Our Only Hope

by The Technician

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The search for the Monty brothers leads W to Davenport Iowa.

This is Chapter Six of a book. Because it is a book, some of the chapters are more exciting than others, and some situations do not complete until the next chapter. This first chapter is primarily setup, but has some very interesting parts. For later chapters, the characters and situation will be more understandable if the previous chapters have been read. I could have run this through my regular publisher and made a couple hundred dollars, but I am posting it instead because many more people read my posts than buy my books.

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Chapter Six

Wyatt Monty

When I got back to the motel, I sat on the bed for several minutes slowly flipping the black entry chip over and over in my hand. This recycled chip, the poor condition of the building, and the unkempt look of the staff all added up to a cheap, slipshod business. Wyatt had signed his email as “Little Brother,” and that is probably how he was viewed by the others in his family. I was pretty sure that his older brothers would never trust him to hold any of the kidnapped Inner Circle Masters or Mistresses. The original plan had depended on me being able to convince or force Little Brother to get into the Jeep with me– or at least to go out the back door with me. I hadn’t been sure how I was going to manage that, but now I was pretty sure that I was dealing with a weak bully... a very weak bully.

If he had grown up under different circumstances, he might have ended up as a clerk in a government office somewhere– like a driver’s license bureau– being an ass to the people who came in and using what little power he had to show everyone how important he was. Instead, he grew up under the tutelage of his psychotic brothers and had become a weak bully who ran a run-down strip club and did sadistic things to powerless people, not because he enjoyed them, but because he thought it showed that he was strong.

In some ways, I pitied him. If it had not been for the intense hatred I saw in Juanita’s eyes as she asked me to kill him slowly, I might have passed on Little Brother and gone after the bigger brothers and their captives. But her unexpected plea made me more than pretty sure that, even with the mitigating circumstances of his position in the family, Wyatt Monty was still a sadistic son of a bitch who had been a part– albeit a minor part– of a plot to kidnap or kill over a dozen people just to capture or kill me. I was still taking him down.

I spent almost an hour getting Boris caught up with everything. They still had no information about the brother in LA, but we were now ready to go against the brother here in Davenport. Once again all I had to do was wait. I should have grabbed some sleep because after this was over I still had about 27 hours of driving just to get out to Los Angeles. And just because Wyatt Monty was a weak-assed punk bully, that didn’t mean that something couldn’t go horribly wrong. Hell, this could even still be an elaborate trap. There was no guarantee who was going to come out on top tonight.

I double checked... and triple checked... my weapons and equipment. Finally I said, “The hell with it,” and lay back on the bed. The alarm on my phone told me that I had, in fact, fallen asleep and it was now one-thirty in the morning. Time to load up the Jeep and go over to Colonel Boogie’s.

I got there a few minutes before two. What little lighting there had been in the parking lot had been turned off. Even the light that lit the sign on the side of the building was dark, but there were a dozen or so cars in the parking lot parked up close to the front door. I rolled slowly past them and went around the end of the building to the other side. The lot on that side, which only went about a third of the way down the building, was in even worse shape than the one on the front side of the building. I swung around and parked facing out almost at the end of the asphalt which lined me up with what had probably been an employee entrance when the building was a repair shop. Now it was– or probably should be– a fire escape door. I quickly made sure the equipment was positioned properly and then walked around the building. 

As I reached the front door, a large, mean-looking gent standing guard put his hand in the center of my chest, stopping all forward motion. “Why’d you park ‘round back?” he asked in a gravelly voice.

“That damn Jeep is too distinctive,” I answered, handing him my entry chip. “I didn’t want anyone to see it.” I was hoping he didn’t realize that my putting the Jeep on the back side of the building actually made it visible to anyone driving by on the Interstate.

“Oh,” he said, nodding his head slowly. Then he jerked his thumb toward the door and said, “Go on in.”

Just inside the door was a small table with a gallon jar on it. A hand-printed sign on the jar said, “Tip jar for the performers. Suggested tip $50.00." The look from the beefy gent standing behind the jar made it clear that the tip was not a suggestion. I had a feeling that the “performers” never saw a dime of these tips. I also wondered if Wyatt knew that his muscle was shaking down the customers on their way in. If he didn’t he was an idiot and a terrible businessman. If he did and didn’t– or couldn’t– do anything about it, he was even weaker than I thought.

