A Nightmare Turned Dream Turned Nightmare

by Julianna Beck

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© Copyright 2009 - Julianna Beck - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/m; fem; cd; bond; oral; anal; toys; reluct/nc; X

It was supposed to be just a long quiet weekend. All my roommates went out of town for the extended weekend and I had the place all to myself. But, it went from a weekend of relaxation to a nightmare where I now find myself dressed like a French maid and tied to a table in the living room.

It started when a couple of crooks woke me up one night. One was pointing a gun at me, telling me to remain quiet, while the other was going through my closet. He pulled out my digital cameras and then my trunk. I just froze with fear as he opened up the trunk and began to laugh. What he found was my stash of bondage gear and clothing such as skirts, heels, and female costumes. “Looks like that we have a sissy fag who likes to be tied up here.”

The man with the gun walked over, took a look inside the trunk and had the biggest smile on his face. “I think I have an idea.” He walked over and pulled me out of my bed. Pointing the gun at me, he said, “You are going to do everything we tell you to do and you will be just fine. Or you can fight us, but not like the consequences of doing so.” I had no choice but to agree to the terms.

They forced me into the bathroom where I was stripped down to nothing. The bigger guy handed me a razor and shaving cream. “Remove every bit of your body hair. We want you to be completely smooth, including your head and pubic hair. But, leave your eye brows alone.”

I had no problem shaving my legs, arms, pits, and chest. I have done this a number of times and was pretty good at not cutting myself. Pulling out an electric razor, I shaved my head and pubic area. Within the hour, I was completely hairless from head to toe. Any pride I had left at this time went with all the hair that was removed.

One of the men came back in with a wig and a pair of my breast forms.

“Alright, put these on.” He handed me a tube of something. Looking at it, I was horrified.

“But, this is super glue,” I said.

He just had a big smile on, “Exactly. We wouldn’t want that stuff to fall off.”

Having no choice, I quickly glued the red wig to my head and the c-cup breast forms to my chest. A quick tug on them showed that they would not easily come off any time soon.

I was then handed my chastity belt which held my equipment in so that I had the flat look of a female while wearing panties. I slipped it on and locked it with a small padlock. It would not be coming off without the key.

My makeup case that I bought a few years ago was brought into the bathroom. It contained the type of makeup that did not easily come off without the help of soap and water. I didn’t know what these crooks had planned for me, but I knew I was getting in deeper with every passing moment.

“Make sure you look really good for us.” I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

Pulling out the nail polish, I painted my finger and toe nails into a bright red color. I then tweezed my eye brows into a more feminine shape. I always hated doing that, as it was always the most painful part.

Applying a little bit of concealer and blush on my face. Some eye shadow. Mascara on my lashes. Finally, the touch of bright red lip stick made my lips look like they were just made for cock sucking. Taking a look in the mirror, I could no longer recognize myself as the man I once was. That is when the two crooks walked back in.

“Wow. Looks like somebody knows what they are doing. Now, let’s get you dressed for your big night.”

I was led back into my bedroom where my stash of clothing was laid out on my bed. One of the men picked up my satin corset and wrapped it around my body. It was then tightly laced it up to force my body into that hour glass shape and to the point where I could barely breathe. I’ve never worn this thing so tightly before as wasn’t sure how I was ever going to get used to it like this.

Next, pair of black sheer stockings were rolled up each of my smooth legs and attached to the garters on my corset. A pair of lacy black panties came next. I questioned why they would have me put them on the outside of the garters. Who cared though? My life was being threatened and they were starting to use my own camera to take pictures.

A pair of five-inch heels were pulled out and slid onto my feet. These heels were the type that could and would be locked onto my feet with two padlocks.

“Oh, she is looking really hot. Isn’t she?” (She?)

“So what do you think? French maid? School girl? Or office girl?” one asked the other as he looked through my clothes.

“Definitely a French maid.”

The French maid uniform was slipped onto me. The uniform fits perfectly over my now very shapely body. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was my own wet dream. A red-headed girl dressed in a French maid’s uniform that didn’t even cover the tops of my stockings. I just could not believe what was happening to me. I was fearful, but I was also very excited.

The two crooks led me downstairs to my living room where they had set up my video camera along with all my bondage gear. One of the thugs gave me a flash of his gun and said, “Just do what you are told and do not say a word.”

