The Nosy Neighbors Wife

by Wishful_Husband

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© Copyright 2012 - Wishful_Husband - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; gag; lingerie; hogtie; toys; insert; cons/reluct; X

One warm summer afternoon the phone rang, it was my next door neighbor Kim. After we exchanged greetings, Kim began to question me on what was going on our deck on Saturday, (see previous story Summer Bikini).

“What do you mean?

“Don't play dumb with me Mary Beth, I saw the whole thing. I told my Husband, that I was going to call the Police because you must be in trouble? Your Husband had you tightly strapped down on that lounge chair and he was banging the hell out of you. My Husband went and got his binoculars and convinced me that it was consensual. I guess Mary Beth whatever floats your boat, however I couldn't happen to notice the huge erection that my Husband had developed.”

“That all he talks about now what a lucky guy John the neighbor is I told him not in his wildest dreams would I ever try that.”

“Well Kim I am really sorry, we thought you were away for the weekend. I certainly don't want the neighborhood to know I am some bondage slave for my Husband. However it's amazing by giving up control how much control I have gained. By allowing my Husband to tie me up and have his way with me, has made our marriage stronger then ever. You should really try it Kim our sex life has never been better.”

“Mary Beth that's why I called, it's my Husband's Birthday today and I can't think of anything to get him, so I figured I would give it a try. Could you come over and show me the ropes?”

“Kim it would be my pleasure, do you have any rope?”

“Yes I do, the birthday boy gets home at 5:00 , can you come by at 4:00?”

“Kim why don't take a nice bath and get your hair and make up done. John always likes it when I wear my garter belt, stockings and high heels, I'll be there at 4 be ready.”

I must say I was very excited after hanging up, I thought since she was a beginner I would bring a few surprises to make her and his experience more enjoyable. To get in the mood and to let her know who was in charge I put on my black leather corset, stockings and high heels. I then put on my raincoat to cover my outfit, slipped a few surprise into my pockets and walked over to Kim's house.

I rang the bell and Kim answered the door in a plush bathroom. “Hi Kim are you ready?”

“I guess but I am awful nervous about doing this.”

“Don't worry you’re in very good hands.”

“Mary Beth why are wearing a raincoat?”

“Why are you wearing a bathrobe? I told you to be ready.”

Kim quickly dropped her robe revealing herself, dressed in a pretty white garter belt without panties, she wore silky nude color stocking with 4” high heels. I must admit I did not realize what a lovely figure Kim had. To start with she had a beautiful face with thick shoulder length brunette hair,

with gorgeous skin and an olive colored complexion. Kim had large breasts , a tiny waist, slim hips and very ample ass. I must admit I was a little jealous and aroused by her gorgeous body.

We went into the kitchen and she poured us some wine. On the table there was a large coil of rope and a knife.

“Well we don't have a lot of time.” So I began cutting up, the rope into manageable sections.

“Now finish up your wine”, so Kim took a big gulp and finished it off.

“Please turn around and put your hands behind you back.” I quickly wrapped the rope around her wrists and cinched it off by wrapping it through the middle.

“Oh that doesn't feel so bad”, but the more she struggled against the rope the tighter it became.

I then took another piece of rope and tightly tied her elbows together. I could tell she did not like this and started to complain that I was hurting her. “Now now Kim, look how big your tits look now?”

“Mary Beth this is too tight please untie my elbows?” So I dropped my raincoat showing off

my corset.

“I am the mistress here and I suggest you stop complaining.”

“Why does this have to be so tight?”

“You will see seen enough?”

Kim was getting very anxious and started to move her arms around trying to move her hands to grab something.

“Now now let's add another piece of rope so you can have some fun.” I then tied her a crotch rope with plenty of large knots in all the right place, finishing it off by tightly wrapping it between her wrists and knotting it off. It didn't take her to long to figure out how to move the crotch rope around and get herself all worked up. I couldn't help myself but I did give her a hand and quickly got her very aroused.

“Oh my it's very wet and damp down there?”

“Oh please, oh please, I want to come, please let me go untie me now!”

“Aren't you the demanding one here, I have something for that.” reaching into my raincoat's pocket I pulled out a big ball gag and dangled it in front of her face.

“Oh no I never agreed you could gag me, now let me go right now. Please let me go I don't think this was such a good idea.”