The interior of the club was mostly in darkness, but there were a series of small camping-style battery-powered lights sitting on some of the tables. “Just follow the lights,” the second muscle said gruffly once I dropped a fifty into the jar. I must have been the last expected customer, because the two goons walked slowly behind me, picking up the lights and shutting them off as we went.

I’m not sure why they were doing this since there were no windows on the front of the building. Maybe it was to prevent unwanted visitors once the show began. Or perhaps it was to prevent anyone from easily leaving. In any case, the club was totally dark behind us as we went through a door that opened up into the back half of the building.

The back half of the building was very dimly lit, but even in the dim light it was obvious that this portion hadn’t changed much from when it was used to repair the big rigs. It was also possible to see that the club itself only occupied about one fourth of the building. I could just make out two semi trailers that had apparently been backed in through the doors on the end of the building. I didn’t think they were in there for repair. Juanita was right. Someone was transporting people in those trucks and unloading them in the unused portion of this building.

Tonight one end of that unused portion was being used for Wyatt’s Friday night show. A couple of spotlights had been bolted to the rafters and adjusted to shine down against the back wall of the building, forming a rudimentary stage area. A wave of relief washed through me as I saw the back door brightly illuminated by the spots. It was a standard commercial fire door with a flat, recessed breaker bar assembly that would open the door from the inside when you pushed on it. No additional locks had been bolted or welded to the door or to the assembly, which meant that if I hit it hard enough, it would pop open. If everything went according to plan, Wyatt and I would be going out that door before the night was through.

There were nine tables just outside the spots which had apparently been set up specifically for whoever was going to attend tonight. Five tables were in the front row, four in the second. Only one table was vacant when the muscle heads and I entered the room so it was pretty obvious where I was supposed to sit even before one of them pointed to it and shoved me in that direction.

I instinctively scanned the crowd looking for any sources of trouble. As expected, six of the other tables were occupied by solitary men who looked like they could be truck drivers. I didn’t expect any trouble from them. Truckers tend to mind their own business in places like this and stay out of other people’s problems. The two center-front tables, however, were shoved close together with eight college-aged young men crowded around them. There was a cooler of beer on the floor beside the tables and at least two empty cans apiece sitting on the table. I would have to be careful about them. When things went down, one of these alcohol-fortified young bucks might decide to be a hero.

A naked– and barefoot– waitress came up to my table and asked if she could get me anything or if perhaps I wanted her to sit with me. I held up a fifty and said, “I want to be left alone... completely alone.”

She grabbed the bill, gave me a big smile and said, “The customer is always right.”

As she left, I was enjoying the way her ass cheeks bobbed as she was walking away when I almost started laughing. There was nothing in her hands. Where in the hell did she put the fifty? My mind answered myself in Boris’ voice, “You really don’t want to know.”

A different naked waitress was now sitting with one of the truck drivers. Two more were trying to get friendly with the college kids. One of the boys said loudly, “Later, honey, after the show. If it’s good we’ll need some relief.” Both waitresses put on their best plastic smiles and walked back into the darkness.

That was evidently the cue for Wyatt to make his entrance. After the recycled entry chip from Rio, I half expected him to show up in black leather wearing a Lucha Libre mask. Instead, he walked out into the spotlights wearing a white, soft leather outfit that looked like he had stolen it from an Elvis impersonator. There were no spangles, but there was a dark blue stripe that zig- zagged around the top just above his waist and a lighter blue zig-zag that covered the top of his shoulders in the back. A quick look around the room told me that I was not the only one holding their lips tightly together to keep from laughing.

There was also something odd about the way he was walking as he made his way to the center of the stage. Something just didn’t look right. When he held up a microphone to speak, it became clear to me that his proportions were off. His arms were several inches too short for his height and his knees were way too far up on his legs. He had to have at least seven-inch lifts in those Elvis boots. Once again, I sort of pitied him.

“Gentlemen,” he said loudly, “welcome to Master Wyatt’s Friday Night Special.”

I again had to press my lips together at the word “Master.” What was standing in the spotlights was hardly a true Master. There was no sense of personal strength in his appearance or in his actions. Someone like Master Rodriguez would eat him for lunch. Without the protection of his big brothers, he would most likely be someone’s submissive slave. Maybe that’s what he effectively already was. “Master” Wyatt was just “little brother” to his big brother Masters.

