Oranges & Lemons

by Jezziebelle

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© Copyright 2005 - Jezziebelle - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f, bond; susp; toys, cons, X

Their dark eyes lit up as they smiled and said in unison, ‘We’re bell ringers.’

‘Well, blimey...’ she replied, laughing, as she split her wine and brushed it off her dress. ‘You don’t hear that every day.’

She sat on a bar stool, and they stood beside her: two very beautiful, tall, dark men, perhaps a year or two younger than her, and almost identical. They’d approached her when her girl friend had stood her up for the flu. She was going to stay for just one drink, but then they’d said hello with their kind smiles and very intriguing eyes and she’d stayed. Strange, though... she almost had the feeling they were hunting her. Not that she felt in any way in danger. It was the way they both came up together, both equally interested in her, neither backing off to let his brother take the spoils. It was either both, or neither. She tried to stop herself imagining both in bed with her.

‘You mean in church?’ she asked, still surprised at their choice of leisure activity.

The eldest twin – by four minutes – was called Sam. ‘That’s where you normally find bells,’ he replied with a shrug. 

Adam cut in. ‘But we’re not churchy, you know... just musical. You don’t have to worry about us preaching to you.’

Jess breathed a mental sigh of relief. She’d been worried for a minute.

‘I’ve never seen bell ringers in action,’ she mused, hoping she didn’t seem too obvious. They both smiled at her.

‘Come tomorrow night,’ said Sam, scrawling the name of the church on the back of his business card. He kissed her cheek, and then Adam did likewise. Blushing happily, she put the card in her handbag and watched them leave.


It was a Saturday night, and the church was empty. Jess braked to a standstill in the quiet car park and wondered what on earth she was doing. Bellringing, of all things... Yes, they were very cute, and strangely fascinating, but bellringing...

The air was warm on her skin. She smoothed her linen dress and padded softly into the old stone building.

‘Hi,’ said Adam, his face breaking into a smile of genuine pleasure. He wore a dark T shirt and trousers and Sam, when he appeared, was dressed similarly. She looked from one to the other with an expression that must have been very easy to read. Indeed, Sam crossed the stone floor towards her and gave her a kiss that left no doubt in her mind. She gave a small sigh of pleasure as Adam put his arm around her and led her into the building.

The base of the bell tower was a cool, square space with twelve thick ropes hanging silently through trapdoors set in a wooden ceiling. Sam disappeared up a narrow set of stairs.

‘He’s fixing the ropes so the bells don’t ring tonight,’ Adam explained, taking her jacket and bag and placing them on a chair. ‘You can tie them off so they don’t move the bells when you pull on them.’

‘Umm...’ said Jess, wondering what was going on.

‘We can’t ring them at any time,’ he explained, ‘the neighbours complain.’

‘So you have me here under false pretences,’ she replied. ‘I thought you were going to demonstrate your campanology skills.’

Adam grinned. ‘We are,’ he said mysteriously. He was standing very close to her. She had to look up to see into his eyes. With a fluid movement, he reached for one of the thick bell ropes and wrapped it firmly round her waist, pulling her towards him for another kiss.

She didn’t know what was going on, but she liked it. These two near strangers made her feel safe and yet very, very aroused. The stiff rope held round her waist made her quiver with excitement, though she didn’t know why.

Sam had returned and was gently caressing the back of her neck as Adam kissed her. Her mind whirled at her good luck: every nerve ending was on fire as these two gorgeous men made her the centre of their attention. What had she done to deserve this?

Slowly, Sam drew her arms upwards and over her head. She presumed he was going to take off her dress, but he didn’t, not yet: he pulled her hands backwards and clasped them together behind the bell rope which ran up her back. Adam held the end tightly, keeping her trapped in its circumference, as Sam wound what felt like thinner rope around her wrists, holding them in position. She looked up, but couldn’t see what he was doing because her hands were behind her head. As she pulled at her bonds, realising she couldn’t get free, their bodies pressed against her from front and back and she slipped again into dreamy pleasure. It didn’t feel real, because it was happening so fast.

Behind her, Sam took charge of the bell rope and pulled her into him, supporting her weight with the loop round her waist and her hands bound higher up the rope, so that she stood on tip toe. Adam reached under her dress and slipped her knickers down her legs. She closed her eyes and breathed hard as he unzipped his trousers, lifted her legs around his body, and entered her in one swift movement.

