On Display

by Techster

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© Copyright 2001 - Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; F/m; bond; cuffs; spreader; chains; hood; insert; clamps; anal; electroplay; susp; public; straps; denial; mast; vag; cons; XX

The morning sun warmed Lynette's bare back as she awoke. She was greeted by Bill her husband, lover and master of 15 years. "Well I just dropped the kids of at your mothers. Ready for the great experiment?"

She jumped to her feet and hugged him," Of course I've dreamt about being your display slave for a long time. How do I look, I've been working out?" She raised her arms and turned.

"You look great." Bill exclaimed as he caressed her neatly shaven pubic area. "Come on down to the living room. I've got all your gear ready."

She trotted eagerly down the hall to the living room and took a position beneath an eyebolt in the ceiling. 

"Is this where you want me?"

"You got it. First spread your legs and I'll lock the spreader bar in place."

 Lynette spread her legs wide apart and Bill locked the fleece-lined steel shackles snugly around each ankle. 

He looked up at he and smiled," I've made something new to the spreader bar. I'll show you later." 

She looked down as he showed her two chains, each was locked the ankle shackle.

Bill brought a sturdy wooden chair from across the room. He used it as a step while he reached up and hooked a small rope and pulley set to the eye bolt on the ceiling. From a small metal box he got out a head harness and buckled around her head as she held her hair back. He kissed her and asked," Ready for a lift?" 

As he hooked the pulley to her head harness he held out a small dial. "This is a hook scale." He explained. "This way I can control the tension so you're supported, but not hurt." 

Lynette took a deep breath and nodded knowing this would be her last opportunity to talk. The head harness was attached to the pulley and she felt her head being pulled until her weight was nearly off her feet.

Then Bill relaxed the tension. "Ready for the wrists." Lynette dropped her wrists to her sides. Bill buckled collars around each wrist, pulled firmly and locked the wrists to the ankle chains. 

"Here we go again. Everything is almost complete."

Lynette shuddered and thought, "Almost complete? What next?"

Bill produced a long chromed metal tube with a triangular end on it. He held it up in Lynette's field of view. "This is a new feature. It attaches to the spreader bar and goes into your vagina, the triangular saddle is a funnel of sorts to capture fluids. In short if you must pee, go ahead it will all end up in a bottle by your feet. Of course a clit clip and an anal electrode get installed first."

Lynette stood passively as she felt first the clit clip slid between her clitoris and her body. Next she felt the anal electrode slide up her rectum. Lastly the cold shaft of chromed steel penetrated her and the saddle pressed firmly on the clit clip and the anal electrode. Bill then locked the tube onto the spreader bar. Lynette could feel the upward pressure on her clitoris and rectum. It did not hurt, but made her well aware of just how captive she was.

Bill then took up tension on the pulley rope. "There that’s set at 40 pounds of lift. Blink your eyes if it is ok."

Lynette blinked. She relaxed, she was beginning to enjoy the feeling of dependence.

"Still more to come." Bill announced. "Let me show you what the clit clip and the anal electrode are for."

Lynette began to feel a tingling sensation, first in her clitoris, then in her anus, then in her vagina. She was overwhelmed with a feeling of sexual desire. She struggled briefly then realizing she could not move she relaxed into sub-space and dreamt of sexually assaulting her husband. She could feel the juices flowing from her vagina. Her breathing got heavy and her muscles tensed up. Then suddenly everything stopped.

The upward tension on her head harness eased. Bill kissed her and asked," How was that?"

"Great!" Lynette replied. "Now will you release me so I can attack you. I promise I've never been so horny in my life!"

"Not yet." Bill "I still have a couple of more treats for you. I'm going to use the head harness to pick you up and place your feet on a turntable. Then you get some more electrodes and stereo headphones. Your stimulation will be tied via computer to your favorite Kenny G. tune." Lynette nodded in agreement.

She felt the strain on her neck as her feet were lifted a foot or more off the ground. After a moment she was lowered onto a padded platform. She felt a cold steel pipe against her spine. Bill buckled a collar around her neck and belt around her waist. Lastly both ankles were locked to eyebolts that were screwed into the platform. Bill wiped her breasts and applied electrodes like they use in cardiology, she also got electrodes on her buttocks, legs, on her neatly shaven mons and each arm.

"Now let me tell what I've done and why. The computer is also on the turntable. It will synch pulses with the music. In short your muscles will dance for us today you will be our entertainment for the meeting of our BDSM club. If that is OK with you blink". Lynette still fighting with a dreamy sexual fog consciously blinked. She drifted off into sub-space as the sound of Kenny G's music flowed through her. She felt her arms moving, her breasts heaving and dancing and her buttocks moving rhythmically to the flow.

