One Friday Night

by Andrea Jordan

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© Copyright 2015 - Andrea Jordan - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; train; handcuffs; stuck; hum; tease; bond; chast; gag; oral; sex; climax; robbery; cons/reluct; X

It was late one Friday night and Brad's tube train was emptying out as the train crawled closer to the end of the line. It had been a long week and he had worked into the early hours on most days. The two beers he had had after leaving the office had gone to his head and he started to doze.

Sitting opposite him, and now the only other person in the carriage, was a blonde woman in her mid-twenties. Brad had discretely glanced at her on several occasions, mainly because she was attractive and was wearing black leather shorts. Not tight, not loose, but perfectly fitting. She also wore a white blouse and a fitted pale blue jacket and had long dark hair which hung down past her shoulders. She had smiled at Brad as she sat down, but even this hasn't been enough to keep his attention.

Brad woke as he felt someone grab his wrist and saw the woman in the leather shorts standing right in front of him, with her knee pressing down on his forearm. He tried to lift his arm, but her knee held it in place. A few seconds later she release her grip, but as he tried to raise his arm he heard a metal clatter. He soon realised that she had handcuffed his wrist to the metal armrest. He looked up just in time to see the woman grab his bag from the seat next to him. She then calmly walked away and sat down on the seat at the far end of the row.

"What are you doing?" Brad shouted as he stood up and tried in vain to reach her.

The woman cross her legs slowly and started to empty his bag, finding his wallet, phone and keys.

"Give that back now!"

She smiled a very cute little smile and spoke in an educated, slightly husky voice as the train slowed for the next station. "It's a pity we don't have longer together, but this is my stop."

"Give that back!" Brad shouted as he pulled as hard as he could against her cuffs."

"It's just not your day," the woman purred as she stood up.

Brad had to think fast. "OK, take the bag, but please unlock me."


"OK, then leave me with the key to the cuffs."

"What this one?" she smiled she fished inside the pocket of her shorts.


The woman just laughed.

"But what am I going to do? How can I get out of here otherwise?" Brad was starting to get desperate.

"Without my key? You can't," she smiled.

"Don't leave me here, please."

The woman smiled, pocketed the key and flicked her hair back over her shoulders as she left the train. He shouted after her but she ignored him and there was no-one else around to hear. He watched as the sexy shorts disappeared out of sight.

Brad kicked the armrest repeatedly but it wouldn't give, and from where he was he couldn't reach the alarm. His wrist was already bruised from the cuff which she had locked slightly too tightly. Brad sat back down and shouted in frustration. He had just been robbed by a chick and there was nothing he could do to stop her getting away. He was now travelling away from his flat and towards the end of the line.

The train reached the last station and the lights went out. It then moved to the depot where after ten minutes of calling Brad was finally able to raise the alarm. Once they had stopped laughing at his story, the maintenance crew had managed to free him by unbolting the armrest. He then reported the incident to the depot supervisor who had laughed, but said he would pass the details on to the police.

Fed up with jokes about him being 'robbed by a girly' and being 'kinky', Brad had turned down the offer of a ride home and instead walked the three miles back to his flat.

The woman's cuffs were still dangling from his wrist. Unlike cuffs he'd seen before, these had a heavy lock which could only be unlocked with a unique key, a key that as far as he knew was still in her pocket. The guys in the depot had been unable to remove the cuffs and Brad had the feeling that getting out of her cuffs would be a major problem. Although, given the hour, it was a problem that could wait until morning. It was gone midnight by the time Brad arrived home. The blonde had also taken his front door key, but he was too tired to wait around for a locksmith and so decided to try and force the door. But as he climbed the stairs to his 3rd floor flat he found the door ajar, the lights on and music coming from inside.

He slowly opened the door and walked inside to find the woman with the leather shorts sitting on his breakfast bar holding a glass of wine, with her jacket off and a few of the buttons of her blouse undone revealing a sexy black bra.

"What the f*** are you doing here?" Brad cried.

"I'm sorry about my behaviour on the train, it was inexcusable." she purred with eyes that conveyed complete confidence of the situation.


"I've brought back your bag and have opened a nice bottle of wine."

"What? You rob me, and then return everything?"

She smiled her cute smile.

Brad grabbed her arm, pulled her over to the wall and pinned her there with one hand on her shoulder. She smelt nice and she really was cute. Crazy, but cute. She had a presence that could not be explained by her stunning looks alone.

"It took me an hour to get free from the train."

"You should have asked me, I've got the key," the woman smiled.

"I did, you just left me there."

"You looked cute all chained up."


"Would you like me to unlock you now?"

The woman pulled a key from her pocket and let it drop on the floor. As Brad crouched down to retrieve it, the woman reached for the spare end of the cuff and quickly locked it around her own ankle.

"What are you doing, you crazy bitch," Brad said as he tried in vain to stand back up again. Brad knelt on the floor in front of her and tried the key in the lock. "This isn't the key!"

The woman giggled and pushed herself against Brad's head. Her scent, a mix of perfume and leather, was beautiful and Brad couldn't help but let his head rest for a few seconds against her thighs.

When he regained composure, he picked her up with one arm around her back and one arm under her legs and carried her into the lounge.

"I don't know what you're trying to do to me, but I want the key now."

Lying on the sofa, and with Brad kneeling in front of her, the woman deftly unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down to her ankles to reveal cute black silk panties which barely covering her perfect figure. Brad had no choice but to stop and stare. She then guided Brad's hand on to the front of her panties.

"The key's tucked in here," she purred as she rubbed herself against his hand.

