On the Road Again

by The White Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - The White Knight - Used by permission

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 On The Road Again - Chapter One
 by The White Knight
(This is a fictional story based upon a similar encounter that did not in anyway turn out like this fantasy.)

It was late, for me at least, around about mid-night.  The hotel bar was relatively quiet with all of the usual sounds.  A basketball game was on the TV.  People were chatting about this and that and the normal few singles on the make.  With all of the traveling that I have had to do lately, bars like this one were becoming almost a home away from home to me. 

I took another sip of my beer; a pretty good amber made for the hotel by a microbrewery, as I turned the page of the latest book I was reading.  You know the type; action adventure hero finds mystery, meets girl, fights bad guys, loses girl and finally solves the mystery.  Just another day in the life of a bored businessman.

I felt the seat cushion of the booth I was in pressed downwards, before I realized that someone was there.  I looked up from my book to see what I can only describe as a cheerful woman with a warm smile.  I couldn’t help but smile back at her as I asked, “Is there something I can do for you?”  A little clarification may be needed here.  Women do not come up to me and start conversations in settings like this one.  I am not ugly, but I am also not a male model.  At 6’4”, with my dark hair starting to show signs of gray and beginning to have to fight the battle of the bulge, I am definitely not most women’s fantasy.

“First”, the charming blond began, “you can pretend like we are having a great time.”  She gave a little laugh, which I now believe was an act, but at the time believed was in response to the disbelieving / questioning look I gave her.  “Look”, she continued, “I came here to maybe find a little fun, but the guy over there who’s been hitting on me is drunk and really becoming annoying.  If you don’t mind to much, I’d like to hang out here...  with you, until he loses interest or leaves.”  Just as she finished this statement a pretty good looking guy, with his work shirt collar open and tie down, passed by.  He looked at both of us as he passed the booth.  He had a pissed off look, so I figured he was the jilted guy.

After he passed I said, “It looks like you re in luck”, tilting my head in the direction towards the door, “It looks like King Annoying has left for the evening”.  She smiled that infectious smile again, “Yes, that’s a good name for him. I like it”, she said.  “If you don’t mind I’d like to hang around a few more minutes to make sure he just isn’t going to the bathroom or something.  Hey what’s your name and thanks for saving me.”

“My names Mike”, I said with a smile, “and your welcome.  Saving damsels in distress has always been one of my fantasies.”  I lowered my voice conspiratorially, “Especially when I don’t have to slay any dragons to do it.”  This time her laugh was real.  Her head tilted backwards as she laughed pushing forward a very nice chest, showing a modest amount cleavage.

Hey, I said to myself, it’s O.K. to look even if you are married.  Heck you’re not dead yet!  She was a pretty picture to look at.  Not very tall, perhaps five one or two, but she had a proportionately shaped body for her size that had all of the appropriate curves.  Her short blond hair had the devil-may-care look that reminded me of Meg Ryan, in the movie Top Gun.  Her face was not that of a model, more rounded, with lips that should have been in a Revlon ad and big green eyes.  She wore tasteful clothing.  A baby blue silk (maybe) blouse and short black skirt, which displayed her very shapely light, blue stockings.  Best of all though were her black high heels.  Those heels were five inches, if they were an inch! Wow!

She started asking me the standard fair of questions.  You know, what’s your name, where do you work, what brings you here, etc.  It was just about at the time that I found out her name was Katherine, but, you can call me Kathy.  Just than King Annoying walked back in.  He glared at me like I was some kind of snake, but fortunately walked on by, without making an incident.  We both let out a similar sigh of relief at the same time.  We looked at each other and cracked up laughing.  Heck, this was much more fun than reading a book.

We continued to talk and little by little I started to forget about her as a “tempting” woman, but more as someone to share my loneliness.  She asked me about home and I told her about my wife and kids.  I talked about them for quite awhile, as I have done many times.  I told her about my lovely wife who was the perfect mom and regaled her with stories of my three children.  Kathy in turn told me about a failed relationship, with a boring accountant.  Ouch, I thought to myself, that hit close to home.  I admitted to her that that’s about what you could label me “a boring accountant”.  I had said it with a little sardonic laugh, but my eyes looked down towards the table, sort of unconsciously confirming the truth.