“Kim I am not going to let your complaining spoil your Husband's birthday surprise.” So I stepped behind her and covered her mouth and nose with my hand and waited for thirty seconds until she opened her mouth for air. I then quickly jammed the 2” red ball deep into her mouth pushing it behind her front teeth and then I tightly buckled the leather strap behind her head.

Trying to let out an angry scream all I could hear was some muffled noise. She was pissed, shaking her head back and forth, I think she thought she could spit it out or shake it out.

“Kim try to calm down the only way that's coming out of your mouth is if the Birthday Boy takes it out.”

“Mmmrphrph mmmrphrph”

“Now now, you will thank me for strapping that in your mouth. First of all my Husband says you are never tied up until you have a ball strapped into your mouth. It will also keep your Husband's cock out of your mouth and blowing his load in it, and finally when you have all those orgasms your about to have it will give you something to bite down on and help keep the noise down.”

“You also complain way too much and you are not in control anymore, so why don't you just try to calm down and relax?'

“Mmmrphrph mmmrphrph”

“Now let's get you ready,” I then lead her over to the large island counter in the middle of the kitchen. “Now bend over and lay forward on the counter.” I then bent down and tightly tied her ankles together. Taking another piece of rope I wrapped it around her legs above her knees and tied it off. Standing up I couldn't help but admire Kim's luscious bum. Pulling on the two back garter belt straps I let them snap on her beautiful derriere. “mmmmrph “ Her muff looked moist and warm, I wish I had a strap on so I could have given her a good humping from behind.

I then went over to my coat and pulled out a very long vibrating dildo. Looking at her, I noticed her eyes widen when she saw the dildo in my hand. She started to struggle and moan, but with her legs now tied while bent over the counter she was pretty helpless. I walked behind her and gently slide the dildo into her very wet pussy, no need for lube here. I pushed the dildo in has far has it would go. Taking another piece of rope and has tight has I could I wrapped it around her thighs and cinched it off. This would prevent any chance of her opening her legs and pushing the vibrating dildo out. I then turned the knob at the end of the dildo and her new play toy began to hum. Setting the vibrator on the low speed I wanted to keep her in a state of frustration.

Reaching down I grabbed her ankles and lifted them up while pushing and sliding her forward until the rest of her body was on the counter. I could no longer see the end of dildo because it was now trapped between her tightly tied thighs. Wrapping a piece of rope between her ankles and knotting it off and then pulled the other end and tied it between her wrists. I let a little slack in the hogtie , just enough so she would go back and forth pulling on her ankles and wrists, never finding a steady or comfortable position. Her body looked awesome dressed in a tight little garter and silky stockings, while straining and flexing against the super tight hogtie I had placed her in.

“This is the first time I have ever been at the other end of a hogtie, now I know why my Husband gets so excited and crazed. He says there nothing sexier than a beautiful women with a great rack in a garter belt and stockings, tightly tied and ball gagged, who is aroused and frustrated while being totally helpless and available for his complete and unlimited sexual enjoyment. Kim you look so amazing I hope her Husband will untie her. I know one thing Kim is certainly very bossy and likes to complain a lot and I don't know if I would want to remove that big ball gag strapped in her mouth and listen to her. However what married guy can resist a mouth only, no hands, explode in her mouth blow job? “

Looking down at Kim I was quite impressed with my roping skills, since I am usually at the other end of it. “What a Birthday present you are, look at you, your Husband will never forget his Birthday this year.”

Helping Kim roll onto her side , I gently tweaked her nipples , ran my hands over her thighs, and rubbed her ample behind. Then I grabbed the top of her crotch rope and gave it some gentle tugs.

She tried to grid hips hoping for some release while moaning in frustration. I then pulled out one of those cheap Birthday hats that look like a small dunce cap and placed it on top of her head and then pulled the elastic strap and snapped it underneath her chin.

I then checked all the ropes and knots making sure everything was secure and tight. Kim started to make a lot of noise so in effort to quiet her down, I pulled the ball gag strap an extra notch tighter. She glared at me and I gave her three slaps on that beautiful ass of hers.

“Kim I hope you enjoy your Husband's Birthday, it looks like you’re going to be the party. Please don't get up I'll let myself out and I will lock your door. Don't worry I'll keep an eye on your house and make sure your Husband gets home and finds his surprise.” “ Goodbye for now, may you have many orgasms and let me know how you make out.” Walking out I heard the gentle hum of the vibrator and mmmrphrph.

To be continued

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