“Our first act,” he said proudly, “is a contest that I invite you all to bet on. Winning bet splits the pot with the winner of the contest.”

He then turned to the side and yelled, “Bring ‘em out.”

The two muscle-men rapidly pushed a large platform out into the lighted area from the darkness near the parked semi trailers. The platform was apparently very heavy both from the way the heavily-muscled men grunted and groaned as they pushed it and from the effort needed to steer it into place.

The platform was divided into four sections by a pipe framework that extended about eight feet above the four contestants, all of whom were strapped in place on Sybian female masturbation machines. Each of the four women had two rows of clothespins clipped to the skin of their abdomens starting just below their breasts and extending down onto the top of their legs. The clothespins were strung together with a small black rope that hung down and lay across the top of the machine. There was also a clothespin-like clamp on each nipple that was made out of some sort of shiny metal. Similar small ropes hung from those clips. In addition, three thin chains looped through pulleys above each girl, but they did not seem to be attached to anything.

“Let’s give Bill and Ted a chance to get them primed,” Wyatt said, pointing to the two muscle- men in turn, “and then we will be ready to take the bets.” Neither of the bouncer-types looked like a Bill or a Ted and I had no idea what Wyatt meant by priming the girls, so I just waited for them to do their job.

The one Wyatt had called Ted walked down the line of girls clipping the thin chains to something while Bill walked back into the darkness. Bill returned shortly wheeling a cart which appeared to have four bowling balls on it and a number of smaller balls. There was a short chain and clip attached to each of the balls. 

Ted stood in front of the first girl and gruffly ordered, “Up!” She raised her hands above her head and held them out slightly so that they were against the pipe that surrounded her. Ted handcuffed her left wrist to the upright pipe and then pressed a wooden handle into her hand that he had attached to a thin chain that went up to a pulley and then looped back down to end just above the girl’s eye level. Bill connected one of the small balls to the end of that cable while Ted tied the rope from the left nipple clamp to the chain. The intent was pretty obvious. As long as the girl held on to the handle, all was fine, but as soon as she let go, the clip would be ripped painfully off her nipple. They repeated the procedure for her right side and then moved on to the next girl.

After they finished with the fourth girl, they returned to the first and Ted ordered, “Open!” The girl opened her mouth and Ted pushed a short piece of leather into her mouth. He then pulled down the center chain and clipped it to the piece of leather. Bill lifted up the bowling ball and held it in place while Ted clipped it to the other end of the chain. Once it was in place and the girl was desperately holding it in place with her teeth, Ted tied the ropes from the clothespins to the chain. Again, the purpose was obvious. As long as the girl bit down tightly on the piece of leather, all was good, but as soon as she opened her mouth, the bowling ball would fall and the clothespins would be ripped from her body.

“As you can see,” Wyatt said triumphantly once the goons had stepped out of the spotlights, “we have given each of these girls a really good reason to hold on as long as possible.” He paused and surveyed the room. “But which one will be able to hold back her orgasm for the longest? Will it be slave number one?.. or slave number two?... or slave number three?.. or slave number four?” As he spoke, he moved down the row gesturing proudly to each girl. “Bill and Ted will now take your bets,” he gushed, “and as soon as we get at least $600 we will begin the contest.”

One of the hulking assistants stood next to me with his hand out. I gave him a smile, even though I really wanted to punch him out, and placed a fifty in his palm. “Number?” he asked, and I said, “Number three.” He replied, “Time?” and I reflexively sputtered, “What?”

“If there is a tie,” he said slowly, “the one closest to the time is the winner.”

“OK,” I said. “Put me down for eight minutes.”

He nodded, but didn’t write anything down. Instead he just walked over to the next table and stuck out his hand. This whole operation was one shake down after another.

While I was busy with the assistant, I missed Wyatt bringing out a large clock and setting it in the front middle of the stage. It was already there by the time my attention turned back to the lit area. I did, however, get to watch Wyatt struggle with a heavy extension cord as he plugged the platform into a heavy duty outlet on the back wall. Those four Symbians must put a strain on a regular circuiti, but more importantly why would Wyatt be doing something minor like that? The answer was obvious. Except for the naked prostitute waitresses, and of course the women on the Sybians, this was a cheap-ass three-man show. I was liking my odds more and more.