“Oh come on”, she said.  “We been talking for close to an hour and I have been anything but bored!”  As she made this quiet statement her soft hand had closed over mine and given it a squeeze.  Electric shocks flowed up my arm and I found myself getting aroused!  I was a little afraid to move my hand for fear that she might think I was a wimp and also because I kind of liked the feeling.  We continued to talk; though I am truthfully not sure how I was able to keep up my end of the conversation.  A couple of times she lifted her hand off mine to emphasize her words, but it always found its way back.  Finally I got more comfortable and had basically convinced myself that she was just a friendly southerner and this was her normal mannerism.  But then it happened, she had shifted position a little and it brought her leg into direct contact with mine.  Not incidental contact, but a light rubbing motion with her high-heeled foot against my leg.  Bang, zoom, without so much as a stirring warning my privates had hardened and started to make a slight, but to me very noticeable bulge in my pants.  Woo baby, I thought, let’s get these horse reined in and quickly before I get into something I can’t get out of.

“Kathy”, I said slowly, not really knowing what I was going to say, but knowing I had to say something.  “Kathy, I’m married.  Happily married.  I’ve got kids and everything.  I... I really don’t think I’m what you’re looking for.”  Her foot stopped rubbing my leg, but neither it nor her hand moved.  “Mike”, she said softly looking me in the eye, “do you think I deserve someone like King Annoying or someone open and honest like you?”

I laughed a little, nervously framing my reply, “Now, that lovely lady is a loaded question.”  I realized almost immediately what I had said wrong and jumped in to correct myself.  “I didn’t mean to say lovely lady, it just sort of slipped out.  What I meant was that that question is loaded because you do deserve someone better than King Annoying, but you also deserve some better than me.”  I plunged onwards, awkwardly trying to get myself out of this with whatever was left of my dignity intact.  “Look, I’m no ladies man.  I love my wife and kids and I wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt them.... And besides, if you knew what I was really like you would probably rate me below Mr. Annoying over there.”  I don’t know where that statement came from, but rather than closing the door for good, the one utterance opened up Pandora’s box.

Her feminine curiosity had been aroused.  “What about you could possibly be so bad that I would think less of you than that slime”, she asked flatly.  I hemmed and hawed, not knowing what to say.  “Mike”, she started again, “I’m not trying to make problems for you and I’m not suggesting we hurt anyone, but...” The famous but.  Why does there always have to be a but.  Her foot had started to slowly rub my leg, now more of a caress, because of the slowness and lightness of her touch.

I had to stop this.  But, I wanted to stop it my way, not run a way like a scared puppy.  I wanted to scare her off instead of vise versa.  “Look, Kathy”, I started abruptly.  “You are a heck of a nice person...”  “A lovely lady, I think is how you put it”, she interrupted.  “Yes”, I resumed in my strongest tough guy voice, “A nice person and a love lady.  But if I want sex I can get it a home.”  I looked down at the table and then opened my big mouth again.  “Maybe not as often as I like, or in exactly the way I’d like...”

The condor pounced on the small running rodent.  “What do you mean not in exactly the way you’d like”, she asked with an interested look.  Truthfully I had been trying to get to this place, but it still wasn’t easy to use this to scare her off.  I hemmed and hawed a little more, but she wouldn’t relent.  “Come on Mike, what is it you really want that not even your wife will give you”, she asked with that cat like smile that says I’ve got you now.  Both hands were now on my hand.  “Well, blow jobs for one thing”, I said breathlessly.  I started to feel as if I had been running for a long time.  “Not they she won’t give me head once and it awhile, just not as often as I would like.”

One of her hands moved off the table and down to my thigh, where she had it make small circles with her fingers.  “So”, she began.  “We have determined that you don’t have anything against a good blow job, I hardly think that that puts you in a category below that slithering life form King Annoying.  Now, I knew I had to run or continue on my set course.  I came out with both guns blazing.  “Look, Kathy,” I said, “Sex I can get at home, but what I want most of all is control!”

She looked at me blankly, “Control, what do you mean?”, she asked.  “I mean, bluntly”, I said softly turning my head away from her prying eyes.  “Look, I get my wife to wear sexy clothes and let me tie her up.  You know bondage... B&D... S&M.  Whatever you want to call it.  To me their is nothing more exciting than an a woman in sexy lingerie, bound and under my control.”

