Our Game

by Techie and Techster

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© Copyright 2021 - Techie and Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f+; Sbf; bond; clamps; gag; collar; electro; belt; cuffs; spreader; leash; straps; sex; toys; exhib; outdoors; cons; X

Spouse’s Version

Just like Techster, I have my spousal responses to times when Techster is stressed out.

Recently he experienced the worst thing a man can live through: he was the victim of a state budget cut and lost his upper level management job of nine years as Project Director of a state agency.

If you knew Techster you would be proud of the way he bounced back. He gathered his reference books, loaded his van and in twelve hours had a job as an engineering consultant. His new job was a ‘Mc-Job’, if you know what I mean. Although it paid well by the hour, it was lacking any benefits whatsoever.

Techster’s new employers kept heaping responsibilities on him with no increase in compensation, though of course he did get overtime. He was on call nights and weekends. One night he arrived home and said, “I’m turning off the phones and hiding out this weekend. What I need is some in-house entertainment.”

Being an observant wife of 50 plus years I took that as my hint. I would be his entertainment for the weekend. We have experimented with various games over the years I know how he loves to see me bound, standing with my wrists above my head and my legs held apart by a spreader bar and struggling or better yet he will tease and torment me while I beg for sex.

I decided to let him sleep late so I unplugged all phones in the house and shut his cellular phone off.

Arising early I went out to the workshop and got the ‘supplies’ I would need to present myself as his captive slave girl. The list was long:

  1. Red ball gag
  2. Clit clip
  3. Nipple clips with springs and weights
  4. Labia minora clips with springs and weights
  5. Electrosex power supply and wires
  6. Canine training collar*
  7. Long chrome leash
  8. Ankle cuffs w/ 30” bar
  9. Wrist suspension cuffs
  10. Suspension spreader bar

* note about the canine training collar: it is also called a “pinch collar” because it literally pinches its victim with little levers in its inside. It was originally designed to keep a large dog from pulling on the leash and under control. When leashed with one of these one only needs to exert a slight pull one time to get the point and become very docile. I like to use this collar because of its mean look and feeling. Put this collar on and you know that you are under very strict control.

I quietly set up in our bedroom. I used a small bench on rollers to stand on as I slipped my wrists into the cuffs and adjusted the height from the eye that is in the ceiling. Once that was set I lubed my clit and slid on the clit clip, then the labia minora clips. I slid a wireless remote vibrator into my vaginal opening, I switched it onto medium and placed its control alongside the power supply on Techster’s night stand.

Next came the wires to the electrosex power supply that connected my labia and clit. Then I put on the collar and leash, slid the gag ball into my mouth and buckled it. The ankle cuffs were locked onto my ankles spreading them far apart and exposing my most sensitive areas. Finally I slid my wrists into the suspension cuffs and lifted myself up; with my feet I rolled the bench away. I let myself down quickly and the springs on the Labia and nipples weights did their job.

My nipples felt like they were burning as the weights pulled, bounced and pulled again and again. Looking at the full-length mirror on the bedroom wall I liked what I saw. I was standing spread-eagled being tormented by my own devices. My tender nipples were being tweaked by the springs and weights every time I moved. This turned each small movement into sheer torture. My labia were being stretched and pulled down – they were stretched about an inch.

Suddenly, a blinking red light caught my attention, the electrosex box had been left on the random setting and I was about to get a blast to my labia and clit that I had not been planning on until Techster woke up.

At the same time the vibrator was churning, almost bringing me to an orgasm. Due to the gag I could not scream as the power hit my clit. It was made worse by the fact that I was getting rather moist, in fact the fluid I was generating was running down my leg. This made the shocks even harder.

I looked into the mirror; there was a naked sweating slave girl writhing and struggling while she awaited her master’s awakening.

The alarm clock read 6:30 and I knew Techster, being a creature of habit usually awoke at this time. As luck would have it, today he had switched off the alarm. I writhed and struggled as I was tormented again.

At 7:18 Techster awoke and reached for my side of the bed as he does every morning. When he did not feel my body he looked around and spotted me. “Hey now that is quality entertainment!” he said, as he stood. He noticed the remote control and the electro-sex box on the night stand and got an evil grin. “Let’s just see what we can do with this slave.”

He picked up the weights that were pulling my nipples and labia and looked at them. He held them up so I could see and then he dropped them. I tried to cry out as he switched both the vibrator and the electrosex box onto full power.

