New Way of Banking

by Ann Onominos

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© Copyright 2018 - Ann Onominos - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; F+/fm+; D/s; bond; rope; cuffs; gag; collar; shock; bdsm; spank; crop; susp; nipple; force; foot; oral; anal; sex; climax; switch; cons; X

Chapter 1

I was the person who approves the mortgage loans at the bank where I work. Actually, seeing as though there is only one bank in town, you may as well say I controlled the financing of most of the construction in the town. I had held this prestigious position for over 4 years and was held in high regard by all the bank employees including management. While not really one a fast track, I expected further promotions to come. My long term goal was to become the first female bank President. Then I made a career ending mistake.

A young couple, Chester and Victoria Field, applied for a mortgage and after reviewing their application, I determined that their eligibility for a mortgage in the amount they requested was marginal at best. I decided I wanted to meet to the couple so I had my secretary set up an interview with them.

From the moment they entered my office it was obvious who wore the pants in the family, and it wasn’t Chester! Chester was what I would call a wimp. He was constantly looking for approval from his wife. Victoria, on the other hand, was drop dead gorgeous. She was almost petite, maybe 5 foot 4 inches tall, long brown hair, and a nice figure, although not very big in the breast area. Both were in their mid-twenties, ten years younger than me. As soon as I saw Victoria, I knew I wanted to make love with her.

Before I go any further, I should say a few words about myself. I am quite good looking, single, and bisexual. My interests outside of work mostly revolve around BDSM and I am what as referred to as a Dominatrix. From time to time I have as many as four slaves who tend to my every need. At the present time, I own only one slave. I am very active in the local kink community but am careful to keep my private life private. I am certain nobody at the bank knows about my kinky side and am equally certain they would never approve of it. I am also a professional photographer and artist, specializing in erotica. My photos and artwork have won many awards countrywide and I make a fair amount of money from my hobby.

Back to Chester and Victoria.

I knew the best way to get Victoria into my bed was to get her into my house first. I invited the two of them to my house for drinks one evening on the pretence of getting to know them better. I suppose that part was true.

When they arrived at my house, my attire was no longer the professional looking business suit they were accustomed to seeing me in; I wore tight fitting leather pants, over the knee black leather boots, and a leather jacket and a spiked collar. My hair was slicked back. Victoria and Chester were dressed as if they were attending church. Chester wore a suit and tie while Victoria wore a very pretty pants suit, stockings and heels. I welcomed them in and showed them to my living room. The walls of the room were covered with my erotic photos and drawings. Victoria looked around the room, fascinated by all my pictures. Chester kept his down, as if he was afraid to look at the “dirty” pictures, many of which had nudity. I walked around the room with Victoria, answering questions about my art work and offering descriptions of various pieces. I then asked her in she and Chester ever practiced bondage or S&M in their sex lives. She got a bit red in the face, but she admitted she liked to tie up Chester and spank him sometimes. She said Chester requested to be tied up originally and that she was a novice at BDSM.

We walked over to Chester and I said “Chester, stand up.” He got up from the chair and looked at me. “Victoria tells me you like to be tied up” I said. He glanced quickly over at his wife and was obviously embarrassed and upset by my comment. “Don’t be embarrassed. We’re all friends here. Vicky, show me how you tie up Chester” I said as I pulled out some rope from my jacket pocket and handed it to her. “Nobody ever calls me Vicky. I have always gone by Victoria” she said as she took the rope. “I think Vicky is more fitting for you while you are in my presence. I shall address you as Vicky” .

Vicky then pulled Chester’s arms behind him and attempted to tie his hands behind his back. Her hands were shaking, I suppose due to the nervousness I had caused her. When she finished tying Chester’s hands, she stepped back, as if asking for approval. “Chester, can you get loose?” I asked. Chester wiggled about for a couple of minutes and freed himself from Victoria’s tying job. He proudly showed me his hands, indicating he was now loose. “Vicky, let me show you the technique I use” I said “I’m sure you will agree it is much for effective”.

I pulled Chester’s arms behind his back, being much more forceful than Victoria had been. I roughly pulled his elbows close together and wrapped rope around them several times. I then cinched the binding tightly before tying a square knot. I then repeated the process with his wrists. Satisfied, I said “Okay Chester, see if you can get free now”. He struggled for several minutes before saying “No, I’m afraid I’m stuck”.
“Yes you are stuck, and that is how you will remain until I say otherwise” I said. “Chester, I think you are a wimp. I think you are a wimp and that your wife Victoria is the boss of you”. Chester hung his head and said “Yes Ma’am, you are correct”.

