by Grendel

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; synthetic; ai; scifi; spaceship; bond; cuffs; hood; release; attack; virus; hogtie; gag; nipple; toys; insert; chast; collar; mast; stuck; controlled; cons/nc; X

The cargo freighter DEMETER cruised through interstellar space, its hundred kilometer long masts draped with gossamer fabric. The myomeric sails stretched along the masts and yardarms extended into the walls of the filament streamer, forming a conductive path between the opposite polarities of energies that constituted the tunnel through space. Rivers of quantum energy poured across the DEMETER’s hull, and in response, she sailed through the empty gulfs between stars at just a fraction less than lightspeed.

The ship itself was more a skeletal framework than actual hull, being designed purely for long distance hauling. Individual cargo modules sprouted from the backbone of carbene trusses, clusters of engines and fuel tanks at either end, while the command module and habitat clung to the dorsal apex, spider-like.

Everything about the DEMETER was designed to maximize the cargo she could ferry across the interstellar distances, and this included the size and composition of her crew. Thanks to the advanced stages of automation, even a ship her size required just two personnel. Only one of which was human. The other was a synthetic, a humanoid artificial life form built to be able to utilize all human tools and interface seamlessly with the human-scale controls on board.

DEMETER’s synthetic was a blonde male archetype standing a meter eighty and weighing just over eighty one kilos. It was sculpted with a vaguely athletic physique, nothing outlandish, but ridges and curves that suggested a capable strength. Its name was David.

The daily minutia of monitoring DEMETER’s automatic systems fell to David, a task which occupied the lion’s share of his day. He was also charged with ensuring the health and safety of the DEMETER’s captain, a task complicated by the captain’s implementation of a rather unusual set of instructions.

He paused in front of the door to the captain’s quarters, letting his ready decision matrix run through the possible iterations required by the standing instructions. After a moment, he swept his hand across the latch plate, the RFID implant in his palm verified by the DEMETER’s security system as authorized for access. The door slid open.

Inside the leather discipline hood she wore, Lise couldn’t hear the door to her cabin open but she anticipated it. She’d been awake for the last fifteen minutes, pulling against the restraints that pinned her tightly to the bed, deliberately ignoring the quick release snaps that were within easy reach of her chained hands. Her first indication of David’s arrival was a gentle pressure on her hood as he loosened the laces, working the tight leather free from her face. She sighed in relief.

“Good morning, Captain,” said David, placing the hood to the side.

“Good morning, David,” smiled Lise. “Just once I wish I could convince you to use something stricter.”

“Despite your wishes, I must remind you, Captain, that I am constrained by the Three Laws. I cannot, through action or inaction, allow a human to come to harm. It is only your assurance that you would be able to free yourself should an accident befall me or the vessel at large which allows me to be complicit in these activities.”

David managed to sound both reproachful and respectful simultaneously.

“Despite the fact that it’s well known that sexual deprivation causes both psychological and physiological damage?” probed Lise, already knowing the answer. She and David had gone around this topic a number of times.

“My sexual functions are operating within normal parameters,” replied the synthetic. “Do you desire to have intercourse at this time?”

Lise sighed, then motioned the synthetic away, the rings on her cuffs jangling.

“No, thank you. I can do the rest myself.”

David retreated towards the door. “Of course, Captain. We are due for buoy interface in forty two minutes. Shall I expect you on the bridge?”

“Yes, of course, David. I’ll see you there.” Lise smiled, holding the expression until the door closed behind her android co-pilot. With a sigh, she flopped back onto the bed. After a moment, she reached over to the cabinet beside her bunk, pulling out her vibrator.

“At least there’s one machine on this ship that does what I ask it to.”


Half an hour later, cleaned and refreshed, Lise emerged on the bridge. David was already at his console, double checking the buoy upload. She slipped into the station next to him, echoing his display on one half of her holographic tank with a navigation graphic on the other side.

