A Night Out

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; F/f; club; stage; display; bond; cuffs; gag; bdsm; whip; striptease; corset; hogtie; tease; oral; climax; cons; X

Lori and I had been friends since high school, we found out in our teens we shared a passion for bondage and together we experimented regularly. After high school we spent many days and, if I was lucky, weeks together and each time was an adventure. Lori was a… free spirit and had taken to the bondage/slave lifestyle wholeheartedly and had served several “masters” over the years. I was one of a very few people she considered a true friend and also the one she liked to push out of my “norm”. An arrangement that could, and very often did, make my life very interesting with her enjoying pushing my limits.

I was working on a dreary Tuesday when she called the shop and asked me to pick her and a new friend that she wanted me to meet up from work tonight. The last time she wanted me to meet a new friend was the first time I spent the night with two women and I wasn’t going to pass up another chance at possibly experiencing that again. I spent the rest of the day grinning as I tried to prepare myself for not only staying awake twenty four hours but being with her during that time.

Since Lori had found dancing at the local clubs and easy way for her to support herself she had been working at many of the clubs in town her choice of location was depending on her mood. Tonight she would be at one of the seedier clubs in town meaning she was probably in the mood for some serious play time. I was really curious what kind of playmate she had come upon and couldn’t wait to see her choice knowing her tastes extremely well since I had been around to help develop them.

Lori’s young girl looks always made her very popular with the males that frequented the clubs and tonight would be no different I was sure. Her favorite outfit to start out the evening in was normally a very short plaid skirt with a white top, knee socks and sky scraper mary janes, these combined with her cute face and pig tails was a big hit. The part of this show that I loved was what she could do with the lollypop she would be sucking on during the shop and how she used it was very exciting.   

After work I cleaned up having ample time to prepare then took a nap, setting the alarm clock to wake me at midnight so I could shower and be at the club around one. Waking I jumped into the shower then ran to my old thumper carrying my gear bags, my thumper was a large old car that looked like it should be scraped but ran flawlessly. It was the perfect car to be in for one of her adventures since I didn’t have to worry about it getting scratched, she liked hoods of cars especially in public places, plus it had a large trunk, which she had ridden in on more than a few occasions. The car also went mostly unnoticed as we slinked about town in the wee hours of the morning.

Walking in the club I noticed they had remodeled it quite a bit and stood looking around trying to spot Lori. In my search I spotted a particularly attractive girl dancing on one of the smaller stages. This girl had platinum blonde hair with the tips of the short bob colored black, the snug vinyl corset and matching thigh high boots seemed to match her hair and makeup. I hadn’t found Lori yet so I sat down next to the small stage to watch the girl dance in her corset. I was mesmerized by her movements in the shiny vinyl, each twist of her hips made her ample breasts shift up and down with the beat of the music.

As she began her second set she knelt in front of where I sat and motioned for me to come to her, I stood in front of her and she asked if I would help her out of her corset. I smiled as I let her take my hand and pull it up to the zipper on the front of the corset all while never stopping her hip movement. As I started to pull on the zipper she slowly stood up, I held the zipper firmly allowing her to unzip herself. When the corset slipped from around her waist I was eye level with her beautiful pierced nipples as she handed me the corset and asked me to hold onto it for her.

I rolled the corset up as I sat back down laying it on the table when suddenly Lori’s beautiful face was in front of mine and she was quickly sitting on my lap. Lori kissed me deeply as she wiggled on my lap then looked up at the girl dancing in front of us and yelled over the music “What do you think of her?” 

I smiled and said “I should have known”. Lori smiled and kissed me again before bouncing off to do another set on a different stage.

While I watched her firm ass bounce under the short mini skirt the others girls set was ending and when I turned back to my drink I found the girl I had been watching sitting in front of me. “You must be John” she said loudly. I smiled and nodded and watched her wrap the corset around herself and zip it up covering her wonderful breasts. She introduced herself as Celeste and asked what I thought of her set.

I was about to answer when Lori dropped back into my lap yelling “I’m on the main stage,  you guys need to move over there” Lori had changed into her signature “school girl” costume. Lori was unwrapping the lollypop in front of my face and yelling “I know how much you like this set!”