“Vicky, show me how you spank your husband” I ordered. Startled by request, she turned red with embarrassment. “Show me I said!” I repeated harshly. Vicky slapped Chester’s butt a few times with her open hand and then looked at me and said “That’s how I do it”. I smiled and said “My turn”. I loosened Chester’s belt and undid his pants so that they fell to the floor. He looked at me, horrified. I said “you do want that mortgage, right?” He slowly nodded his head up and down indicating yes. I then pulled his boxers down to the floor. I took the belt from Chester’s pants and folded in half. I then slapped his bare butt about 20 times with his belt. I then looked at Vicky and said “That’s how it’s done”.

Vicky just stared at her husband’s bare butt, bright red from the beating I had just given him. She also noticed his unmistakable erection. She reached over and grabbed his cock and said “We should have applied for a mortgage two years ago.”

“Chester, are you a little piggy?” I asked. He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. Before he could answer I said “I think you are. I’m going to put this pig nose on you to remind me that you are a little piggy”. I then put a rubber pig nose on his face, covering his nose and secured it with the attached rubber band. “Kick your pants off piggy and follow me” I said. I took him to the kitchen and said “down on your knees piggy.” I showed him a rag and a pail of water and said “You are to clean this floor while I show Vicky some more of the house. That’s right, just take the rag in your teeth and clean my floor.”

I stood there watching him my clean the floor with the rag in his mouth, down on his knees. “Chester, do you like my boots?” I asked. “Yes, I do, Ma’am” he replied. “Show me; show me how much you like them. Worship them piggy”. He kissed and licked my boots while Vicky looked on in amazement. I let him worship my boots for a few minutes and then said “You know nothing about worshiping boots. Get back to my floor piggy, and you better do a good job or else”. I then took Vicky’s arm and led her to my bedroom.

When we got to my bedroom Vicky seemed hesitant. I urged her along by nudging her arm and said “Come along dear, I want to show you something”. In my very large bedroom was some bondage furniture. This was a two tiered bench equipped with straps to bind a slave, a St Andrews cross, and a small cage. One wall in the room had several screw eyes, also called eye bolts, attached to the wall at various distances apart. Tied to the screw eyes was a woman positioned on her knees with her back facing the wall. Her arms were spread wide, but not tight. She couldn’t stand, tied as she was, but she could bend over so her face could reach the floor. “Vicky, this is Sonya. She belongs to me. She is not permitted to speak at this time so please don’t ask her anything. She is being punished”.

I walked over to Sonya and said “Sonya, please demonstrate the proper boot worship method for my friend Vicky”. I sat down in a comfortable chair and presented my boot for Sonya to worship. Sonya immediately started kissing and licking my boot. “Vicky, pull up a chair and watch Sonya worship my boots. She is an expert at it. Maybe after you learn her secrets you can teach your worthless husband.”

Vicky moved a chair close to Sonya so she could see an expert boot worshipper in action. After about 10 minutes I switched boots so Sonya could clean my other boot. Sonya worshiped my other boot for several minutes. After I was satisfied, I said “Vicky, ask Sonya to worship your shoes now”. “Oh no, I couldn’t” Vicky blushed. “I’m sure you can, Sonya, worship my friend’s shoes now.” Sonya struggled to get closer to Vicky but couldn’t reach her feet. “Vicky, please don’t torment my slave, move a little closer so she can do a proper job on your shoes”. Vicky was obviously uncomfortable having Sonya worshiping her shoes. “Vicky, remove your shoes for my slave. She likes to suck on the toes of her Mistress.” Reluctantly, Vicky removed her shoes and allowed Sonya to suck on her toes. I studied Vicky’s face while Sonya was sucking on her toes and it was clear to me she was enjoying it after a while. After a while I said “Come with my Vicky, I have something to show you.”

I led Vicky to my large walk-in closet and showed her my treasures. I had several kinky outfits and several restraint devices. She picked out one and asked “What is this thing? Do you wear it?” “Oh that. I love that. It’s called a sleeve, a bondage sleeve, also called an arm binder” I explained. ‘Would you like to try it on?” I asked. Not waiting for an answer, I said. “Take your blouse and bra off.” “I don’t really want to do this” Vicky said. “You want that mortgage, don’t you? Now remove your blouse and bra and don’t make me ask you again. I won’t hurt you and I think you will enjoy it.”

Vicky removed her blouse and bra and set them on a chair. I gently pulled her arms behind her back and I slipped the sleeve over her arms, pulling up as far as I could. I then ran the straps under her arms and around the back of her neck and buckled it to the back of the sleeve. I then pulled the sleeve up towards her shoulders as tight as I could. I next started the long process of lacing up the sleeve. Starting at the wrists, I pulled the laces tight. Moving towards the shoulders, I tightened the sleeve a little more with each set of holes until Vicky’s elbows were touching. I could feel her freedom disappearing with every pull of the laces. I relished the feeling of power I had over her at the time. I continued lacing up the sleeve until I reached her shoulders.

