NO! She's my...

by Sensual Robert

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Storycodes: F/mf; bond; collar; leash; chastity; dungeon; oral; mistake; incest; reluct; XX



NO! She's my... - Sensual Robert

Barbara is a 50 year old wife and mom, she has 3 kids - two in high school and one in college. She is happily married but her bedroom sex life has been boring. In recent years she has been having erotic sexual fantasies that include getting fucked by two men, getting fucked while tied up, harem sex slave fantasies and even having sex with a young hot stud. During the last year she secretly went to fetish dungeon to fulfill some of her fantasies. She met Lady Susan and at first she resisted the idea of submitting to a woman but she felt that Lady Susan understood her and her dark fantasies.

Prior to one of her sessions, Lady Susan told Barbara that today they will fulfill her hot young stud fantasy. She told her he was already tied up, gagged and ready for an amazing blow job. Barbara was already wearing a regular skirt, silk blouse, 3 inch high heels and a pretty patterned silk scarf around her neck that was a gift. Barbara then feels a metal collar being placed and locked on her. Next is the leash that's attached to her slave collar and finally her pretty silk scarf is removed and used as a blindfold. Lady Susan pulls on her new pet's leash "Come along now, your hot young stud awaits you!"

Freddie, a young 22 year old college student who still lives with his parents has been visiting a fetish dungeon for a few years. Lady Susan has recently been dominating Freddie and has locked up his cock with a chastity device 6 months ago. Now Lady Susan has promised Freddie a treat, she will finally remove his chastity device and allow one of her latest female pets to suck his cock!

Freddie can't wait, his cock is ready to explode! One of Lady Susan's slaves ties Freddie to a wall standing up. His hands are tied above his head and his legs are spread wide and secured. Freddie is also ball gagged and can't say a single word. Freddie is naked and his cock is finally free from the chastity device and is rock hard. Lady Susan now enters the room with her new Pet. This pretty pet is collared, leashed and blindfolded. As the two of them enter the room with Lady Susan holding the pets leash...Freddie begins to recognize the pet!

Freddie sees the pet wearing a normal blouse, skirt, heels...But he knows that silk scarf that is used to blindfold her. Lady Susan now orders the pet to kneel in front of Freddie. Freddie is shaking his head and screaming through his ball gag! Lady Susan then orders the pet to blindly reach out for the strangers cock! She grabs it and holds it firmly...enjoying the feel of a young man's hard cock while Freddie is going frantic, trying to get his hands untied! As she strokes it, she says, "Mmmm...I can't wait to taste lick sweet young sex slave."

Lady Susan has an evil grin on her face when she orders the pet to suck the cock! The pet opens her red lips and takes the cock into her mouth! Freddie can't believe what he is seeing! Freddie can't move a muscle as the pet begins to fondle his balls while sucking his cock. Then Barbara's hands are feeling Freddie all over, his firm flat stomach, his muscular legs. "I can't wait to taste your young cum." Freddie starts to moan as the pet continues to give him a blowjob. Freddie can't look as the pleasures take over. He tilts his head upward, his cock grows larger, he moans loudly as he erupts! Cum is spurting down the pet’s throat!

The pet is holding and still stroking the young cock. "Mmmmm...that was yummy...I would love to get fucked by this hard cock. My wet pussy is ready for you, my sweet young thing."

Lady Susan is petting Barbara "Sure we can arrange that and for the next session we will dress you as a sexy French maid...this young stud loves French maids!"

Barbara takes a quick playful lick of Freddie's cock. "Oh La La...I would love to be his French maid and go into his bedroom to fuck him!" All Freddie can do is scream in his head, No! She's my...


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