New Lessons of Love 4: Day Two - The Individual Sessions

by LorasPa6

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Part 4: Day Two - The Individual Sessions

I quickly sat up as I snapped awake. I looked around our bedroom to find out what had woke me so suddenly. I was alone in the Mistress bedroom, and Miss Justine was nowhere to be seen.

Something was not right, I focused on my last memory. I remembered going to bed with Miss Justine... In a woodland cabin!

"Stay calm brother dearest, we've been here together before." liz said as she entered from the hall. "You should be accustomed to it by now." She was dressed in this pale blue nightgown that almost glowed, and had a sad smile on her face

I shook my head and rubbed my temples. This dream again?

liz shook her head disappointingly. "How many times do I need to tell you these are more than a dream, I'm really here!" She rolled her eyes at me. "And I can hear your thoughts." She walked over and took my hand. "Everything I've told you when we've been here in the past has come true right?"

"My mind was subcu... subcon... oh! My mind was putting things I saw together in my sleep and manufactured you to relay it to my... well me."

She smiled at me. "The term Doctor Johvon used was 'manifested liz to relay it to your conscious mind'. We don't have time to argue this michael. When the window shatters take Miss Justine and run! Run deep into the woods, trust your instincts and you both should be okay."


"And michael, please tell Miss Justine 'thank you' for me, thank her for holding my hand as the doctors tried to save me, for crying over my loss, and for being a mother to little michael."


liz shook her head as she started to fade. "Sometimes I think I'd be better off trying to talk to Juliet, at least she would understand!"

I crossed my arms and frowned. "Now that is just hurtful!"

She gave me a playful smile. "Don't be mad at me, according to Cherish's logic you just insulted yourself. Give my love to michael junior. Until next time michael."

I open my eyes and this time I am awake for real. I feel Miss Justine's breath on my chest and can see her sleeping face. I slip free of her and write out the dream in my journal. I have had seven of these dreams over the last year, usually 'liz' is just warning me about some minor incident that I can prevent; a shelf coming loose over mikey's crib, a short in the clothes dryer that needed servicing, and the like. On those incidents I could believe Doctor Cherish's explanation of my mind reacting to hazards I saw but did not immediately recognize.

But this one and the previous one were different, more dire situations. The last time she literally begged me not to take the children to the park the next day. So I told Mother Alli I thought we should stay home because I had a bad feeling, and then that night the evening news reported about a delivery driver had lost control of her truck and it plowed though the area we normally would be in. It was then I had my doubts and began wondering if liz really was visiting my sleeping mind.

I must take this new dream seriously. I could not afford to do otherwise.

I now was too on edge to sleep again. I struggled with reading the old style alarm clock. I was not sure about Females, but in school we males were never taught how to read these type clocks with their round face and pointers. Miss Justine had taught me so I could read the big cabinet style clock in the living room, but I always had to focus. And right now my mind was in too much of a jumble to be sure.

Since the bells on top had not gone off I was fairly sure it was still early enough that I could allow Miss Justine some more sleep. I got out the outfits for us to wear today, and pulled my genital device from the drawer.

I did my normal inspection; Correct Serial Number, check. Battery Power at 93%, sufficient. Straps, loose and untangled. The last thing I wanted to verify beyond a shadow of a doubt, so I pulled out the punishment circuit area on the inside face to verify if it was the blank or an actual punishment circuit. If a punishment circuit was plugged in I would not be able to disconnect it without setting off an alarm. Miss Justine would have to hold a finger against the biometric sensor to remove it if it was installed. Fortunately it was indeed the blank and I would not have to worry about someone using it on me.

My check complete I step into the device and I guide my penis into its tube. Once the front plate is in place, I tuck my testicles into their hollow and I place my right little finger on the biometric sensor causing the waist and butt straps to tighten. I now had five minutes to check the positioning and verify the straps had not twisted before it automatically finished closing. Everything was in its proper position so I press my index finger over the sensor to make the straps fully tighten and lock without waiting. I was now secure and only an authorized female could release me.

I picked up the female genital device from where we had left it on the floor last night. Contrary to Doctor Jessica's statement yesterday, I truly knew little about these devices. I never had a real opportunity to handle liz's GD. I looked over the front plate, the shape of it was the only thing I was familiar with. While male GDs were shaped like a 'T' from the front and a 'J' from the side the female variant was shaped like a 'Y' and a 'J'. Holding the straps to the side I looked into the crotch section to see it was basically a hollowed out pan with ribs running the length to a set of drainage holes. Rather simplistic but gets the job done. Where the male's punishment was delivered through the penis tube, it appeared the female version had a series of gently rounded metal protrusions along the middle two ribs that cleared the top surface of the unbreakable plastic pan, a sufficient length to make contact with the labia of the Female wearing it.