Lynette opened her eyes to see she was rotating and the room was filled with people. She could not hear what they were saying, but she knew that she was the center of attention. Later Bill turned off the music and stopped the turntable. With the crowd watching he removed each element of her bondage. As he released the collar he replaced it with another heavy collar. Bill released the tension on the head harness and Lynette slumped into his waiting arms.

Lynette snapped, "I am horny as hell. I want to rape you!"

"Have a seat here and will discuss that." Bill smiled as her as he pressed a switch on the collar.

Lynette gasped as she suddenly felt her arms and legs go numb. She could not move.

Bill explained to the group of friends, "The collar Lynette is wearing is my newest invention. It is a neural blocking collar. She cannot move, but she can talk, eat and breathe. How do you feel?"

Wide leather belts were secured around her legs keeping them spread apart, her waist and neck keeping her from slumping. Friends came by to ask her how she felt.

"I feel great, horny as all hell. It's funny to sit talking to you, no bonds to speak of and know that I cannot move."

A young woman whose only clothing was a polished steel collar asked," How does it feel?"

"Great. Ordinarily I'd be at least slightly embarrassed, but I know that I am being cared for." She paused taking a sip of wine when Bill offered it to her.

"Would please move my hands into my lap." She pleaded.

Bill answered with a smirk on his face of course. He positioned her right hand so it was in front of her vagina and inserted two of her fingers in her moist vagina. She looked down and blushed.

"Now for the fun part." Bill said softly. "I'm going to turn down the gain on the collar put two electrodes on your hand. You'll be able to feel everything, but just unable to move." 

Lynette pleaded, "Please release me so I can attack you. I swear I've never been so horny. I can feel the flow of my juices with the hand you've stuck in there but are unable to move my hand."

"Catch this!" Bill exclaimed as he turned up the gain on the electrodes installed on her neatly shaven mons. 

Lynette gasped, her head rolled from side to side, "Please take me! Please!" 

Her pleading turned into gasps her scream into a wail. "Please! Please! May I always wear your collar! May I please taste your manhood in my mouth. May I please feel the warmth and power that is you inside me!"

Bill reached up and diminished the gain on the collar by one more point. He then added two electrodes one to Lynette's hand, the other to her wrist. With the circle of friends watching he turned up the music gain to the hand. Lynette's hand rhythmically massaged her vaginal opening and her clitoris. Her head rolled her breathing labored, she screamed in ecstasy. Her head swung from side to side as though in an orgasm. Then all was calm, she had passed out.

Bill used that opportunity to remove all her bonds and electrodes and place her on the sofa. "You've heard of the old saying 'too much of a good thing!' Well that is a living demonstration." 

He left Lynette on the sofa as he bid the guests goodbye. Lynette suddenly awoke, staggered to her feet and grabbed Bill from behind, "It was fun seeing you all today, but I've got some personal business to attend to."

She reached down and grabbed Bill by the balls," He'll follow me anywhere." Lynette winked as she closed the door.

"Now I'm in control. Drop you hands to your side and follow me!" 

With the firm grip on his balls, Bill had no choice, but to comply. When they reached the master bedroom, Lynette commanded, " Now disrobe!"  Bill undressed as Lynette buckled the neural blocking collar around his neck.

"Lie down on our bed, face up." Lynette smiled as her grip on his balls tightened.

"Now it is your turn."

Bill obediently lay down and spread his arms and legs. Lunette turned up the gain on the collar so he cold not move, but still feel everything. Lynette swung onto the bed, straddled him, slid his erect penis into her moist vagina and moved slowly in an effort to maximize their orgasm. Finally a half an hour they both came and she slumped onto the bed and they slept into the early evening. 

Lynette awoke about 5:30 P.M. and rapidly dressed to go pick up their children.

Bill, still wearing the neural blocking collar woke and pleaded," Hey, what about me?"

"Right You'll only get bored if left immobile, so let me give you something to amuse you for the next hour."

She left and returned with the laptop computer, tens source box  and three of the leads in hand, "Now its your turn to enjoy Kenny G in a whole new way." She placed a lead at the base of his penis, another on the tip of his penis and a third on his scrotum. "That should give you something to think about!" 

She switched on the program and pulses started to course through his manhood. Instantly he developed a rock-hard erection. 

Lynette smiled, "Now adjust it just right!" she giggled as she adjusted the electrode output to maximize the tease and not permit a full orgasm. Bill lay in the bed, helpless as Lynette left, his head thrashing back and forth as his genitals surged with the electrodes' power. He drifted off into sub-space at least until his wife declared, " Well are you ready now?"

"Well, you're free I've decided to leave the children with mother until Monday." Bill breathed a sight of relief as Lynette switched off the electro-stimulation and then the collar. He charged across the bedroom seized her in his arms and they were lost in their own love.


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