Brad was completely aroused as he slipped his fingers underneath the silk and retrieved the warm key. He unlocked the cuff from his wrist and walked back into the kitchen and drunk the wine that she'd poured for him in one gulp and then refilled his glass. She was one hell of a sexy woman, but she was also scarily unpredictable. She'd already caused him a lot of grief and could no doubt cause him a lot more.

By the time he'd returned to the lounge, the woman had unlocked the cuff from her ankle and locked both cuffs tightly around her own wrists. She walked over to Brad and slipped the key into the front pocket of his suit trousers, leaving her hand inside for a little longer than necessary.

"I've had you chained up for most of the evening, it your turn now," she whispered as she threw her cuffed hands around his body and walked backwards, pulling him towards the bedroom.

The wine, the tiredness and the sexy woman were all too much and Brad started to strip off his shirt and trousers. Within minutes he was making out with the beautiful, crazy, unknown woman. Shit, he didn't even know her name.

When Brad woke the next morning, the woman was lying by his side, once again dressed in her leather shorts and top. A few seconds later he realised that the cuffs were once again locked on his wrists and this time both hands were cuffed together around his wrought iron headrest. He also realised that his feet were cuffed to the foot of the bed. She kissed him on the lips and smiled.

"Good morning, sweetheart."

"Good morning," he replied, "you really like these little bondage games."

She sat up, reached for Brad's laptop and then sat down heavily on Brad's chest. Brad cried out in pain.

"Let's see, what's your internet banking password?"

Brad couldn't believe it, the woman had already gone from crazy bitch to cute blonde and was now back to crazy bitch. He pulled at the cuffs, which confirmed to him that he was completely screwed.

"I'm not telling you anything."

"Oh yes you will, they always do," she said as she lifted herself up slightly and dropped her butt heavily back down on to his chest.

"You bitch!"

The woman laughed. "You knew that last night and yet one look at my naked body made you forget."

Her leather shorts had looked so cute on the train yesterday, and now only inches from his face and resting painfully on his chest they looked anything but.

"The longer I sit here, the more it will hurt," the woman said with complete authority as she clicked on the internet and started to browse. "And if breaking a few ribs doesn't work then I'll sit on your face and use my butt to break your nose as well, maybe a cheek bone as well if sit down a little too hard.

"No way!" Brad muttered as he wriggled desperately beneath her.

"Do you want to put money on that?" she replied as she slid up his body and sat down squarely on his face. The leather smelt nice, but any pleasure was short lived as she positioned herself as she wanted, rested all her weight on him and sealed off his air.

Brad struggled but the woman's thighs tightened and held him in place. He was running out of air and struggling more desperately. When she finally lifted up, Brad's face was red and his chest was heaving. He looked up and saw real delight in her eyes, she was one seriously f***ed up girl. Things then became even worse as she pulled a heavy chastity cage from her handbag.

The thought of her controlling his dick was terrifying, but there was nothing he could do as she quickly and expertly fitted it around his cock. Brad couldn't see what she was doing, but could feel the steel closing in tightly around him.

The woman slid back on to his chest. "If you think the cuffs are secure, you wait until you see this chastity cage," she smiled once again with her captivating presence, "getting out of this isn't an option."

Brad looked for compassion in her beautiful dark eyes, but saw none. He had no idea what she was thinking or what she was after, but he knew that any begging or reasoning on his part was pointless.

He heard the chastity padlock click shut. "OK, I'll tell you," he moaned. She almost looked disappointed as she quickly transferred the daily limit from his account into hers. She then took some pictures of him locked in the chastity cage, which he assumed were to make sure that he wasn't foolish enough to take this up with the police.

"It really has been fun," the woman said as she slipped her jacket on and picked up her bag.

"You can't leave me here." Brad said desperately.

"Yes I can."

"Please.... sorry I don't even know your name."

"No you don't," she smiled.

She sat down next to his head and inspected the cuffs. "You really are f***ed," she said as she took the key from her pocket and ran it seductively between her lips.

Knowing that he had to try something, he moved his head and ran his lips over the inside of her thigh.

"Umm, that's nice," she purred as she stood up and removed her shorts. She knelt on the bed, with one knee either side of his head, and seductively swung her hips from side to side. She then slowly lowered herself on to his mouth and pulled the crotch of her silk panties to one side.

She was back to being sexy and seductive and giving her oral sex was really turning him on, even though he felt sure that she would leave him chained up in his own flat. She barely lifted up during the next hour and by the time she did, both his tongue and his cock ached like hell.

He had to wait a further half an hour while she showered. When she finally returned to his bedroom she once again looked impeccable. He looked up into her dark eyes, desperately hoping to see a smile, or at least some compassion.

She sat down on the bed next to his head and threaded the cuff keys on to a key ring, which she then proceeded to run up and down the inside of her thighs. Should he say something, if so what?

She finally spoke. "That was so nice that I won't take these keys with me."

"Thank you," he blurted out.

"Instead I will leave them with the girl in the flat opposite. Judging by look she gave me when I let myself in last night, I think she might find that fun."

"Laura? No!"

The woman smiled her sexy smile. She then took some paper and pen.

"What are you writing?" Brad asked.

"You'll find out when Laura arrives."

The woman then took a ball gag from her bag.

"No way are you putting that in my mouth." Brad said.

"You're cute, but a slow learner," she smiled, "do you know how many things I could do to you right now?"

It only took one look into her beautiful eyes for Brad to open his mouth and let her mute him. She then stood up, checked herself in the mirror and pulled a single key from the pocket of her shorts. Brad knew that this was the key to the chastity cage.

"Laura doesn't get this one," she purred as she tucked it back in place, "I'll keep this until next time."


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