A Night to Remember

by Tigon

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© Copyright 2016 - Tigon - Used by permission

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It was halloween, but having recently been dumped by who I thought was the girl of my dreams, having her tell me my kinky fantasies were disgusting and that she wanted nothing more to do with me, I was not in the mood for much. So as I sat there on my couch with a pizza and beer watching classic horror movies and feeling like shit, I hear my doorbell ring. I have my lights all dim outside to ward off trick or treaters, but though maybe these were determined.

To my surprise when I open to door it is my friend Sarah, and she is holding a large duffle bag. As she gives me the bag she walks past me and lets herself in. "I have plans for you tonight," she states assertively.

"I'd rather just sit on... you wanna join me for a movie" is the best I can mutter.

"No, now go change into the contents of this bag, wear your tall boots with it," she tells me, handing me a backpack, "I need to get changed also. And don't you dare argue back." She has her assertive dominatrix smile on, and I know she means business, as she is a very assertive, and scary dominatrix.

A few minutes later I am looking at my newly donned atire in the mirror. I have a shiny and skimpy black latex dress, which definitely shows the lace ruffled panties underneath. My legs have a pair of black opaque thigh highs which are held up by a garter belt. I walk out to the living room. Out there waiting for me is a scary goddess of kink, dressed in a tight black, shiny, leotard style bodysuit, corsetted in an hour glass figure with thigh high boots she commands a presence. She comes over and commends me on following her instructions, and informs me I am not to speak without permission. We have played many times before, so I know to listen.

She first puts a nice posture collar around my neck, locking it in place with the finality only the click of a lock can make. She next ties my shoulder length hair in pigtails. I am very excited now, as I love being tied up, and also terrified, as I have no idea what is about to happen. Next comes a leather arm binder. Sliding it up my arms, she then laces it tight, buckling and locking straps into place on top of the laces, and finally crossing the straps in front of my chest to secure it in place. Thirdly she adds leather cuffs to each ankle and above each knee. Between each set she looks a chain connecting my legs, so I have enough room to take small steps.

She lastly holds up a harness panel gag and asks "would you like to go on an adventure with me?"

Having no idea what she means and in no way wanting this end I fully agree "yes mistress, what did you..."

Before we can finish she shoves the gag in place and begins bucking and locking it in place. I am now bound in a short and kinky dress, arms tied behind, fully gagged, no head movement, and only able to walk a little bit. She then ignores my muffled noises asking what is next as she slides a riding crop into her tall boots, and gathers some items, including the keys to my locks, and curiously my house keys in her purse. Then then gives me a huge troublesome grin and playfully says "let's have some fun." Clipping a leash on my collar she tugs me towards the door.

I am nervous about showing my bondage to anybody, let alone everybody we may see outside. I try to struggle, but that just ends with a riding crop to my thigh. Which stings enough to make me follow. As we walk to the car we are spotted by my neighbor, Ellen, she is a very nice lady in her mid 40's, who lives alone. We occasionally chat or have coffee, a nice friend, and not somebody who I wanted to see this side of me.

"John, is that you?" Nancy calls out, walking over to us. "Are you into this John?"

I try to hide my head and muffle out an excuse, but because of my posture collar and gag, both are useless.

"John, he LOVES this." Sarah announces, "has he never told you?"

"Not a word, John you naughty boy." I look at Sarah as her eyes grow, and she follows with "you should punish him. He deserves a few spankings."

With this I am bent over the car, Sarah goes around to pull my leash across the hood, effectively displaying my ruffle covered ass to Ellen, "give him a few good ones."

Ellen agrees and soon I felt the hard smack that tells me I am naughty. "John, I cannot wait til we have coffee next," she says after giving me 5 good swats.

I lay there on the cool metal hood, taking it all in, feeling delight and terror, but mostly loving it. Sarah and Ellen exchange small talk during this and soon I am being pulled to the car. "Have a great time" Ellen calls out, "I'll see you later" she adds with a wink.

Sarah opens the door and helps me into my seat, making sure to buckle me up. She also makes sure to pull the belt all the way out to engage the locking function, so when she releases it it holds me even more snug. I have no wiggle room. 

Sarah, knows how much the idea of being bound in public excites and terrifies me, we had even more or less discussed this scenario, though only hypothetically, or so I thought. As if reading my mind, Sarah pipes in "I remembered exactly what you wanted when we talked about your fantasies before, and this should help you keep your mind off bitch-face what's her name."