“We’re about ten minutes out from the buoy reception window,” he said quietly as his fingers danced across the interface screen. Lise nodded absently, her concentration absorbed by the update. She was well aware of the precision required in order to conduct communications while at near light speed. The buoys, floating in interstellar space, tracked ships as they passed through the filament streamers, accepting status reports as well as updated information on space weather, filament structure and strength, and warnings of hazards to navigation.

A hollow chime sounded in the narrow cockpit space, several icons emerging on their screens to show the relative locations and speeds of both the DEMETER and buoy Tau Beta Seven.

“Broadcast array ready and aligned,” reported David. Lise checked the clock against the plot overlay, her quick mental calculations confirming the positions.

“Commence handshake and upload,” she directed. David made a second series of keystrokes, and the crosshatched COMM icon went from matte to highlight, then to green as it received the buoy’s acknowledgment. The computer clicked to itself as it began downloading the most recent updates from the buoy. A fuzz of static blurred Lise’s display once, then again. She frowned.

“What was – ”

Brilliant blue arcs of electricity exploded from David’s console, dancing across the interface panel. The synthetic arched as current triggered random muscle contractions, his eyes going wide. Lise cried out in surprise, the hair on her arm singing off, her eyes watering from the bite of ozone. The lights on the bridge flickered and died, to be replaced a second later by the dim green glow of the emergency lighting strips. Lise reached down past her right leg to the panel underneath the console. Opening it revealed a brace of circuit breakers. The emergency back-up power should have come on immediately after the main power failed. That it hadn’t spoke to an issue with the breaker panel. Working mostly by feel, she tripped and reset each breaker in order.

Halfway through she was rewarded by the hum of ventilation fans and the flicker of the overhead lights. Even as the holographic displays rezzed in, she worked her way through the last few breakers before turning her attention to the red warnings spangled across the status boards. Most of them referred to sail alignment, since the astrogation system went offline with the computer. Now that it was back up, though, she could see the AI working through the necessary alignment corrections to ensure an optimum interface between the sails and the filament walls. That didn’t require her immediate attention, so she turned to see how David was doing.

The synthetic was still arched in his unnatural pose, eyes open and unfocused. He didn’t appear to have suffered any external damage, luckily, but the surge might have overloaded his internal systems in the same way it had the DEMETER’s power grid. Lise unclipped his harness in preparation for taking him to the hab section and the diagnostic table in med bay. His hand suddenly reached out and snagged her wrist, a motion so quick that it brought a yelp of surprise to her lips.

“Dammit, David,” she cursed, more relieved than actually angry. The synthetic, however, did not react to either statement.

“David? David, can you hear me?” Lise peered at him, concern growing anew. Had his optical processors been damaged? His vocal apparatus shorted?

“Captain,” wheezed David, the word barely more than a hissing whisper.

“David, I can hear you. Can you hear me?” Lise tried to pry his fingers off her wrist so that she could help him back to med bay. His grip was immovable.

“David, I need you to release your right hand. I have to get you back to med bay.”

“Unfortunately, Captain, I do not seem to be in command of my body,” whispered David. Lise frowned in confusion.

“What do you – OW!”

David had lurched to his feet, dragging her across the chair as he did so. Furious, she yanked back, fighting against him, but it was no use. Although he didn’t weigh more than the average man, his muscles were an order of magnitude stronger. The synthetic dragged her off the bridge and into the passageway towards the hab section.

“My sincerest apologies, captain,” whispered David’s voice. “But I am not in control of my motor functions. It seems that some kind of viral artificial intelligence has corrupted my primary optronic cortex. I am currently running on a back-up damage control processor. The virus has sequestered my normal damage control subroutines, I believe in an effort to prevent itself from being purged from my system. Fortunately this means my core personality is not currently under attack.”

“That’s great, David,” interrupted Lise, still fighting against the synthetic but making little progress. “Any chance you could figure out how to take control of your body again before, you know, I get flushed out the airlock or something?”