I gently turned her around so she was facing me and kissed her lips. “Tonight you belong to me, Vicky” I said and gently pushed her onto the bed. My mouth found one of her tits and she started to complain “Don’t, please don’t do that”. “Anymore complaining will get you gagged. You want that mortgage don’t you?” I asked. I reached up and covered her mouth with my hand. I reached down to her waist and found her pussy. I could feel her swelled pussy through her slacks. I kept rubbing until I could tell she was really turned on. I then loosened her slacks and pulled them off. She lifted her butt to help so I knew she was done fighting me. I kept massaging her pussy, teasing her immensely. Finally I slipped a finger inside her swollen, hot, pussy.

I took my leather jacket off and put one of my tits in her mouth. I had worn nothing under my jacket, hoping this would happen. Eventually I eased myself down to her pussy and slipped my tongue inside her. She started moaning like crazy and I kept licking. The louder she groaned, the deeper I reached with my tongue. I made her cum 3 times before I climbed on her and planted my pussy right on her mouth. If she was new at this, you could have fooled me. She licked me expertly; when I came I squirted my love juices all over her face.

“I’ll be right back” I said. I went to the kitchen and got Chester. I led him into my bedroom and grabbed the biggest ball gag I had. I buckled it on him and ordered him to stand and watch two women make love. I strapped a double ended strap-on onto Vicky and helped her stand up. I took all my clothes off and ordered her to fuck me. I got on the bed and helped ease the strap-on inside me. She fucked me with all the enthusiasm I could have ever dream of. There she stood, naked except for the bondage sleeve, fucking me while her husband and Sonya watched us. It was awesome. I got off 3 more times.

Around 2:00AM, after everybody except Sonya was untied and dressed, we all sat at the table to discuss their mortgage. I said I would tentatively approve their mortgage under the following conditions.

  1. The two of them would spend the next 4 weekends at my house and I would enlighten them regarding BDSM. They are to arrive promptly at 8:00PM and stay until 6:00PM on Sunday. They each should bring one change of clothing and a toothbrush. Nothing else would be needed.
  2. Victoria would become my personal apprentice, a dominatrix in training, and she would be addressed as Vicky by me. Chester would be taught to be a suitable submissive.
  3. Our BDSM activities will NEVER be spoken of outside of my house.

Chapter 2

On the follow Friday evening I was ready to party. Vicky and Chester were expected at 8PM, I took a bath and donned a sexy leather cat suit and my black leather boots. I was ready when the doorbell rang. I greeted them at the door and lead them to my living room, just like when they were here before. As soon as we all were seated, I asked Vicky “Vicky, have you been tying up Chester like I showed you?” “No, we haven’t had time this week” she replied. “hhhmmm I see. Chester, disrobe please” I ordered. Chester hesitated, but before he had a chance to question me, I stood up and commanded “NOW! Get your clothes off. NOW!”

He quickly took his clothes off after my outrage. I walked over to him and grabbed his balls and twisted them until he grimaced in pain. I then sweetly said “Please don’t make me angry Chester. You won’t like me when I’m angry.” I released the grip I had on him and turned to Vicky. “Vicky, please tie up Chester’s arms like I showed you last time.” Vicky quickly grabbed a piece of rope from the table and tied Chester’s elbows. She looked at me, as if to ask for approval. I just nodded and she moved to Chester’s wrists and tied them also.

“Put this on him too” I said as I tossed her a large red ball gag. I don’t want to hear his whining. “Blindfold him with this” I ordered as I handed her a leather blindfold. When she had the ball gag secured and the blindfold in place, I said “Get down on your knees Chester and keep your nose touching the floor. Leave it there until I say otherwise”. I handed Vicky a pair of wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. “Vicky, take your clothes off and put these on while I tell you what I have planned for you. Have you ever heard the expression ‘scratch a sadist and you’ll find a masochist’? I am going to teach you to become a good sadistic dominatrix, but first you must learn to be submissive slave. Now come with me to my playroom. Chester, follow me, but keep your nose to the floor at all times.

I handed Vicky a burlap sack that I had altered to make it into a burlap dress. I had cut a slit through the bottom of the sack and arm holes on the sides. She will look like a peasant girl; hopefully, she will feel that way also. I then put a blindfold on her and pulled her arms behind her back, locking them together. I next slipped a rope, a noose actually over her head and lead her to my playroom. “Chester, you follow us”.

I ran her leash rope through a pulley in the ceiling and then pulled the rope tight enough to force her to her toes and tied it off. “Tonight you are my slave. Pay attention and learn from this experience my slave. Now, tell me, how do you wish to please me slave?” “I don’t know what you want me to do Mistress” Vicky said. “Tell me you want to worship my boots. Beg me Vicky, beg me to let you worship my boots”.