I placed the GD with Miss Justine's clothing. I think I will 'demand' a personal inspection of the device as she places it on this morning.

I look over to the bed. Miss Justine was still sound asleep. The thin shoulder strap of her nightgown had slid down her arm as we slept, exposing the top of her breast. I climbed in next to her again and slipped my arm under the covers, tracing her well-toned body until my fingers found the heart-shaped patch of pubic hair, from there My fingers slid straight down and began rubbing her clitoris.

When Miss Justine started to move and make sounds of pleasure I began kissing her neck. I felt her thighs open slightly inviting my fingers in. Her hand found my left knee and she worked her way up my leg. I lost the sensation of her fingers as they crossed over my GD.

Her whole body went stiff. "Why are you wearing that already?" I could hear anger mixed with disappointment in her voice. She rolled over and reached out to the bio-sensor, but I pulled her hand away. She gave me a confused look. "Why are you stopping me?"

"Because I am not exactly in the mood, someone here is probably trying to kill us after all."

"We don't know that."

"Do you really think some criminal enterprise from the China Province of South East Asian Region is going to send someone to kill Monica and steven while they are in New York State of the America Region. They live so close to China Province they can probably swim to it."

Miss Justine took my hand. "You may have a point, but never misjudge the lengths someone will go to for a measure of revenge, deserved or not. If you didn't want to make love, why were you doing... that!" She gestured to her crotch.

I tried to give her a heartfelt grin. "Just because I am worried does not mean you should not be woken as close to our customary style as possible. I can continue if you like."

She looked at me and let a slight smile cross her lips. "You are right boy, we have other more pressing concerns than pleasuring each other."

"I hope I did not wake you up too early."

She rolled over and looked at the clock. "Actually michael I would have preferred a little earlier, but I will have to make due." She rubbed her temples with her thumb and middle finger. "Not you're fault dear, I must have forgot to set the alarm last night." She got up and headed to the bathroom. "Can you get..."

"Clothes are already out dear."

She smiled until she noticed her GD. "Oh no that is not going back on!"

"Doctor Jessica said this role play thing was to go until the beginning of today's session, therefore you need to put it on to go to the dining hall. And I also want to check it out as you put it on."

Her face went more pale than normal. "You're serious." I nod in response. "Why?"

"Because you asked me to put my best effort into this, and for you I would do anything."

"I know boy, this whole thing was a little more than I expected. As much as I want to surrender to your will, I find myself rebelling against the idea, I think almost as much as you are rejecting your new role. The social norms have been so ingrained in both of us, almost as if we were..." She stopped while looking for the right word.

"Conditioned." She looked at me wide eyed as I continued. "While we were children we had been going though a slow Conditioning process in school, they just called it Indoctrination. Both Female and male, Females to be controlling, males to be uhh... servient."

I knew the word was not quite correct but Miss Justine evidently understood and just nodded her head in agreement without correcting me. "We have been conditioning ourselves all these generations. And now we are fighting that conditioning, just like you did when you stumbled into that machine during liz's pregnancy. Well now I will be second guessing myself every time I want to resist your requests, is it because I really don't want to or that I was taught not to want to. Okay I'll wear it."


I couldn't believe how michael and I came to the same conclusion so quickly, building off each others thoughts. I finished cleaning my face and putting on a fresh coat of blush and a light eye shadow. I was keeping my makeup to a minimal here, but I always felt I was too pale to go without any at all.

"Okay inspector let's get this over with!" I said as I came out from the bathroom.

michael had already gotten dressed and was waiting at the bed for me. He got down on his knees and waved me closer. As he held out the device I stepped into the straps and he slid it up to my waist. I turned as he felt how it settled into my skin, I instinctively knew what he was checking and moved to accommodate his probing until I finally I faced away from him. I felt his finger slip between my pussy lips and the shield that would cover it. In a way it felt exciting and embarrassing at the same time.

"Does it hurt?"

I raised my arm so I could see him between it and my torso. "No it is actually relatively comfortable. I never thought they would be."

"No, not the device itself, the electrodes inside jabbing into you."

"Honestly I barely feel them until they fire off. Why are you so suddenly interested in the Genital Device anyway?"

"Honestly, I don't know. I guess I was wondering how they differed from my own. I never had the opportunity to really see liz's off her body much, or well when I did we had other things on our minds."

