Not your Average Day at College

by Cornish35

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I am by no means a grade "A" English student so please don’t knock my English abilities. So this is a pure work of friction as I don’t think anyone would be this lucky / unlucky depending on how you look at it!

So I am a newly qualified teacher at the age of 22, I work in a college where I teach Design / technology. As well as this I am also responsible for a class of 20. We meet a few times a week and it is my job to help them with any needs they may have, sort out any issues they are having and generally be a problem solver.

We met this time on Friday after lunch, and discussed things for 30 minutes at which point the bell went to signal it was the end and time for their next lesson which was either sports or they were allowed to go early. Just as the group were leaving I asked Sam and Kelly to stay behind as I need a word with them, they moaned but did as they were told for once.

These two were thick as thieves and could be a real nightmare at times but I thought they kind of respected me even though I was their teacher. Just to give you some idea, they were both 18, Sam was tall at 5’ 11, she had a lovely sporty figure (not a stick insect!), and a very well-shaped ass and larger than average boobs. Kelly on the other hand was a lot shorter at about 5’ 5, her body was great and well-toned, her boobs were not as big as Sam’s but definitely a good handful and perky, her ass was very well defined and you couldn’t help but notice it! I would say Kelly is verging towards being an emo whereas Sam is the typical gets what she wants Sporty / cheerleader type.

When everyone left I shut the door and explained to them that a few lectures had showed concerns about the lack of respect they showed and that their work was not being done to a satisfactory level! At this point Sam interrupted me and asked, "Will this take much longer as we are meant to be playing hockey". I tried to explain this was exactly was I was talking about! It was at this point I noticed Kelly was in a world of her own and she had somehow without me noticing collected a few items from my workshop including a big pack of cable ties and a roll of duct tape, I ignored it and carried on trying to make my point which the girls just ignored, at this point I lost my cool and I shouted at them…

Before I finished what I was saying and quicker than a heartbeat Sam stood up and kicked me in square in the balls with her shin, before I could do or say anything I was on my way to the floor clutching my dick and screaming in agony! I think before I had even hit the floor the two girls pounced on me, Sam grabbed my wrists together while Kelly wrapped a cable tie round it and pulled it tight, and then another one around my thumbs. I could still barely breathe through the pain let alone fight them off! The next thing they did was to wrap duct tape around my torso trapping my arms to my sides. At this point I tried to ask what they thought they were doing and the only response I received was the Sam grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling my head back while Kelly wrapped the bottom half of my face in duct tape effectively silencing me! Now I was worried!

The next thing I knew Sam pushed me backwards on to my back where she placed her foot on my neck, Kelly took her position which was to straddle my chest and she looked down at me and started humiliating me, telling me how weak and feeble I was. Kelly reached around and grabbed my sore shrivelled up cock though my trousers and I winced in pain, "Is this what you call a penis?" She asked as she squeezed sending more pain through it.

I was in pain and agony, I had no way of escaping, I was at the girls mercy; I tried to ask through my gag what they wanted and at first they mocked me but then Kelly just whispered in my ear in a very angelic tone "We want you to be our slave Sir!" At this I started to squirm but as soon as I did Sam’s foot pressed harder on to my throat followed by Kelly’s hand pulling my cock away from my body. These two actions had the desired effect and I froze like a rabbit in the headlights!

Kelly now spoke in a hushed menacing tone… "Sir… We are in charge now and you will do as we say else you will feel pain like you have ever felt before, if you please us we may give you a small amount of pleasure but don’t count on it! We will go for a little walk now do not think of trying anything or else!"

With that Kelly got off my chest and Sam pulled me to my feet by my hair and held me where I stood still waiting for my next command. Kelly meanwhile snooped around my class room picking up some bits and pieces, I saw her stuff into her bag some more rope, straps, cable ties and duct tape, I heard her muttering… "These will come in handy!" She also picked up a few pieces of thin dowel and a couple of 6" log pieces of round timber similar to a broom handle width in size. The last thing they picked up was my coat and bag which had all my belongings in it. The girls skipped out of the room and I hesitated but didn’t have much choice as Sam didn’t let go of my hair.