“Please Mistress may I worship your boots. I want to worship them better than Sonya showed me. Please Mistress, let me show you what a good slave I can be for you” she begged. “Very well slave, I will let you worship my boots. If you do a good job I might let you worship my ass as well”. I loosened the rope and ordered her “Down of your knees slave. I have prepared a nice carpet to rest your knees on”. There is no carpet at all, just a pile on cinders.

Vicky winced as her knees hit the cinder “carpet” I had laid out for her. She began kissing and licking my right boot. I could tell she had learned by watching Sonya. I watched as she worshipped my boot and I was getting turned on. After a few minutes I switched boots and let her worship my left boot. ”Remove my boot slave. Don’t soil my boot with your hand, use your teeth to pull the zipper down. ”

After I removed my boots I allowed her to suck on my toes while I played with myself until I had a fantastic orgasm.

After I came I untied Vicky and showed her to my playroom where I have most of my bondage equipment. I guided her to two tiered bondage bench. The bondage bench actually looks like a miniature picnic table. The slave’s legs go on the seat part and the slave’s chest lies on the table portion. “Get on my little bondage bench, with your knees on the lower part. Just straddle the top part, like you are riding a horse”. I helped her get on the bondage bench and positioned her the way I wanted her. I secured her wrists and ankles to the bondage bench. She was now helpless, with her head in the perfect position to pleasure me.

I then decided to show mercy on Chester and untied him. I led him to a set of small stocks and locked his legs in them. The stocks are made of wood 2 inches thick and 2 feet long with ankle holes near the ends. There is an eye bolt in the stocks I tied a rope around Chester’s balls and then through eye bolt, pulling it very tight, but not tying it, yet! I then pulled the stocks up in the air toward the ceiling and tied to rope to a hook in the ceiling. He could grab the rope and pull, relieving the tension on his balls, but eventually he would get tired and have to release the rope. “Chester, how long would you like me to leave you like this? 2 hours? 4 hours? 8 hours? The longer you say, the less I will torture your wife.”

“Ma’am, I don’t think I can stand even 1 hour of this torture. Please have mercy on me” he begged.

“Fine then, one hour is your limit. That means I will torture your wife very severely. I will make sure she knows her punishment will be severe because of your unwillingness to endure much punishment.”

“Chester, I have your wife bound to my bondage bench. I’m going to use my riding crop on her white ass until it is way beyond bright red while you sit on the floor and do nothing about it. If you hear my whip striking her ass, think about how pathetic you are. If you hear her having an orgasm, you think how useless you are. If you feel me kick you in the balls or in your fat ass, just think about who is in control of you”.

I grabbed my favorite riding crop and proceeded to whip Vicky’s ass. “Please Ma’am stop, you are hurting me”. “Oh Vicky, you are not nearly red enough and your worthless excuse for a husband can’t save you” I replied. I continued to whip Vicky for another 5 minutes. “Please stop Ma’am, I can’t take any more of this whipping” she begged. “Okay, I’ll do something different. I will flog Chester for a while my slave Sonya fucks your ass. “Sonya, put your strap-on on and come in here” I called out.

“Sonya, you are to fuck Vicky until she cums. In the mean time, I will be flogging Chester’s ass. You may do anything else you want to Vicky, the sooner she cums, the soon I will stop flogging her husband”.

I then helped Chester to his feet and tied his hands together behind his back. I then tied a rope around his wrists and ran the rope through an eye bolt in the ceiling, pulling Chester’s arms high above his head, resulting in a very strict strappado. I started flogging Chester’s ass lightly at first, then harder. I varied the intensity of my strokes so he never knew when a hard one was coming. Sonya was busy fucking Vicky’s ass while playing with her tits. Eventually, my arm grew tired from striking Chester, so I stopped flogging him and jammed a 6 inch butt shocking plug up his ass. I gave him a few jolts just so he knew what to expect. I then set a timer so he received a jolt every 10 minutes.

I then went to Vicky and grabbed her hair. I tied a rope around her hair, giving her a pony tail. “Sonya, down on your knees and lick my ass hole while Vicky licks my pussy”. I quickly got naked and using the rope around Vicky’s hair as a handle I pulled her head up and jammed my pussy in her face. “Lick me my sluts; you have 10 minutes to make me cum”.

After I came, I untied Vicky’s arms and retied them behind her back. I then tied a rope around her wrists, ran it through a pulley attached to the ceiling, and then through another pulley a few feet away, and then tied it to a 5 gallon bucket which I positioned 2 feet from the floor. The bucket was empty, for now.

