The New House Rules 4

by Cshiny

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Chapter 4

I am pretty sure I had never enjoyed watching TV more than right now. I was leaning back on the sofa, my legs stretched out on the ottoman, feet crossed. The best view was not on the LCD across the room, it was of Tara, who was seriously trussed up before me. I had finished granting her the bondage wish she had made twenty minutes ago, and she was a sight to see.

I had placed her in the center of our ottman so that she was parallel with the couch. It was just long enough to fit her from head to knees. Tara wanted to be hogtied, and she sure was. I had tied her elbows, her wrists, above her knees, below her knees, and her ankles. Ankle ropes were tied to her elbow bindings. A tight crotch rope pressed into her hips like a rope g-string that was a few sizes too small. I had tied her wrists and the crotch rope together. The black ball gag was firmly strapped in her mouth. Her hair was tied into a ponytail with a leather string. I used the loose end of this to pull her head back and tie it to her elbow bondage. As a finishing touch I had taken another leather string and tied her big toes together and pulled them forward and tied this to her elbows.

She had to be uncomfortable, but Tara was taking it like she wanted it. She quietly laid there, at least as much as she could lay in her contorted position. Drool was running out of the gag and down her chin and neck. She would occasionally moan and move her fingers. I even watched her try and rock her hips against the crotch rope.

I of course was soaking wet from watching her. My pussy was already a little over stimulated and tender, but I could not help myself. I pulled feet my onto the edge of the sofa and spread my legs like I was in a cheap porn. Not very classy, but I was crazy horny. I pinched my right nipple with my left hand and started rubbing my pussy with my right. Keeping my eyes on my pretty prisoner in front of me, I continued the finger lashing of my clit. It could not have even been a minute, but between my rubbing and twisting my nipple like the volume knob of a radio playing my favorite song, I exploded into an orgasm. I even screamed “Fuckkkkkk” as I went off.

Tara could not turn her head and was trying to watch out of the corner of her eye. She even began the rocking of the hips against her crotch rope. I was still breathing heavy as I leaned forward and smacked in the ass.

“Who says you are getting off missy?”

Tara stopped moving and made a whiney little pout under her gag. When I was ready to release her from this hogtie, I was going to give her the release she really wanted, but I was not ready to yet. She had good blood flow in all her extremities, and she was breathing fine. After all, she wanted to stay tied longer, right?

My phone started to ring. I smiled and answered it.

“Taylor darling, just the girl we have been wondering about!”

“You two must be up to no good.”

“Always. Are you on your way home?”

“Yes. Why?”

I could almost hear her smiling on the other end of the phone.

“Cause, if you can make it back in five to ten minutes, you can see our new living room centerpiece. Otherwise, I am going to have to send you a picture. Getting time to untie her.”

“I will speed.”

“OK, be careful.”

“Just be sure to get a picture if you have to let her go.”

While I was waiting on Taylor, I had gone to my room and gotten what I thought could be an interesting vibrator for the occasion. It was basically three insertable vibrators, all connected by wires to a little remote control box that held the batteries. Two of them were shaped like different sized eggs and one was more like a large pill shape. I untied Tara’s crotch rope and her wrists. I took the rope and pushed it under her stomach and pulled ends around each side of her. I tied a wrist into each side of the rope, pulling her wrists out from her tied elbows in the center. Her moan let me know she was not pleased with this development. I then put a big drop of lube on the smaller egg and pushed it into her pussy. I pushed the larger egg between her crotch and the couch. Then I squirted a little lube on the bullet, spread her cheeks, and pushed it gently into her ass.

I sat down the remote beside her. Tara made an angry grunt, no doubt protesting the off setting on the vibrator as I leaned back into the sofa. To pass time I absent mindedly fingered myself. I had no getting off agenda at the moment, it just felt nice.

A couple of minutes later, I heard Taylor’s car pull into the driveway. She busted in the door and almost ran into the living room. She was wearing a tight long sleeve shirt, a fluffy scarf, skinny jeans, and these cool riding boots. Fashionable as always I thought to myself.