Well that stopped her in her tracks.  She paused; in fact she had even unconsciously leaned backwards.  Kathy just looked at me for awhile, it seemed like an eternity.  I wanted to get up and run, rather than face the contempt I felt was sure to come.  “If you want to get rid of me just say good-bye”, she said, “but don’t go making up stories.”  I looked her right in the eye and said as steadily as I could, “It’s no story.”

She sat back against her seat, I thought at the time, in shock.  “So”, she began, “We have determined that you like blow jobs and bondage.  All right, I’ll buy it that you’re serious.”  She leaned forward again and put her hand back over mine, “I still think you’re a nice guy and I’m still interested.  Now, either you can tell me to leave or we can go some place else, preferably one of our rooms, to discuss this further.”

Now, it was my turn to be shocked.  I felt like the deer caught in the middle of the road watching the oncoming lights of a car.  I knew what was right, but... there’s always a but.  The flesh is weak and I had been away from home for almost a month.  Ouch.

“You’re telling me that you would agree to have sex while your helplessly bound?” I asked incredulously.  “We hardly know each other, how can you trust me like this.  Heck, it took my wife months, years to gain that comfort level.”  “Mike,” she said shaking her head, “Your wife is the reason I trust you.  You are still married and have three great kids.  No, I don’t think your going to be out to hurt me”.  I thought it out and could not refute her logic.

“O.K., Mike”, she said quietly, “Let’s figure out how we can satisfy your... fantasy and my ... hmmm lust”.  Her emerald green eyes drilled into me as she said, “If you could have me be and do anything your wanted what would it be”.

“Jeez”, I breathed.  “I never thought it would come to this so I had never planned it out this far.”  “Come on, give it a try”, she egged me on as her hand made contact with my thigh and her sexily shod foot began caressing my leg once more.  “All right”, I said, gaining strength and confidence, “Like I said the first thing would be to get you into some sexy lingerie.  I especially like corsets, garter belts and stockings.”  She chuckled and inched her skirt up until she had revealed the tops of her stockings (not panty hose) and a silk royal blue garter strap.  “I was looking to ease my solace tonight over that failed relationship”, she said by way of explanation.  “I finally got up the nerve to put on this Victoria’s Secret outfit.”  Now, it looked to me like she blushed at this admission.  “I can’t show you here in the bar”, she continued, “but, I’m also wearing the matching bustier.  Do you think that that will qualify as sexy?”

“Ahhhh, yes”, I stammered slightly.  “That would certainly fill the bill.”  I was in deep water now, way over my head.  “What else would I be wearing in this fantasy”, she asked huskily.  “High heels”, I replied equally breathlessly, “I noticed yours earlier.  The heel on them is...  is... fantastic!”  This time I was sure that she did blush.  She looked down at the table breaking eye contact for the first time in quite awhile.  “I’m on the short side so high heels make me more average in height”, she said quietly.  “Also, I like them because they give me a kind of confidence and they make me feel.... sexy”, she ended softly.  “They do that,” I agreed.  “I really like high heels on a woman and if not high heels than slippers.  Like ballet slippers or those Sam & Libby flats...” She abruptly had an quick and loud intake of breath and looked back into my eyes.  “This is getting really weird”, she said.  I didn’t understand what she was talking about.  What was getting a weird... heck, this whole thing was weird.  Kathy opened her shoulder bag, wide enough for me to look inside.  Inside was a pair of black Sam & Libby flats!  “These my favorite shoes”, she said unbelievingly.  “I must have almost a dozen pairs in different colors.  I keep these with me for driving.”  She laughed and her smile returned.  “I doubt that you ever tried it”, she said with a chuckle, “but, driving in heels like these, is not easy.”

“O.K.”, I said.  “I guess it’s good that we have some things in common.  You dress just the way I would want my fantasy woman to and you wear shoes that are... well exciting to me, but come on your not into bondage.”  Her green eyes meet mine, but more importantly her hand found my aroused manhood and gave it a squeeze.  “Let’s go back to your room and find out whether I do or don’t like that part of your fantasy”, she said huskily as she rose.  Taking my hand she led me to the elevator doors.

As the door to my room closed and I locked it, I noticed her give a little shiver down her body.  “Keep talking to me”, she said.  “I’m a little nervous, no I’m a lot nervous and what sounded like a good idea a minute ago is sort of scary now.” 
“Hey, look, you can leave any time you want,” I replied.  “And I don’t think that there is anyway that you are more nervous than I am”.  She laughed a little laugh, “Oh, what an adventurous couple we make.  Talk to me.  Tell me what you want me to do or at least what you’re thinking.”