I smiled and nodded I did, Lori yelled at Celeste “You should get him to lace you correctly he’s great at it!” As Celeste and I got up to switch positions Lori was still on my lap then Lori leaned in close and said “We have a special set to do for you”. Lori’s grin could melt the North Pole and I sat stunned by it as she rose and walked off, her firm ass peeking from under the skirt. Celeste sat down with her back to me and I started to untie the knot in the laces and asked “How tight?”

Celeste looked back at me and said “Close it, if you can”. I accepted her challenge and began working on the laces pulling them hard as I thought “You want it tight, I can close it”. The corset was heavily boned, I could tell that when I had it in my hands before and now it still had a four or five inch gap in the back.

When I got it down to about two inches I asked her again and she said “Close it” breathlessly. I started at the top again and yanked the laces hard, deliberately making her jerk each time I pulled and closing the remaining gap in one pass. Now Celeste was sitting on my lap panting as I tied one knot then took the ends and wrapped them around her narrow waist pulling them tight and tied them in triple bows in the back. Celeste smiled as she turned in my lap and said “She was right you are good at that” and stood up holding out her hand and pulling me to my feet.

We moved to a table next to the main stage just as Lori was introduced and came strutting out. During the show Celeste never moved from my lap making me uncomfortable as my cock swelled under her firm ass. By the end of the second set I had a raging hard on and Celeste knew it and intentionally kept shifting and twisting on top of me even putting her hand under herself groping and rubbing my cock. When Lori left the stage Celeste turned towards me smiling, her hand still on my cock and kissed me deeply then jumped up and ran into the back.

I sat in the darkened room glad no one could see my cock desperately trying to bust through my pants, getting approving nods and smiles from a few of the guys sitting around me. I waited for the last set as the crowd thinned when the DJ announced who was on the main stage and I watched Lori step up into the lights. I studied her noticing she was wearing what looked like a scarf around her waist. The scarf was see through and showed her wonderful figure and ass and the thong splitting it. Another scarf was wrapped around her pert breasts, the nipple piercings shown brightly from under it. Around her neck was a stainless steel collar and dangling from her left wrist was the Clejuso hand cuffs we had purchased some time ago. Her feet were jammed into clear vinyl platform heels, the clear straps wrapped around her legs up to her knees and around her ankles she had two wide steel cuffs with small pad locks hanging from them.

Lori backed up to the pole with her head low, I stared at her in completely awestruck at her beauty and how brazenly she was showing her submissive side in public. When the music started Celeste walked onto the stage, she was still laced tightly in the corset but now had a belt around her narrow waist and hanging from it was a coiled up bullwhip, a short cat-o-nine and some hand cuffs. She now wore thigh high platform boots making her loom over the shorter Lori. The black captain’s hat was tilted slightly to one side and the tall collar around her neck I recognized as one of Lori’s. When Celeste walked around the bowing Lori I could see the small lock on the back on the collar and from under the long lacy “coat” I could see the black thong disappearing between her ass cheeks.

Celeste walked behind Lori and yanked her arms above her head and quickly locked the loose cuff around Lori’s wrist behind the pole. Celeste strutted around in front of Lori while Lori’s hand’s flailed uselessly over her head in mock struggles. Celeste pulled the bull whip from her belt and snapped it a few times while Lori slithered and shimmied against the pole. Celeste walked up to Lori slapping her lightly on the face then stepped backwards and snapped the whip at Lori. Lori screamed as her top was ripped from her body and Celeste reeled in the whip and threw the scarf to me.

I was shocked that she had that kind of control with the whip as she walked around Lori’s thrashing body dragging her hand across Lori’s bucking hips. Stepping away Celeste lashed at Lori again ripping her skirt off making Lori scream again as she continued her act of fighting the cuffs. Celeste walked back to Lori tossing me the other scarf and the two started grinding and rubbing their bodies together. The cuffs Lori had chosen had a slightly longer chain between them and now it allowed Celeste to turn her around twisting the chain tightly around the pole. Lori let the chain slide down the pole forcing her perfect ass into the air.

Celeste took the smaller whip and started using it softly at first then she started making Lori jump with each lash of the whip. I could see Lori’s ass turning red as she wiggled and stood chained to the pole while Celeste rubbed her body against her pressing her body into Lori’s ass. The two performed an incredible sexual act while Lori stay chained to the pole. When the first song ended Celeste turned Lori around again and pulled the o-ring gag around Lori’s neck into her mouth and yanked the strap forcing it deep into Lori’s mouth and walked off stage. The lights went low before the next song started leaving Lori alone, gagged and chained to the pole. The music started softly then the lights came up and it got louder as Lori started to swing and dance around the pole.