The camera was turned on and my nightmare was just now beginning.

My wrists were tied together behind my back, followed by my elbows being tightly tied close together. I had lost complete use of my arms with two lengths of rope. My ankles and knees were then tied together. This was the first time somebody else has ever put me into any type of bondage. There was some excitement to this, but also the added fear of having no control of the situation.

The two then dragged into the middle of the floor and forced me to my knees. “Alright, slut, you know what you have to do.” At that moment I saw a large cock pulled in front of my face.

Oh my god, he wants me to give him a blow job. And what choice did I have? I had no idea if these guys would really hurt me or not and I was not going to try to find out.

I opened wide and allowed this huge cock, the size of one that I would think you could only find on porn stars, into my mouth and stroked it with my red lips. It was something I’ve always fantasized about, giving a blow job while dressed like I am. Now it was reality and the mix of emotions I had about this situation.

The feelings were starting to merge into one after a few minutes; I was starting to get into it. I was working on his cock like I have done dozens of times with a dildo I have practiced with. He was starting to moan and I was really getting horny from giving another man pleasure. I pulled off his cock, looked over to his buddy and moaned in a sexy feminine voice, “Please, come and fuck me.” They just looked at each other in shock.

I was helped up and my legs were untied and panties pulled off. A spreader bar was locked to my ankles, spreading my feet about three feet apart. A rope was then led from my tied wrists up to an eyebolt in the ceiling where they pulled until my body was straining against the strappado position I was now in. I didn’t care that these were two bad guys using as a sex toy. I wanted to be used by them.

My mouth was quickly filled again with the large cock. I felt the other man stand behind me and shove his cock into me. It felt like it was twice as big as the one that was in my mouth. I was now being fucked from both ends.

The video camera was capturing all of this. The room was filled with muffled moans coming from my cock filled mouth. I went from being a victim of a crime to a sissy bondage slut in a matter of minutes. I loved the feeling of these two throbbing cocks being pushed deep inside me while in bondage.

After what seemed like hours, the guy behind me finally came inside me and pulled out. A couple minutes later, I felt the warm fluids from the first thug flow into my mouth and down my throat. He pulled out and I was just completely exhaustion.

“Wow, she had to be the best fuck ever.” I could not believe what I just did but I took pride in that comment.

After a few moments they both got me out of my strappado and laid me on the coffee table and proceeded to continue my bondage. They wrapped a length of rope over and under my fake breasts and around my arm pulling them into my back. They did the same thing around my waist, making my arms even more worthless.

A head harness with a ring gag and blindfold was locked onto my head. I could not see or speak a thing. They slid a large vibrating butt plug into my ass, it went in easily from all the cum. It was turned all the way up and my panties pulled back up. They retied my legs at the ankles and knees. I remember putting fresh extra-strength batteries in it, so it would not be dying for a while.

My ankles were then pulled upwards as they tied a rope between them and my elbows. I was being pulled into a very tight hogtie. All my euphoria began to wear off as I felt to strain from being tied in such a way. A rope was then threaded through the head harness and around the ankle ropes pulling my head back. Rope was then tied from various points on me to the table making sure I could not move. The only thing I could do was wiggle my fingers that were now between my legs.

I was now moaning from the strain and the vibrations coming from inside me.

“Don’t worry, baby, we will be done very soon.”

I felt something push into my mouth through the ring gag. It was one of their cocks that proceeded to fuck my face once again. Just as he was about to come, he pulled out and sprayed his spunk onto my face. The other thug went on to do the same thing.

A pump gag was then shoved into my mouth and fully pumped until it was almost unbearable. The sounds from my mouth were effectively muffled and the taste of cum was left trapped on my tongue.

“Well, this was a lot of fun, but it’s time for us to get out of here. Hope you had as much fun as we did. Don’t mind if we take a few souvenirs.” And with one last touch, they put in a pair of ear plugs - leaving me deaf.

I felt the door open and finally close.

Then, there was nothing.

Nothing at all.

I was blind, deaf, and mute. I am stuck in a tight hogtie on the coffee table with no way to escape. I look like some sort of slut who was just fucked by two crooks. I was left there alone with just my thoughts.

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