New Year's Eve Gift

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2015 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

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“I have a very special gift for you for New Year’s” my wife told me. “I will be yourslave for the evening: no-limits, no safe-word, just your absolute and complete slave.” “Are you sure?” I asked.“You realize we will be going out?” She shivered a bit, averted eye contact with me, and said “yes, I am sure.”

Now we had previously had numerous evenings of “slave-training” and she was always a most willing participant; however, her hard limits included both no other participants and that we remain in our own home at all times. Apparently she was ready to take the next step.

At around 6:00 pm on New Year’s Eve I told my wife/slave “go get dressed in what I laid out for you.” Without a word she headed to the bedroom to get dressed. She came out about 30 minutes later, fully made-up like she was going to a formal gala, wearing 4-inch stilettos, an extremely short black skirt that barely covered her shear-black thong panties, and a low-cut black corset that showed off her well-formed beautiful breasts. The corset tied up in the back with long blacklaces. But that wasn’t all: she also had on ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs and a collar, all in black leather. She was truly stunning and looked like a cross between a famous movie star and anEastern European bondage whore. She said “I am not really going out like this, right? And why are you wearing a tuxedo?” To which I replied “Shut up. You are now in slave mode, and your gift to me has begun.” Her eyes immediately went to the floor thanks to our earlier training sessions, but she involuntarily glanced up for a second when I walked over and attached the black dog chain to her collar. “Time to go” I said gruffly as I led her to the car.

On the way to our ultimate destination, we passed a pretty rough biker bar named the “Mean-eyed Cat.” I immediately turned into the parking lot, locked my slave’s hands together in front of her, and led my trembling playmate into the bar on the leash. Since it was still pretty early the place was only about one-third full, but everyone in the place hushed and stared at my bondage slave and my tuxedo like they were seeing a pair of ghosts. Finally, one woman let out a whistle and said “holy shit, it’s going to be one of those nights!” I paraded my slave around the room for all to see, ordered 2 beers to go, and turned to the room and said: “Listen up, everyone! If my slave disappoints me tonight, I will bring her back here later tonight and leave her here with you as a plaything to be used as you see fit.” I immediately saw all of the guys on their cell phones calling their buddies, and with that, I led my slave back to the car and we drove away.

We drove a while and crested a hill outside of town and an immense, beautiful English Manor came into view. I knew that my wife had never been there, and her mouth hung open in surprise at the mansion’s size and beauty. The house and estate looked like it belonged in Scotland. A valet came running to get the car as I pulled up the circular driveway, and I pulled my leashed slave out of the seat and led her to the front door. My slave blurted out “I may not be ready for this” so I looked at her and said “it’s up to you, we can always go back to the bar and leave you there for the night.” She shook her head “no” and just then, a butler opened the door for us, led us into the ballroom and announced “Gentlemen, I present Mr. Deets.” The butler then took a photograph of my slave and walked away.

I looked around the room and saw about a dozen gentlemen, all in tuxedos, with a dozen women in various states of dress or undress. All of the women were obviously slaves, and wore ankle, wrist, waist and/or breast cuffs; and all were collared. Several were completely naked, and some were down on all fours. I head my wife gasp softly as she took in the scene, and then a waiter came by with a single-malt Scotch for me. As I made my way around the room I spoke with several men, some of whom I knew and some of which I did not know.

One guy ran his eyes up and down my slave’s body, and nodded to me approvingly. “Very nice” he stated, “may I touch your slave?” I said “sure, go ahead” and he put one hand inside my slave’s corset and felt her firm right breast. She forcefully pulled away from his grasp and raised a hand to stop him. A hush fell over the room from those individuals who were close enough to see it happen, and my slave immediately dropped her head down and looked at the ground. I very calmly asked the waiter to bring me over a pair of scissors and a slave’s serving tray, and picked up the conversation where we left off. When he returned with the items that I had requested, I told my slave to turn around.

Unceremoniously, I quickly cut the lace from the back of my slave’s corset from bottom to top, and yanked the corset off of her body. I had my slave turn around, and then attached the slave’s serving tray with a strap around her waist and 2 steel chains to the front ring of her collar. My slave then had a waitress’ serving tray attached to her with her firm tits exposed front and center above the tray. I then locked her wrist-cuffs together behind her back and told her to stand tall and proud. I called over the waiter and told him “you have a new assistant. Show her where to get drinks” and then told my slave “bring this gentlemen a Scotch, and then serve everyone in the room until I tell you otherwise.”

When she came back with the drink for the guy I was talking to, I told him “could you please feel both of her tits for as long as you wish? She needs to understand her body belongs to me.” So he felt around on her tits for a minute or so and gave each nipple a painful twist for the fact that she had shied away from him. After about 15 minutes of having my slave serve guests with drinks placed on a tray below her fully-exposed breasts, I removed the serving tray from my slave and allowed her to come back by my side. I could tell that she had been humiliated by waitressing with a dog chain attached to her collar and with her tits exposed, but she gamely stood tall and proud next to me with her hands still cuffed behind her back.

Just then, our host announced, “Time for some pre-dinner slave entertainment.” I could feel my slave tense next to me, but the entertainment was 2 gorgeous blondes, totally nude other than cuffs and their collars, climbed on the living room table and began giving each other oral sex in the 69 position. They were really into it, and gave quite the show as they both climaxed at the same time after looking at their Master’s for permission. Meanwhile, one slave, who must have done something wrong, was tied up to a St. Andrew’s Cross and her Master gave her 10 lashes with a buggy whip as he made her count them out. The lashing left lovely red marks in a cross-hatch pattern on her breasts and stomach, and when her Master untied her from the cross she fell to her knees and prostrated herself to her Master.