I reached down and pressed the button that pulled in the straps to adjustment tightness. michael made sure there wasn't any twist or folds in the strapping. "Huh so you were just thinking with your 'man brain' then?"

He looked up at me shocked. "No Miss Justine, I was thinking how best to complete my task of breeding liz as you wanted."

I laughed at the fact he thought I was serious. "Let's be honest, it was probably a little of both. I'm hungry shall I finish dressing for breakfast Sir?"

He kissed my butt cheek. "Please do before I decide to do what I denied you earlier."

As much as I tried not too, I laughed as I pressed the button to pull in and lock the straps. "Are you trying to convince me not to dress?"

Soon we walked into the dining hall and the Councilors were each sitting at a table. Paul walked up to us, "This morning the couples will be eating with their Councilor, please go join Jessica." He turned and walked away before we could offer a reply.

"Good morning, I won't even bother to ask how you slept." Jessica said as we took our seats.

"Honestly Miss Justine slept rather well, me not so much."

"michael it is only Justine for now. She is your Property for the next hour yet. As a matter of fact maybe you should have her fetch and serve our breakfast."

michael turned to me with an apologetic glance. "Justine please get the Doctor and I's breakfast, and then get your own."

"Yes Sir. Would you each like coffee also?"

Jessica smiled. "That would be lovely." michael nodded his head in acceptance and I walked off to the kitchen.

I expected there to be some form of conversation during the meal being that Jessica had joined us but she was oddly quiet. I glanced around and noticed none of the Councilors were discussing anything, they seemed to be simply observing their table-mates. As the sun broke the horizon in my head I turned back to Jessica. She smiled at me when she saw my new found insight and gave me a slight nod. They were looking closer for obvious signs of deception.

After the meal we were led to the couches as we had been yesterday, Jessica took to the front of the group once again.

"Good morning everyone. How are we all this..."

That was the last I heard as the shocks ripped through my pussy for a brief moment.

"Congratulations michael and roy, you both managed to get your property to adhere to the rules of yesterday's exercise."

I looked up and saw Carol with the same startled expression as I felt I had on my face.

"You two will be relieved of those in the first session. How many of you refused to put on the Genital Devices this morning?"

I raised my hand, as did Monica and Erin.

"How many males didn't even try to put their property back in the Device?" This time todd and josh raised their hands.

"Responsibility males; your Females must make sure you are always properly fitted before you leave home, you should have done the same. Respect Females; your males must don their GDs whenever you instruct them to do so. Barb did you think you should have been wearing the GD this morning?"

"No Ma'am"

"Carol and roy, good job. Every other couple needs to still work on their understanding the others position a little better. Alright this morning we will be breaking off into individual sessions, after lunch we will have a semi-private group session, and another individual session after that. Please follow your Councilor or aide to your assigned theme cabin. Learn and have fun everybody."

Jessica and paul led us to the 'Restraint Theme' Cabin. After releasing me from my GD they showed us proper binding techniques, safety, and rope work, first by using each other in demonstrations, then by guiding us in hands on exercises.

After they were done they let michael and I experiment with each other as they watched. They offered small pointers from time to time. Even though we were fully dressed the entire time I was slightly put off by the audience, but I wanted to learn and michael was taking it all in stride so how could I not?

We were walking back to our cabin hand in hand with a half hour until lunch was to be served. I was feeling good about what I had learned, especially about safety and distress communication. I hadn't realized how many chances I took in the past leaving michael and liz secured without supervision, I was lucky neither of them got nauseated and vomited or had other breathing hazards occur.

"You okay boy? Are you glad we stayed?"

"Yes Milady, on both. I was so unsure and nervous about this, but with you it seems..."

I waited for a few seconds for him to find the word he wanted but when he just stared at me I figured he was stumped. "Natural? Fulfilling? Right?"

"Umm yes, all of them!"

I smiled at him before kissing his cheek. "You always were perfect for me. You just needed the right motivation to see it in yourself."


For lunch we were served fresh grilled burgers and baked fries, I was beginning to lose my high regard for the cooking staff here that I had made on our first night. We ate with Miss Erin and todd, one of the possible fake couples. todd was rather quiet and seemed a little uncomfortable when sitting. I wondered if his owner had punished him for yesterday afternoon or if maybe they had the Punishment Themed Cabin this morning. The fact that Miss Erin was not displaying the same discomfort made me lean toward the idea that she had punished him.