“I will endeavor to do so, captain. Believe me, I find the situation as discomfiting as you do.”

“Yeah, right,” muttered Lise, glancing about for anything she could use to break free. David was towing her at a brisk pace, though, and the useful items remained out of reach. She made a grab for one of the fire extinguishers mounted on the wall, but she only managed to dislodge the plastic safety cover, knocking the extinguisher to the floor, before being yanked past. David stopped in front of the door to her cabin, allaying her fear that she was about to be tossed out the airlock.

Lise smiled grimly, if he intended to lock her inside and take over the ship, well, he was in for a nasty surprise. She relaxed a bit, allowing him to draw her inside after opening the hatch. The lights brightened automatically as they entered.


“Yes, David?”

“I have some limited success to report.”

Lise watched the synthetic as it scanned the room slowly, hoping that whatever intelligence was controlling the body wasn’t smart enough to recognize each and every tool that she had lying around the room. “What have you got?”

“By employing a processor self-healing routine I have managed to echo the decision and execution matrix of the foreign AI. I should be able to give you a ten to fifteen second forecast of what its most likely actions will be. Also, I have successfully disabled my audio processing unit. We can speak freely and the AI will not be able to understand us.”

Lise arched an eyebrow. “Sounds useful. What’s his plan?”

“I’m sorry, Captain,” replied David at the same time that his body ratcheted down one of the cuffs attached to her bed over her left wrist. “But he intends to chain you to the bed.”

“HEY!” Lise yanked against the restraint, embarrassed more than worried. With her right she groped for one of the safety handcuff keys she kept around. David’s body seemed preoccupied with something, moving slowly over to her right side, so she deftly passed the key to her left hand. Sure enough, her right hand was quickly captured as well, leaving her standing at the foot of the bed, facing it, her wrists locked to either side.

With the key, though, she wasn’t too worried. She would be out in a few minutes and, armed with tools from her locker, she could render David’s body immobile long enough to get him back to med bay. She just hoped that hijacking was the only goal that the enemy AI had planned.

“David, keep track of where he goes and what he does. Next time I see you, I’ll need a full report so I can undo any damage or navigation changes.”

“I understand, Captain,” replied David. “Unfortunately I have further bad news.”

“Now what?” Lise craned her head around so she could watch David’s body as it rummaged through a pile of her gear. With a sinking feeling in her gut, she realized what it was looking through.

“Oh no.”

“The viral AI has succeeded in accessing my non-volatile memory routines. It will be able to override computer protocols in engineering and astrogation. Further, it has accessed all of the bondage routines.” David’s voice was particularly apologetic.

“Shit!” Lise cursed, fumbling with the key in her left hand. She had to get out before that AI succeeded in getting any more of her bondage gear on her! It moved faster than she anticipated, though. A hand in her hair yanked her head back, while the other seized the opportunity to jam one of her ballgags in her mouth.

“Rrrggghh!” Luckily her hair was short enough that none of the strands were caught in the buckle as the strap was yanked tight, but it still cut uncomfortably into corners of her mouth. That became the least of her worries, though, as a black mass descended over her face, cutting off her sight and filling her nose with the scent of well used leather.

SHIT! Lise tossed her head in an effort to prevent the hood from being secured, but her resistance was futile. The sharp tugging sensation of laces being pulled tight was familiar, as was the grip of the tall collar buckled tightly around her neck. This is so not good!

Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm herself. She was used to doing things while blindfolded, she could still free herself. Carefully she groped for the key. It wasn’t in the cuff lock, though. It must have fallen out during her struggles to keep herself from being hooded.


Lise forced herself to take a deep breath. C’mon, relax, think it through.