Sam braced his body so they all stayed upright. Floating in their arms and on the bell rope, Jess moaned as Adam pushed himself inside her. She’d never been so wet, so fast before. Pressed between them, smelling the faint scent of pheromones on their skin, she was in heaven. For several minutes, he drove her rapidly towards orgasm but pulled away just as she was about to come.

She shouted in frustration as Adam let go of her legs and Sam unwound the rope from her waist. Her hands were still bound above her to the bellrope.

‘You like that?’ murmured Adam, caressing her as Sam starting unzipping her dress.

‘Oh yes...’ she breathed. ‘Don’t stop, please.’ She pulled at the ropes that held her arms and moaned.

‘Your wish is our command,’ said Sam, releasing her hands in order to slide her dress down to the floor. Adam unhooked her bra and discarded it, and she stepped out of her sandals for good measure.

Entirely naked, she stood between the two clothed men and wondered what was next. 

Adam led her to the very centre of the belltower as Sam upended a rucksack and out slithered coil after coil of white, half-inch rope. They both watched her face for her reaction. Staring at the pile, she looked into their eyes and couldn’t help the small smile that tugged at the corner of her lips. This was entirely new, but intoxicating. The sensation of having her hands bound just now was coursing through her veins. With a nervous but naughty grin, she placed her hands crossed behind her back and waited.

In fact they wanted her arms in the air. She raised them above her head and rope was wound round her chest, forming wide bands above and below her breasts. They pulled it tight, working with concentration, and she watched in awe as the rope harness spread upwards over her shoulders, and down to her waist, a very wide band of rope coils pulling her in like a corset. As each loop was placed around her and tugged tight, another quiver ran through her body. Her breasts, already squeezed by the rope round her chest, were soon bound again by ropes around their bases, making them swell to sensitive globes. She gasped and reached her hands down to touch, but Adam caught them.

‘That’s our job,’ he said, raising her hands again and binding them once more to the bell rope, as Sam started stroking her bound breasts and she squirmed with the sensation. Adam was using a lot of rope on her wrists. When he’d finished, she thought she could be suspended from them without too much danger. She shivered at the thought.

The bottom end of the bell rope she was attached to was now wound round her waist once more, and fastened with a very fat knot because of the thickness of the rope. As an experiment, she gingerly lifted her feet from the floor as gasped as the contraption took her weight. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but it held.

As Adam held her from behind, supporting her weight and making sure she didn’t swing on the rope, Sam stood in front of her and, with a thoughtful expression, raised her legs so that her knees were pulled up towards her armpits, spread wide, with her heels knocking against her stretched-taut bottom. It made her very available to him, should he choose to unzip his trousers. She gazed at him as he assessed the position, gave a small nod and released her legs.

He returned with a long length of rope, and lifted her right leg back into position. ‘Oh no...’ she murmured, squirming slightly, as Adam reached forward and held it in position so that Sam could get the rope round it. Loops of rope round her thigh held her leg pinned back against her right side, using her rope harness and the bell rope as anchorage. More rope held her ankle to her upper thigh, her leg bent in two, incapable of any movement.

She moaned as Sam lifted her left leg from the floor, leaving her hanging in mid air. He repeated the procedure till she was secured at the end of the bell rope, several feet from the floor, her bound and bent legs splayed upwards and outward to show her very wet labia gleaming beneath.

This time, Sam supported her weight as Adam untied her hands which were held above her to the bell rope. They didn’t want her to hang with her full weight for too long, for fear of the ropes cutting in too deep. So he held her as Adam rebound her arms behind her, hand to opposite elbow, and securely attached them to the rope harness.

Now practically ball-tied, though her legs were spread wide, she dangled freely on the end of the bell rope.

Her eyes were wide as Sam wound several loops of rope between her teeth and round her head, cleave gagging her. And then, with a wicked grin, he drew her slightly backwards and let her swing towards Adam.

She screamed now, into her gag, her body stiff and tense in the ropes that held her so tightly as she swung towards Adam: it wasn’t far, but the sensation of being so helplessly toyed with was intense. Adam caught her, then took hold of her nipples which were standing tautly out from her bound breasts. For a moment, he held her at the apex of the swing just by her nipples. She stared into his mischievous eyes as he let go and she swung back across the bell tower to Sam.

