No Job Means No Dignity 2: A Day by the Pool

by DMW

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© Copyright 2008 - DMW - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; fem; outdoor; mast; cons; X

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This story is a follow up to No Job Means No Dignity Part One.  If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do so now to give you a better idea of what’s going on here.

Part Two: A Day by the Pool

About 6 months have passed since I lost my job when things changed forever as my wife became the dominant one in our relationship and I became, for want of a better word, her bitch.

It’s now August and, despite warnings of showers, the weather this weekend has been hot.  So hot, I was sent to the local garden centre (wearing a pink thong under my shorts because, as always, my outfit was selected by my wife) where I was instructed to purchase an inflatable paddling pool and a garden hose.

Upon my return, and before I was even indoors, I was greeted by my wife who handed my “bathing suit”, a pair of women’s black lacy briefs.

Standing in our garden, I stripped, thankful that our garden afforded an almost complete amount of privacy but less thankful that my wife had picked the underwear that, because of the rubbing involved with the material, always leaves me at least semi-erect.

Since I’ve been on “orgasm rations”, she hasn’t picked them much in case I have a little accident which I did in a pair of her panties once.  Not a wise move as the naked crawl around the garden proved to me.

Originally, the only women’s clothes I wore were the ones I had bought my wife which she had decreed too uncomfortable but since then, she has been kind enough to purchase me my own, with my own money from jobseekers allowance of course.

I was instructed to get on my hands and knees and blow the pool up by hand.  I did so with my back to the window, feeling my wife’s eyes on me, even if I couldn’t see her.  The exertion made me dizzy and light-headed.  I had to stop periodically, certain that I was going to feel a sharp kick to my backside, but it never came.

Finally, the pool was inflated so I stood up, turned around and saw my wife at the door who called me over to her.

“Oh, look sweetie,” she said as she reached down to between my legs, “you appear to have fallen out of them.  Let me just tuck you back in.”  She did so but not before caressing me to a full erection then, tucking me back into the briefs, told me to go and fill the pool up with warm water.

I headed to the kitchen with the hose and, after having a little difficulty, managed to attach it to the kitchen tap and begin filling the pool.

When it was full, I called to my wife who appeared at the door in a green bikini, the top of which was at least 3 sizes too small, causing her boobs to almost spill out of the sides.  Instinctively, I twitched and realised I’d fallen out of the briefs again.  This time my wife wouldn’t be so accommodating to put me back in them but she did look down at my enlarging cock.

“Oh, so you like what you see then?” she asked, full of innocence.  “Come.”

With that, she walked past me, took me by the hand and led me to the pool.  Once she’d used me to help her get in, she beckoned me into the water myself.  I climbed in, settled down and gave a contented sigh as the water cooled my skin against the midday sun.

“Honey?”  My wife spoke.  “Get me a gin and tonic will you?  Lots of ice.  There’s a good boy.”

And that was that.  My time in the pool over.  I held back a heavy sigh and thought, for one of the few occasions I did, that I needed to get a job and get my dignity back.  As I stood up, the weight of the water on my briefs pulled them down a little.

“If they fall off,” my wife began and I walked towards the kitchen and they began to fall lower,” they stay off.”

“Yes dear,” was all I could reply.  Of course, they did fall off, about halfway back to the pool.  Strangely, my wife wasn’t there to notice; she’d disappeared.

I took the opportunity to get back in the pool, even if I was naked, putting my wife’s drink down on the grass next to the pool.  Just as I was glad to be out of the direct sun and in the cooling water, I heard my wife’s footsteps on the gravelled drive.

“Out!,” she commanded and it was a command.  Reluctantly, I obeyed and began to climb out of the pool and turned to see her holding an umbrella and some rope.

She told me to hold my hands out like I was praying, which I did and allowed her to tie my hands together at the wrist.  Once she was satisfied the knots were suitably tight, my wife kneeled down in front of me and started wrapping another rope around my legs, just above my knees.