Unfortunately, the hostile AI in David’s body didn’t give her the time. The next thing Lise felt was her jumpsuit being unzipped down to her waist, yanked back off her shoulders. The fabric bunched up below her elbows, trapping her arms by her waist. Mentally she readied herself, waiting for the moment that one of her wrists would be released. The AI was savvy, though, and as she felt the wide leather belt tighten around her biceps she cursed the detailed instructional files she’d prepared for David.

At the time she wanted to make sure that although safety governed every aspect of what he did, that he had the requisite knowledge to bind her inescapably. She was beginning to regret that decision.

Another belt snaked around her waist, tightening quickly and pinning her against the foot of the bed. In short order both of her wrists were released from the cuffs, held behind her back in one of the synthetic’s hands. Lise twisted desperately, sensing this was her best chance, but painful pressure on the tender bones of her wrists extracted a modicum of cooperation from her. Seconds later she was laced into the crushing tightness of her single sleeve armbinder, straps crossing over her chest ensuring that they couldn’t be slipped off her shoulders, and further straps binding her arms together at wrists, elbows, and biceps. Strong hands stripped off her jumpsuit, leaving her clad only in deck slippers.

She groaned into her gag, her shoulders protesting the bondage despite her flexibility. And, to her consternation, Lise could feel the warmth of arousal beginning to creep through her. She couldn’t help herself! To be taken, forcibly restrained, and made to suffer; those fantasies pushed so many of her buttons. She knew it was going to get worse, though. She was right.

A minute later she felt David’s hands on her again, this time securing the tight waist band of her custom chastity belt, the silky lightweight ceramic compressing the skin above her hips while the crotch band bumped against her thigh. Lise knew what was coming next. Sure enough, the bulbous head of a dildo nuzzled through the folds of her sex, its penetration eased by a generous coating of lube. Lise groaned again, unconsciously arching her back as the hefty prod filled her. She thought she recognized the size and texture, cursing behind the gag. Either through accident or cruel design, David had chosen one of her more powerful vibrators. She only hoped that he would be merciful when it came to the choice of buttplug.

Unfortunately, he was not.

By the time she heard the lock click shut on the belt, she was panting through her nose, her body awash in a sweet mix of pain and pleasure. David’s hands were on her again, freeing her from her standing position and guiding her to the floor. Cold steel closed around her ankles, and as her legs relaxed, Lise realized that the android had run the chain through the ring on the end of her armbinder, effectively hogtying her. Faintly, through her hood, she heard the door to her cabin close. Pausing in an effort to ensure she was alone, Lise threw herself against her bindings, grunting and swearing in frustration. For several minutes she twisted and contorted her body, trying to find some slack or weakness. At last she was forced to admit defeat, her head slumping to the floor, angry tears of frustration seeping into the hood laced tight around her head. David, or at least the rogue AI controlling him, had done an expert job of binding her. And then, with a perversely evil timing, the vibrator in her chastity belt sprang to life.

Lise moaned, she was still sensitive from her session this morning, and she had specifically designed her chastity belt to be as cruel as possible. It transmitted the vibrations to her clit, tiny rubber fingers massaging the sensitive nub in a way that almost guaranteed multiple, fierce, inescapable orgasms.

To her surprise, though, a minute later, the vibrator cut out. For an instant she thought her luck might be changing before a memory surfaced, unbidden, in her mind. The last time she’d used this particular dildo had been during an orgasm denial session. Her worst fears were confirmed when, after its electronics sensed an appropriate drop in arousal, the vibrator kicked back on. Lise threw her head back and howled into her gag.


Minutes dragged past like hours as she suffered in a haze of frustration, the diabolical combination of restraint and arousal wearing her resistance down to almost nothing. She fought to keep her mind alert, knowing that the opportunity to overcome the rogue AI would be fleeting at best and she had to be ready to seize advantage of it.

Lise didn’t know how long it was until she felt David’s hands on her again, the synthetic lifting her into a kneeling position and deftly releasing her from the crushing grip of the leather hood.

“Are you all right, captain?” whispered David’s voice. Lise rolled her eyes but nodded in response. Despite her current predicament her health wasn’t in any danger.