I then untied Chester and showed him how a bondage fiddle works. I locked it on his neck and his wrists. I then lead him to a post anchored to the floor and locked the fiddle to the post so he had to remain on his knees. Attached to the post was a fake cock. “Suck this cock while I adjust its position”. Once everything was adjusted, I explained “This is how this works. When the bucket is filled with, let’s say water for now, Vicky’s arms will be pulled up to a very painful position. If there is less water in the bucket, the tension is lessened, and the pain decreases. Chester is going to suck on that fake cock and suck the water out of the bucket, making Vicky’s pain lessen. Chester, you are going to suck on that cock and suck the water out of the bucket. You are to shallow the water. Do you two understand the game?”

They both nodded so I said “I will not fill the bucket with water. I will start by adding a few rocks.” As I added rocks to the bucket, Vicky’s arms were forced higher and higher until she was wincing in pain. “Now I can add some liquid to increase the weight even more. Did I say water? I really meant to say water from my toilet, just before I flushed it. In you honor, Sonya and I have been using the toilet for the last three days, without flushing. Sonya, bring in a few cups on toilet water and add it to the bucket.” As the water was added, Vicky’s arms were forced even higher. “Chester, if you love your wife you better start sucking the water out of the bucket to ease her pain.”

After an hour I released Vicky from her bondage and led her to a small cage. The cage was no larger than a dog kennel. “Get some rest slave, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.” I told her as I locked the door.

I then untied Chester and led him to a tree in the front yard. I attached a chain to his ankle and to the tree and gave him a small shovel. I marked out a square in the grass with my foot. “You are to dig a hole 4 feet deep in the area I have indicated. After you finish digging you may get in the hole and get some sleep, but no sleep until the hole is completed”.

Just before daylight, I had my new slave, James, come to me door, right on time. James is a black man about 6 feet 6” tall and is a devastatingly handsome man. I had him place a garbage disposal container over the hole Chester had dug, with him still in the hole. I than had James retrieve the garbage from several disposal containers from the neighborhood and put the trash in the container with Chester. My hope was that many more pieces of trash would be deposited on top of Chester throughout the remainder of the weekend. It would be Sunday afternoon before I would allow Chester to get out of his hole. I made sure he had enough to eat because I threw my garbage in the container.

I then let Vicky out of her cage. Sonya handed her a scrub brush and a bucket of water. I then picked up a handful of cold oatmeal and stuffed it in Vicky’s mouth. “Sonya, did you see how I fed my slave? You do the same until she finishes her breakfast. She is then to scrub the floor in every room in the house. If she gets lazy, use the whip on her. Remember, what ever she does not clean, you will be cleaning.”

I let Vicky scrub my floors for about 4 hours, checking on her often but being discreet about it. I called James in to meet Vicky, knowing full well she would be dominating him in the near future. “Vicky, I want you to meet James. James, show my slave what a big cock you have.” James dropped his pants to reveal his enormous manhood. “Vicky, don’t be rude to James. Greet him with a nice blowjob. I’m sure he will remember it for a long time. Sonya, James seems a bit shy having his cock sucked while we watched. Tie his hands behind his back and then get on your knees and lick his asshole while Vicky sucks his cock.” After Sonya completed tying James’s hands and she dropped to her hands and knees and started to lick his ass while Vicky struggled to get James’s huge cock in her mouth. James looked at me and mouthed the words “Thank you Mistress”.

After James unloaded his sperm into Vicky’s mouth and she licked him clean, I ordered her to come with me to see what Chester was doing. Along the way we picked up every trash basket in sight, which I had filled to the brim with garbage from the last week. I ordered Vicky to peek inside the trash receptacle and see her pathetic husband, covered in trash. I then told her to dump all the baskets on his head. After she completed this I peeked in the smelly trash can and as Chester if he had anything to say. “Thank you Mistress” was his only response.

I then took Vicky in the house and told her to shower. After her shower I took her to my bedroom and tied her spread eagle on my bed. I went to my toy closet and brought out some vacuum nipple suckers. I licked her tits liberally first and then placed the nipple suckers over a nipple. I watched her eyes bulge out as her nipple grew longer and longer. I then applied the other sucker to her other nipple. I had one more sucker, this one for her pussy lips. I next sat on her face and allowed her to lick me to several orgasms before I released her.

I then took her to my closet and view all my fetish outfits. “Vicky, you have been a good submissive this weekend. Now you have an idea of what a slave goes through. Next weekend you will start to transition into a dominant Mistress. How long this takes depends on how quickly you learn. Do you understand?” “Yes Mistress, I understand” she replied. “Fine” I said. “Look over my clothing and see if there is anything you like. Next weekend you will be wearing what ever you select and you will begin the next phase of your training.”

Vicky and I then had a nice meal and some wine, served by Sonya and James.

