One Way Ticket

by Paul Menson

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© Copyright 2013 - Paul Menson - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F+/m; harem; dance; strip; scarves; bond; gag; enslave; oral; cons/reluct; X

I was quite happy, my work was going on so well that my boss had decided to encourage me with a ticket to one of those Arabian countries as a yearly bonus for the best employee. I suppose that our vice-director took an active part in it, she has been looking at me in a most shameless way recently. I pretended not to notice it though she was a very attractive woman: green eyes, fire-red hair of a colour ‘Cuba hot night’, high breast under white silk blouse, thin waist and a round upturned buns, slim legs always wearing black stockings and lacquer shoes.

How do I know she is wearing stockings? I simply can see their lacy tops show through her gauzy knee long skirt when she is sitting in front of me on the conferences. And she always sits in front of me crossing her legs and smiling graciously. But I was always against any love-affairs at work. Especially with a boss. Besides she was seven years older than me – she was thirty two.

In any case it’s very good luck to get such a bonus even with her help. Moreover to such a young single and quite a lucky man as I am.

Happy I packed my things and was at the airport on the day of departure. The flight was long and tiresome but I managed to keep myself fresh because I was sleeping during the flight. When the plane landed I went to the hotel, unpacked my things and was about to go for a walk when I heard a knock on the door. It was a young Arabian girl European-like dressed. She gave me a leaflet and began describing some Arabian fairy tale which could be mine at a ridiculous sum of money. The leaflet contained an advertisement of an establishment which as I understood offered a wide range of services. There was a Turkish baths, a massage salon and the so called recreation room and many other things…

There were plenty of colourful photos resembling 1001nights illustrations: huge ruby kalians at the head of enormous beds laid with heavy covers and a lot of long velvet cylinder form cushions. Fascinating black eyed concubines were looking at you from the leaflet. Generally to find yourself in such place was the same that to be in a harem. Of course I couldn’t resist. Seeing my interest the girl was colourfully telling me that that very night they were going to have an unforgettable performance that I was strongly advised to attend. There was an address on the leaflet. It goes without saying I was intrigued.

In the evening when I got a taxi and showed my leaflet to the taxi driver he nodded his head appraisingly confirming my good choice. It wasn’t a long way but I didn’t take any notice of the road. A range of hotels was followed by small houses, then some clay buildings separated by narrow winding streets. I could clearly feel a sea breeze which meant we were not far from the seaside.

Now I was looking at a large two-storied building on the order of a shah’s palace. I paid and went to the gates. As soon as I stretched my hand to a thick golden cord hanging nearby the gates swung open without my having rang and I saw two beautiful girls fluttering out. They looked like an oriental fairytale. Their dress consisted of sheer gauzy scarves; their faces were covered except for amazingly beautiful black eyes, their gold jewelry dinged while their hips were moving. I just breezed with astonishment and they trying to serve as though I was their lord took my arms and lead me inside.

The information on the leaflet was quite true. It all was luxurious: the walls were covered with velvet, silk fabric was hanging from the ceiling, huge chandeliers were giving dim light and there was oriental fragrance everywhere. There were three beds in the chamber but there were no clients (I explained it to myself by a bit annoying advertisement). There were thick futons and cushions on them. I was invited to sit down on one of them and was brought a kalian. The performance was about to begin.

I drew deep down and prepared to wait. The clouds of smoke went up to the ceiling. Finally I heard Oriental music and saw three girls appear from the darkness. They were making unbelievable movements with their hips (it was the first time I saw a real belly-dance). They had silk scarves on their wrists and ankles which simply hypnotized me as I was following the nymphs’ dance. They were gradually approaching me which delighted me! Coming up to me they began pulling my hands as though inviting somewhere. I didn’t mind, I got up and was surrounded all around. Their quick gentle hands were stroking me and getting under my clothes. I didn’t expect them to do this but thinking that I could afford it I did nothing. They knew all right what they wanted! My shirt and shoes were off me in no time, and then my belt and my canvas trousers were on my knees. Doing this they didn’t slow down and were touching occasionally my naked body with cool silk in their arms. My clothes off the girls’ petting intensified. I was being petted with six arms with the use of large silk scarves. My head was also being covered by the scarves.

Maybe it was the kalian or fragrance or delight that I suddenly lost my orientation, feeling this they put all the scarves on me simultaneously and I lost my balance. I fell on a soft bed and felt my concubines jumped to it, two of them sat on my legs and my head pressing me to the bed. The third pulled my arms behind my back and tied them with a silk scarf! Tightening it she made two more winds around my wrists and drew a woggle. The second scarf was used to tie my elbows so I couldn’t move my arms. They took off the scarves which were on me during the dance and I was looking around stupidly. Suddenly I saw the fourth woman who wasn’t dressed in such a frivolous way (she was wearing an Arabian woman’s usual clothes). She was standing, her arms crossed on her chest and bossing them around. I was about to object but the moment I opened my mouth in was pushed a silk clod which was fixed by a scarf.

I freaked out but there was nothing I could do. A strange country, strange place, strange city! My captors were obviously intending to do something with me. A large scarf was bound around my arms, then my knees were tied up and I was made stand up. To fix the gag they covered my head with a bright coloured scarf laughing cheerfully. My capturing was complete and I wasn’t able to do anything but slightly move my feet. I could only move in short steps. I was looking about with horror and this made the girls even more amused.

Suddenly the Arabian woman shouted something in Arabian and the girls fussed about: a blind black paranja was put on me. Just like in ‘The White Sun of the Desert’. Now I didn’t look suspiciously out of place in the town’s narrow streets. I was pulled to the back door. I was trying to resist but of course I couldn’t do anything with three of them. I was taken into the street and pulled along the dark lanes of this ‘hospitable’ town. It was difficult to walk because of my legs being tied, but I was persistently being pushed forward. Having walked about a quarter of a mile I found myself near a limousine. The window was down and I suddenly heard someone speak Russian!

"Well? As we’ve agreed?" I heard a woman’s voice which I recognized at once!!!

"The Orient is famous for its ability to buy and sell anything. The goods is in its best condition. Everything is for your pleasure," answered the eldest Arabian woman who turned out to be only the executor. The real captor was my own boss!!!!

"Give him to me!"

The limousine’s door swung open and I was pushed into the car. There was nothing left but to stand on my knees in front of the seat where my single mistress was sitting. I could feel her fragrance. It was the smell of her desire together with her perfume. She drew the cape back and our eyes met.

"So!.. You didn’t want it the right way; all the same you’re going to be mine! We have three more weeks left and I don’t want to lose a minute. You are going to do your duty immediately, slave!" Saying this she took my head with her both hands and pushed it to her wet pussy.

The limousine started slowly…


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