“Holy crap, Jill. I love our new decoration.”

Taylor smiled a big silly smile and walked over and sat beside me.

“It is hot in here. You naked girls always keep it warm.”

“You know how to fix that silly.”

Taylor pulled off her scarf and was pulling her shirt over her head when she said.

“Do I get to play with her also?”

“Yea, the control is right there. This poor suffering girl needs to get off.”

Taylor pulled off her boots and quickly dispatched the rest of her clothes. As she went to pull off her panties, I handed her the control for Tara’s vibrator and pushed her back on the sofa.

“Let me do that.”

She smiled again as I pushed my hand into her panties and went to work.

* * *

Tara’s wild thrashing, bucking, and struggling against the ropes while the vibrators had attacked her, left her limp and tired in her bindings. Taylor had curled up on the sofa and was watching me tend to our friend. I first untied the two leather strings and her body melted flat into the ottoman. I then unbuckled the ball gag and slid it out of her mouth. It had left a deep red indention down the side of her face. I then untied the rope that held her legs to her elbows. She sighed in relief as I pulled her legs out and straightened her body. I would finish untying her in a minute, but I needed to figure something else out first.

I looked over at Taylor and smiled. “OK, we know what this little woman likes. She is clearly submissive to her DNA.”

Tara opened her mouth to say something. I smacked her on ass again.

“I will put that gag back in you say another word.”

Taylor giggled and Tara made an angry grunt.

“So, as I was saying, Tara is easy. She just wants to lick somebodies boots. But you and I are a little more complicated, we need to talk about this. Especially if we are talking about slavery.”

“OK. Jill, it mostly just an idea.”

Taylor did not seem as confident at the moment. She has always been the sweetest one of the three of us, and her recent dominant streak was very uncharacteristic of her normally demure behavior.

“Sweetie, I love your dominant side, and I think you are awesome at it.”

“Thanks.” She was blushing a bit.

“But I think we should all put our cards on the table.”

“That is fair.”

“We could have been doing this for a long time if any of us had just been honest with each other. Hell, if uber submissive over here did not force us to play over the weekend, we might sitting around watching some bad reality show tonight, complaining about boys.”

“I know Jill, I have just never been good about saying this stuff out loud.”

“Me either, I am as repressed as they come. Which probably explains my track record with vanilla guys.”

“You can’t be any worse than me.” Taylor looked a little dejected.

“So why don’t we all ask each other questions. We can take turns, but everybody has answer truthfully. Fair enough?”

“Alright, let’s untie this one and get some wine.”

Tara quietly asked, “Mistress, may I say something?”

“Sure Tara.”

“Jill, you just killed my girl boner!”

Taylor and I laughed. I untied Tara as Taylor went to break open a bottle of wine.

* * *

Taylor and Tara sat naked on the sofa. I pulled the big chair next to it and curled my body into it. We all were on our second glass of wine. We were playing a modified version of truth or dare. The deal was we would answer every question honestly, and spend an hour tied with no sexual release for each one we refused to answer. I decided that I would start.

“OK, me first. Tara, do you even like guys?”


“But you like girls better, right?” Taylor blurted out.

Tara blushed the deepest shade of crimson I had ever seen.


We all took a drink of wine. When Tara’s blushing fit ended, she looked over at Taylor.

“Did your Wil give you all of those rope burns you used to come home with?”


I then pressed her.

“Were you his slave?”

“Just on weekends, sometimes.”

Taylor looked back at me. “Jill, are you submissive or are you just a pain slut?”

I knew I was blushing.

“Honestly, I think I like the pain. I love the ache of being tied up. My ass getting beat. It just all gets me going.”

I wanted to change the subject so I quickly asked Tara.

“What do you fantasize about?”

“Oh fuck Jill, so many things.”

“That is not an answer.”

“Fuck, I guess mostly about being a slave. And not just Taylor’s slave. More like locked away in a dungeon and kept chained all of time.”