Lori was incredible, twisting and swinging with her mouth formed in a perfect O shape. Everyone was whistling and yelling as the set neared its end Lori leaped up the pole and flipped upside down just as Celeste stepped up behind her. Lori held herself upside down, the chain was wrapped tightly around the pole and she was using it to hold herself up while her legs were wrapped around the pole. Celeste walked in front of the chained and gagged woman then took Lori’s legs and pulled them around her own neck then leaned into Lori’s pussy and made like she was eating her out. The remaining men and dancers in the club all stood up and yelled as the duo started grinding and twisting around the pole. Celeste stepped back lowering Lori’s legs to the floor allowing Lori to stand up straight again as the music ended. There was money scattered across the stage, and after bowing Celeste unlocked Lori’s left wrist then pulled both of them behind her and locked them together. The duo scooted around the stage picking up their money as the people cheered for both of them.

Celeste walked near me and tossed me a set of keys, one I could tell matched the one on my own key ring and was for the cuffs the others I didn’t know what they were for. The two left the stage and everyone stood talking about what they had just witnessed. In few minutes the two emerged from the back still dressed in their “outfits”, Lori had the sheer scarves wrapped around her again and still had the gag in her mouth and her hands behind her back. Lori dropped into my lap and we ordered more drinks, I had stopped drinking after the first two and nursed a soda. While Celeste would stand while Lori leaned her head back and let her pour her drink into her gapping mouth and explained that the bull whip was a trick, she attached the end of the whip to Lori each time she had touched her then just yanked off the scarves .

The scene was erotic to say the least and after three more drinks apiece they were both sitting on my lap playing with each other while one always had a hand on my cock. We were finally run out of the closed bar and the owner tipped them both for the great show and we headed to the car. Both women still dressed as mistress and slave, their high heels clicking loudly on the pavement as we walked and laughed. Celeste pushed the seat forward and stuffed Lori into the large back seat and plopped in the front seat and slid over next to me.

When we pulled out Lori was gag talking in the back while Celeste rubbed my cock and leg. After a few minutes of listening to Lori’s whining Celeste pushed herself over the back of our seat and into the back. The two made lots of noise with both giggling and grunting then finally they quieted down and Celeste slipped back into the front seat. I asked what had happened and Celeste just smiled and said “We won’t be bothered by her anymore” and lay down with her head in my lap, the firm collar holding her head rigidly as she looked up at me while she talked.

Celeste was telling me where to go and at the next stop light I looked back and could see Lori was tightly hogtied in the back seat, Celeste had used her scarves to secure Lori’s ankles together and then tied them to the chain between her wrists. The other scarf was knotted and stuffed into Lori’s gapping mouth muffling her pleas and whines. Looking at Lori’s naked body squirming under the seat belt Celeste turned my head back towards her and smiled broadly.

Here I was driving around town, a beautiful mostly naked woman in a tight corset, thigh boots and thong lying in my lap and a bound and gagged woman wearing only a thong strapped into the back seat. Celeste had me take the long way to where the girls were staying and before we got there had turned herself over and now had my bulging cock firmly in her mouth. She sucked it slowly until she had worked into her throat then began stroking it with her tongue, the stud in her tongue exciting me greatly.

I was trying to concentrate on my driving when she pulled the hand cuffs off her belt snapping one around her wrist then holding her arms behind her back. I took my cue and reached over and blindly snapped the other cuff around her free wrist making sure she was properly cuffed by squeezing both until they were tight around her wrists. Celeste continued working on my cock with her talented tongue never lifting her head as she held my cock in her throat.

As I was pulling into the parking lot I had to stop as I exploded into her mouth, I held her head tightly on my crotch until I was finished and could feel my cock shrinking. I helped Celeste to sit up and she directed me to her building so I went and parked as close as I could to it. I parked and opened Celeste’s door and watched her wiggle out of it in her tight corset and handcuffs. I leaned the seat forward and opened the seat belt and untied Lori’s ankles from her wrists. I eased the naked woman from the seat and helped her to stand, I grabbed my gear and camera bags and the three of us started walking to the apartment. I walked behind the giggling cuffed women in front of me and knew I was in for another wonderful day since the sun was starting to rise and thought about how lucky I was.


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