“Yep” came from all three of their mouths. 

“I hate you guys” I said in disgust.  “Click, click”.  My arms were pulled higher.  This was going to be a long night. 


My arms stretched out slowly, each click making it more painful.  I felt so helpless.  Amy demanded I gave her the combination and since I couldn’t, I was stretched even farther.  Finally I reached my limit.  Another “click” and my arms might rip off.

“I’ll ask you again…what is the combination?”

“I told you I don’t know.  Please!” I begged

“Sarah, gag her.  Jenny, get the ice.” Amy ordered

I tried to beg but Sarah forced the ballgag into my mouth.  She didn’t buckle it, she just held the straps down keeping the ball tight in my mouth and also holding my head down firmly to the rack.  I heard Jenny’s voice and braced myself for some cold torture.

“You should’ve told me the combination slave” Amy spoke.

I screamed into my gag as the cold shock ran through my body.  Amy and Jenny slowly ran ice cubes over my entire body.  I tried to squirm but I couldn’t move at all.  The rack had me pulled too tightly to even try to break free.  Sarah smiled down at me, enjoying my suffering before her eyes. 

“Tell me the combination and you can go free.” Amy ordered again.

My gag was removed.

“I’m telling you the truth, I don’t know it.” I pleaded

“Gag her.”

Once again my mouth was filled with the red ball and the ice torture began.  I mumbled whatever plea I could but they weren’t interested.  What could I do?  Give them a fake combination and really get them mad.  I was completely helpless and I loved every minute of it.

Either they were bored or all the ice melted but my torturing had stopped for now.  Sarah pulled the drool covered ballgag from my mouth and I breathed a few sighs of relief. 

 “My arms are killing me.  Can you please loosen this thing?”  I begged

My arms really were in some serious pain.  I don’t know how long I was in this position but it was longer than I could bear.  Unfortunately they weren’t listening.  Amy pulled out the bag  that was filled with all my stuff they took from my house.  She pulled out my nipple clamps and applied them to each of my nipples.  My nipples had grown hard from the ice and normally this would have hurt like hell but since the ice also made them numb, it wasn’t too bad.  Next she pulled out my leather riding crop and gave it to Jenny. 

“I’m going to ask you again and for every time you don’t answer correctly, you get 5 smacks.” Amy told me while pulling on the chain of my nipple clamps.  “What is the combination?”

“I don’t know.”

Jenny smacked the bottoms of my feet 5 times.  I let out a whimper.  Amy asked again and my answer was the same.  5 more smacks cracked through the air, this time on my thighs.  This went on over and over again and my body went from being numb from ice to burning hot from the riding crop.  No part of me was spared.  My feet, legs, arms, stomach, breasts…every part of me felt the pain from Jenny’s merciless whippings.  All I could do was beg. 

“This is going nowhere” Sarah announced.

“Your right” Amy replied in a disappointed voice.  “Enough of that Jenny”

Jenny stopped torturing me and waited to hear what to do next.  I took this time to rest and catch my breath.  I was in some serious pain.  We have played some bondage and torture games before but this was the most intense one I have ever been through. 

“We will give you a choice” Amy told me “you can stay down here and be miserable, or you can agree to be our slave for the rest of the night?”

“I’ll be your slave!  Please, anything to get off this rack!” 

“Very well.  Release her.”

Jenny and Sarah unlocked my cuffs and removed the clamps from my sore nipples.  My arms hurt so badly and my body was still red and stinging from the riding crop.  Amy handed me the bag and told me to put on what was inside.  I went to the bathroom and opened the bag.  There was my purple butt plug with some lubricant.  I was so embarrassed.  “This is going to be a long night” I said once again as I prepared the plug for insertion.  After it was in I pulled my thong back on and went out to meet my new fate.  I felt weird to walk with it inside me.  I found the girls in the living room and was ordered to kneel before them while they decided what to do to me.  It was 11:00 at night.  I would be freed at 8:00 in the morning.  Did I mention that I hate bowling?