The girls moved swiftly down the deserted corridor as everyone else had gone home or playing sports, ahead of us were the gym changing rooms, Kelly explained to Sam that they should use the men’s changing rooms as they are playing away and no one will interrupt them. Luckily when we entered no one was in them.

Kelly didn’t waste any time as soon as we got in there she came behind me and took hold of my hair from Sam and pulled me down to her level at which point she whispered in my ear in a very soft gentle tone…

"Sir we now need to remove your clothes, you are already in a lot of trouble and if you relax and do as you’re told we might not hurt you so much, the choice is up to you?"

100’s of thoughts went through my head but I could not see any way out of this so in obedience I lowered my head and waited for my orders…

"Good boy now let’s get you out of those trousers and shoes" said Kelly.

They both set to work stripping me down to my boxers and followed that by ripping my shirt off my body. I stood embarrassed with my head down, I didn’t even struggle.

"Right Sir can we go over to the bench please and sit on it for me please" Said Kelly.

With my head down I did as I was told, and sat down. Sam took my feet and swung them around so I had a leg each side of the bench so my feet were on the floor, my knees bent at 90’ and width of the bench made sure to keep my legs apart. Within a second I heard the sound of a zip tie being done up and realised the girls had put one around each ankle and then each thigh trapping my legs. Their next move was for Kelly to place her hand round my throat and gently but firmly push me backward where Sam was waiting for me and placed a zip tie around my throat and through the wooden slats on the bench and pulled it snug holding me in place. Kelly then came to my ear once more whispering…

"Sir Do you realise that even if we cut your hands free you will still be powerless to do anything to save yourself and you gave in so easily?"

I nodded in obedience, Kelly instructed Sam to have a look in the first aid kit on the wall for some scissors and as she walked away I couldn’t help but noticed her curvy ass wiggle and admire it. Unfortunately Kelly noticed me looking.

"Sir you are just a pervert, you are so disgusting, I bet her ass is making your little cock grow?" Said Kelly.

I tried to avoid the eye contact but she grabbed my cheeks and made me look her in the eye…

"Well Sir you might get to see a whole lot more of that if you are lucky!"

And at the point Sam came back with the scissors. Very carefully they cut the cable ties around my wrists and before I got to use to any sort of freedom they were cable tied to either side of the bench. My fate was in the hands of the girls now and I could only be a good boy and wait to see what they had in mind for me which didn’t take them long and before I knew it my boxers were being cut of, I froze in fear in case they cut anything by mistake but before I knew it they were gone. The girls stood either side of me and looked at my dick.

"Sir I have got to admit that is a nice dick you have there I bet that will be a nice snug fit inside me?" said Sam.

I couldn’t believe what she said and I know it is bad and I was meant to be the responsible adult but I couldn’t help have a little smile while my cock started to stir.

"Sir I have to agree with Sam that it looks nice, I’m not sure if I will be able to fit that in my tight pussy? I haven’t had as much sex as Sam!" Said Kelly.

Sam’s head spun around and was about to reply in anger when Kelly gave her a look which broke down her spirit and she simply looked down at the ground. The two girls had a little whisper in front of me and then they seemed to hatch a plan…

"Sir we are hopefully going to play in the last half of the hockey game but before we go we need to get you ready, you may like what we have instore for you but you might not, on the other hand we do not care what you think" Said Kelly.

With that both girls walked away out of my view and left me for what felt like hours but was probably only a few minutes. When they returned they were both dressed identically with trainers, long socks, short pleated skirts, shiny blue hot pants, and fitted tops on with the college’s logo on it again my cock throbbed to life.

The girls set there plan in motion and both started to gently toy with my cock, I knew it was wrong but it felt so good and my cock grew to full size quickly, they both looked at it and started licking it each in turn which felt amazing. While I had my eyes closed trying to take stock of the situation I missed Kelly taking a hair band doubling it over and letting it snap closed at the base of my cock. It felt like a bolt of electricity and I attempted to scream into my gag, despite being gagged I still made a lot of noise.

Kelly looked at me very angrily and explained this noise would not be tolerated, she looked at Sam and gave her a nod. Sam looked at me and without saying anything held a finger to her mouth indicating for me to be quiet and she removed my gag and like a good boy I stayed silent.

