Office Romance

by Dilapsus

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© Copyright 2010 - Dilapsus - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; office; oral; mast; sex; cons; X

We met at the office. In her first week there we had to spend a day on a client’s site, much of it alone while we tried to work out how the client had been set up. To say that being stuck in a confined space with her was distracting would be an understatement. She had that cute nervous look about her that always does something to me, maybe it’s the girl next door thing, maybe it’s the outwardly vulnerable look about her I don’t know, but certainly I was attracted to her. When she sat on the floor with her legs curled beneath her I got a tantalising view of the arch of her foot as her heels slipped slightly off. I don’t know what it is but I have always found this a turn on, along with girls being completely barefoot. Hey, I have to try and do something about this shoe fetish you girls have.

Nothing happened that day, but my dreams had been fuelled. As the days passed into weeks, the weeks into months I slowly got to know her and still I did nothing. My tastes being outside the norm I like to know I would have a receptive audience before I try anything. Then one day, a passing comment sparked my desires into over drive.

In the office I made a comment about getting one of our colleagues onto IM so I would have everyone I worked with on my list. She pipes up that I didn’t have her. I wonder if she knew then that the whole line was a ploy to get her on my list.

The next couple of weeks led to some fairly outrageous flirting. Mostly involving me telling her what I was looking for. When I tried to ask her what she liked the answer came back that she liked what I told her, oh bliss.

One evening we both we’re working late in the office, the problem with a small company is that there is always more work than the staff can do during the day. Everyone else had left and we were chatting good naturedly over the desk while we worked. Eventually she got up, I didn’t think anything of it, probably going for a coffee or to the loo. Imagine when she came beside me. As she sank to her knees by my chair I noticed she was barefoot. She crosses her wrists behind her back and lowers her head. I really have to strain to hear her when she tells me “I am yours, do what you like with me”. I couldn’t have been more aroused if she had come to me completely naked and already handcuffed (have to broach the subject of self bondage at some point).

So here I am, a gorgeous woman who knows my tastes offering herself to me. What is a guy to do? I was a little taken aback, after all, I am a man and we are simple creatures at heart. Where to start though? Always a good question. I reach down, lifting her chin with my finger I ask “are you sure?” Her smile is the only answer I need.

I tell her to stand up and strip. Slowly she does, shedding her clothes before me, revealing the body I have dreamed about for so long. I tell her to turn around slowly so I can take her all in, a vision of loveliness before me. Finally I tell her to come stand by me and put her hands behind her back. Being an ex Boy Scout I am always well prepared and I take some rope from my jacket and tie her hands behind her. I place my hands on her shoulders and push her back to her knees before tasking a second piece of rope for her ankles.

Naked, bound and on her knees between my legs there is only one thing to do. I open my pants and place my cock to her lips, placing my hands on her head I guide her down my length until she has fully engulfed me, then I take my hands away and see what she can do. Blowjobs are very important to me, not just as a prelude to sex but as the main event so it’s always good to know just how good it can be.

She sucks hard on me and it doesn’t take long before I feel the pressure build. Looking down on her, as her lips wrap themselves around me and just that view takes me over the edge. I explode, filling her mouth with my cum and I feel her swallow ever drop before she pulls back and uses her tongue to clean me. Let’s face it, perfection in human form. I stand up, several things going through my mind. Finally I push her onto her stomach and hogtie her while I go get some water. I needed to think for a moment about what to do next.

As I stand by the water cooler I watch her bound naked form struggling on the floor. I think it is probably about time I did something for her, only fair after all. 

I walk over to her and sit on the floor, running my hands over her body as I move to release the ropes binding her ankles. Her legs sink slowly to the floor as my hands find her ass, slowly stroking it, my finger tips lightly brushing her skin, sending little shivers through her. My fingers slide between her legs, feeling how ready she is for attention.

Her legs spread wider as my fingers explore her most intimate region, parting her lips. Finding her clit and rubbing it, a soft contented moan emerging from her as she gets the attention she has been craving. Slowly I explore, there is no rush. Finally I press a finger into her and her hips move to meet me.

I start to finger her, adding fingers as I feel she is ready, pushing deep into her, feeling her squirm under my touch. I start to remove fingers again until only my middle finger is penetrating her, my index finger comes to rest against her anus and on the next push forward I penetrate both holes simultaneously. At first she tensed then once I was fully in she pressed back against my hand with a grunt. As I finger her I can hear her breathing get more laboured, more ragged. With each thrust the grunts get louder and more animalistic, my hand becoming a blur as I push into her.

Finally a scream as her climax takes her. I cannot pull my hand free as she clamps down on my fingers, her muscles spasming, little twitches running through her skin as she slowly coasts down the other side.

I finally manage to pull free from her and reach up to untie her hands. Her arms fall to her sides, her chest still heaving. Gently I roll her onto her side and she smiles up at me. But we are not finished yet.

I pull myself into my chair and help her to stand before me. Undoing my trousers I free my cock before helping her to kneel over my lap. I guide her onto me, my hands finding her bum as I help her lift, before letting her fall down my length. Over and over we go, her weight pressing me deep inside her. Our climaxes building while we hold each other tight until I cum deep inside her, again she clenches around me as she collapses into the hug.

As with all good things they must finally end, and as always the post sex cuddle becomes sticky and uncomfortable so reluctantly we part, and now we have to get back to reality. Evenings like this always pass to quickly.

But hey, there’s always tomorrow night.