One Prank Deserves Another

by Jake R

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© Copyright 2013 - Jake R - Used by permission

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For a number of years, near the city where I live, there was a ten-day celebration around mid-summer that celebrated the settlement of the American West.  It involved Native Americans, cowboys, gunslingers, a circled wagon train, craftsmen making everything from saddles to brooms, stagecoach rides, panning for gold, and frontier cuisine at the food stands. 
There was a theatrical presentation each night depicting the history of the West in song and dance.  Local singers and dancers rehearsed for weeks in preparation.  And there was even a professional dance group from a neighboring city who would come and participate in the presentation each year. 
Patrons would come from almost every state in the nation, and local schools totally enjoyed the historical nature of the event--even if it was in the middle of summer and school was not in session.  I admit, I am a history buff, so I volunteered my time each year (along with dozens of other local people) to make it all happen.  Over the years, I worked in food booths, running errands, constructing the frontier street, clean up efforts, taking a part in the production to replace a cast member who had a last minute emergency, and just working wherever I was needed--enjoying every minute of the time spent there.
One year, I was given the assignment of cleaning the dressing rooms for the theatrical performers each night.  There was one room for the male cast, one for the female cast, and two rooms for the male and female members of the professional dance group.  (Over the years, I had gotten to know most of the professional dancers quite well, since many of them returned each year.  They were a fun-loving group, and took delight in playing small pranks on the local cast members and each other.  It made for some exciting and frustrating situations during rehearsals.)  After the performance one night, I waited patiently for the participants to change out of their costumes, then began to clean the dressing rooms.  I finished the men's dressing room, but as usual, there were some stragglers in the women's dressing room.  I noticed the light was off in the men's dressing room for the professional dancers, and decided to clean that room next.

I unlocked the door and my hand found the light switch in the darkened room.  There was a large, square table supported by four heavy legs  in the middle of the room, and for some reason, someone had thrown a large blanket over the top of one corner of the table.  I decided to fold the blanket first and set it off to the side.  But when I pulled the blanket off, I was more than a little startled by what I saw. 

Andrew was one of the male dancers who returned each year, and was in fact one of the better-looking ones.  He had the look and body frame of being very athletic--but then after seeing many of the acrobatic moves these dancers had to make, that was no surprise.  He was in his mid-twenties, had light brown hair and brown puppy-dog eyes.  He had turned the heads of many of the female cast (including many of the married ones) for several years.  He was actually quite handsome, but unfortunately he was well aware of that and sometimes delighted in taking advantage of his good looks.  He was a likable guy, but could be quite arrogant at times.

Tonight, Andrew was sitting on the floor, completely naked, and tied to one of the table legs.  He was sitting with his back against the heavy, wooden leg, and his hands had been tied together behind it. His feet were tied together as well, and he had bent his legs and pulled them up against his chest--probably in an attempt to hide his genitals.  He was gagged with a large blue bandanna handkerchief (all of the men in the cast had one or more of these as part of their costumes for various segments of the production).  Andrew's head had been pulled against the top of the table leg and the bandanna had been pulled between his teeth and tied around the leg of the table, binding his head to the table leg as well. 

The blanket had been thrown over the corner of the table where Andrew had been turned into a bound captive, and had covered him completely.  When I pulled the blanket off, I was indeed startled to see him, but his eyes registered fear.  When he saw that I was another man, and someone he knew, he breathed a huge sigh of relief and the fear disappeared.  He began to make muffled noises into the gag.  He straightened his legs on the floor in front of him and raised his bound hands slightly as if to show me the predicament that he was in. 

When my shock had subsided, I looked at him and smiled, then moved over to close and lock the door into the hall.  He watched as I walked back to him, and knelt beside him.  He was an awesome sight, I do admit:  his hairy legs had well-developed muscles from years of athletic dancing, his upper arms were likewise well developed, and a respectable amount of brown chest hair covered his entire, well-toned torso.

"Andrew, do you want me to untie you?" I asked.  

He mumbled "Yes!  Please!" into the gag, and I started by removing that.  He moved his jaws around to get the flexibility back.

