One Night on the Reeperbahn

by anachron

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© Copyright 2011 - anachron - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; bond; bdsm; nipples; cbt; latex; leather; stage; display; mast; oral; sex; cons; X

This story is set long, long ago, when infections could still be cured by antibiotics and HIV/AIDS was unknown. Some of the events are from different sessions, and some are completely fictional - I'll leave you to decide which are which.

In its heyday the Reeperbahn in Hamburg was one of the most sexually liberated places in Europe. There were many sex shops, brothels, and the infamous Herbertstrasse was closed to women because the "models" displayed themselves in windows. There were also a few live sex stage shows, and this story takes place in one of those.

I'd arrived in the middle of the evening when there was a large audience. The stage show consisted of "artistes" going through the motions adopting various tantric positions from the Kama Sutra, plus some live sex and simulated sex scenes and the occasional comedy piece. Gradually as the evening wore on, the husband/wife tourist couples left, and the audience thinned out down to a hardcore.

I was beginning to think I might move on after another couple of scenes, but a pretty performer came out on stage and said "I'm the Mistress of Ceremonies (MC) for the next scene, and we would like the next scene to include two men and two women from the audience. Who is going to volunteer?"

There was a pause until finally a woman said in a rather tense voice "Is it going to be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual?"

"Good question!" said the MC. "Heterosexual only. But with some, er, twists!".

"Um, OK", said the woman, and she walked towards the stage.

"Oh what the hell" I thought, stood up and followed her, but nobody else came.

"Come on, come on, we need another couple for some fun. How about you, or you?" asked the MC, pointing to some couples in the audience. Finally one couple looked at each other, paused, discussed something, and then walked up towards the stage.

So there we were. Four people who had walked in from the street. None of us were spring chickens, none of us were ugly, but neither were any of us as pretty as the performers, and we we all dressed in our street clothes.

"Right" said the MC, "Let's get everybody changed".

We were all taken behind the curtain into individual changing cubicles made from cloth hung from the ceiling like a curtain. My cubicle was empty, so I started taking off my clothes while looking around to get an idea of what I would wear in the scene. After I'd take off my shirt, the MC and another pretty girl came into the cubicle unannounced. "Mmmm, what have we here?" said the girl, just before she started kissing me and rubbing her body up my front. Very distracting. Too distracting, because I was only vaguely aware that the MC was fiddling with something on my wrists.

"OK" said the MC, the girl unwrapped herself from me, and I noticed I was wearing wrist straps attached to two slack ropes. The ropes started to be pulled to the ceiling and my arms followed until I was in a "Y" shape. Although my feet were on the ground, I couldn't move very far forwards, backwards or sideways. "Hey! What's going on?".

"Ssshhh!" said the girl as she kissed me again and removed my trousers, "It is all part of the scene!".

The curtain was pulled back, the changing cubicle removed, and I found myself standing naked on the stage facing the side of the stage so the audience could see my profile. By this time the audience was definitely paying attention.

The MC walked out on stage with the two other women, and announced "Now we will have some fun. What's your name?".

"Kristina" said the single woman, who appeared to be around 25 and was wearing a black latex bikini.

"Brigit" said the other - she appeared to be around 40 and was in a corset and high heels, and her rather confident manner made me suspect she had done this kind of thing before. I couldn't see her partner, but I guess he was the same age.

"We will have a little competition which one of you will win and one will lose. Since it would be unfair to have partners working together, Brigit will work with...".

"John" I said.

"And Kristina with...".

"Klaus" said Brigit's partner, who was evidently standing behind me.

"OK, the game is this. Each lady will try to make the gentleman ejaculate. The first man to cum loses, and that lady wins. If you lose there will be a penalty, but don't worry too much; I expect you'll enjoy it either way". And in a stage whisper, "The audience certainly will", which got a smattering of applause. "Oh yes, no touching for a couple of minutes, until you hear the bell!".

Brigit stands in front of me and I get my best view of her. She's not overly pretty, but she's clearly enjoying my predicament so much that her sexuality is obvious and attractive. She moves close to me and whispers "You're going to lose; Klaus is used to this, and you're so much younger and less experienced. So give in and enjoy it".