This time, when he caught her he returned her to the centre of the tower. Then he unzipped his trousers and, with his hands holding her hips, plunged deep inside her.

She gave a long groan and surrendered to his ministrations. They hadn’t let her come before, and now she was desperate. Something about how they’d tied her, so helplessly, and toyed with her had made her even hotter. With her legs spread wide, Sam could thrust very deeply. Securely tied on the end of her rope, there was nothing she could do about it. All she could do was hang there, and be used. Her teeth bit into her rope gag as she moaned with pleasure, her mind slipping away.

Shortly, she felt Adam standing behind her, spreading the cheeks of her bottom and applying something very cold and wet. She tried to struggle now, because she’d never done this before, but deep inside she knew she wanted it. Slowly, the head of his cock pressed against her ass and, using her own weight to push himself inside as he thrust upwards, Adam slipped his entire length into her.

They fucked her in rhythm, first one, then the other, pushing hard into her vagina and then into her ass as she hung between them, reduced to nothing but helpless, penetrated, well-roped ball. She screamed into her rope gag, and fought her bonds with energy, writhing on the end of the bell rope as they squeezed her between them, finding the sensation of struggling in vain only made her more aroused. 

She swore she could feel Adam come inside her ass, the hot liquid filling her, and it drove her on towards her own orgasm which arrived at the same time as Sam’s.

She was still coming as they withdrew and stood back to admire her twitching in her ropes. Groaning with exertion and pleasure, she could only gaze glassily back at them.

They released her swiftly, because the position was not a safe one for long periods, but they left the rope harness that bound her chest and breasts in place, and left her arms roped behind her, hand to elbow. Her bare feet now felt strange against the stone floor, after being suspended.

Adam and Sam looked at each other for a moment, and then back at Jess where she stood, still in her harness and gag, arms locked behind her, looking slightly dizzy with the ropes and the orgasm.

‘Do you want more?’ whispered Adam, as Sam softly massaged her strained muscles. From the look on their faces, which were serious but intently wishful, she knew this would be big.

She found herself nodding before she knew she’d made a decision.

Sam disappeared up the staircase again, as Adam kissed her lips around the ropes that gagged her. He then reached for his rucksack. From it, he withdrew three objects which Jess recognised immediately. With an inner smile, she spread her legs before he asked her. He knelt before her and gently slipped the fat, vibrating egg deep inside her. The remote control wire hung between her thighs. And then, very carefully, he pushed the plug between the cheeks of her bottom, feeling her sigh as it seated itself securely. The butterfly’s ribbons were tied round her legs and hips, holding it tightly against her still swollen clitoris.

He then spent a long time extending her rope harness, testing how much it dug in, considering the knots. It now ran down to her hips and around her thighs, with so many securely attached loops she thought maybe she could be suspended from it without danger of it cutting in too badly. It was almost comfortable, although stiff. She couldn’t bend her body at all, and above her waist the ropes that bound her arms held her motionless.

When the harness was finished, there wasn’t much flesh to be seen between her thighs and her neck apart from her glorious, swollen breasts that jutted out in front of her. She sighed as she looked at them, not worried, because the bonds were not too tight. They just looked wonderful.

He lay her down on the stone floor as he tied her legs, a thickly folded blanket protecting her bound arms beneath her. She lay calmly, feeling strangely pampered, as he pulled the ropes tight round her ankles, calves, knees and thighs. Even her big toes were tied to each other.

As she lay staring up at the ceiling, she saw Sam open an extra trapdoor in the false wooden ceiling, his figure silhouetted against the backdrop of the tall belltower that rose above him. Through the trapdoor he dropped a thirteenth rope. She knew it was for her.

They stood her up, supporting her weight because with her ankles and feet tied so tight she couldn’t balance well. The new rope split into two several feet from the end. Each piece was securely attached to the shoulders of her rope harness, with so many knots, back-weavings and metal clamps that she knew it wouldn’t come loose when it held her weight.

When they were certain it was ready, Adam went to the side of the room and turned a handle. Slowly but surely, she was lifted directly upwards till her toes were off the ground.

She hung there, wide eyed, breathing hard, like a stopped pendulum; her toes pointed straight down, her body in one long line, embraced by the ropes. Her arms behind her pulled instinctively at their bonds, but there was no escape. The harness held her comfortably, most of her weight on her hips and thighs.