As we once again assumed our place in the group area Miss Hope, the older heavyset Female with reddish-blond hair who was the Councilor for Cabin 5 came to the front of the group. "This afternoon we will be doing a short session on Open Communication. Females we expect that you typically let your mind be known to your males. But males tend to be taught to keep most misgivings and complaints to themselves. They bottle up the worst of their feelings, only sharing safety concerns or logistical ones," She waved her pointer finger back and forth in front of her face as she continued, "and that is not healthy, it can lead to depression and/or resentment." She looked us all over. "So we will be focusing more on you males this session, Females you just need to sit back and listen and wait for your time to address the issues. Please break off with your Councilors to the dining tables everybody."

"Okay michael, do you understand what we are doing now?" Doctor Jessica asked me as the three of us sat down.

"I believe so."

"Then go ahead and begin."

"Justine I am sorry I was never smart enough to go with you to work but I would..."

"michael I don't..."


"Justine stop! Now is not your time." Doctor Jessica said as she interrupted her. She turned her dark eyes to me. "michael, this is not an apology, get upset, be mad and tell her why. This is about your feelings, your pain. Do not sugar coat it or make it sound like its your own fault. Got it?"

I nodded my head. After closing my eyes I thought about the biggest thing that Miss Justine had ever done to upset me, how it made me so sad back at the time. I realized I truly was angry about it, hurt and ashamed.

My tapping into that memory of those feelings was like a cork being pulled from a bottle of wine. "Why didn't you give me the chance to become more than a housemale? I know I'm not the smartest of males but I coulda done things to help you, a little more education I coulda done your simple drawings for you, ran prints, took field measurements, whatever. Hell my natural, what do you call it, spatial understanding, could have been an invaluable asset to you!"

I had kept my focus on Miss Justine and watched as her green eyes grew wider the longer I ranted, her jaw dropping when I cursed. When I was done I took a deep cleansing breath and felt like a weight had been lifted from my soul. Miss Justine slowly looked around. Suddenly I realized no one else was talking, I looked and all eyes were on me. I felt the blood rushing to my face.

Doctor Jessica smiled at me. "Now that's what we are talking about people! You got to vent!" Suddenly someone started laughing, and it spread throughout the dining hall. "Okay everybody back to your own conversations." She returned her attention back to us. "Feel better michael?"

"Yeah kinda, but now I am embarrassed I got like that."

"Maybe you did get a little loud, but it was a deeply pent up anger. Justine would you like to respond?" She smiled and quickly added; "Calmly please."

Miss Justine offered me a sad smile. "Baby you are not dumb, by no means have I ever thought that. Quite the opposite, I feel you were denied the chance to reach your full potential by the educational system, long before you were ever mine. The reason I didn't want you working with me is because of what I saw when I was an intern. males did not work directly for their Owners, instead they were openly available for any Female to order around, and the way I saw those males treated..." She shook her head at the memory. "I wouldn't let you train to enter my chosen field of study because I swore I would never subject you to that kind of belittlement. You were too good for that. I'd rather you be blissfully ignorant at home than at work being called dumb or having you be blamed for a project's problems just because you were a 'dumb male' and the real person at fault refused to accept her own blame. And to be honest dear, I think you found a much more noble calling in being a therapy aide."

I could see she was speaking from her heart, the truth rang out in her words and I felt shame in the fact I thought so poorly of her and her decision. She was not thinking the worst of me, but protecting me from the worst of her fellow Females.

"I'm sorry, I should have told you back then, I wasn't thinking like a partner as I should have been. And I mean it when I say you are one of the most intelligent people I know."

"No I am not! You know many people smarter than me."

"More educated yes, but I know you are a brilliant person who just was never allowed the chance."

Doctor Jessica took my hand. "What else has Justine done that you don't like?"

I sat there thinking for a few moments but could not think of anything else significant. "I do not know, the way she leaves my kitchen a mess, or maybe the way she is such a heavy sleeper?"

She laughed. "Justine you need to respect his cooking domain and clean up after yourself. She can't really help that sleeping one. Are you really already struggling to find something that much already?"

"I do believe I am Ma'am."

Miss Justine seemed shocked by my answer as Doctor Jessica turned to her. "Well then, Justine anything you care to get off your chest?"

My lovely owner stared straight into my eyes. I saw a seriousness that made me think I was about to be wrung out and hung up like a dirty dish towel. "Just two; stop belittling yourself like you just did a few minutes ago, you do not give yourself enough credit for your accomplishments. I think the world of you and know you are great, as does any Female you spend any significant time with. The other one is that you worry too much. The world is not going to end because our home is not sparkling clean, and not everyone who buzzes the gate has evil intentions."

