The Open House

by Arizona Master

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Storycodes: MF; open-house; real-esate; FM/ff; plastic; boxes; challenge; stuck; caught; gagged; enslaved; cons/nc; X

Part 1

Kelly and I had done all the preparations for the open house the signs had all been placed and we are open for business. We picked this house for its long driveway and tree line blocking the view of the attached garage which our van was conveniently backed up to the doors of. I walked into the kitchen to find Kelly setting out cookies and Coco as it was a cool day in Arizona. Kelly fully looked the part in her black dress, black stockings, black 6" closed toed platforms, and her black leather gloves. Kelly's long blonde wig perfectly hid her long dark hair I love so much. She also wore several other false items  to throw people off. Me black suit, black wig,black mustache. We quickly before anyone arrived went over the plan, we need 3 choice pieces of ass for our first Internet auction to our overseas friends. We need to be on the same page do as we practiced and get the hell out of here fast before the real realtor comes by. Kelly will show the guest around and open doors etc as she has the gloves on and we don't want to leave fingerprints.

The first car came down the drive to produce a couple in their mid 40s. I quickly ducked out of sight as Kelly showed them around giving them the typical house sales blah blah. While Kelly was with the couple I made a call to be sure our buddy at the chop shop had his guys close bye. He informed me his 3 guys are in the neighborhood and ready to go so after hanging up I returned to the house to see the car leaving down the driveway. About 15 min later another car came down the long driveway. Damn I said to Kelly as the older retired couple strolled past the front window a few minutes later. Kelly went right into her realtor role and by 10:30am we have had 8 showings with no prospects for our first slave auction.

At about 10:50 a Corvette came down the long drive and Kelly and I waited in hopes it wouldn't be more retirees. As Kelly peaked out the front window she noticed a short Mexican girl who seemed to be talking to someone. Kelly told me to get ready this could be what we are looking for.  Kelly went out to meet the Mexican girl as I cracked the window slightly to hear the conversation. "Hello dear I am Karla the realtor how are you today?" said Kelly in her sexy voice.

"Hello I'm Joanne and my stubborn friend in the car is Nikki".

"How can I help you ladies?"

"Well Nikki and I just moved to town and are staying in a rent by the week motel explained Joanne. We are looking at places but Nikki hates that they are all run by pervy men at these open houses and is burnt out from all the dead ends they had seen so far".

"Well you will be dealing with me here and the only man here is my handyman", explained Kelly. After some small talk Kelly was able to get Nikki out of the car and to agree to check out the house. As the girls passed by the window I was looking out the corner of I noticed both Nikki and Joanne where only about 5'4"-5'6". The Mexican girl Joanne was the shorter of the two with long black hair down to her ass, dressed in skin tight black leggings, black strappy tank top and white knee high no heel chica boots. Nikki the black girl has long black hair down to her mid back. Nikki was dressed in a pair of skintight designer jeans, pink strappy tank top and pink closed toe 6" platform heels.

The girls entered the house and Kelly started the tour being sure to save the play room we set up for very last. As the girls entered the play room after seeing the rest of the empty house  Kelly quickly said "I am sorry ladies the owners hasn't moved these things yet".

"What is this stuff?" exclaimed Nikki. Kelly replied, "The owner is a magician and these are some of his extra escape toys". "Can we try some of them?" asked Nikki who always had a wild side. Joanne chimed in "Nikki we don't want to get Karla in trouble".  

Kelly quickly said, "No it's OK Joanne I worked several shows as his assistant to help him get the down payment for this home so I know how everything works and he won't mind he loves to show people his toys".

Nikki quickly started looking around and checking things out while Joanne slowly browsed the items. Nikki's eyes wandered to two boxes in the corner that where made from 2" clear lexan and 15" by 15" by 15" square. The front panel slid up and out of vertical grooves in the sides to allow the top and inner pieces to slide out of horizontal shelf grooves in the sides. The inner pieces where cut from side to side and holes cut for the wrists and ankles. "What are these for asked Nikki?"

Kelly replied, "Those are boxes he made for parties". Kelly went on to say you get two people at a party and see who can escape the box first to win a prize.

Nikki without hesitation said, "That's us come on Joanne let's see who can get out first".

Joanne asked, "And what is the prize when I win?" Nikki said,

"How about $100.00 we can let Karla hold the money". OK agreed Joanne and with that they both handed Kelly $100 and then thought to ask Kelly if it was OK and if she would help.

Kelly holding back her grin agreed and said she thinks she remembers all the workings of the boxes. As the girls pulled the heavy duty boxes to the middle of the room Kelly said she needs to lock the front door and put a out to lunch sign so they wouldn't be disturbed. Kelly really came to inform me what was going on and things needed from the van. Kelly told me to get the stuff and wait in the kitchen. While Kelly returned to the other room I headed to retrieve the items from the van and upon walking thru the kitchen I noticed the girls left their purses on the counter. I quickly scooped up the purses finding the Corvette keys I called my buddy and told him send one 15 min keys on seat dispose of other items and I hung up. I grabbed up any cash in the purses and thru them in the passenger seat while putting the keys on the driver's seat. Now I will get the stuff from the van and head into the kitchen to await Kelly's return.