The two goons finished collecting the bets. I noticed that they both had to go over and glare at the college students in order to get them to cough up more money. None of the drunk boys looked too happy about that and one started to mouth off, but a second student, who appeared to be the designated driver, stepped between them and got his friend to sit down before things got rough.

Bill... or maybe it was Ted... delivered the cash to Wyatt who quickly counted it out and announced, “We have seven hundred thirty dollars in the pool. That means the winning slave gets three-fifteen and the winning bet also gets three-fifteen.” From the look of determination which suddenly appeared on the four contestants, maybe he was telling the truth and the girls were really in it for the money, even if they didn’t get their full half.

The other muscle meanwhile walked off into the darkness and came back with a controller box with two knobs on it. Having seen Sybian controllers before, I recognized the knobs as the controls for the intensity of vibration and speed of the wobble for the front dildo. If I had been doing a show similar to this, I would have demonstrated an empty Sybian for the crowd before having the girls impale themselves on the twin dildos. The Sybian can be set up with just a bump on the saddle, but the twin dildo arrangement with the front dildo capable of wobble and rotation is much more intense. Of course, I– when necessary– am a much better showman that someone like Little Brother.

A mild hum began to fill the room and the four girls tensed up, trying to push the sensations down and away from themselves. The human mind is funny like that. If you are dealing with pain, sometimes the best way to handle it is to go into the pain and accept it. In that way, the body begins to disregard it as pain and just considers it one more sensation. Pain sluts can even experience that sensation as pleasure rather than pain. But pleasure is a whole different game. If you let pleasure in, it remains pleasure and can overwhelm you. The only way to handle an overload of pleasure is to keep pushing it aside and continually building taller and taller walls against it until it finally comes crashing over the top of your dam.

All four girls were concentrating pretty hard on ignoring the vibration that was coursing through their pelvises. With the intensity of the vibration and the wobble of the front dildo, there was no searching for the G spot. It was vibrating with the rest of the girl’s bottom and the dildo was brushing past it with each rotation.

Wyatt held up the controller for everyone to see and moved both knobs up a little. The hum increased and slave number one gave a soft, shrieking gasp. All four girls were starting to perspire slightly. Their skins were now reflecting the light of the spotlights.

The hum increased and slave one was now audibly whimpering. The hum increased again and her whimpering became louder and faster. The “uh, uh, uh, uh,” was obviously in time with the rotation of the dildo within her. The other three remained silent, but their muscles were growing more and more tense, and the smaller balls attached to the chains in their hands were rising slowly into the air as they pulled downward with their arms.

Wyatt waved the controller above his head and smiled widely at the crowd. He dramatically held his hand on one of the knobs and twisted. The hum dropped to zero for just an instant and then returned at perhaps twice the volume as before.

A muffled shriek followed by a loud scream filled the room as the two small balls in front of slave number three dropped almost down to the platform pulling the nipple clamps violently off her nipples. That was followed almost immediately by the large bowling ball dropping all the way down to the platform with a loud thud. The falling bowling ball had ripped both strings of clothespins off the screaming slave’s abdomen. Oh well, I hadn’t planned on winning my bet anyway.

“Such a pity,” Wyatt said with a smirk. “She didn’t even get a good orgasm out of it.”

The clips and pins had now been pulled from slave number three’s nipples and abdomen, but she was not free of the Sybian and her wrists were still handcuffed to the pipes alongside her. She vainly tried to throw herself off her vibrating tormentor, but was unsuccessful. She wailed in despair as Wyatt held up the controller and once again increased the intensity of the vibration and rotation. The other three girls, meanwhile, remained grimly focused on holding off their building orgasms.

“Seven!” Wyatt called out and the humming increased. He waited a couple of minutes and then called out “Eight!” He was just about to call out “Nine!” when slave number one let out a deep groan that soon morphed into a shrill scream as the two small balls and the bowling ball crashed down. She was obviously in the throes of an orgasm as the pain tore through her. Her cry was clearly a combination of pain and passion... leaning heavily toward pain.

Wyatt waited for her cries to fade before holding up the controller and calling out “Nine!”

Both remaining slaves were visibly shuddering, trying to hold off the inevitable.

A few minutes later Wyatt called out, “That’s maximum,” and began walking back and forth in front of the two women. It wasn’t very long before slave number four lost control. The balls dropped, and the nipple clamps and clothespins were torn from her body, but she made almost no noise. Instead she gave a low groaning sigh as she trembled on top of the Sybian.