"Seems like it." I said under my breath.

"michael if you don't work yourself to death you will worry yourself there. Live a little. Stop and smell the roses because you can, not just because Mom or I make you. You have walking privilege for a mile radius from the house. Ask Mom to watch the kids, grab your Walkabout Range Sensor and go. Go to the park, hit the shops, spend from your discretionary fund card on something you want but don't need."

I was on the verge of an angry outburst. I hated it when she dwelled on my desire for a clean and safe home. If we were home I'd say 'Yes Ma'am' and walk away to do something else in the house. A luxury I did not have here and now.

"I'm truly surprised you don't have high bloo..."

"Stop it! Just stop it! Cleaning is how I relax. What was the first thing I wanted to do when I got home from prison? Straighten up our apartment because it looked like a pig pen, that's what. Maybe I obsess over cleaning but only because I know when you come through in ten minutes I will have twice as much to clean up. And I am sorry if my wanting to keep you and our children safe is bothersome to you. But I would rather be cautious then let someone walk up and cause Hell to break loose." I reach over for Miss Justine's hand. "I love you all too much to not worry, you three are the meaning for my life.

She smiled at me! I just snapped at her and she is smiling!

"I knew you had more bottled up in there, I just had to shake you a bit to make it blow." She said with a wink. "But I mean what I said, I think you need to relax and just live a little."

"No I..."

"Yes you do michael," Doctor Jessica said before turning her attention to Miss Justine, "and you Justine need to be less of a slob. If you make less of a mess or clean up after yourself, michael will have less to clean and maybe he can relax a little".

Miss Justine looked at Doctor Jessica in shock.

"What's that suppose to mean? Hell I pay for a cleaning service to come in weekly."

"So you're suppose to live in filth until they come, or is michael to pick up constantly between their visits? You are taking him for granted, relying on him to clean up after you the rest of the time, but then complain that he spends too much time cleaning. If you don't want him to do so much cleaning either clean up after yourself, take on some cleaning yourself, or both."

I looked at the love of my life and I could see the 'I'm in charge of all around me' attitude settling on her to defend her ego. If I let her get herself into it she would get close minded and not let reasonable arguments effect her.

I squeezed her hand and she turned her furious gaze at me and I uttered one word; "Conditioned."

Her eyes grew as the summary of our morning conversation hit her, the anger she had been displaying disappeared immediately. She opened her mouth to speak but stopped herself. Finally she squeezed my hand in return. She turned back to Doctor Jessica. "Of course, I've let the social norms dictate my thoughts and habits. It's true I have done little to help him."

Doctor Jessica placed her hand on top of ours. "He is caring for three adults, two children and a large home. Meanwhile michael is also keeping a job at the hospital. Even with a weekly cleaning service that is a lot to care for by himself. I'm willing to bet he relaxes more at work than at home. Isn't that right michael?"

I was caught off guard by the suddenness of the topic change and was unsure how to answer the question. I was about to say 'not really' until I saw Miss Justine's eyes. She wanted the truth. "Yes I feel like I accomplish much good there helping others heal and that is fulfilling. But ever since liz passed things are near impossible to complete at home, the only thing I feel I truly accomplish is putting a good meal on the table for everybody. I know more needs to be done and I need to do it but..."

"Dear, conditioned to need to do it."

"Why do I get the impression you two already made the leap to one of the main lessons of this week?" Doctor Jessica said with a frown.

I looked to her. "You mean that we've been conditioned since childhood to focus on a certain way of interacting. Then yes we did."

"Damn!" She shook her head. "Cherish said you two would figure it out before the third full day of sessions" She glanced at paul who had silently been taking notes. "Looks like we're driving into the city for your birthday."

"I warned you Sunday night not to take the bet." He said with a smile. "I knew Mother would know them too well."

"Indeed you did dear, she probably planned it all just to make that bet!" Doctor Jessica smirk disappeared as she looked at me. "michael I see you have more to say, please continue."

"Umm, well I see how much needs to be done, I know I am failing in my primary duties. Mother Alli is taking care of the children most of the day. The house is a mess. I have been thinking of asking you to disallow my work at the hospital so I can focus on our home and children."

The three of them looked at me as if I had just told them I beat kittens and puppies for fun.