"Oh Jake," he finally said, "Thank you for playing the calvary here.  I was so afraid it would be a woman from the cast or a cleaning woman who would find me like this.  I'm sure that's what they had in mind anyway!"  With his head now free from the table leg, Andrew pulled his upper body forward slightly so I could see and reach his hands.

"Who is 'they?'" I asked him, as I began to untie the knots, "And what happened to you?"

"'They' are the other male dancers," Andrew answered.  "They must have plotted the whole thing because when I came out of the shower, they all jumped me and tied me up like this.  I had no chance to get dressed, and when I begged them to untie me, they just laughed and gagged me so I couldn't talk.  They finished dressing, then said they were going out for something to eat before they went to the hotel.  A couple of them are coming back to untie me once they get done eating, but they said that the person coming in to clean the room would probably find me before then, and--lucky me--it would probably be a woman! They left me here........"  Andrew droned on till I had also untied his feet and began to rub the rope marks on his ankles as he rubbed some circulation back into his wrists.  He noticed a slight smile on my face, and finally ended with a lighthearted comment, "It might have been worth it, though, if a beautiful young girl had found me.  That would be something the other guys would really be jealous about!" 

"He's his normal self, and still the pompous guy that we all know," I thought to myself.  But that comment started my mind working.  I like sharing bondage situations with other guys, and had been reluctant to untie him in the first place.  It had already made an enjoyable evening for me, but now I was trying to figure out a way to get him tied up again. 

Andrew finally rose to his feet and stepped into his underwear after pulling his briefs off a hook, along with his jeans.  He took his t-shirt from another hook and began to pull it over his head.  "Andrew," I began, "were you serious when you said the other guys would be jealous if they thought you had been untied and set free by a beautiful young woman?"

"Oh, yeah," Andrew replied, with a smile, and he added a small wink as he continued, "and they would be even more jealous if they suspected that she kept me her prisoner and did unspeakable things to me!"

It was a long shot and a stupid idea, but I had nothing to lose.  "Andrew, you could play a joke on the other dancers if you are okay with it."  He gave me a puzzled look as he stuck one arm through an armhole of his t-shirt.  "I could tie you up in a different place and in a different position--either naked or with some of your clothes on.  That way, the guys would know that you got untied somehow--or with someone's help.  There's a make-up case on the table under the mirror, and you can use the lipstick to make it look like you have been kissed over and over on your face--and your body if you a woman!"

Andrew laughed.  "That's a great idea, but.......I don't know about getting tied up again.  What if the guys came back to untie me and then just leave me tied up?  Or what if they don't come back at all?  .......not really sure if I want to be tied up again."

"It's just a prank on them after playing a prank on you!" I told him.  "I do have some cleaning to do, and if they haven't returned by the time I finish, I can come back in and untie you.  Or I can stay as long as you want to make sure you get untied and get back to the hotel......if they do come back and then just leave you.  But if you are uncomfortable with it at all, that's okay.  I can give you a ride back to the hotel once I get done here, if you don't mind waiting a bit." 

I began to pick up pieces of tissue that had been thrown on the floor to get the room cleaned somewhat.  Andrew sat as though in deep thought--still with one arm outside his t-shirt.  Then he smiled and looked at me.  "Let's do it," he finally said.  "I appreciate the offer for a ride, and I will probably take you up on that.  But I have nothing to do in the meantime while I wait for you to finish.  And they just might come back before you finish cleaning up!  It might be fun to just see the looks on their faces!"

"Great!" I said.  "You can feed the guys any story that you want.  Make up a girl of your dreams or pick one of the girls from the cast to tell them about--but it might be best to just make up a girl."

Andrew laughed.  He pulled his t-shirt off, then removed his jeans so he was wearing just his briefs, then reached for the make- up box on the table.  As I vacuumed the floor and watched Andrew out of the corner of my eye,  he dabbed lipstick on his face:  lips, ears, cheeks, nose, and forehead.  I turned off the vacuum.  "Andrew," I said, "Pick another shade of lipstick and use it too; then you can tell the guys that there were two girls!" 