The combination of the location (I’m an exhibitionist at heart), the situation and the fact that my wife looked incredible kneeling at my feet in her bikini meant that I became erect.  My wife just smiled and continued tying my legs together.

Once my knees were tied together, I was instructed to kneel, which I did so but over balanced, fell forward and landed on my hands, leaving me on all fours.

“That’ll do boy,” my wife said as she began tying my ankles together, which didn’t take long or use as much rope as she thought it would since she threw the rest of the pieces down by my side.  Once she was done, my wife traced her fingernails up my calves and thighs before going under my belly and doing the same on my still erect cock.

Without any attempt at giving me pleasure, she stood up, grabbed the umbrella, opened it and ordered me to cup both my hands in a circle.  I knew what she meant and obliged as she placed the handle between my hands to provide some shade for her.

Finally, she took her drink, complained that it had been sat in the sun so the ice had melted, placed it on the grass in the shade caused by my body, picked up her book and climbed back in the pool.

I had no idea how long we stayed there but she certainly got through a good few chapters.  Unfortunately for me, the combination of the hot sun, hard ground and general fatigue had me breaking out into a sweat.  This was not a good combination for someone whose task was to hold onto an umbrella and it slipped out my hands and onto the grass.

My wife was out of the pool in an instant, berating me for my stupidity.  Of course it could have landed on her and of course it could have punctured the pool.  It did neither but that didn’t seem to matter to my wife who walked off behind me.

She returned holding the briefs I had worn earlier and instructed me to open my mouth, something I did as I had no real choice.  She shoved them in and I was pleased the sun had dried them out.  My wife then picked up a piece of rope she previously had discarded and wrapped it twice around my head, making sure each time a piece went into my mouth before tying a knot behind my head, holding the briefs in.

Grabbing the tail of the rope, she ran it down my back and into my butt crack.  I felt for sure that she was going to tie my balls to the other end to make sure my head was kept in a certain position.  At least, if I didn’t want my balls pulled hard but no, she grabbed the umbrella instead.

The handle was placed between my knees, the rope holding them together kept it relatively upright but not upright enough it seemed and I felt my butt cheeks being spread and the metal of the umbrella stalk entered between them.  When my wife had moved it around what she felt was enough, she took the rope tied around my head and tied the other end around the umbrella, keeping it in place as long, I was told, as I could keep my head still.  I mumbled that I would do my best.

My wife seemed okay with the idea that I would, picked up her empty glass and went off to get another gin and tonic, which she placed underneath me upon her return.

“Oh dear,” she said.  “It looks like you’ve really caught the sun.  You’re all pink.  Oh well!”  And she climbed back into the pool with her book.  Occasionally, she’d pick up her glass, take a sip and put it back.  Sometimes, she’d squeeze my cock in case it was hard, which it sometimes was but always got harder under her touch, which was never long enough to cause any accidents.

That’s how we stayed until she finished her book, however long that was.  I know that I was stiff and sore, not only from being in the same position for so long but also from the sun beating down on me.

“Oh sweetie,” my wife laughed when she saw how pink I was.  “I think perhaps we had better get that back out of the sun.”

That would be nice, I thought.

She got out of the pool and disappeared, reappearing shortly after with another gin and tonic in one hand and something in her other hand I couldn’t see.  As I turned my head to see what they were, the umbrella stalk pushed against my anus and reminded me I’d better keep my head still.

I heard her go into the shed and when she returned, there was banging, wood on metal, leaving me wondering whether I should try to turn my entire body to see what was going on.  In the end, I decided to stay where I was, figuring I’d find out soon enough anyway.

It wasn’t long before I felt her behind me, undoing the rope holding the umbrella against me.  It felt good to be able to drop my head forward and stretch my limbs as my ankles, knees and finally wrists were untied.

“Come!”  My wife said, grabbing hold of the end of the rope round my head like a dog lead.  I didn’t get the hint and stood up. 