Kelly returned to the room to find the girls finishing moving things so just the cubes sat in the middle of the room. "So ladies are we ready to see who the real escape artist is and how do you like the house?" Kelly said laughingly.

"We love the house and the rent is right for our budget". The girls explained they had money tucked away that would hold them over for a few months after the initial payments and both had job interviews next week.

Kelly said, "Great I tell you what I will give Nikki the paperwork to get started while I get Joanne in her escape box". The girls quickly agreed and Kelly handed Nikki well worded paperwork to start filling out. Kelly turned to Joanne and said, "You will need to remove your boots and socks".

As Joanne sat down to remove her boots and socks Kelly removed the front panel of the box by sliding it up the cutout grooves. Then she went about removing the inner shelves and blocks. Kelly turned to see Joanne's perfectly manicured toes with their French manicure and the same blood red polish she wore on her fingernails. "All ready?" asked Kelly. Joanne said yes and stepped toward the box. Kelly had Joanne step in the box for a quick measurement then step out. Two thin pads ran up the middle back of the box exactly 1" apart and Kelly placed incline blocks with no slip looking pads on the tops into affixed holes in the bottom of the box. Kelly told Joanne to step in with her legs firmly against the back pads and her feet firmly on the blocks pads. Kelly pulled over the chair so Joanne could use the back to lean on as she was in this position forced forward. Small holes drilled in the bottom is were Kelly next fit a flat 2" thick by 4" tall lexan wall piece tate held Joanne's toes back toward the base of the incline blocks. Kelly now had six shelf pieces to choose from and after trying a few decided on the one she needs next. 

As the shelf slid in Joanne noticed it looked like an 'm' in the back and for good reason as when it was in place it was just above Joanne's ankles and the two middle of the m went right between the back pads and firmly up against the back while the two inner parts had small pads pushing her legs tight against the back of the box. Kelly put in a second shelf 2" higher than the last. This shelf was missing about 1/4 of the front but had the similar m style in the back and two small half holes further out but on the front of the shelf. Kelly told Joanne she would help her with  her balance for this part. Joanne said, "Wait I was thinking I will be locked in here while you are locking Nikki in and that's not fare on time". Kelly quickly said to the girls, "I will keep the start times by my watch". The girls agreed that was good and Kelly proceeded to get Joanne in the box.

Kelly slid the shelf back just like the last, when in place Kelly instructed Joanne to bend over with her hands flat on the first shelf and her wrists against the padded half cut outs. As Joanne did that Kelly took the other front 1/4 of  the shelf with its two half padded holes and slid it in the groove until it fit snug against Joanne's wrist. With that done Kelly slid the top into its grooves and slid it back with the cutout moving around Joanne's legs and arms. One more piece and we start the clock said Kelly as she took the 1" lexan front and slowly started lowering it into in vertical grooves pushing the shelves back as she lowered it making a flawlessly tight fit. As the front piece hit the bottom groove Kelly looked at her watch "11:07" she said.  

Kelly turned to see Nikki was eager to get started and had already removed her heels to reveal  her sexy hot pink french manicured toes.  Kelly quickly affixed Nikki the same as Joanne's and said , "11:15". Kelly stepped back to admire her work as each girl stood on their pretty toes unable to move with their hands locked firmly in place once the fronts went on and the shelves pushed firmly together. Kelly said, "Just yell if one of you gets out I need to step in the other room and call the office". Kelly stepped out of the girls line of vision and snapped a few cell phone photos then headed to the kitchen were I was waiting.

Kelly showed me the photos and I told her I had a new plan but it requires us to get 5 today or tomorrow for the sale. Kelly agreed and after some planning we moved on with our day. I entered the room with a "Hello fuckholes". This took the struggling girls by surprise as they both looked up and Joanne said, "What did you just say?"

I hate to repeat myself but their new so I will oblige them. I walked over and slapped Joanne nice and hard on that cute perfectly round ass of hers and again said, "Hello fuckholes".

Joanne after dealing from the stinging in her ass looked to say something but I stopped her by continuing, "You fuckholes will call me sir or master, you fuckholes will speak only when spoken too".

With that both girls started with the "f you, get Karla, your nuts, let us out of here", and the name calling would make truckers blush. I went over to my duffle bag I brought in and retrieved some items. First I went over to Nikki and pulled her pants down just enough to reveal her pink thong and cutting the sides I roughly pulled them out of her skin tight jeans. Walking over to Joanne I pulled up on her hair and when she opened her mouth to scream in went the thong followed by white medical tape wrapped 5 times around her head and over her mouth and chin. Not wanting Nikki to feel left out I did the same to her with Joanne's black Lacey panties.

3 screws in each side of the front piece of lexan were put in place to assure the cubes couldn't come apart and after handcarting the girls to the van I loaded them in ratchet strapping them in place. After closing the back doors to the van I noticed the corvette was gone so I went to the driver's seat of the van and their on the seat was an envelope with $2000.00. As I strolled back in the kitchen Kelly was just finishing opening the house back up. I handed her the envelope and said, "Not a bad start baby". I had time in-between showings to tell Kelly of my plan for the two girls and the two more I need just for that plan along with still needing 3 for our auction.



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