Andrew laughed at that comment, but grabbed another tube and began to dab it on himself also.  He was on a roll! He dabbed lipstick on his arms, his chest, his nipples, his legs, and on his bare feet.  He handed me a tube of lipstick.  "Can you put some on my back?" he asked.  He showed me how to use six small dabs of lipstick from the tip to make the shape of lips.  It was really quite interesting.  I did as Andrew asked and put some on his back, but I felt like I had created a monster!

He finally surveyed himself in the mirror, turning from side to side and wearing a big smile.  I admit, I was smiling too--though I was still thinking what a pompous guy he was.  He looked at me.  "Okay," he said, "I'm ready!  Can you tie me up again?"  

"Any way I want?" I asked, and Andrew nodded in agreement.

I patted the hard surface of big table.  "Lay on the table, facedown," I told him.  He promptly moved into that position, laying his head and body on the wood with his feet and lower legs sticking over the edge.  "Hands behind your back, Andrew."

The only ropes available were the ones that were used to tie his hands and feet before I arrived.  I looked around the room and took a bandanna handkerchief from a hook, then rolled it into a long strip.  I used that to tie his wrists together, and since the cloth was softer than rope I pulled it a little tighter when I knotted it off (knowing it would not be as prone to cut off circulation).  I moved to his ankles and used one rope to tie them together, side by side.  I rubbed the soles of his feet slightly with the end of the rope as I was wrapping it around his ankles, and he gave a slight jerk.  "So, I thought, "Andrew is ticklish!"

"Do you want to be gagged, Andrew?" I asked.  He looked back at me with a slight smile. 

"That's up to you, Jake.  But why not?"

I rolled another bandanna into a ball, then stuffed it into his mouth, then picked up the blue bandanna that had been used to gag him before and pulled it up against his mouth to hold the other in place.  Once I had knotted it off, he began to test his bindings.  "Andrew," I said, and he looked over his shoulder at me.  "It's not likely that the guys will think you tied yourself up--especially with the bandanna tying your wrists.  But I am going to do one more thing just to be sure."  I took the last remaining rope and used one end to cinch the ropes circling his ankles.  I then pulled his feet up and wrapped the other end around the bandanna tying his wrists together, then pulled them tight.  A few more coils around wrists and ankles and he was tightly hogtied, with his bare feet actually touching his fingers.  As I stepped away, I rubbed my fingers lightly once again on the soles of his feet, and his body jerked again as he curled and uncurled his toes and moved his feet up and down as if swishing a fly.  A low chuckle slowly escaped from his gagged mouth.

I stood a few steps away to look at Andrew.  He was clad only in his underwear briefs.  His athletic body was covered with smears of lipstick everywhere imaginable.  And best of all, he was hogtied and gagged.  It was an awesome sight!  I stepped toward him and he looked up at me. "One more thing I want to do to you, Andrew," I said to him.  "And I hope you don't take this the wrong way.  It should make the other guys really jealous if it works.  But you may enjoy it more if you are blindfolded."
Andrew looked up at me with a questioning look in his brown eyes.

I took another bandanna and rolled it into a strip, then tied it around Andrew's eyes after which I rolled him onto his side.  Andrew's cock was straining against the fabric of his briefs, and was sticking out like a flagpole hung at an angle.  The fabric of his briefs had a definite wet spot.  "There is a reason for this," I said to Andrew, "Trust me!"  I hooked my fingers in the waistband of his briefs and pulled them out and down his thighs to his knees.  I heard a moan come from behind Andrew's gag, but it was not one of alarm--it sounded more like relief.  Andrew's cock rose and fell as he breathed in and out, and grew just a little harder.  It was also leaking some pre cum at this point.  I got a paper towel from the shower and sink area of the dressing room and returned to Andrew's side to wipe the leakage from the table.  As I was returning, I also picked up a tube of lipstick. 

Once the table top was clean, I moved behind Andrew and began to put some lipstick dabs on his butt cheeks.  Andrew realized what I was doing, and nodded his head vigorously as he also spoke some muffled words into the gag.  After adding a few lip smears there, I went the other side of the table where the front of Andrew's hairy body was fully exposed.  I began to put some lipstick on his enlarged cock also.  Andrew threw his head back as I dabbed lipstick on his cock and balls.  A sudden thought came to me, and I began to smear more of the lipstick on his cock, rubbing my fingers up and down the shaft, to make it look like something more than just kisses had taken place there. 