"No. Absolutely not! Mother and I will start doing more around the house, your work is too important! You have a gift for helping abused Females and males deal with what has been done to them. You have been very proud of that, as have we. I will not take that away from you because I am a lazy selfish..." Her eyes got huge as she covered her mouth. "I'm a man! We've become men and the males are our women. We've taken all that our fore-mothers rebelled against and twisted it around to the point that we've completely swapped our roles around."

"Another bet you would have lost Jessie!" Paul said laughing. She shot him a glance that forced him back into his more subdued mood.

"michael I must agree with Justine, for you to quit it would not just hurt yourself, but your patients also. All working males must accept their children are partially reared by others, at least in your case they are being raised by family. If you both want to fully make this as equal a relationship as legally possible you both must shake off the mental shackles and support one another." The last part was clearly an aimed statement as Doctor Jessica stared straight at Miss Justine as she said it. "Now do either of you have any other annoyances to get off your chest?"

I looked at Miss Justine and she met my gaze. "No Doctor I believe we are good now, and will be more willing to share our negative feelings with each other." I said before giving Miss Justine a kiss.

"Fine then, go and sit at your couch, I'll be calling an end to the session in about a half hour."


As we waited I had cuddled into michael, he in turn stroked my stomach. I craned my neck and kissed him. "I promise I will do more to help out at home."

"I know, just leave the cooking to your Mother or I. Please!"

I slapped his chest as we started laughing.


After everybody was seated in their couch Jessica reiterated her points on pent up feelings, how respectfully sharing grievances should be done in private, and should always be seriously discussed by both parties.

After she was done we were lead out to the theme cabins again. paul brought us to a cabin marked 'Seduction' and we settled onto the small couch to wait for Jessica.

As paul got set up he looked to us. "Miss Justine, Jessica asked me to tell you there have been no new developments in the situation. She will be joining us shortly."

"Thank you paul."

paul turned his attention toward Michael. "In the meantime, michael are you familiar with what seduction is?"

michael gave me a sideways glance before answering. "It is when a Female does or wears things to arouse the male they are with."

paul smiled. "Seduction is not just a tool of the Female. males can use it too, I am sure you have done it without knowing."

"Yes indeed boy you have. Every gentle caress over an intimate area, when you whisper into my ear how beautiful I am, or when you just cuddle up to me and kiss my neck, you subconsciously were seducing me."

"I never thought of it that way Milady. I just wanted to please you."

"That is always the intent michael. We do small things to please our partners, hoping for them to repay the effort. Appealing to your partner's basic senses; by words, scents, gentle caresses, and of course visual stimuli, that is seduction. Do you understand that?"

Michael turned to me, "In that case, I guess I've been seducing you since I was 14, and you gave me just what I wanted."

"And what was that michael?" Jessica asked as she closed the door behind her.

He smiled at me and gave a kiss that curled my toes. As he broke away he kept his eyes locked on me and I knew his answer before the words left his lips. "Her heart."

Jessica pantomimed fanning herself. "Intro Class dismiss, I don't think these two need any more entry level lessons!"

We all laughed as Jessica leaned on the desk. "Okay let's refine those seduction skills in each of you, onto the advanced class, and practical applications."

One thought entered my head; Oh great more romantic time with an audience!


After our Seduction class we were told to go to our cabin to get changed and go down to the lake, dinner was going to be a beach barbecue.

After we joined a few other people on the beach, michael insisted I lay on the towel so he could apply the sunscreen.

"Thank you boy. You ready to take a dip?"

"Yes, but we should keep our distance from the others." My confused look prompted him to continue on. "So someone doesn't accidentally feel my special underwear." He continued in a hushed tone.

"Good point!"

Shortly after everyone had arrived Jessica called everyone in from the water.

"Well according to the reports you all did very well in today's sessions, I'm proud of you. Tomorrow we have another full day of sessions including a group session midday. Thursday and Friday you will have one or two individual sessions during the day and we will have a short group session after dinner each night." She peeled off the robe from around her deeply tanned body to expose the contrasting bright pink bikini underneath. "But tonight we relax and have fun with a beach social!" She yelled in a joyful tone.

"Guess she needs to show off that young body to all you sex starved males."

"A tad jealous? You have no reason to be, you are older by a few years and look just as good in your suit as she does in hers, AND you have my complete attention." He stroked my ass and nibbled on my ear

Ohh he learned his seduction lessons too well! "Keep it up and we'll have to go back to the cabin so you can take care of my needs."

"Mmmm, sounds like a plan to me."

It took all I had to resist his mannish advances. "Later I promise, now behave in public."

He laughed, "Yes Milady, but I did have you right there. You were ready to submit to my desires."


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