My slave asked for permission to go to the bathroom, and I told her , “Sure, but bring me back your panties in your hands when you come back.” Since her hands were still cuffed behind her back, she had to struggle to remove her panties, but when she came back she had her panties in her hands. This, of course, meant that her very short black skirt did not always cover her exposed cunt when she walked or sat down. The butler rang a little bell and the host announced “it’s time for dinner and, in accordance with tradition, the newest slave will be the centerpiece.”

With that, I led my wife over to the large dining table and hoisted her ass up onto it. I un-cuffed her hands, and with the help of 3 of the guests, we quickly put her in a spread-eagled position in the exact center of the table and tied each of her limbs to table legs. Although she struggled briefly, she quickly realized that there was no escape and that, instead of flowers, she was the table centerpiece for dinner. I used my steak knife to quickly remove her short leather skirt, and she was bare-ass naked and eye-candy for the table.

We had a great 5-course meal that lasted an hour or more, and with my permission several guests ran their hands all over my slave’s legs, thighs, breasts and firm stomach. One entire end of the table had a very nice unobstructed view of her fully shaven tight pussy, and this was discussed at some length. All in all, it was an enjoyable dinner.

After dinner, I released my slave from the dining table and all of the guests went back into the ballroom. The mansion’s staff had been busy as there were various pieces of bondage furniture set-up, as well as crops, whips, dildos and butt-plugs set out. There was also a very large “Wheel of Fortune” type spinning wheel set up, and each of its 12 spots had a picture of the slaves present on it! My wife’s photo was in spot 4. The host announced “let the games begin! The first guest to spin the wheel is Mr. Deets, and the slave he wins will be put into stocks to be serviced from the front or the rear!”

I stepped right up to the spinning wheel and gave it a good spin. It went round and round and landed on spot 6, which had a picture of a very lovely tall brunette with large firm breasts. Immediately, her Master led her over to the stocks and lowered the large wooden bar over her neck and wrists. This exposed her lovely ass, with her asshole and quim fully available, and with her head hanging out on the other side. Now I could clearly take my choice of either hole and administer a good fucking, but I didn’t think my wife/slave was mentally prepared to see that happen. So, I administered a good hard spanking on that lovely ass, pulled my rod out of my pants, and went around to the front of the stocks and inserted my tool in the brunette’s mouth. She gave an incredible blow-job, and I blew my wad down the back of her throat.

Each of the guests took turns spinning the wheel, and the activity administered to each slave whose picture was landed on changed with each spin. One slave was put up on a bondage bench and fucked senseless by a guest. Another slave was forced to put on a strange belt with a dildo and butt plug in each of her holes, and was led around on all fours as the guest who won her administered a whipping with a riding crop. A slave was strung up on the St. Andrews Cross with weighted nipple clamps and her pussy was whipped with a soft leather whip with 50 knotted leather strings.

Finally, one of the guests spun the wheel and it landed on spot 4…my slave/wife! Again, I felt her tense up and whimper slightly. The host announced “there are only 2 games left. One is the traditional “pulling a train” whereby each esteemed guest fucks the slave to end the evening. The other is the “upside-down spider’s web” activity with a group grope. Which one do you want to do with this slave?” The guest who had landed on Spot 4 said “let’s save the train until last… this slave gets the spider-web!”

With that, my slave was quickly hung upside down on some web-netting that looked exactly like a spider’s web. The entire group of guests quickly felt up every piece of her body- fingers were inserted in her vagina, asshole, and mouth while hands roamed over her tits, ass, inner thighs, feet, etc. After about 3 minutes of extreme groping, the host announced we would move to the last activity. My slave was lowered down and the final guest spun the wheel to see who would be on the receiving end of the “pulling a train” activity.

The needle spun around and around and slowly moved towards spot 4 for the second consecutive time. I saw my slave instantly go pale as she considered her fate, but at the last second the needle advanced to spot 5. The photo for that spot was one of the hot blonds who had engaged in the pre-dinner 69 activity, and her Master quickly led her over to a bondage bench and tied her up with her ass in the air at the correct height for entry. The host quickly asked all Masters to make our slaves go the kitchen to help with the dishes, which we did. Each guest then took a turn with the beautiful blond-some in the cunt and some in the ass. All in all, she was worn out pretty well by time the 12th guest was done.

I collected my slave from the kitchen, said goodbye to the host, and grabbed the corset with the cut laces off of the ballroom floor. I put the corset on my slave and tied the laces together loosely at the top and bottom in back so that it barely stayed on my slave, but left her naked from the waist down. The butler took us to the door, the valet brought around our car, and we hit the road for home.

After about 15 minutes of driving, the lights of the “Mean-eyed Cat” came into view and I slowed the car and pulled into the parking lot. My slave wife did not make any eye contact at all with me, but just sat there shivering. “I am sorry that last spin tonight did not land on you” I told her, “you must be terribly horny. Tell you what, go in there and get me a beer.”

She violently shook her head back and forth no, but when I said “you said you were sure, and no limits” she slowly opened the car door to go into the bar. I then said “stop. I have changed my mind.”

We then drove home and I led my slave into the back bedroom. She immediately noticed all of the bondage tools and the expensive video equipment, and looked up slightly in puzzlement. Congratulations, slave. Tonight I am going to make you a bondage porn star and will upload the tape to all of the best amateur web-sites. Now, assume the position!”

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