Suddenly, Andrew took a deep breath, threw his shoulders back, and screamed lightly into the gag.  I moved away just in time as an eruption of light gray cum spewed out of the end of his cock, followed by a second spurt.  He relaxed his  shoulders and moaned into his gag. 

"Are you okay, Andrew?" I asked.  He nodded his head and moaned softly into the gag again. 

I glanced at the clock on the wall.  "Andrew," I said, "it's past midnight.  If your fellow dancers are coming to untie you, they will likely be here soon.  Hope you have your story as to what happened to you while they were eating supper.  I will shut off the light and make sure the door is unlocked.  If they haven't come back within a half hour, I will come in and untie you and get you back to your hotel.  I won't be far away.  Do you need anything before I go?"

Andrew shook his head, and again moaned softly into the gag--but it seemed to be a contented moan.  I turned off the light, slipped out the door and headed for the other dressing rooms to tidy them up. 

I was finishing the women's dressing room (the last one) when I heard voices in the hallway.  I stepped out of the dressing room and into the hall, almost bumping into Scott and Troy.  "Hey Jake," they greeted me.  "Are you still here?"

Am I glad to see you guys," I told them in a hushed voice.  "I still need to get into your dressing room to clean.  I tried earlier, but when I started to open the door, a woman's voice said the room was still occupied!  Guys, what is a woman doing in your dressing room?  And I still need to get in there before I can go home.  You guys do know that women are not......."

Scott and Troy exchanged surprised glances at each other, then both guys smiled.  Scott ran toward the dressing room, but Troy put his hand on my shoulder.  "Jake," he said, "we can clean up the room for you.  Don't worry about it!  We'll check it out.  You just go home, and get some sleep.  See you tomorrow night!"  He also made a rush for the dressing room.

"Fine with me!  You both know the way out!" I shouted after him, but I am not sure he heard me.  They had both disappeared into the dressing room, and I heard the door slam shut. 

I put away the vacuum, and turned all the lights out.  But I didn't leave just yet.  I waited in a storeroom with the door slightly ajar.  I didn't mind the wait.  I really wanted to see what was going to happen.  Secretly, I hoped they would leave without Andrew, maybe leave him tied up in the room so I could see him like that again and ultimately come to his rescue.  I waited for about twenty-five minutes in the dark room before the dancers came back out.  And yes, there were only two of them--Andrew was not with them. 

Scott was laughing, but Troy looked a little upset.  "Lucky skunk," Troy was saying.  "Why does he have all the luck, the arrogant bugger.  Two girls!!  And you saw what they did to him!  Maybe I can try something like that tomorrow night and see if I'm that lucky!  ....serves him right, leaving him like that.  With his luck though, someone will find him and untie him before tomorrow afternoon when we get here.  I can't believe it!!  Two girls!  I'm serious, Scott, tomorrow I'd like to try the same............."  Troy's voice trailed off as they exited the building toward the parking lot.

I walked into the room and turned on the light.  Andrew was still laying on the table in a tight hogtie and wearing the blindfold.  But when he heard the door open and the light switch click, he raised his head.  "Is that you, Jake?" he asked. 

I walked to the side of the table and began to untie the blindfold.  "Yep, it's me."  Andrew lay his head back down, and a big smile spread across his face.  I moved around in front of him so I could have a better view of his exposed athletic body.  'So what happened?"

For a moment, Andrew seemed to forget that his hands and feet were still hogtied together behind his back, and he began to tell about the last half hour.  "It was super cool, Jake!  A while after you left, Scott came bursting through the door.  I was still blindfolded, but I could hear his laugh when he saw me here on the table.  He came closer, then the laughing stopped.  Soon after, Troy came running into the room.  They took off the blindfold and untied the gag.  Jake, you should have seen the looks on their faces!  They were priceless!"  Andrew continued, occasionally stopping to laugh. 

