A Nice Change in Plans

by Strand Ankler

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© Copyright 2014 - Strand Ankler - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; brothel; bond; rope; naked; hogtie; cbt; tease; torment; foot; sex; oral; climax; true; cons; X

I have already told the story about getting myself tied up by a madam and one of her girls. This is a short account of another visit to the brothel for bondage which turned out much different than planned.

I had made the appointment for one evening, and arrived to find the madam in her parlor with another guy and two women. One of the girls was very attractive to me, and turned out to be the one assigned to work with me. The other was kind of plain, but not at all unsocial.

There was some kind of ongoing conflict when I arrived, which escalated before my session began. Drunkenness. Anyway, the madam was angry and demanded that we all leave. Which we did.

As we left, I inquired of the women if we could do our session elsewhere. They - the less attractive one seemed to be sort of in charge- and they agreed. So I followed the group in my car to an apartment building not too far away.

After a few preliminaries, I was left alone with the pretty darling. A bit of chit chat and I suggested that she tie me up. Well, she was surprised by my request. The madam had not had time to prepare her, I guess. Or, maybe, like in the earlier story, she had intended to tie me up herself. Anyway, my girl was a bit startled by the request and called out for the other girl from another room.

When - let's call her Bobbie - joined us, she asked what the matter was. My intended said something like, "This guy wants me to tie him up. I don't know anything about that kind of stuff."

Bobbie grinned and said something like, "Well, I do. Let me show you. It will be fun."

That being said, along with some other pleasant remarks I can't recall, Bobbie proceeded to take charge of me while the other girl observed.

Bobbie had me strip down to my undershorts, then tied my wrists behind my back with some rope I brought. Then she tied my ankles. Then she expressed regret that she had not got me completely naked. She demonstrated some teasing of me through my fly; light ball and cock touching. Then we all agreed that I should be tied down spreadeagle on the bed - this time naked.

Bobbie was good at what she did to me; I was pulled wide and taut. After once more giving my growing cock a light squeeze, she said, "Have fun kids," and left.

My girl - let's call her Mary - teased me some before mounting me. She was only partially undressed, because her intention was not normal intercourse. She got on top of me in the 69 position and gave me a good blow job. Is there any other kind than 'good'? She put her feet in my outstretched hands while she did it; which I liked, being a foot fetishist.

Well, it all went pretty fast. After I had been untied and dressed, I got the phone number for the apartment from Bobbie, and left.

Several days later - maybe even a couple of weeks - I called the number. Bobbie answered. When I reminded her of the brief fling, she told me that Mary was gone, and she didn't know where.

Bobbie - very sociable, but kind of plain, while neat and with a more or less normal figure was the one I wanted anyway because of her demonstrated tying skills and attitude, which I suspected that I had only seen a sample of.

When I told Bobbie that it was her I wanted anyway, she really perked up. She readily agreed to meet with me at her apartment for some bondage play.

When I arrived, Bobbie was finishing dressing for me. Casual clothes - nothing remarkable. We began our play with me tying her up a couple of ways. First to a chair. She expressed it as fun, including having her picture taken. She also agreed to being hogtied on the bed - still clothed.

Then we switched to her tying me - what I really wanted anyway.

When we began this play, she asked if she could undress me. She did, slowly, right down to taking off my socks, making me totally nude, while she still had her clothes on. She laughed at me being so humiliated, but remained very friendly and kind.

Bobbie tied me in a hogtie on the bed. She was good. Simple but tight and inescapable. Not nearly as elaborate as we often see nowadays on the Internet. No gag. She liked to tease my mouth with her fingers, and make me answer questions about my fantasies and past, few experiences.

I know - she was a prostitute - but a skilled one. And a very good kisser, which I guess that I should have been hesitant about because she was a prostitute, but I just could not offend her by refusing her tongue, because she might get angry and hurt me while I was helpless.

After Bobbie had played with me for a while in my hogtie, she undid all of the ropes but the ones around my wrists - "I don't want you changing your mind" - and moved me up to lean back against the head of the bed. Somewhat uncomfortable with my bound wrists beneath me, but she easily kept my mind off that. I really began to get nervous and excited both when she stretched my legs wide and tied them to the sides of the bed.

Then, for the first time in my young life, Bobbie introduced me to CBT. She tied a rope around the base of my balls and another around the base of my cock. She left a tag end about 3 or 4 feet on each rope. Bobbie then proceeded to lightly tug on those "leashes." She was so darn skillful at making me feel pain and arousing excitement at the same time. She laughed at me as I whined in the despair of frustrated desire for release and the fear of being emasculated. She demanded that I beg for her to let me kiss her feet. (I guess she had somehow noted my gaze on hers, or had been told by Mary about how I had enjoyed hers.) The taste and slight odor of her feet was all I could have ever asked for. She made me linger with them for quite a while.

Bobbie also demanded that I beg to kiss her ass. Which I did when she backed up to my face. She didn't make me 'rim' her, but kiss her very thoroughly otherwise.

Bobbie enjoyed pinching my nipples too, all the while demanding that I tell her little accounts of how I had been insufferable to girls in the past. "This is to make you pay, buster!"

Stern - almost cruel - dominance blended with teasing and kindnesses.

Ok, so how did it develop, you might ask?

After making me plead and almost cry for release, Bobbie went down on me. Gentle little nips, tongue, lips, little expressions of delight which made me feel manly after a couple hours of torments, and she slowly but relentlessly made me grow even harder, and then she made me violently cum in her mouth.

She lay there in my lap for a long time with my slowly softening penis in her mouth and one hand cupping my balls while the other gently poked in my behind.

It was wonderful. We planned for another time together. Oh yes, she even told me what a wonderful husband I would be.

I never saw Bobbie again. The life flow of women like her changes often I guess. When I telephoned for her, a strange voice told me that she had never heard of her.

I will never forget Bobbie, even though our time together was very short. She was also my last partner before a long dry spell of no bondage - except the self kind.

After a couple or three years of 'normal' activity, and not much of that, I began to seek out someone who would be able to be as both kind and cruel as Bobbie; someone who would not think it all that strange to tie me up and make me feel so helpless through the application of delightful tortures. I also read stuff and viewed some pictures that made me feel that bondage might be more complete by being gagged severely.

It didn't happen with the ladies. So, I began to seek adventure elsewhere. Fortunately, by then, the Internet had arrived in it's fullness. And it led me to explore the gay culture even though I was and remain straight. It turned out - as you may know - that there are a lot of gay - and even straight - men who are more than ready to humiliate a guy like me by making of him a helpless and vulnerable captive.

(Note: This was more an account than a story. I seem to have lost the inspiration to write good tales. If anyone is amused by this, let Gromet know, and I might try another - probably Mm. Thanks)

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