“Honestly”, I began, “I am nervous and excited all at the same time.  My mind is whirling around with all sort of ways to fulfill my fantasies, but the one thing that keeps coming up is what am I going to use to tie you up with?  I mean it’s not like I travel around with lengths of rope or anything”, I finished in an exasperated voice.  “Fine”, she said, “a problem I can think through and not have to worry about.  Of course I would like to know how you want to tie me up, but to start with how many pieces of cord or rope do you think we will need?”  “Two at the minimum”, I answered, “but four or five would be better”.  Looking over at the drapes she asked, “How long do they have to be?”  I looked in that direction and walked over to the drapes.  This was a classy hotel and the drapes were held back by satin braided cords looped three times around each.  I undid one of the fasteners and stretched out the gold cord.  “Minimally about three feet, but six or more feet is best”, I said thoughtfully.  The cord was a least six feet long.  Together we stripped the other three and closed the double set of drapes.

Kathy held two of the straps, feeling them and looking at them.  She looked up at me and handed the gold satin ropes to me wordlessly.  “Now”, I said, “I guess it’s up to me to flesh out this fantasy... pun very much intended!”  She thought it over for a minute and then gave a little laugh. 

“All right here’s the way I would like the rest of the evening to go”; I said softly looking right into her big green eyes.  Somewhere along the line we had taken hold of each other’s hands and the cords were draped over my shoulder.  “If you don’t buy into this, after I lay out my plans”, I continued, “Please, feel free to leave.”  “Sorry”, she said.  “I can’t run out just yet, let’s hear these plans of yours.”

“O.K. its late, so though I would like to go for more positions, I think two is the max for the night”, I started.  “In one I would like to tie you up on your knees, with your legs spread.  I’d want you wearing just your sexy under garments and I’d like you to remove your high heels and replace them with your flats.  When you are properly bound, I intend to kiss and fondle you till your at the point of orgasm and then just when you are on the edge have you give me the best blow job that you ever given.”  I looked at her and asked, “Are you still with me or should we call it quits now?”

“No”, Kathy said softly, huskily, “I’m still with you.  What’s number two?”

“Ah”, I intoned, “that one’s more for both of us.  Your dressed the same, with the exception that I’d like you to put your beautiful high heels back on and remove your panties.”  She nodded her head in agreement.  “Next I bind you so that your arms are suspended over you, probably to that sprinkle system there in the middle of the room.  I spread your legs apart to give me complete access to your open orifices.  Then I’ll do what comes natural, drive you into a frenzy as many times as I can without letting you cum, that is.  I think that I will also like to try fitting into your rear end, I’ve never done that before and I guess this would be the time to try it.  But, I figure on finishing off in your love canal, finally giving you the satisfaction that, by that time, I hope you are dying for!”  I finished smugly.  I figured I had finally gotten into control.

She thought it over for a minute and said, “I think I can handle all that, in fact I find myself strangely excited by your description.  Before we start though is there anything else that your going to want to do when I’m all tied up that you haven’t told me now?  I mean is their anything you’re leaving out that you want in this fantasy.”  She saw that I was unsure of what she was asking.  “Think of everything you can put in to it, and tell me.  Heck, the worst I can do is say no.”

I thought it over, trying to think of anything that would heighten my arousal that I had left out.  “Well”, I started.  “If I could have anything, I guess I would add a gag to your outfit and I would like to spank that gorgeous rear end of yours.  Not too hard, I don’t get off on pain, just a sting.”  I thought some more.  “The only other thing I could think to add would be nipple clips, but I don’t know where we would find them around here.”

“Nipple clips”, she asked reverently.  “What are they and what do they do?”

“They are things that you clip onto the tip of your nipples” I answered.  “I’ve seen clothes pins used in magazines.  I never used them, but supposedly when placed on the end of a woman’s nipples they hit the pleasure / pain center.”  She took off her earrings and showed them to me.  They were of the clip-on type, shaped like an upside down half moon and made of solid silver with five silver balls suspended by silver chains below.  She handed one to me; it must have weighed almost three ounces.  I tested the clip.  It was pretty strong; well it had to be to hold these to her ears.  “Will my earring fit the bill”, she asked straight forwardly, “as you put it before.”  I looked at her with renewed interest.  She’s right this was getting weird.  I had never told anyone about any of this, yet along comes this pretty young woman out of the blue who seems to walk hand in hand with my deepest darkest desires.  Not to mention the resourcefulness she uses to fulfill those desires.