"They were looking me over from head to toe, and examining the lipstick smears everywhere.  They asked who did this to me, and I really gave them a story!  I just kept adding more to it just to see the expressions on their faces!  You remember when you were putting lipstick on my cock after you hogtied me and I came?  They asked me about the dried cum everywhere, and I told them the girls did a lot more than just kiss me all over--and gave special attention to my cock--you know what I mean!  Jake, it was fantastic!  Just telling the story, and seeing them rub their own cocks while I was talking made me hard again.  Troy came over and rubbed mine with his finger, and I came again!  Jake, it was amazing!  They were so ticked off!  Scott suggested to Troy that they leave me here tied up until tomorrow around noon.  Then they would come and get me for lunch.  Man, they were so upset!  I mean, they were really upset that it all happened to me after they tied me up as a joke!  It's like the tables were turned, and I came out the winner in it all.  That really blew their mind!  So Scott put the blindfold back  on me and they said good-bye and left.  Troy was really cussing up a storm when they walked out!  Jake, it was fantastic!"

"Why are you so wet, Andrew?" I asked.  His chest hair appeared to be sticking together in clumps.  "They didn't piss on you or anything did they.......I mean, if they were that upset....."  (Despite the fact that I just wanted to sit and look at Andrew in his helpless condition, I was already assessing the pool of dried and new cum on the table and floor, and how I would need to clean it up before I left.)

Andrew laughed.  "No!  That was another neat thing!  When Troy ran his fingers up and down my cock, and I came again, some of my cum got on his fingers.  That really burned his fuse!  He smeared it on my chest, then scooped up some more from the table and smeared it again, then stuck his fingers into my mouth and told me to clean them off.  It sounds gross, but I was enjoying seeing him upset, and it was worth it!  The way he screwed up his nose and face--it was hilarious!  That's when Troy said to leave me here like this, and Scott agreed and put the blindfold back on.  Troy was laughing at his clever idea to leave me here, but then stopped laughing and told Scott that he had told you that they would clean up in here and you could go home.  Troy said they would have to come back early tomorrow and untie me, then clean up the room, so they planned to return around noon--a few hours before you would get here.  In the meantime, Troy told me that I could stay hogtied until tomorrow.   Scott laughed and said he wouldn't gag me in case I wanted to cry for help.  Then they both left.  I thought I was dead meat since Troy said you had gone home, and then you came back into the room.  That was a relief, let me tell you!  I thought I would have to stay tied up till tomorrow!  By the way, are you going to untie me sometime soon?  This is sort of uncomfortable." Andrew finally stopped his barrage of words and looked at me with an expectant look.

I jumped up from the chair and sprang into action.  "Sorry about that Andrew," I said.  "I was just too engrossed in your story to think of anything else!" 

Andrew laughed as I started to untie him.  I untied the hogtie rope, but in the process purposely rubbed the soles of his bare feet a few times.  I had not forgotten how ticklish he was, and again enjoyed seeing his body twitch and tense up.  His toes once again curled and uncurled, and he moved his feet as though trying to dislodge a determined fly that had landed.  I determined that if he ever told the guys in the dance group that I knew all about this prank and had put him up to it, I would definitely let them know how ticklish Andrew is--at least on his feet.    

"It was fantastic, Jake!" he repeated.  "I haven't had so much fun in a long time!  I can't forget the looks on their faces!  It was just fantastic! .........."  Andrew rambled on until I had untied him completely, then he sat up on the table with his legs handing over the side. 

"You really do look a mess, Andrew," I said.  "Why don't you take another shower while I clean up the room?  Then I can get you back to your hotel."

Andrew eased himself off the table and removed his briefs, which had been around his knees almost since the entire ordeal began, then walked toward the shower.  "Andrew," I said.  "Once you have wet yourself down, I can come in and wash the lipstick off your back if you want."

Andrew flashed a smile at me and said, "That would be great Jake!  Thanks!"  He turned as he reached the door of the bathroom and shower.  "You know, Jake, that was the first time that I ever remember being tied up.  When the guys first tied me up to the table leg, I thought it was no fun at all.  And when you suggested tying me up again after you untied me, I thought you were out of your mind!  But being tied up can be kind of fun at times!  You know what I mean?"

"Oh, I know exactly what you mean," I told him as I sprayed the heavy duty cleaner and began to wipe off the top of the table.  "And maybe tomorrow you could mention to Troy just how fun it all was.  He just might want to try it out."


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