Only slave number two was left. She took a deep breath and very intentionally let go of the two handles allowing the small balls to drop. She took another breath and tilted her head back, releasing the leather bit which held up the heavy ball. The bowling ball dropped immediately, tearing the clothespins from her abdomen. As they pulled off, she gave out a deep, moaning groan that was very obviously a cry of passion, not pain. Evidently, slave number two was a pain slut who was able to turn the entire experience into one of pleasure.

One of the students in the front row stood up whooping, “I won! I won! I won!”

“Pay the man!” Wyatt called out and Bill and Ted walked over to the students. One of them peeled off several bills from a large roll and handed them to the student. They stood calmly staring at him for a moment until he got the hint and handed back two bills as a tip to them. They then walked up to the lit area, unplugged the platform and pushed it back into the darkness. The Sybians stopped immediately, but the four women continued to moan and whimper as they were wheeled away.

As the goons walked into the darkness, Wyatt came back out into the light. There was a soft titter of laughter as he appeared. If he had looked strange before, he now looked ridiculous. He was carrying one of those long, black, flutes that Indian “snake charmers” use that looks like it is pregnant. At least that’s what goes through my mind when I see the huge bulge at the mouthpiece end of it. I think someone told me once that they are called a Punji or something like that. I might not have recognized it, but he was wearing a slightly oversized turban on his head with a large fake jewel mounted in it right above his forehead. Thankfully, there were no Sikhs in the audience or he might now have a kirpan dagger decorating the center of his chest for such a flagrant disrespect of Punjabi traditions.

He stood grinning at the crowd while Bill and Ted carried a large, almost flat wicker basket out onto the stage. It was obviously heavy because it made a solid thump as they placed it none-too-gently on the floor. The stereotypical thin, wailing notes associated with snake charming began and Wyatt, pretending to play the Punji, began waving it near the top of the basket.

In response a dark green hand emerged from the top of the basket and waved in time with the music, occasionally pointing fingertips-first at the flute as if it were a snake. The music got slightly louder and a second hand emerged from the basket. The two green arms danced in time to the music, often intertwining in ways that made me wonder if the person to whom they belonged actually had any bones in their body.

Just before the dancing arms started to get boring, a bump of dark black hair started bobbing up above the rim of the basket. Soon a green forehead appeared, and then a smiling green face. The young woman was very beautiful... and very thin. She had somewhat dark skin, but it was hard to be sure beneath the green makeup– or paint. She had to be an expert contortionist because there was no way that she was standing up– or even sitting up– in that basket.

She brought her shoulders above the rim of the basket and moved her head back and forth within the width of her arms. I have seen various performers imitate this classic movement, but this was the first time that I had ever seen it done this well. The crowd was silent and very attentive as she rose further out of the basket, exposing her well-formed breasts. By American standards, they were small, but they were very well-formed, and as is not uncommon among women from the Indian subcontinent, her nipples were unusually long. Her hands were swaying high above her head which was moving back and forth between her arms, and somehow, she was slowly rotating her chest in small circles so that her breasts bounced slightly and her nipples quivered in small circles in front of her.

As the music played on, she continued to rise out of the basket. No one was any longer paying attention to Wyatt’s horrid impersonation of a Hindu snake charmer. All eyes were on the green lady as she rose from the basket. The basket quivered slightly as her waist rose above the rim. Evidently she had to make some major adjustments to how her legs were folded within the wicker before she could rise farther. Then she slowly stood the rest of the way up. It was obvious from the position of her legs that she was rising from a cross-legged stance within the basket. Her legs were spread slightly as her groin came into view. She had very dark pubic hair which looked slightly strange with the green makeup rubbed in it. The combination of green and black, however, highlighted the fact that her cunt was gaping slightly open. It was apparent that even a green-skinned snake woman was still pink on the inside.

Once she was standing upright, she continued to sway for several minutes in a snake-like fashion with her hands above her head. I was watching her hands and her face and didn’t notice that she had very smoothly stepped out of the basket until she began moving away from it. She continued her head bobbing, swaying motion while stepping sideways, walking along the front of the stage and smiling down at each of the customers in the front row. She then went back across the front, this time with her gaze fixed on those of us sitting in the second row.