I got down on all fours again and immediately felt the sting on my arse cheek, first the left, then the right, each in time with the words.  “Bad!” left cheek.  “Dog!” Right cheek.

Instinctively, I moved away.  Not only that, the sunburn made it that much more painful, a thing that, I think, surprised my wife when she looked in my eyes.

“That really hurts, doesn’t it?”  I nodded.  “Okay, come over here and I’ll cool you off.”

I followed her on all fours and quickly saw that she’d had heavy duty tent pegs in her hand, 8 of them which were now buried in the grass with ropes tied around them in the shape of an X.  It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was going to happen, and so I ended up tied, on my back, on the grass, still in the sun.

While I was being tied, my wife was moving around, giving me some great views of her body, causing me to get hard.  My wife grabbed hold of my erection and cupped my balls before talking to it like a child saying about how we don’t want this to get burnt.  Hopefully, that meant rubbing some cream into it.  Actually, it did not!

“First though,” my wife said getting up, “I think I need to sort out your back.  Cool it down a bit.  Does that sound nice?”  I nodded.

I wish I hadn’t.  My wife returned with the end of the hose and started feeding it between my legs until it was at the small of my back.  She then disappeared indoors and, although I braced myself for the cold, it was even colder than I was expecting.  Although, it did seem to cool off my back somewhat.

My wife came and stood either side of my hips, looking down at me until the water seeping out from underneath me touched her feet.  Then she went back inside and turned the water off.

When she came back out, she kneeled down between my legs and started rubbing my cock, breathing on it, telling me how good it would be for her to sit on it there and then.  Of course, I became extremely hard and allowed my wife to take her hair down and use the hair band as a makeshift cock ring to wrap around the base of my erection.

She smiled as she stood and vanished again, returning once she’d found two more hair bands.  These ones she used to attach the end of the hose to my still erect cock, the nozzle pointing at my face like a rather menacing water gun, one with an endless supply of water.

Before going back in to turn the water on, she undid the knot behind my head and took the briefs out of my mouth, certainly a relief for an aching jaw if not a clear sign what she expected to happen when the water came on.

Luckily for me, I didn’t get a face full of freezing cold water, instead it only reached my chest and ran off my stomach and shoulders.  When my wife came out and saw what had happened, she was disappointed but soon worked out the remedy and kneeled down near to my ear.

“You’ve been such a good boy today, I think perhaps later I’ll tie you naked to the bed, put on that black underwear you like, dance for you, then climb onto the bed and ride you like the stallion you are!”

Of course, that worked!  My wife had worked out that I was only semi-aroused and the thoughts and images of what she’d described made me fully aroused, causing the water to spew out of the hose and directly onto my face.  I had to close my eyes and turn my head to breathe but still the water came.

“You’d better think some un-sexy thoughts there,” my wife laughed as she left my side to get back in the pool.  “I’m not getting out for a while.”

Luckily for me, the whole situation was becoming rather un-sexy and I soon felt the water move away from my face and back to my chest but no lower, since the makeshift cock ring, while not perfect, made sure I could never become soft.

Some time passed before I felt something land on my chest.  I lifted my head and saw it was my wife’s bikini top, the bottoms following a few seconds later.  Then the noises started.  The moans, the yeah’s, the oh god’s.  My wife was playing with herself in the pool.

Clearly, the whole situation had gotten her very aroused and she came quickly although I wasn’t sure as water had started hitting my face again and went into my ears, blocking my hearing.

The next thing I know, my wife is standing over me with a towel wrapped around her.  By this time, the annoyance of having water constantly hitting your face had over-ruled any arousal of the situation and I could see and hear again.

“I’m going in to get changed, the sun is going down.”  I hadn’t realised but it was, both myself and the pool were now completely shaded.  “I’ll come and get you when I’m ready although it might be kind of fun to leave you out here all night, don’t you think so?”

No, I didn’t think so.  Although the water rising up my body and hitting my face again might have said otherwise.