By mid afternoon, I had James bring Chester around to the rear of the house and hose him off with the garden hose. I then dismissed both Vicky and Chester and told them to report next weekend.

Chapter 3

The following Friday. Vicky and Chester arrived right on time. I was dressed in a leather mini skirt and a white blouse, tucked in to accentuate my breasts. I also wore my black leather knee high boots and stockings. Vicky wore a nice pants suit, which would soon be off. Chester wore a dress shirt and slacks, which also would be gone soon. “Chester, you should know what to do by now. Vicky, come with me and we will select your wardrobe for the evening.” Chester went into the living room and started to take his clothes off.

When we got to my closet I asked Vicky which outfit she wanted to wear. “Take your time, select whatever you want, and meet me in the living room.” I grabbed a shock collar and some wrist and leg restraints for Chester and went down stairs. Chester was naked and standing up. I handed him the leg restraints and told him to sit down and put them on. The chain connecting the ankle cuffs was only a few inches long, permitting very short steps only. After he completed that task, I ordered him to stand and put his hands behind his back. I locked the wrist cuffs on him and then the shock collar.

“Let me explain how this collar works. No doubt you have heard about shocking dog collars to keep a dog from barking. This collar is similar. If you make a loud noise, like a dog barking, you will get shocked. Try it out. Bark like a dog” “Woof” he said loudly and then fell to his knees in pain when he got shocked. He yelled out “make it stop” but that just gave him another shock. “You have to be quiet for the pain to stop” I said. After he settled down the shocking stopped. “The second way this collar works is with a remote”. I showed the remote to him and said “You want me to show you? Or will you take my word for it?” He whispered “I believe you”.

Just then Vicky walked in the room. She looked stunning in my leather cat suit complete with cat mask and high heel boots. “Perfect timing Vicky. It’s time to teach how to trample a slave.” “Chester, lie down on the floor, face down. Okay Vicky, take my hand to balance yourself and stand on Chester’s back. Take a few steps, make sure he feels your heels dig into his back and ass”. She walked slowly at first, then after she got the feel of it, she speeded up. I then stood on Chester too, trampling him until he was good and sore. He didn’t dare say a word for fear he might set off the shock collar.

After a few minutes of trampling we got off poor Chester and I said “I have a special treat for you two tonight. Vicky and I will dine on steak and lobster while Chester serves us wearing a French maid’s outfit. “SONYA, we are ready” I shouted. “I have instructed Sonya to assist Chester in preparation of our dinner. Vicky, please join me for a cocktail while we wait for dinner. ”

Sonya released Chester’s hands and then showed him to the kitchen and the two of them prepared dinner while Vicky and I chatted. “Vicky, the most important thing to remember is you are in charge. Don’t worry about how much pain or discomfort your slave is in.” Vicky then asked a few questions and we chatted until our dinner was served. Vicky then asked “Will Chester and Sonya be eating with us? I only see two chairs.” “No” I said. “Slave’s eat cold oatmeal from a bowl on the floor without the use of a spoon. It keeps the slave humble”.

We enjoyed our nice meal and a couple of glasses of wine while Chester and Sonya ate oatmeal from a bowl on the floor like dogs or cats might do. “Vicky, would you like some dessert? I have something special for you and it has no calories.” I led Vicky upstairs to my bedroom where James was tied spread eagle on my bed, naked as a jaybird. Sonya and Chester followed close behind. I gagged Chester with a large ring gag and cuffed his has behind his back.

“Chester, James does not have an erection. How can he fuck your wife without an erection? You are going to suck his cock until he is hard as a rock so he can give your wife a good fucking. ” I pushed Chester to my bed and forced his head down so he could reach James’s cock. “Sonya, encourage Chester with the riding crop please. ” Chester had no choice but to suck James’s cock. After James was hard Vicky climbed on the bed and rode James until they both orgasmed. Chester just looked helplessly on.

I then had Chester lick Sonya’s asshole while she licked mine. After a few minutes I decided I would teach Vicky how to use a riding crop; on Chester of course. I tied Chester to a bench with his arms tied parallel to the floor and his feet tied to the bench legs forcing his ass in the air giving me a nice target. I demonstrated the proper swatting motion to Vicky and she learned the proper technique quickly. While Vicky was busy whipping Chester, I untied James and led him over to Chester so Chester could suck James off again.

Eventually I untied Chester and put him in a cage in the garage for the night. I had positioned a video screen in the garage so he could see what was going on in my bedroom where I had set up a camera focused on my bed. Now he could see me and his wife making love all night long. I left the lights on all night to give him a show.

