Nicole's Mistake

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2010 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; vetwrap; gag; nurse; escape; cupboard; cons; X

Nicole Cox glanced around nervously as she walked down the hallway.  What she was about to do - what she’d already begun to do - was technically illegal, but for the best of causes.  Seeing nobody paying attention to her, she relaxed and approached the room.  With a nod to the officer posted outside the door, she entered.

Almost before the door closed, Nicole found herself wrapped in supple arms.  Soft lips pressed against her own, and she surrendered to the deep kiss that followed.  When the kiss finally ended, she stepped back reluctantly, her knees trembling.

“That was nice,” she whispered.  “Again?”

“Patience, dear.  First, how go our plans?”

While speaking, the other person moved to the bed, stretching her long, lush form languidly on the mattress.  The sight filled Nicole with desire, and she had to force herself to consider the question, and the situation that had led her here.

Rachel Jameson, the woman on the bed, had been wounded and arrested following a failed bank robbery.  As the small local hospital had no regular police ward, Rachel had been placed in a seldom-used room on the top floor, with a police guard at the door.  Other than the doctor, the only people she’d seen for the past three weeks had been a seedy looking lawyer.  And Nicole, the nurse assigned to her care.

Almost as soon as she’d entered the room, Rachel had begun making advances toward her.  At first, Nicole had declined, but the beautiful, sexy Rachel soon had her way.  Now, three weeks later, Nicole found herself head over heels for her patient.  She also found herself preparing to help Rachel escape her confinement.

After all, Rachel was an innocent victim of the whole mess.  Her boyfriend, soon to be ex boyfriend, had tricked her into going to the bank with him.  When the guns came out, Rachel had been as shocked as anyone.  But nobody would believe her.  Since she had apparently entered the bank with the robbers of her own free will, it was automatically assumed she was part of the robbery plan.

Her wounds, two of them, had come from police guns as her boyfriend had dragged her from the bank.  Her boyfriend, wounded himself, had dropped her and fled, leaving Rachel to face the police alone.

Nicole knew this was all true.  Rachel had told her, and Rachel would never lie to her

“Nicole?”  Rachel’s voice pierced Nicole’s thoughts.  “Where do things stand, dear?”

“Oh, sorry,” Nicole blushed slightly at letting her thoughts wander.  “We’re ready, actually.”

“So, are you going to tell me this wonderful plan of yours?” Rachel asked with a smile.

“Of course,” Nicole replied, then quickly outlined her plan for Rachel’s escape.  When she was finished, Rachel frowned thoughtfully.

“And the rope is in place?” she asked.

“It is,” Nicole replied.  “I snuck up on the roof earlier and tied it to a vent pipe.  The end is hanging down right beside that window.”

“So when the police look out the open window and see the rope, they’ll think I climbed up to the roof.”

“Exactly,” Nicole nodded.  “From there you could have taken the service stairs down to the ground floor, then out the back way.”  Nicole smiled.  “Actually, if you were in better shape, you could easily escape that way, with the rope in place.”

“I don’t have time to wait for that,” Rachel said.  “I may not be fit enough to climb a rope, but the doctor says I’m fit enough to be moved to a jail cell.  They’re coming to get me in the morning.”

“So we have to do this tonight.”

“Exactly.  Shall we get started then?”

Nicole nodded, then quickly removed her uniform.  Her underwear followed.  Naked, she stuffed her clothes into a cabinet, then watched as Rachel removed the hospital gown that was her only garment.  Nicole’s heart beat faster at the sight of the body displayed before her, and she had to force herself to focus on the task at hand.

Rachel placed her hands on her hips, smiling seductively.  “Now that we’re naked, dear, how do we manage the next part?”

“Easy,” Nicole replied, moving to a cabinet against one wall.  “Since this room doesn’t get used much, it’s been turned into a kind of storage room.”  So saying, she opened the cabinet and removed several rolls of vet wrap

“Ooooh,” Rachel purred.  “All those goodies in there, and you never said a word?  You naughty girl.  Guess I’ll have to punish you for that.”

Nicole blushed.  “Please do,” she whispered, handing the wrap to her companion.

At Rachel’s instruction, Nicole lay on her back on the bed.  Rachel gently bent Nicole’s left leg so her heel pressed against her ass, then wrapped her leg from thigh to just above the knee, securing it in it’s bent position.  Her right leg was soon similarly bound.