After she had returned to the far end of the stage, she stood still for a moment and then began bending over backwards. It looked like she was going to do a back-bend, but as her head went further back, she did not place her hands on the floor. Instead, her hands, still waving like snakes, slid along the floor and forward between her legs. She grabbed her own ankles as her head continued to move down and forward until her smiling face was now framed, not by her arms, but by her legs. It was almost disconcerting to watch her face bob in small circles beneath her cunt which was now fully gaped like a bright pink flame burning above her head. There was an audible gasp as she again began stepping sideways and moving along the front row. I’m pretty sure that the college boys’ attention was riveted a little above her face as she went by smiling at each of them. 

This time she did not walk back across the front. Instead, she raised herself back to a standing position and began undulating in an even more snake-like fashion as she slowly moved back toward her basket. She stood behind the basket and rotated slowly in place, still undulating and waving, until the music ended with a loud cymbal clash. At the clash of the cymbal, she dropped to the floor as if going back into the basket, and the lights went totally out. When they faded back up, Bill and Ted walked out onto the stage, lifted the basket, and took it off into the darkness. It was obvious from the way they handled it that it was now empty. The snake lady must have scampered off stage in the darkness.

Wyatt came back out and stood in the center of the spotlights. He had lost the Punji but was still wearing that ridiculous turban. “Let’s hear it for Lady Anaconda,” he shouted. “She is on loan this month from my brother’s club in LA,” he added just as loudly. “Those of you who are westbound to the coast, stop in at the The Blue Deuce for a really quality show. Tell them Wyatt sent you and you will get your first drink at half price.”

I refrained from shouting out “Thank you, Jesus!” but I did have to quickly set my drink on the table to keep from dropping it. A soft voice in my ear said, “All of the drones are now in place. We are ready at your signal.”

I cupped my hand in front of my mouth and spoke into my watch, “Ready whenever you are Natasha.” Then I started moving towards the stage.

Almost immediately, a loud, fast, “Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!” reverberated through the club and a loud voice– my voice– yelled through what sounded like the distortion of a bullhorn, “That burst was high so we didn’t hurt anyone, but each time we fire, it will be lower. We only want Wyatt Monty. Everyone else get the hell out of there.”

Boris had insisted that it would sound real, and he was right. If I hadn’t know that the sound of bullets tearing through the sheet metal walls was just coming from special transducers on four drones that were now sitting on the metal roof of Colonel Boogie’s, I would have been on the floor. The dust drifting down from the rafters was an unintended bonus that added to the reality.

Most of the customers were running for the front door, led by Bill and Ted. I didn’t blame them. They were muscle muscle, not gun muscle. Wyatt, as expected, was still standing in the spotlights, frozen in fear. I grabbed him and pulled him to the floor. “Down!” I yelled. “No telling where the next burst might come.”

As if in answer to my comment– well, actually it was in answer to my comment– another loud 

“Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!” tore through the club.

“My truck’s out back!” I shouted into Wyatt’s ear. “Does that door open?!” I added, pointing to the back exit.

“Yeah,” he stammered back. “I keep it clear in case there’s a raid and I have to get out the back.”

“Let’s go!” I shouted, pulling him toward the door. “I’ll take you wherever you need to go.”

“Just get me away from here!” he shouted in fear.

As we were moving toward the door, he didn’t feel the slight prick of a ring needle as I pushed him in front of me.

We ran to the truck and I immediately started it. “Buckle up!” I yelled. “I’m going across the field.”

He rapidly clicked on his seatbelt and I floored it. As I had warned, I went straight across the grass at the end of the parking lot and turned toward the street so that I bounced over the curb at the intersection and roared away toward the Interstate. Meanwhile, in front of the club, the customers and staff were standing around trying to understand what had just happened. Hopefully none of them had noticed the four drones lift off from the roof of the club and fly over to the roof of a tire repair shop two blocks away. That had happened as soon as the second burst of noise was finished, so most of them were possibly still inside. The drones would eventually be discovered, but by then, no one would associate them with whatever it was that had happened at Colonel Boogie’s.

Once we were on the Interstate, I slowed to the legal speed limit. Wyatt turned to me and said, “Thank you for getting me out of that. What’s your name? My brothers will want to thank you.”

I smiled at him and said, “My friends call me W.”

I chuckled as a look of abject fear filled his face just before he lost consciousness. An hour and twenty minutes later he was on a private plane headed for The Society’s island prison and I was on Interstate 80 headed for Los Angeles and a visit to The Blue Deuce.


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