Sam then took up position with one leg either side my head, within a second she dropped down and rest all her wait on my face I started to panic as I couldn’t breath and I felt her hips rocking backwards and forwards, the next thing I knew I felt the electricity on my cock again a little further up my shaft, lucky Sam was there to muffle my cries! Once I went passive as I thought I was going to suffocate she stood up and I gasped fresh air not for long as the process was repeated again and again. On the third time I was a little calmer and noticed that this time I could smell her arousal which only served to make my cock throb harder and hurt me more! When she lift up after the third time I looked up to see a wet patch in her shiny hot pants which only made me hornier. The fourth time the process took place I enjoyed it slightly more, paying more attention to the smell of sex on my face, the electricity through my knob which only served to make it throb harder and the last hair band was placed very snuggly around my balls making them protrude away from my cock.

They both looked at me and admired their handy work by running their fingertips all over my body occasionally scratching me and then kissing it better. Kelly stops them both and ask Sam to go and get her knickers, Sam looks a little bewildered but does as she is told, while Same is gone Kelly straddles my thighs causing her little hockey skirt to rise up, showing her hot pants which also have a damp patch in the front of them, she then slides her body up and down over mine so the thin lycra materials is the only thing between my throbbing cock and her wet pussy teasing me even more!

Sam then returns holding a pair of green silk knickers and explains that she is sorry if they smell but she had been wearing them all day and with that they both start rubbing my cock and with the four hands and the knickers, the silk knickers feel amazing and it doesn’t take much before my hips are bucking but like experts they ease off, I’m not sure if I’m in heaven or hell! They let me come down and this time they don’t stop within seconds I’m cumming like a fountain all over myself and the girls move backwards but don’t stop wanking me which of course becomes unbearable because it’s so sensitive, after a while they stop and the pleasure / pain subsides and I am left panting.

Sam then starts to wipe me clean of my mess with her knickers while Kelly then moves round to my ear…

"Sir we now need to leave you to go and finish our game which you made us miss, we are happy that you will be here when we get back but we can’t have you screaming for help" said Kelly.

With that Sam holds her knickers out for me expecting me to open my mouth, which stays firmly shut!

In the nicest sweetest voice Kelly tells me to open my mouth or I will regret it but my mouth stays shut. Without saying another word Kelly pulls a length of dowel from behind her and whips my now limp cock. Within a split second my mouth has opened to scream but the knickers have been forced in with military precision and now fresh duct tape is wound around my head effectively sealing Sam’s cum soaked, dirty knickers in my mouth.

"Sir I’m sorry I had to cane you but it was for your own good, Right now stay here and we will be back after the second half"

The two girls grab the stuff they need and make sure to show off the little pert asses to me before the door swings shut and I am left alone.

I take a moment to take stock of my situation, I am being held captive by two girls who I should be looking after, I’m naked, gagged with cum soaked knickers, I can barely move an inch and my cock throbs in pain from the cane as well as having 4 hair bands along the length of it crushing it and my balls! In my mind I’m running through it all in my head, I know it’s wrong but I couldn’t help but get turned on.

After what seems like an eternity Kelly returns on her own. She straddles my chest and her skirt rides up showing me the damp outline of her pussy. Kelly started to touch her pussy through her lycra hot pants, She says to me…

"Sir I need to cum as I can’t concentrate on the pitch!"

My eyes go wide and with that she turns 180’ and slides her pussy over my face and once again I smell her scent but now it is mixed with sweat! I feel my cock come to life again. She starts to slowly grind he pussy against my chin and nose slowly increasing in speed all the time her moans are getting louder and louder, she takes her time working herself up but all the time she plays with my cock. Sometimes she strokes it nicely then she is digging her nails in and she occasionally licks it. The strain on my cock and ball with the hair bands is awful and making it throb. All the time she is getting herself more and more aroused.

Within a couple of minutes her hips are bucking violently and I feel her muscular thighs gripped my head as her hips involuntarily bucked with her orgasm. From the moment she started to cum she grabbed my cock with one hand and squeezed it hard and didn’t release it till she released my face and allowed me to breathe again, with that we both spent a minute composing ourselves after her orgasm and my lack of oxygen.