“This is no fun. We need to switch this rig over to manual.” He removed the nipple weights and licked and sucked on my nipples. I could feel them getting hard. Then he moistened his finger with some personal lube, and started working my clit and vaginal area.

I moaned through the gag.

“This needs a deep kiss,” Techster said. He unbuckled and removed the gag. “Now what does my pretty slave girl have to say?”

“Please master, may I please have the privilege of being your sex slave. I will attend to all your needs and make you very happy.”

“All in good time. First we must enjoy this moment. I love to see the tight muscles as you writhe and struggle. Those breasts heaving and that sensuous back, butt and legs really turn me on. Let’s tease you a little further.” He popped the gag back in my mouth, buckled it, and said, ”Ready for some intense fun?”

The vibrator and the shocks to my clit had me bucking and struggling. I could feel the perspiration rolling down my body. Then he worked my nipples with his tongue as his fingers probed my vaginal opening. He went around behind me and admired my back, he patted my butt and said, “You need some color. Your skin looks too white.”

I saw him drag the belt out of his slacks and then I felt the sting as he crossed my butt with it. The sting of the belt didn’t really hurt, it was just an additional stimulant that left me wanting more. The belt’s caress was in a way very sexy. After all I placed myself in bondage anticipating torment and he was taking advantage of the situation.

He turned everything off, walked around and said, “I need you now! You will be released from everything but the clit clip and the collar. You shall be my sex slave today. But first I have to go get something. Please wait here.” He turned up the vibrator and the power supply. “That should keep you from getting bored,” he said as he left.

Once again I found myself buckling, struggling and writhing as both the vibrator and the pulses from the electrosex controller washed my clit and labia stimulation.

Thank heavens, Techster quickly reappeared with a plastic bag. I saw the ‘Nancy’s Nook’ label on the bag and knew he had visited our favorite adult store.

“I picked up some new bondage toys for us to share,” he said as he unpacked two large leather belts; they were attached to two smaller belts and a belt with two loops on it. “This is a wrist to thigh restraint. The other belt will pull your elbows together behind your back giving you great posture.”

He unbuckled my ankle restraints and rolled the bench over so I could stand and remove the suspension cuffs. “Stay on the bench and I’ll take care of you,” he chuckled as he removed the wiring and the labia clips.

He buckled the larger belts around each thigh, and my wrists were buckled into the smaller belts. He walked around behind me and buckled the belt around each elbow and pulled them slightly together. As my elbows were pulled together I felt my breasts sort of pushed out and my back was forced into a ramrod straight posture.

He took hold of the leash that was attached to the canine training collar and guided me as I stepped down to the floor.

I was paraded around the floor and I got a good chance to look at myself in the floor length mirror. I looked great. I was a naked sex slave being led around by her master with a mean collar around her neck.

Techster backed me up to the bed and told me to lie down on the bed. Then he removed the vibrator from me and answered my prayers and pleadings of the last hour and rode me to a thrilling orgasm. After sex he cuddled me for a while then began a slow (and well lubed) tease of my swollen and tender clit. He inserted the remote vibrator again and left it on low.

Just as I was starting to really enjoy it he stopped and lifted me to my feet. “Let’s clean up and eat breakfast,” he said as he led me into the shower.

He washed me from head to foot and shampooed my hair. He dried my hair and set in a top knot style, sort of like a pony tail but on top of my head. He used my curlers to style it so that my long hair curled down the back of my neck.

“There now, that won’t interfere with our next new toy,” he said, as he pulled yet another toy out of the ‘Nancy’s Nook’ bag. It was a full training gag.

I was gagged in a strict style, the gag’s leather straps buckled under my chin and up either side of my nose. The wide straps partially blocked most of my vision so I could not see straight ahead.

“Now I want you to close your eyes and don’t try to second-guess what I am doing. I will lead you safely down the stairs and to the kitchen. You will stand with your back to the door that way you will be on display for Bill and Karen if they should look out of their window.”

Our backyard has an eight-foot tall ‘privacy’ fence around three sides but the fence in the rear of our yard is only four feet tall with a gate in it as we know our backyard neighbors have similar ‘hobbies’, so we often share views of our games. However we have a ‘look, but do not touch’ agreement, meaning we do not share partners.