After helping her move into a kneeling position, Rachel placed Nicole’s hands behind her, forearm to forearm, then wrapped them together.  Stepping back, she watched as Nicole tested her bonds, managing only to fall over onto her side.

“Yep,” Nicole smiled, “I think this will work.  I’m definitely going nowhere fast.”

“Only one more thing,” Rachel said.  As Nicole watched, she peeled the end off another roll of wrap, carefully rolling it into a second roll.  When the wrap was evenly divided between the two rolls, Rachel looked into the cabinet.  There she saw a small container of safety pins, for use should the vet wrap fail to stick.  Taking one pin, she pushed it through the top layers of one roll, securing it.

“Don’t want it to unroll and choke you, do we?” she asked with a smile.  Nicole smiled back, then opened her mouth.  Rachel gently stuffed the pinned roll into Nicole’s mouth, then wrapped the rest of the roll around her head, sealing the gag into place.  Stepping back, she smiled again.

“There, that should do it.” she declared.

Now totally helpless, Nicole watched as Rachel climbed awkwardly onto a small cabinet, and from there to a taller cabinet.  Reaching up, Rachel lifted a ceiling panel and pushed it to one side.  Reaching up, she hoisted herself into the space above the panels.

“See you soon,” she whispered, then put the panel back into place.

Alone, Nicole struggled tentatively against her bonds, soon realizing there was no way out.  Rachel had done a good job, and nobody would believe that she could have freed herself on her own.  Now to wait till she was discovered.

With no clock in the room, Nicole had no idea how much time had passed before the guard opened the door and peered inside.  Seeing Nicole bound on the bed, the room otherwise empty, he rushed in.  He quickly saw the open window leaning out and easily spotting the rope dangling alongside.

“Shit!” he yelled, turning and rushing from the room.  The door closed automatically behind him, leaving Nicole once again alone.  Startled, Nicole tried to call the guard back to free her, but all that emerged from her gag were muffled grunts.

Moments later, the ceiling panel moved again.  Careful to make no noise, Rachel climbed back down into the room, replacing the panel as she did so.  Once on the floor, she calmly opened the cabinet and began dressing in Nicole’s uniform.

“Very clever,” she told the bound girl.  “The cops are looking everywhere for a prisoner who escaped onto the roof.  They’ll never notice one more nurse.”  Dressed, she examined herself.  The uniform was a bit short on her taller frame, but didn’t fit badly otherwise.  Satisfied, she turned her attention to the helpless Nicole.

“Thanks.  I really appreciate this.  Oh, by the way, there are a couple things I forgot to mention.”  Smiling at Nicole’s puzzled expression, Rachel carefully lowered the bound girl to the floor, then dragged her to a closet.

“I’m afraid I wasn’t exactly a victim at all,” she said, opening the closet door.  “In fact, I guess you could say I planned the robbery.  Just my bad luck to stop a couple bullets on the way out.”

Watching Nicole’s eyes widen in shock, Rachel laughed softly.  “I know, dear, that wasn’t what I told you.  I told you what you wanted to hear.  Just like you wanted to hear that I found you attractive, desirable.”  Rachel shook her head.  “Actually, you are quite attractive, but I’m afraid I’m not into women.”

Ignoring Nicole’s struggles, Rachel pushed the helpless nurse into the closet.  “Sorry to leave so soon,” she quipped, “but my man will be waiting for me at our hideout.  Ta-at, dear, and thanks for everything.”  Rachel’s smile was the last thing Nicole saw as the closet door clicked shut.

Moving across the room, Rachel cracked the door and peered outside.  Seeing nobody in the hall, she left the room and walked casually to the elevator.  On the way down, the car stopped to admit two orderlies, neither of which gave the “nurse” a second glance.  Once on the ground floor, Rachel strolled to the door, slipped out, and vanished into the night.

Inside her dark closet, Nicole struggled briefly, then slumped in defeat.  Eventually, she knew, the room would be searched, and she would be discovered  By then, she would have to have come up with a good explanation of how she’d wound up naked, bound and hidden in a closet, while a criminal escaped wearing her clothes.  Once she’d convinced the police, they would let her go.

And it would be time to plan her revenge.