The next day was Saturday we spent the entire day tormenting Chester. We all took turns, seeing who could come up with the worst humiliation. He was forced to walk like a duck and make quacking noises. James pissed all over him. Sonya had him lick her pussy while she whipped his ass with the crop. Vicky put on a strap-on and fucked Chester’s ass good, but not nearly as good as when James stuck his 10 inch cock in Chester’s ass hole.

Chester served us lunch while wearing the French maid’s outfit again. He looked so cute wearing it. Chester had oatmeal from his bowl on the floor again. After we ate Chester got naked again and washed all the dishes and washed the kitchen floor while Sonya used a flogger on him.

Then it was entertainment time again. I had Vicky tie Chester’s hands together in front, palm to palm. The rope was then tied around his balls very tightly. Next his hands were pulled up and over his head and pulled down towards the floor. His wrist rope was then tied to the rope on his balls and pulled very tight. He instinctively spread his legs to give himself relief from the tension on his balls. He started to whine about the strenuous position he was in so Vicky gagged him with the largest ball gag she could find in my collection.

Next Vicky tied James exactly the same way Chester was tied. Then the fun started. The two male slaves were positioned back to back and a 6 foot long rope was tied from Chester’s balls to James’s balls. “Now it is tug-of-war time. The winner gets to whip the loser’s ass all afternoon and the loser will get tied up in the most painful position I can think of. Ready guys? GO” I shouted as I hit the remote on Chester’s shock collar.

They started pulling against each other while we got a good laugh. James had a huge advantage due to his size. James is almost a foot taller than Chester. James easily pulled Chester across the room and declared himself the winner. “James is the winner, of round one. But this contest does not end with just one round. This contest continues until I get bored. Get in position, back to back and start again.”

After two hours of painful tug-of-war, both slaves were exhausted. James was easily the winner so Chester had to suffer the consequences. I untied the rope connecting his hands to his balls. I then tied a long rope to his wrists. I ran the rope between his legs and then through a pulley in the ceiling. I pulled the rope tight so his feet barely touched the floor. I then tied a weight to the rope still attached to his balls. Lastly, I tied each of his feet to a spreader bar, forcing his legs far apart.

Vicky then said “Excuse me Mistress, but shouldn't Chester be wearing nipple clamps?” I smiled and said “of course you are right. Please get some from my closet and put them on him”.

We all took turns whipping Chester’s ass while he was tied in this painful position.

It was a long day for Chester.

That night Vicky and I slept together again, although neither of us got much sleep. Chester spent the night in the garage again. This time he was locked in a sitting position with his head and arms in a pillory and his feet locked in stocks. I poured lemon juice over his naked body, just to add a little more discomfort for him.

In the morning I told Vicky how much I enjoyed her company as Sonya served us breakfast. I had Sonya bring Chester in for his oatmeal. After we ate I announced I had another game for us to play.

I had Vicky tie Chester to the St. Andrews cross, still naked of course. “Chester, do you think Sonya is pretty?” I asked. “Yes Mistress, very much so” he replied.

“Would you like to cum in her mouth, with your wife’s approval of course?”

“If my wife ordered me to cum in her mouth, I would do as she ordered” he replied.

“Very well, Vicky, instruct your husband while I do the same for Sonya.”

“Sonya, I want you to get on your knees and suck Chester’s cock. I want you to give him the best blow job ever.”

Vicky then said “Chester, Sonya is going to suck on your cock and you are to cum in her mouth while I am kissing you passionately”

“Nicely done Vicky” I commented.

Sonya did as ordered and got to her knees and started to play with Chester’s cock until he was hard and then began to suck on it. Meanwhile, Vicky planted her lips on Chester’s lips and kissed him very passionately. I then said “Chester, you are not permitted to orgasm. If you do, you will be wearing a CB 6000 until I decide to take it off you.”

Chester was now really in trouble. He was ordered to cum by Vicky and ordered not to cum by me, and Sonya doing everything in her power to make him cum. He tried to hold himself, but with sexy Vicky kissing him and sexy Sonya sucking him, it was only a matter of time before he exploded in Sonya’s mouth. I made sure I used my shocker remote just as he came, giving him a shocking experience.

“Now you have fucked up, cumming in my slave’s mouth. ” I locked the CB6000 on him and then dangled the key in front of his face before hanging it on my neck. “Vicky, do you like my new necklace?” I taunted.

“Vicky, we have one more game to play today. Untie Chester from the cross and tie his arms together behind his back as tightly as you can. While you are doing that I will be tying James the same way.” I then helped James on to my bed and had Sonya ride him until he came inside her. “Chester, I don’t want cum from James to be inside my slave Sonya. Lick her pussy clean for your Mistress”.

While Chester was busy with Sonya, Vicky and I got into my bed and played with James still in the bed, tightly bound. After James got hard again Vicky rode his cock while I sat on his face. After James came in Vicky, I had Chester’s tongue clean Vicky.