Now I've always been a sucker for corsets; she spots this and starts wriggling, moving her hands over her hips and pouting very suggestively. All of which has the desired effect: I start to become erect. Drat. Looks like I really might lose, but of course I can't see what's happened between Kristina and Klaus - maybe he's a sucker for a younger woman in latex.

"Come on" shouts someone in the audience "let's have the bell".

"Patience" says the MC with a smile, "Just look at them and imagine you were in their position. Do you think you would be John or Klaus, or would you even get it up at all?", which raises a giggle from the women in the audience.

The bell sounded and Brigit almost pounced. She tickled the back of my balls, stroked my penis lightly, then as it became fully erect, started sucking it. Hell she was good. I started to try to remember the capital city of each country I'd visited, which delayed things a bit. She realised I wasn't going to be a complete pushover and started kissing me and rubbing her breasts across my face, all the while stroking my penis more and more vigorously. I heard a moan from behind me, and wondered whether he'd lost, but since Brigit continued clearly the competition wasn't over.

Finally, despite my best efforts to think of Other Things, Brigit got the better of me, and I shuddered while coming into her hand.

After a small cheer from the audience, the MC announced "You can all stop now, we have winners and losers". Klaus groaned; presumably his balls were hurting.

"Right, Klaus and Brigit, you are the winners and your prize is to show everybody how you can make love together". Turning towards me, the MC smiled evilly and announced "As losers, John and Kristina, your penalty is to become a cowboy and tart for our amusement. Here's the twist: John will be the tart, Kristina the cowboy, and Brigit and Klaus will put on your costumes". The audience applauded, and I started to protest, but she pointed out that I wasn't in a position to argue. Which brought on more applause. Oh well.

My arms were pulled up tighter, so that I was standing on the balls of my toes, and Brigit brought out a basque, put it on me and tightened the laces. She started to put some stockings on me, but I tried to prevent her by kicking my legs a little. She stopped, smiled, grabbed my balls, and suggested that I be still. Obviously I wasn't still enough since she squeezed my balls gently.

I got the idea, became still, and the nylons slid seductively up my legs, and were attached to the straps on the basque. I expected a pair of knickers but they didn't appear, so the state of my arousal (or otherwise) would remain visible to all. A pair of high heels (fortunately not stilettos) were strapped onto my feet, and my tormentor disappeared. I breathed as deeply as possible given I was wearing a tight basque, and waited to be let free. And waited, and waited.

After a few minutes, Brigit returned, stood right in front of me and said "Now for the make-up - you won't forget this".

"Noooo", I started to complain again, she went "Ssshh" and tapped my balls lightly. It hurt, I got the idea, and submitted.

The face powder was brushed on - not too bad, but the tickling was an odd sensation. "Close your eyes and keep them closed", she said and spent an eternity painting something on. "OK, open your eyes, and pout". Now lipstick really didn't seem appealing, and obviously I wasn't fast enough, because she went behind me, I heard a swish, and screamed at the pain across my backside. She came round the front and, perfectly calmly she said "When I say 'pout', you pout straight away". I pouted, and a thick layer of lipstick went on my lips.

"And to complete everything, a wig. Would you prefer a blonde or black wig?", she asked. But before I could answer she grabbed my nipple and twisted it "Not you, silly. You don't have any say in it. I'm asking the audience". Eventually it was decided I would have a long black wig, so on it went. That certainly was strange, not being able to see sideways because of the hair, and the hair tickling my chest every time I moved my head.

Finally, Brigit took a deep breath, admired her creation and announced "Now, I don't really believe you are going to be a good boy, get into the spirit of the evening, and remain dressed as a tart. So I'm afraid I'm going to have to restrain you to ensure you don't spoil other people's enjoyment". With that she fastened a strap around each thigh, plus something around my balls.

"I'm going to have to move your arms, and so that you are completely cooperative, I'm going to put some rather painful weights on your balls. Once I'm finished, I'll remove the weight. So you will be quick about helping me, won't you?".

"As if I had any choice. Do your worst".

She slackened the ropes holding my arms, went behind me, and I felt my balls being tugged earthwards.  Not too painful, but I noticed the pain was gradually getting worse. She undid the rope from my left wristband, pulled my arm down and attached the wristband to the strap on my left thigh. The pain was getting worse, so I asked her to hurry up. She ignored me but did repeat the performance with my right arm and, as promised, removed the weights from my balls. Relief.  While she was down there she attached a short leash to my balls.