She got off me and started to look at her hot pants she was wearing which were soaked in her own cum, which gave a perfect view of her pussy "I can’t wear these" she explained, she went behind me so I couldn’t see her and when she returned she held the hot pants in her hand and she was wearing a new shiny black pair. She took her wet hot pants and slid them over my head making sure the damp area was positioned over my nose, she then took some duct tape and wrapped it round them so they wouldn’t budge and I would be forced to smell her sex with every breath.

"Sir… thank you for my amazing orgasm, I can’t wait to sit on your cock and ride your hard dick tonight, see you soon" with that Kelly bounced out the door taking care to give my stiff cock a hard slap on her way past.

Once again I’m left on my own confined to my bonds and confused, I try to break free but I can’t and the struggling on me makes me breath hard meaning I have to smell her scent more which is I’m honest isn’t a bad thing!

So after what feels like an eternity passes of my useless struggles the two girls return after their match, luckily they are happy as they won the game. As they walk in Sam mockingly asked how I am and if I’m comfortable knowing full way I can’t even answer the question even if I wanted to. With that they started to slowly strip of in front of me, unfortunately for me I was limited in the fact if I lifted my head I choked myself on the cable tie around my neck, and my vision was limited by the musky smelling hot pants pulled over my head.

Once they were naked I only heard some bits of what they were saying but it had something to do with my phone and pictures but I couldn’t see or hear anything so tried to wait calmly in my bonds until whatever they had instore for me next!

Once they were dressed they both knelt down so they were either side of my ears and they told me the plan, as soon as I heard the plan I started to struggle and shout for help but they had anticipated this, firstly Sam started to hit my thighs with the dowel repeatedly and Kelly held my nose while grabbing my balls and pulling them towards my feet, panic started to set in as I felt I was running out of air and I settled down, with that they stopped everything and I was allowed to breath. They assaulted me twice more like this and when they had stopped Sam whispered quietly into my ear…

"Sir…  Do you realise we are in charge now?"

With that I looked down and away from Sam and replied "Yes" as best I could.

"Look me in the eye and call me Miss next time you piece of shit!! Is that clear?"

And with that I looked at her and this time looked in her eyes and replied "Yes Miss" as best as I could.

"Good boy" she replied.

She then got me ready to be transported… they cut my hands free and told me to interlock my fingers together in front of me, they then proceeded to wrap tape over my fingers and down my wrists, they then cut the cable tie from around my neck and made me sit up so they could wrap more duct tape around my waist and arms. Before they released my feet they took a piece of rope and tied a simple noose in it like a choke chain for a dog and placed it round my neck, they tried out the new lead by giving it a gentle tug and I had to respond instantly to avoid the pain.

I then heard Kelly tell Sam to go get my car and bring it round to the side and have the boot open ready and with that Sam went off.

"Right Sir… this is very simple when I release your ankle I will lead you out of the fire exit where your car will be parked, we will then place you in the boot and shut the lid, if you try anything I will pull your lead so hard and not stop till you pass out amongst other things… Yes I realise you are naked, gagged and have limited visibility but that is all the more reason you need to get in the boot quickly so you are not seen! Do you understand boy?"

I looked her in the eyes and said "Yes Miss" as best I could.

With that she cut my feet and thighs free and she then gave a gentle pull on the lead, I thought about fighting but what could I honestly do?

We got to the door and Kelly peeked out and could see Sam had done as instructed, Sam pulled hard on the lead and we moved swiftly the few feet and before I knew it I was bundled into the boot of my own car and in complete darkness in a matter of seconds. I then heard them throwing all of theirs and I guess my belongings into the car and the car drove off.

The ride was very uncomfortable but for some reason my hardon barely faded, I don’t know if it was the grip of the hair bands, the taste of my own jizz or the erotic smell of the sweat and scent of her pussy, I knew it was wrong but I was so turned on!

I felt the car come to a stop and then I heard what sounded like something mechanical operating and then the car pulled forward and was followed once again by the same mechanical sound, it was then that it dawned on me I was in a garage.

The engine switched off and moments later the boot opened with Kelly and Sam looking in on.

"Did you enjoy the ride Sir? You’ve got a great house with all sorts of possibilities here!!

End of part 1

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