“Kathy”, I started softly.  I knew I had to ask because my curiosity was overriding the possibility of losing everything.  And to tell the truth there was a part of me that still wanted this all to fall apart, but it had lost to my lust awhile ago.  “Kathy”, I cleared my throat and began again.  “I want this ‘affair’ to continue, but I have to ask this question.  Are you sure you really want to go through with this?”

She sat down on the end of the bed and patted a place next to her, where she obviously wanted me to sit.  I sat.  “I don’t know what’s going on with me”, she said softly.  She took my hands into hers.  “All I know is that from the point you started talking about the types of clothing you would like me to wear in your fantasies, that I began to feel this really strong sexual connection with you.  I can’t remember ever feeling like this before.  Even the bondage play, which if someone had brought up to me yesterday I would have said was nuts, has made me curious.”  She squeezed my hands and lifted her eyes from my chest to look me into my eyes.  “The bottom line”, she continued, “is that I couldn’t leave right now even if I wanted to.  There is something in me that just have to see what’s behind that closed door.  Do you know what I mean?”

I returned the squeeze to her hands.  “Yes, I do”, I replied.  “That’s sound allot like me.  I’ve always told people that ‘I have to see what’s over that next hill’.  We just sat that way for a few minutes not wanting to break this moment of kindred spirits meeting.


“O.K.”, I said.  “Let’s play.  This is the scene I am the master and you are my willing slave.  You will address me as master at all times.  If you forget and call me by my name or any other term of endearment, you will be punished.  If at anytime during these scenes things get too much for you and you want out, you must say ‘Mercy Master’.  At that time I will stop completely and you can quit or tell me to be more gentle or whatever.  If you say anything else like ‘Stop Master’ or ‘No more please Master’, I will figure that your just playing your part.  ‘Mercy’ is the key phrase.  Do you understand.”  Her eyes had widened as I spoke so assuredly about these rules, but she shook her head in the affirmative.  I smiled.  “You can relax, Kathy”, I said with a soft laugh in my voice.  “I read these rules in a magazine when I was a teenager and I’ve wanted to use them ever since.”

She sighed a little and said, “Thanks, for telling me, but its time to get in character.  You play yours and I will play mine.  No more assurances or making me feel comfortable.  You are the master, your every whim is my desire.”  Kathy said all this in a straightforward business like way.  She removed her hands from mine and slid off the bed into a kneeling position at my feet.  “What is that you wish me to do first master?”  She asked looking up into my eyes.

“First”, I said, “I need to train you how a slave knells at her masters feet.  You’re not knelling to give a blowjob yet, woman.  You are showing obeisance to your master.  You legs should be together, with you rear end resting on your heels.”  She shifted position compliantly.  Her lovely legs were now folded you under her.  Maintaining this position with her high-heeled feet precariously supporting her butt as they were would not be easy.  “Your hands should be resting on your knees and your eyes should be down cast, looking at the floor, never directly at your master.”  Her hands moved quickly from her sides to her knees, her back straightened self-consciously and her eyes looked intently at the carpet in front of her.

“Perfect”, I intoned.  “You may have the makings of a half way decent slave in you after all”.  I went to my suitcase and pulled out a small black box.  When she heard the click and saw the flash of light, her head snapped up, her mouth wide ready to speak, as she realized that I had taken her picture.  “No, No, No”, I said to the lady / slave.  “Don’t say anything now.  I am the master and it is part of my wish to take pictures of you as I put you through the paces.”  She lowered her head, returning her eyes to the carpet.  Her cheeks had flushed red.  “Yes, master”, she said tightly.  I moved around her to get a silhouette shot, crouching to get the right angle.  Kathy looked positively regal from here.  The toes of her black leather high heels were scrunched against the beige carpet, pressed down by her tight little butt.  Her black skirt and ridden up her legs to reveal the tantalizing tops of her powder blue stockings and attendant garter belts.  Her straight back made the pleasing curve of her ample breasts even more prominent.  Light blond hair framed her pretty face.  I realized that I could spend the rest of the evening sitting here, just looking at that one beautiful picture.  I snapped the picture.  I had to find out what was over the next hill.