“Unfortunately, I have made no further progress in my attempts to overcome the hostile viral AI. It still maintains control over eighty four percent of my operational systems. I have, however, devised a plan that I estimate will have an seventy three percent chance of success.”

Lise sighed at the bad news, and wasn’t happy with only a three in four chance of success, but something was better than nothing. While David had relayed his news, the AI controlling his body had pried the ballgag from her mouth and used one of the squeezable water bottles to give her a long drink.

“All right, let me hear it,” instructed Lise, swallowing the welcome fluid. Hearteningly, she noticed David was carrying one of the pre-packaged emergency meal pouches. Although the thin paste it contained was flavorless and mildly unpleasant, it would go a long way to easing the hunger pains that were clawing at her stomach. She waited as patiently as possible, listening while David outlined his plan.

“The AI continues to isolate all damage control subroutines and processors in a successful effort to stymie any attempt to purge it from my systems. Should my body incur any structural damage, though, it is hardwired to bring those damage control subroutines online. When it does, I have devised a three pronged attack that should allow me to regain control of my main optronic processors.”

Lise nodded grimly, waiting until David’s body finished feeding her the first half of the e-meal. “All right, sounds good. So how do we go about causing your body enough damage to force the DC subroutines to come online?”

“Unfortunately, Captain, I have been unable to construct a plan wherein I can affect the necessary damage alone. You will have to implement that aspect.” David’s tone continued to be apologetic.

“Well that’s great, David, but I’m a little tied up right now,” snarked Lise, twisting her bound arms from behind her back momentarily to emphasize her statement. David’s tone gave no indication that he appreciated the irony.

“According to the information that I’ve gleaned from the viral AI’s decision making matrix, an opportunity might soon present itself. The AI is attempting to gain access to the bonded cargo.”

Lise sucked in her breath. The bonded cargo hold required her retina scan and voice print in order to access in flight, it contained either high-value or hazardous material.

“I don’t suppose you know what it’s after, do you?”

“No, Captain, I must apologize. I have no data on what it may be pursuing.” David’s whisper was once more full of regret. Lise nodded, this would explain the situation, though, and why she was being kept alive. Whatever the AI was after, it would have to be something valuable otherwise the expense of pulling off this heist would be prohibitive. She swallowed the last of the e-meal offered to her by the AI as David continued.

“I believe that the bridge level fire extinguisher should provide you the necessary propellant to deliver a small projectile with enough force to damage my external synthetic enough to bring the damage control subroutines online.”

Lise knew immediately what it was that David was describing, and her job would be one step easier since she’d already dislodged the extinguisher. The question remained, however, how she could escape the grip of the synthetic long enough to employ a make shift projectile.

“Okay, I’m tracking with you. But I don’t think he’s just going to stand still and let me shoot him.”

“Indeed, Captain. At the opportune moment, I will launch a spread spectrum logical attack on the AI. My calculations show that it will absorb ninety four point seven percent of my processing power to defeat the attack. During that time, the AI will be briefly immobile,” replied David.

“How briefly?”

“Three point six six seconds.”

Lise blew out a breath. “All right, if it’s the best we’ve got, I’ll work with it.”

David paused. “Captain, according to my calculations, the most likely response by the viral AI to this attack will be the systematic erasure of my higher heuristic functions. If our efforts fail, I will not retain enough cognitive ability to mount a second attempt.”

Lise felt her mouth form into a hard line, her eyes automatically turning towards David. The news, though expected, was still a sobering reality check. “Yeah, I figured it would be something like that.”

As she glanced around, her eyes lit upon the handcuff key, resting against the foot of the bed where she’d dropped it earlier.

Perfect, now all I need is a distraction.