"There's a good - or should I say bad - girl. Not too bad is it? Now you can have a look at yourself in the mirror and see the new you".

I did, and almost gasped in surprise. I saw a vision that wasn't too far removed from Frank'n'furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Quite a sight, and I started to become erect. She thwacked me gently on my backside and told me to parade myself around the stage. I tried to get my arms free, but she had been efficient. After another, harder, thwack, off I went. Some people in the audience wolf-whistled, but the women all remained silent. Either they were jealous of the competition, or they were planning something.

It also appeared that Kristina hadn't been cooperating well enough, because when Klaus displayed her to the audience I could see she was wearing boots, leather chaps without underwear, a T shirt, a leather collar, and a big hat. Her wrists were attached to the side of the collar so that her arms were as useless as mine.

Klaus and the MC rejoined Brigit, and the MC said "Now we're rather thirsty after all that. Will you both please get us a drink from the bar at the back of the auditorium."

Kristina and I looked at each other, and she said "Yes, of course, but you'll need to free our hands".

"Ooohhh", said the MC in a very exaggerated fashion to the audience. "They want to talk back. Just for that we'll make your lives a little more interesting". She attached a short chain to Kristina's nipples, took the leash attached to my balls between Kristina's legs and pulled it up towards her boobs. Not having much choice, I quickly moved forward until my penis was touching Kristina's backside, at which point my leash was attached to Kristina's chain.

"Off you go", said the MC smacking my backside. I jumped a bit, which cause the leash and chain to pull on my balls and Kristina's tits. We shuffled of together slowly and painfully until I realised there was a way of reducing the tension. I asked Kristina to stand on tiptoe, so that I could slide my penis between her legs. It worked. There was some friction on my penis as we walked, which was arousing, but after a while the friction reduced - evidently Kristina was also being aroused!

Eventually we reached the bar. The barmaid was waiting and obviously knew what to do. She undid the leash, strapped a tray around Kristina's waist and gave me a tray to hold in my hands. Of course we couldn't hold the trays horizontally, especially with drinks, so the barmaid attached some short chains to the trays, put clamps on the chain, and clipped the clamps on our nipples. It was surprisingly un-painful until she put the drinks on the tray, but then the clamps bit much more tightly, and every movement was transmitted to our nipples.

"Please let them through", said Brigit. "We really are rather thirsty".

By the time we reached the stage, we were wincing. I certainly wasn't aroused, but I'm not so sure about Kristina. She was panting rather heavily.

I was hoping the drinks would be quickly removed from the trays, so that my nipples would stop hurting. But it was one of those times when I ought to have been more careful what I wished for -- because actually it hurt even more, and I almost doubled up in pain.

"And now" announced the MC, pausing before continuing "for the finale. Just about everybody has been satisfied except for Kristina, so now she can use John in any way she chooses".

Kristina's eyebrows went up, and a long and devious smile spread across her face. "Just put him on the bed over there, with his head hanging over the edge".

On the way over, I brushed past her and whispered "I've been waiting for this too", and then positioned myself as she wanted.

Kristina came over and started rubbing her rosebud on my nose. The smell was delightful, and I started licking her, forgot about my rather tender nipples, and became erect yet again. Kristina kept on rubbing, I kept on licking, and eventually she shuddered and my face became even wetter. She dismounted and I expected that to be that, but oh no. Kristina clambered onto the bed rather awkwardly, and sat astride me.

Clearly Kristina wasn't sated, since she then began rubbing herself along my penis so that we both became more and more aroused yet again. She shimmied this way and that and was clearly trying to get me to enter her, but the angles weren't right. Finally she pleaded for someone to help, and I felt the leash pulling on my balls, which made my penis stick up vertically. I slipped in effortlessly, and soon we shuddered together as we climaxed simultaneously. She collapsed onto me and somewhat incoherently muttered that it was wonderful and she loved me.

The curtain was drawn and a few moments later she climbed off. We were released from our fetters, had a brief embrace and then went our separate ways to be dressed and clean ourselves up.

I never saw Kristina (nor Klaus nor Brigit) again, even though I visited the club on several other occasions.

Oh well, perhaps it is unwise to try to relive the past, and some things are best left as memories.