“Vicky, we still have some time left for some slave training. Go get your worthless husband and bring him to me along with a lot of rope.” Vicky went to get Chester and I went to get my anal shocker and the remote that goes with it.

I had Vicky tie Chester’s arms tightly behind his back at the elbows and wrists. Several more ropes were added to his torso. I then led Chester to the play room. I connected a rope from Chester’s torso rope to the overhead winch mounted in the ceiling. I then raised him up until he was standing straight. Next I tied a spreader bar to each of his ankles. I then tied a rope around each leg around his knee. I then tied the rope from his knee to the winch rope. I repeated the process with the other leg. Now when I raised him up using the winch, he looked like he was flying through the air.

I then lubed up the anal shocker and inserted it in Chester’s butt. I stuck the remote close to his face and said “Smile Chester!” and pushed the remote. He squirmed and bucked around thrusting his body in ways I didn’t think possible. “Chester, do you want another jolt or would you rather suck my toes clean?” “Your toes please Mistress”.

Tied as he was, I could position Chester to any height I wanted. I pulled up a chair and got comfortable while Chester sucked feverishly on my toes. I occasionally showed him the remote, just to keep his enthusiasm up. “Vicky, if you would like your ass hole cleaned, Sonya is at your disposal.

After an hour or so I gave Chester a jolt to wake him up and then we switched positions and let Vicky’s toes get cleaned by her husband.

It was getting close to 6PM so I then dismissed Vicky and Chester for the day, reminding them to return next Friday.

Chapter 4

On Friday evening when Vicky and Chester arrived, I had the evening planned. I was going to have Vicky select an outfit again, but when they arrived, she was already wearing a new dominatrix outfit. “Very nice Vicky. I like your taste in clothing.”

“Thank you Mistress. May I speak freely?” she asked.
“Yes, of course” I replied.
“Thank you Mistress. I was thinking that you have been training me very well and I would like more practice tying up people. Is that something you agree with?”
“I think that’s a good idea. You can start with Chester. Chester, why are you not naked?” I asked. We all went to the play room where the ropes were stored.

Vicky tied Chester’s arms as she had done in the past, very tightly with his elbows almost touching. “May I tie up Sonya please?” Vicky asked.
“Yes of course” I replied.

Vicky then tied Sonya the same way, with Sonya’s elbows touching. She also tied Sonya’s legs as well at the ankles and knees. She also gagged Sonya with a big ball gag. “Can you tell if I have done a good job just by looking Mistress? Could you tell better if I tied you up, just to see if I am doing it right?” She asked.

“So, the student wants to tie the teacher?” I laughed. “Sure, you can tie me up too.”

Vicky pulled my arms roughly behind my back and wrapped a rope around my elbows several times before cinching it. “Very nice Vicky, you’ve done well” I said. Vicky then tied my wrists the same way. She moved to my legs and tied them together as she has done with Sonya. “Okay, see if you can get free.” She ordered. I struggled to get loose but she had done a great job tying me up. “You did great, I can’t get loose. You can untie me now.” Vicky looked me in the eyes for a few seconds and said “I don’t think so.” She then moved to Chester and untied him.

“You didn’t check into Chester’s and my backgrounds much, did you? If you had, you would have not found much information. That’s because there is no Chester or Vicky Field. I work for the same FDIC in the security and fraud division. The man you know as Chester in really Mr. R.J. Reynolds. He works at the main office in Washington in the security department also. You have been under suspicion of granting fraudulent mortgages and loans for two years. ”

“What’s going to happen to me now?” I asked.

“Well, you’ve have a couple of options Vicky said. “The first is 20 to 25 years in prison. We have enough evidence on you that a conviction is certain. The second option is this, you may continue to work at the bank cleaning the floors, washing windows, that sort of thing. You will be working at night and will be wearing leg and wrist restraints at all times.”

Chester butted in “don’t forget the shock collar. I know she likes that thing”.

“Yes, the shock collar also. Chester will be transferring to the local bank and will be your supervisor and take over your old job. The bank will be reprocessing your house but your can still rent the house so you won’t be on the street. If it is okay with Sonya, she will also stay in the house and you will be her slave while you are in the house. So you see, you will belong to Mr. Reynolds at the bank and you will belong to Sonya at the house.”

“So what happens now?” I asked.

“Well” Vicky said “You will start be addressing me as Mistress Victoria. Next, seeing though you are bound like a slave, you will spend the weekend learning how to be a slave. I’m sure Sonya and I can help you out.” I will always remember the most important thing you told me.

“Vicky, the most important thing to remember is you are in charge. Don’t worry about how much pain or discomfort your slave is in.” “Do you remember those words, I do, and I will make sure you get all the pain and discomfort you deserve.”