I tried to shake my head, “NO!” Techster knew that, unlike him, I didn’t like to be displayed. A sharp tug on my leash as the collar gave me a light pinch told me that slaves don’t get a choice.

The warm sun against my back felt great as I stood against the door.

Techster worked on an omelet for breakfast. He looked up and said, “I guess I should prepare for guests. Bill and Karen are coming to visit. She has an outfit like you do.”

I moved forward when I heard a knock on the door and turned to face Karen.

Karen was dressed as a slave in a yoke; she had a ring gag that held her mouth open, but made speech impossible. Her ankles were hobbles with steel cuffs and a short chain between them. There were shiny chains with weights attached to her labia minor and the crystals on her clit clip sparkled as she walked. Her nipples had clips on them with springs that tweaked her with each step and/ or movement. The yoke was a beautifully finished Golden Oak that held her wrists up and out to accentuate her breasts.

“Shall we lose the gags and let the ladies talk?” Bill asked.

“Good idea. That way we can feed them too,” Techster agreed.

The husbands removed the gags and had Karen and I facing each other. Bill locked our collars together so our breasts were touching. Karen and I were exchanging small talk as the men shifted our vibrators to high.

Both Bill and Techster laughed as we squirmed and kept talking, determined to finish our conversation.

“This is the high point of my week. I get to be Techster’s sex slave for a day. How about you?” I asked Karen.

“I am privileged to be Bill’s visual art display. Look at this.” She turned around, revealing the beautiful painting of two people making love that Bill had drawn across her back.

“Have you seen the art on your back?” I asked.

“Yes, I saw the initial sketch. Erotic isn’t it?” Karen agreed.

“Wow, Techster. Have you seen Bill’s artwork on Karen?” I asked.

Karen was a full figured woman - not that I have a supermodel figure - and the romantic and erotic artwork on her back was great. It was a man and woman obviously making love wrapped around each other with his hand tweaking one of her nipples and she was sucking on his as they had intercourse.

Techster took a long look after he had finished cooking and asked, “Bill, I have 2 questions. First, is this artwork permanent? Second, could you do a sketch on Techie?”

“Yes to both questions; although the markers I used are of the permanent variety the colors can be removed with nail polish remover. What would you like sketched on Techie?”

“I’d like a sketch of a couple in suspension bondage but the man is upside down and licking her clit and she is sucking his cock.”

“It usually takes me a while to design the sketch so it really looks right. Take a digital photo of Techie’s back and let me work on it. I may need you two to pose for me. Is that OK?”

“Great, let’s do it! Tell me when you’re ready. Now everything is ready, let’s feed our slaves and ourselves.”

Karen and I were on our patio as Bill and Techster fed us. They made things amusing by leaving the vibrators inside of us churning. Did you ever try to eat while all your body wants to do is have sex?

As we ate I day dreamed of our next adventure. Just the breakfast was by itself erotic. After all I was sitting in the warm sun, nude, helpless, being fed by my lover husband and having my sex stimulated at the same time.

When breakfast was finished Bill and Techster had Karen and I walk about the compound so they could look at us. Bill proposed that Karen and I be locked together, covered with sunscreen and stimulated so we could dance, put on a show for Techster and Bill and “work on our tans.”

Once again my collar was clipped with a double ended clip to the eye on the front of Karen’s yoke. Techster gave that evil little laugh as he clipped the nipple clamps with the springs and weights to my nipples and then hooked up the electrosex controller to my labia and clit clip. Lastly he hooked up an “X” shaped spreader bar to our ankles to keep us from moving.

Bill and Techster turned our stimulation and watched as Karen and I wiggled, squirmed and “danced” in an effort to keep our nipples from hitting as each pulse of the vibrators and in my case the electrosex controller.

Techster and Bill poured tall glasses of Lemonade and watched us move around.

“Erotic as hell isn’t it?” Bill asked.

“Yep!” Techster agreed and judging by the rapidly increasing bulge in Techster’s and Bill’s shorts it was no surprise when our husbands disconnected us and we excused ourselves to “go take a break.”

Techster and I went back to our bedroom where Techster made me truly enjoy being his personal sex toy for the rest of the afternoon.

There is something wonderfully erotic and romantic tender when a wife of many years can give her husband pleasure by being his sex slave for a day or two. I look forward to our next adventure.

As long as we enjoy being each other’s sex toys you won’t find any wandering here!


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