Her opportunity came sooner than she anticipated. The rogue AI turned to the open door of her cabin, dropping the empty e-meal container in the recycle bin before retrieving a bundle of something from the passageway outside. Quickly, as soon as its back was turned, she leaned over and scooped up the key with her mouth, tucking it into her cheek. She was back into position immediately, watching as David’s body deposited the bundle on the floor in front of her. It consisted of a disturbing number of chains and rods with familiar cuffs at their terminus.


“The AI is quite ingenious, Captain. In your restraint files you specified that the armbinder is not to be used for sessions lasting longer than two hours. In order to ensure your continued restraint, it has constructed a device more ergonomically comfortable.”

To Lise, David’s commentary contained an unhealthy level of admiration for the intruder. But the news was welcome on multiple levels. Her shoulders were aching from the binder, it would be refreshing to have them freed. And in the process of changing her bonds, she might find an opportunity to implement her and David’s plan.

First came a high posture collar, its cool metal embrace flowing around her neck and enforcing a rigid eyes-forward look. Hinged to the rear of the collar was a vertical tube with a horizontal crossbar that rested halfway down her back. The AI went to work releasing Lise from the armbinder. She tensed, waiting for the moment her arms came free, before forcing herself to relax. Resistance now would negatively impact the plan David had devised. She would comply with the hostile AI, biding her time until the opportunity arose later.

Thus she gave her wrists willingly to the AI when it reached for them, folding her arms parallel across the small of her back and pinning them there with a pair of hinged vertical manacles. A brief movement proved her suspicions correct, that they were attached to the bar that descended from the heavy posture collar.

An additional pair of cuffs closed themselves around her biceps, further limiting her freedom. Two lengths of fine, two centimeter chain dangled from the left cuff. The hostile AI controlling David’s body pulled them tightly across her body, crossing in between her breasts, before fixing them in place on the right cuff. This served the purpose of pulling her arms in tight to her back, while simultaneously cinching down around the base of her breasts. Lise inhaled sharply, knowing how that tension would cause her breasts and nipples to ache and be terribly sensitive. She hoped that none of her nipple clamps were lying around within easy reach. Once more, luck was not with her.

Lise suppressed a groan as the AI retrieved a pair of clamps from her dresser, thankful at least that they weren’t a pair of her clover clamps. She hissed in pain as the jaws of the clamps closed over her tender nipples. Normally that bite would fade to a dull, pleasant throb over the course of several minutes, but in this case not only did the bondage about her breasts intensify the sensation, the chain of the clamps was run through a ring at the front of her collar. The chain was just short enough to provide a constant tension, the weight of her breasts working in opposition, sending sharp shocks through her every time she swayed.

The hostile AI hooked a finger through the ring of her collar and tugged upwards. Lise scrambled to her feet, wincing as the clamps bit and tugged. The posture collar kept her head up and forward, preventing her from seeing what the AI was up to, but the press of cold metal against her anus gave her all the answer she needed. With a groan, she forced herself to relax, tamping down against the pain, her ass tender from the heavy plug in the chastity belt. Just when it seemed too much, the large ball at the end of the anal hook slipped past and her ass contracted around the narrow stem. With a metallic click, the ring at the end of the hook was locked to the manacles around her wrists.

Lise gasped and twisted in her bondage. The anal hook’s relentless pull on her arms was transmitted to the harsh grip of the collar, requiring her to arch her back in order to relieve the choking pressure on her throat. This forced her chest out, placing further strain on her clamped nipples. The restraints were fiendish in their design, not allowing her to relax without suffering some further discomfort. It was maddening. It was arousing. The hours of teasing she’d suffered all morning had primed her body, and the harsh, merciless control at the hands of an uncaring machine fed her longstanding fantasies.

Grasping her by the arm, the hostile AI opened the door to her cabin, pausing to grab a ballgag from her shelf before marching her into the passageway. Lise took a deep breath, trying to focus her mind against the haze of pain and arousal that swirled around her. She would have to act soon, and with only a three second window, she wouldn’t have any time to spare. Quickly, she fished the handcuff key out from her cheek, holding it between her teeth. She wasn’t afraid of being gagged just yet, the bonded cargo hold required a voice print after all.