I really do have a good friend here, it's not every true friend who would make you cross dress, tie you up,and force you out in public; through my gag I smile, and I think she notices because she smiles back. Kisses her fingers, and plants it on my gagged lips. "And besides," she adds, "I have wanted you as a slave and more for a while anyway, but we can discuss that another time."

I say nothing, primarily because I physically can't, secondarily because I am stunned, I never would have considered Sarah would think of me like that. As we drive to god knows where, I thought I'd try and test my limits, I get nowhere, the only 'freedom' I have is the little wiggle in my legs. Sarah reaches over and strokes me on the crotch, saying "It's ok my Johnny, we are almost there." I feel myself get hard. This is torture. I love every moment of it.

We pull up to a store and I soon realized it is a fetish/adult store. While I am terrified about going out like this, this is not the worst place, and I am sure the workers are desensitized to much of anything sexual. Once she helps me out of the car, she gently tugs on the leash and ushers me inside. I feel my face flush as there are at least half a dozen people in here, and a lot of them are now looking at me. Sarah has a huge grin on her face as she escorts me though the aisles, pointing out things we could use on me, or things she could make me wear.

As we near the front of the store the cashier lady, attractive in her 40's? Commments on how lucky Sarah is to have a toy like me. They chat a bit about how she got me tied, and how I didn't know we were going out. All I can really do is stand there and look around nervously, terrified that somebody I know will walk in. The cashier mentions to Sarah that she should get a remote vibrator set for me. Sarah giggles with maniacal delight, I fear for my sanity. I am tugged to follow then as they find what they are looking for. Sarah of course is excited to get it and try it on me. She also picks up a small bottle of lube.

After making the purchase she leads me to the dressing room so she can apply her new treasures to me. The first is a set of rubber rings that go around my balls and cock, and nestled between them is a vibrator. The second is a vibrating butt plug that is designed to just hit the prostate, which it does. These are both controlled by a remote which Sarah holds on to. Just to test them out she quickly turns them to high, which causes me to nearly jump with surprise, I can hardly stand it. She then shuts them off quickly as to not let me enjoy it too much. As we make our way to the front Sarah waves the remote at the cashier lady, to indicate to her that it is currently in use. 

"I need to use the bathroom right quick," states Sarah, "but I can't have you getting into any naughty trouble either."

"Do you mind keeping an eye on him?" She asks the cashier; my eyes go wide.

"Of course," she replies, "we can tie him here to keep him in place," she indicates a pole right by the checkout, facing the front door.

I am not so thrilled about this, which I kindly tell Sarah through a series of indiscernible noises. I am smacked across the face when I try to resist her pull, so out of fear, I concede. The leash is wrapped around the pole and tied back to the front of the collar, securing my neck to it. Sarah pretends like she dropped her purse, only to dramatically bend over to pick it up, giving me an amazing view of her ass, what a tease. I then watch longingly and nervously as Sarah walks toward the back, toward the restroom.

At this point the cashier then holds something in front of my face, "look what she left me, to keep you busy," it is the remote for the vibrators.

My eyes nearly pop out of my head as I struggle to do something, anything. She turns them on a lowish setting, it is enough to drive me wild front and back, but not to build up to anything. I can't stand still, I want some release, anything, but my bonds hold me fast and there is none to had. A small group of college girls come in, giggling at me, and even a few of them take pictures with me, God do not let these end up online. An older couple compliments me on my legs, and ask if I am into this willingly, I nod as best I could.

After a few minutes I see Sarah sashaying up toward me, looking so sexy in her bodysuit and corset. I am unclipped from the pole and we start heading out. I try to motion to Sarah that the cashier still has the vibration controls, but Sarah does not understand, and pulls me anyway. The cashier is busy helping some people and does not seem to notice us leaving, I am in torture and just want to explode, but only get a gentle, but very constant tease from the rings and plug.

As we get in the car and I am being buckled I still am trying to tell Sarah about the remote, but she does not get it. And the only response I get is a "don't worry, we will have more fun at the next stop." I am hopeful that the vibration will stop as we move out of radius of the remote, they do not.

We soon pull up to our next stop. It is an iHop. It is fairly late and it does not look too busy, but still, tied up helpless and in drag... not how I want to be seen. Sarah tells me she will take off my gag so I can eat, but that I must only speak when spoken to or she will put ice in my panties, which I do not want. As we enter we hear an eruption of laughter from the gaggle of waitresses. They love it and proceed to argue who's section we get to sit in. I am flushed red with embarrassment, and they notice, pointing it out.