“Stand up... slave”, I said with a hint of hesitation.  I would have to work on that, I thought.  Kathy did so, straightening her skirt and smoothing her blouse naturally.  Then she let her hands fall to her sides and drop her eyes to the floor.  I snapped another picture.  “Take off your skirt and blouse”, I ordered her.  She began to kick off her high heels, obviously her normal way of getting undressed.  “No slave”, I told her, “leave the heels on for now.  I will tell you when to remove them.”  She paused.  Slid her stocking clad foot back into the steeply arched heel and said softly, “Yes, master”.  Standing before me, she first undid the buttons on the cuffs of her shirt, then each of the buttons from the top down.  She pulled the tail of the shirt out from under her skirt slowly and sensuously.  Removing the silk blouse she dropped it onto the bed besides her.  The skirt came off easily, dropping to her surround her feet until she kicked it out of the way.  Kathy stood there shifting about from one foot to another.  I saw her move to cover her scantily clad love mound with her hands, then moved them away determinedly.  She was uncomfortable standing there in the middle of the room, in her sexy undergarments, with me just staring at her.  I let her go another minute, just walking around her and looking her up and down.

“You have a lovely body, my dear” I began.  “Worthy of your chosen role.  Yes, you will make a fine slave.”  She relaxed as I began to speak and stopped snapping pictures.  When I mentioned the word slave however I noticed her shiver like an electrical current had run up her back.  She was beautiful.  The bustier was there as promised.  Royal blue satin, which pushed up her breasts to show off an amazing amount of cleavage and those beautiful white mounds.  It was the mid-drift style that ended shortly below her chest, with a classy lace fringe.  The garter belt was obviously part of the set, as it was the same color and framed in lace.  The garters themselves were pulled upon tightly by their respective stockings.  It was the royal blue lace panties that were the big surprise.  They were the high cut type, that revealed a lot of her thighs and her firm buttocks, but they were also crotchless!  Blond hairs from between her legs, peaked out from the split in the fabric.  Looking upon this vision of beauty all I could think to do was thank the gods for sending her to me.

I reached into her carry bag and pulled out her flats.  As I did so my fingers touched something soft and filmy.  I pulled that out also.  “You have been holding out on me”, I said.  “This scarf would make a perfect gag or blindfold.  I’ll just have to see what I can make of this.”  I put it aside on the nearby bureau.  “You may now remove your high heels and put on your flats.”  I dropped her Sam & Libby’s to the floor by her feet.  “I want you to remain standing, while you do so and until I tell you otherwise.  Do you understand slave Katherine?”

“Yes”, she responded.  “I understand fully, master.”  She stepped out of one extremely high heel first and slipped her stocking toe into the appropriate flat.  Balancing herself, with one heel arched five inches in the air and the other foot trying to find its way into her flats was not easy, but she handled the task admirably.  Wiggling and arching her foot she slid into the first shoe.  Steeping out of the second black pump and sliding into the soft supple leather of her flat was a breeze, compared to the first.

“Kneel here”, I pointed to a place on the carpeted floor between the bed and the waist high bureau.  “This time spread your knees and kneel upright.”  Kathy eased herself down into a kneeling position on the floor, wordlessly.  I walked around behind her and took a chair from the desk provided with the hotel room.  It was a standard four-legged chair, with a straight back.  I placed the chair over her spread legs, with the seat of the chair touching her back.  “Spread your legs further, so that you knees touch each of the front legs and your ankles touch each of the back legs”, I ordered her.  The lovely lady spread her knees in compliance and attempted to touch the back legs with her ankles, but her legs were just too short.  She did her best though, ending up with each foot touching a rear leg.  Using one of the golden cords, I bound first one knee to a front leg than the second.  I had wrapped the gold cord twice around the leg of the chair and just above her knee, then looped the loose ends in between the chair leg and her leg and tie it off.  This tightened her bounds into a figure eight shape.  The gold satin bit into her soft pale blue stocking clad legs.  Little by little the lady was definitely losing her freedom.  Next I wrapped the gold braids around her powder blue sheathed ankle, binding it tightly to a left rear leg.  I did the same for her right leg.  Finally I bound her wrists to opposite posts that supported the chairs back, which pulled her arms tightly behind her back.  This beautiful young lady wasn’t going anywhere.

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