They hadn’t finished yet. Her hair was soon pulled into a ponytail and attached to the rope above her, making her hold her head up straight. Her nipples were adorned with clamps attached to small weights. And lastly, ear plugs were slipped into her ears, and taped over to keep them in place. They worked so well, even when Sam looked as if he was shouting at her, she couldn’t hear. They smiled in satisfaction.

One after another, they kissed her cheek, just as they had done in the bar where they met. And then they retreated to the side of the room, and both took hold of the handle.

With a creaking of ropes, she started to rise.

Suddenly but deliciously scared, she started to struggle, but there was no hope. She couldn’t even make the rope swing as she rose inexorably towards the trapdoor above her. Soon her head was past the door, and she took in the upper part of the belltower as she ascended through its dimly lit height.

It took several minutes for her to reach the top. As the ground dropped away beneath her, vertigo fought with all the other sensations crowding in upon her. She almost didn’t notice when the ascent stopped, because she’d closed her eyes and was moaning softly.

In fact, she thought they’d bring her straight back down again. It wasn’t until she’d been stationary for several minutes that she noticed the warm breeze brushing against her skin. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

She was at the very top of the belltower, in the part where the stone walls opened up to let the bells ring out loudly. Hanging all round her, immense and silent, gleaming dully in the dusk, were the bells. She shivered, and looked out across the countryside. She was so high up, she could see for miles through the calm night.

It was so beautiful, for a moment she forgot her predicament. The rope holding her spun, ever so slowly, moving her view round the countryside. It was a warm evening, but the breezes made her shiver slightly.

It must have been more than half an hour later that she started to worry. Where were they? How long would they keep her up here? She grunted into the gag and was afraid by how small her voice sounded in the night. 

She tried to move, but got nowhere, and anyway she knew it was foolish to try to escape. All she could do was hang there, roped into motionlessness, beside the ancient bells. No one could see her, no one could hear her, and no one but the two men who had placed her here, knew where she was.

By the time the moon had risen, she knew they weren’t going to let release her soon. Scared and stiff, she started to cry, tears sliding down her face and landing on her bound breasts, leaving cold traces across them. She sobbed and hiccupped into her gag, fighting surrender, fighting the sensations, till she exhausted herself. 

The night passed slowly, in a daze. Her body seemed to be drifting away from her, leaving nothing but her sorely frightened, but desperately aroused mind. Eventually she grew calm and accepting. She hung loosely in her bonds, daydreaming.

It was as the sun started to warm her body that she sensed motion behind her. She jumped as the bell swung, the clapper falling against the side with a deep, resonant sound which the earplugs made just bearable.

One by one, the remaining eleven bells around her began to swing. The Sunday morning peals had begun. Terrified at first that she was in their swinging path, she started to scream; but soon she realised she was hanging in a space that was not infringed upon by the bells. 

The cacophony rose, beating at her senses, the bells swinging across her view of the outside world, disorientating her. But soon her mind was elsewhere. The vibrator inside her, and the one pressed against her clitoris, had come to life. Sound activated. They started low, then rose to a crescendo with the bells. Writhing in her bonds, struggling with tense muscles, in the midst of the pealing bells, she cried out loud as she came, and came again, over and over, the ropes that restricted her struggles only driving her on.

A long time later, the bells fell silent, all but one which tolled steadily but slowly. The vibrators inside her buzzed intermittently, keeping her exhausted body on edge, as she closed her eyes and almost slept.

She only realised she was descending when the fresh smell of morning changed to the smell of wood and rope inside the belltower. She could barely open her eyes as Adam and Sam lowered her through the trapdoor, and laid her gently on the ground. The clock on the wall said midday.

They released her swiftly and massaged her ropemarked limbs with deep, kneading strokes. She could barely move, from stiffness and from exhaustion, both physical and mental. They kissed her as they wrapped her naked body in a blanket, and Sam lifted her in his arms, carrying her down narrow passages to his car.

Later that evening, she would wake in his bed from a deep sleep filled with dreams. For now, she lay on the back seat of the car, smiling dreamily through the winces of pain from her strained muscles and ropemarked skin. Adam, in the passenger seat, glanced back as he tried to make out the tune she was humming under her breath. Eventually, he and Sam joined in, with a fine, low singing voice.

‘Oranges and lemons, say the bells of St Clements...’




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