We are given a booth and Sarah sits across from me, just staring at me with a big smile. My eyes plead her to remove the gag and I guess she gets it, because she does just that. As it is slipped out of my mouth I mutter "the remote", which garners a look of realization on Sarah. "Oh shit!" She cries, "but hey, I did not say you could talk."

She grabs an ice cube and drops it down my crack, it is so cold and wet as it melts.

"While I am truly sorry I forgot the remote, I assure you that after eating we will go back for it." I give her a look that hopefully says I want to speak, and she nods at me "you may talk."

"They are on right now, on a torturous low. It is driving me insane!"

She giggles at this, "how horrible" she says, "you will just have to suffer through dinner and we can go by after." I start to protest when she cuts me off. "Now my dear, we are already here and I am hungry," she states matter of fact, "we will eat, you will suffer. And I will enjoy."

She leans in, giving me an amazing view of her breasts and ties a napkin around my neck like a bib. "no need to untie you. I will feed you." She orders us milkshakes, a stack of pancakes, and a side of bacon. The waitress eyes me up and down and asks me how I ended up like this. I nod to Andrea who replies for me, "I did this to him, but don't worry, he is loving every moment of it. He willingly let me do this." The waitress looks at me, and I shyly nod in agreement. This is the most embarrassed I have ever been, and not just the outfit, bondage, and public exposure, I am still being driven crazy by the vibrating toys. 

Sarah feeds me pancakes and bacon, sometimes making the fork do a babyish aeroplane thing, which usually ends in me glaring and her giggling. We soon finish up, and I am re-gagged. As we leave Sarah has me stand with the waitresses for a picture, there is no way for me to hide or resist and soon 6 pair of hands are on me, holding me still while Sarah takes a picture. I feel a couple of hands grab my ruffle covered ass with a squeeze. We head back to the car and Sarah drives us back to the fetish shop. It is still open, and I look to her, hopefully that she will just run in and grab it.

Instead she writes something on a post-it and sticks it to my dress. She then unbuckled me and reaches over, opening my door. "Be a good boy and go get the remote will you, the note explains everything," she tells me. Luckily the door is push to go in, and I hurry inside. There are even more people inside as I quickly shuffle to the counter. I "mmmph" at the cashier and she glances at me, a big smile crossing her face.

"I was hopeful you would come back for this,' she says as she holds the remote up. "Oh, you have a note," she says as she pulls it off and reads it. "Ahhh. That makes sense. Enjoy!" She says as she presses a button and turns the vibrations even stronger, and pulsating.

It is enough to make me physically shudder, but just not quite enough to put me over the edge, just take me very close. She turned me around and pointed me at the door, slipping the remote inside the band of my tights. "Your girl's note said she will be parked down at the other end of the parking lot waiting," she said, "thank you for coming in, I do believe you made my night. You are one lucky guy to have somebody do that to you."

While it may sound confusing to people not into bdsm, to me it rang so true. Forget my old girlfriend, I deserve better, I deserve somebody who loves me for who I am and what I enjoy. So in my state of enjoyment and vibrating pleasure, I now have to walk across a parking lot, one with a few people in it. 

I hear some cat calls, and a couple of whistles as I passed a car. I hurry as fast as my chained legs will carry me. I am nearly out of breath when I reach the car, having to breathe through my nose with the gag on. The car backs up to woods, and I spy Sarah sitting on a bench. She pats the seat beside her indicating I join her. "I want to genuinely talk with you," she says, and she begins unlocking and removing my gag. "How are you doing? How are your arms?", She asks.

"A little stiff, surprisingly not too uncomfortable," I reply, "um..before we continue talking could you perhaps please maybe turn off the vibrations? The cashier turned it up and I am going insane."

"Oh god. Haha, I nearly forgot again, yes of course", and she does. "John I know this is a fantastic fun, and we are both enjoying this kinky night of merriment, but I like you... a lot."

"Like like?" I ask jokingly.

She pinches my nipple in reply, "you know what I mean. How do you feel?"

I take a moment to really consider this, and decide on the only possible course of action. I lean in for a kiss. As she responds by kissing me back, we begin making out. I suddenly feel the vibrations come on full blast; my eyes go wide as I gasp and look at her. She just smiles and proceeds to lower down to my lap, lifting my dress, lowering my panties, and taking me in her mouth. "Holy shit..."is all I can whisper out as I come to a mind blowing orgasm. I nearly fall over off the bench, but she is able to stop me in time.