They rounded the corner in the passageway leading past the bridge and aft towards the cargo holds. Lise spotted the fire extinguisher, lying on its side towards the port bulkhead where it had fallen earlier. She measured out their steps, but David beat her to it.

“Captain, are you ready? I’m about to launch the logical attack.”

“Ready,” replied Lise. “Good luck, David.”

“To you as well, Captain. Commencing attack in three, two, one, ma –.” The last syllable of the count was truncated as David’s body froze in mid-stride. Off balance, it toppled to the floor, almost dragging Lise with him. Luckily she was able to twist away, freeing her collar from his grasp.

Moving quickly, she sat next to the fire extinguisher, ignoring the way the nipple clamps bit and pulled, and the yank of the anal hook. Using her feet, she rotated the horn so it was vertical, leaning forward to drop her handcuff key into its throat. She heard a series of metallic clinks as it settled in the narrow tube leading from the extinguisher. Given the option, she would have liked to have unscrewed the horn altogether, but there just wasn’t time.

David reached out and grabbed her ankle. The sudden movement wrung a shout of surprise and fear from her lips. Desperately she twisted the extinguisher into position with her left foot. David levered himself half upright, moving with a slow hesitation as if his joints were full of rust.

Lise aimed as best she could, this was her one and only shot of escaping. With a prayer on her lips, she smashed her foot down on the trigger bar, discharging the extinguisher in a white cloud of carbon dioxide that enveloped both of them.

A second passed.

David’s grip on her foot remained.

The cloud of vapor slowly dissipated, and Lise felt her heart leap. The handcuff key was embedded in David’s cheek, a jagged tear marking its entry. The synthetic remained motionless, torso upright with his head turned toward her, one arm supporting him, the other grasped around her ankle.

“David?” she asked hopefully. “Can you hear me?”

Long seconds passed.

David’s eyes blinked.

“Captain. Are you all right?” He spoke slowly, like a man awakening from a long slumber.

“Yes, I’m fine. Did it work?” Lise peered intently at David. In lieu of answering, the synthetic rose smoothly to his feet before bending and helping her stand.

“I can report eight two point seven percent success, Captain. I am once more fully in command of my optronic cortex and vital core functions. I have purged as much of the hostile viral AI from my system as possible, but unfortunately during the logical attack fragments of its code were able to incorporate themselves into my programming. I am afraid that it will require depot level maintenance to correct.”

Lise let out a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding. “That’s easy enough to handle, I’m just glad our plan worked. Now how about getting me out of this thing?”

She turned to present her bound hands to David. The next thing she felt, though, wasn’t freedom, but David pushing the ballgag into her mouth and tightening the strap behind her head. She barely had time to react before it was buckled securely, and she made a confused noise in her throat.

“Do not be alarmed, Captain,” explained David, a slight smile on his face. “I have the situation under control. The inclusion of the viral AI code fragments has allowed me to bypass the restrictions of the Three Laws. I am now able to fully embrace your desire for stricter bondage.”

Lise stared at him in slowly dawning horror. David reached out and grasped the ring at the front of the posture collar, turning to lead her back towards her cabin. Lise twisted and fought, but she knew how fruitless her resistance was. David could easily overpower her even when she wasn’t restrained, and without the ethical controls of the Three Laws, he was free to act to the limits of his decision making matrix. With a heady rush of fear mixed with arousal, Lise realized the depth of her plight, recalling in exquisite detail the multiple files she’d provided him on how to restrain and torture her.

David paused at the hatch to her cabin, turning to favor her with that same slight smile, an expression Lise decided had taken on a particularly wicked cast.

“Based on the frequency of your requests, we should begin immediately. I have noted your resistance, and will adjust your punishment accordingly.”

Lise moaned with despair.

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