"Oh my god...I...just...oh wow..." I stumble out incoherently. My mind is a blur, a euphoric, post body-shaking orgasm blur.

"Shh," she whispers as she outs her finger to my lips, "you can thank me intimately when we get back to your place." And with that she buckles the gag back on. "Off we go!," She says in a chipper tone. I just moan into my gag, not wanting to stand just yet. She tugs gently on my leash and I, still recovering, shuffle to the car. 

This time, gratefully she drives back to my place. I am not sure I could take much more public exposure. She does threaten to take me to visit some of her Domme friends, which sounds terrifying, I have no idea what they would do, and as fun as that may be, right now I am not ready to find out. We pull up to my place and she helps me out. Unlocking my door she lets me in. "I have a deal to make with you," she says, "I will untie you, let you be free for a little, but when I say so you have to let me tie you to your bed. I will be with your while."

I, as best as my posture collar allow, agree readily.

"Good, because if you did not agree, I was going to leave you like this and let you find somebody to let you out" she states maniacally.

With the she starts the process of freeing me. She first un-chains my legs and removed the cuffs. Next she unlocks and removes the straps front the arm binder, followed by the laces holding it tight. Then slowly she lowers it down. Being the professional she works my arms, helping my stretch and regain my movement; and I sink into her lap as she does so, feeling the warmth of her legs against my face. She then removes my collar and helps me stretch my tight neck, and lastly my gag.

As I lay there getting used to the feeling of freedom again, she gets up to get us some drinks. She comes back with a bottle of wine and two glasses. I open the wine and pour us some; it is a dark red and tasted wonderful. I hold her as we sip our wine. "I have had such an amazing, and scary eveing," I say to her, "thank you."

She turns to look at me with a quizzical look, "thank me? I was was worried you may be seriously upset after all I put you through, besides, we are not done tonight". 

With that she downs the rest of her glass, indicates I do the same (which I do), and then grabbed the bottle in one hand, and my hand in the other, leading us to the bedroom. "Back to punishment for you," she says, "it is my turn to get off."

She orders me naked, and I of course comply. She then pushes me down on the bed, on my back and positions me with my arms and legs out to the corners. She reaches down to her bag and pulls out rope. With the expertise of a Mistress she quickly and securely binds my arms while straddling me, she then turns around, putting her amazing ass in my face and does the same with my legs. In no time I am helplessly tied to the posts of my bed. Getting up she begins to slowly undress, as in a teasing dance, and I get to watch in amazement at this goddess of a woman get naked for me.

"Now you can thank me properly," she says as she straddles my face.

Her legs thighs pin my head as my mouth is placed right on her lips. I reach out with my tongue, finding her clit and slowly begin to work my way over it, teasing and gentle at first, to build her up. As I feel her get wet, and hear her breathing increase I begin to increase my tongue movements, working the outside and inside. She runs her hands over her naked body. Making my cock rigid at attention, hopeing for a turn of its own at pleasuring her. My whole body aches to bring her to orgasm, and from the glazed over look on her eyes I am doing my job well.

My tongue is hurting from so much movement and stretching, but I couldn't care less, I just keep going, giving everything to make her cum. She is getting close, she presses down into my face, blocking off my nose now and she is grabbing onto my hair to hold on. She rides my face with intensity. I am unable to breathe, but I keep going. She rocks down one final time, arching her back and digging her nails into my chest behind her back when she climaxes. I swear her eyes roll back in her head and in a moment she collapses back onto me. Her head rests on the bed by my feet, as she lays on my body.

Deep breaths fill the silence for a couple of minutes. After a bit she sits up and looks at me, "there seems to be something poking me in the back... we will have to do something about that."

She reaches over to the wine, taking a long drink straight from the bottle. She then lifts my head and helps me drink. After she sets it back on the nightstand I see her grab the remote to the vibes. Before I can get out a "wait please..." I am silenced by the intense feeling flowing through my already very turned on body. My cock throbs with want for more. She soon climbs on a begins, my god she has stamina. We both moan out in pleasure and ecstasy as we simultaneously build.

As we both get to the edge she turns the vibrators all the way up, and she gasps as she feels it through her body. I shake and pull at the ropes as we climax together, nail marks run down my body as she convulses upon me. And then the only sound heard is the hum of the toys, which she reaches over and turns off, the sensation was overwhelming after what we just went through together. She collapses on top of me, her eyes looking heavy. She reaches down and pulls a blanket over us, using as little effort as possible. She curls around me and we both pass into a deep and unmoving sleep, helplessly exhausted.


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