Tara buried her head in a pillow.

Taylor looked over at Tara.

“Your turn to ask a question.”

Tara never picked up her face as she asked into the pillow.

“What do you fantasize about?”

“Jill or me?”


I answered first, “I always fantasize about being kidnapped.”

“Me too!,” said Taylor.

I then asked Taylor, “do you think you are dom or a switch?”


Taylor asked back, “do you want to be a sub or a switch?”

“I thought a sub, but I enjoyed the hell out of tormenting this one today. But I am definitely more submissive.”

Tara then took her turn.

“Taylor, have you been jealous that you have not be getting tied up also.”

“A little.”

I then followed up.

“Why have you not asked me to tie you up?”

“I don’t know.”

“That is not an answer. You know the rules if you don’t.”

Taylor smiled and took a sip of her wine. She then sealed her fate when she changed the subject and asked Tara the next question.

“Tara, do you like Jill as more than a friend?”

Tara hid her face back in the pillow again. I was mortified and wished I could hide between the cushions of the chair I was sitting on.

“Are you not going to answer?”

Tara just shook her head with her face pressed into the cushion.

“OK, that is an hour for Tara.”

Tara picked up her head and glanced at me before looking towards Taylor.

“What is the craziest place you have been tied up in?”

We sat there for hours. Four bottles later, we asked each other every inappropriate question you could imagine. I had answered every damn embarrassing one of them. Tara had only dodged the one about liking me, which I was trying not to dwell on too much. It was crazy to even think about. She was a goddess, and every guys dream girl, but I was also a girl and I liked the hell out of dick. Taylor on the other hand was evasive in quite a few, and was due five hours of orgasm free bondage. I think she was actually trying to build up the hours. This sexual submission thing seemed it was going to be more fluid that I expected at first. As Taylor was getting more comfortable and open with us, her submissive side was showing up a bit. Course we all knew she was going to be the primary dominant of the group, but a little switching was in order. We had also talked more about being Taylor’s slaves again, at least for short amounts of time.

My mind was actually flushed about all the possibilities that were before us, all three of us had some pretty twisted desires. One of the things that we had all agreed on is that we had a fascination with caging and confinement. Tara had even mentioned how much she liked being locked in the cage over the weekend. I looked over at it and had an idea.

“Hey girls, I have an idea that could be fun for all of us. Are you two still awake enough to play?”

Tara lifted her head from Taylors lap. She had been getting her hair played with.

“That is a silly question.”

Taylor was quick to answer also, “yea, I am crazy turned on right now. Can we do it while three sheets in?”

“It would not be the first time we did something while drunk.”

I immediately went to work collecting what we would need. Over the weekend Taylor had frozen a key to a padlock in a block of ice. It was a loose key on one side and a long string frozen on the other. Judging by the size of it, it would take a few hours to melt at room temperature. I collected it and everything else I would need and piled it by the cage in the living room.

Taylor and Tara looked anxious and confused when I tied the frozen string to a small eye hook in the door frame Tara and I had been tied in over the weekend. I then pulled the cage directly under it. I then tied another string to a key. This string was super long and I placed the key in an open jar of motor oil I had found in the garage. The other end of the string was tied to the side of the cage. This would be our safety. If we had to use this key, we would be buying new carpet for the living room floor. Which pretty much meant the most dire of circumstances. I then picked up a set of ankle cuffs leaned over and locked them to each of my legs. I then locked wrist cuffs on each wrist and secured them with matching pad locks.

“Taylor, you want to go next?”

She smiled and walked over. I gently locked one to each of her wrists, securing them with small padlocks. I crouched down and and repeated the process on her ankles. I then locked a collar around her neck. From the ring in the collar I locked a two foot long chain. On the other side of the chain, I used a lock to pull her wrists together and locked them to the chain. This would give her a little freedom of movement with her hands, but not much. I opened the door and helped her get in. Once she was in, I used another lock to secure her ankles to each other. With a little prodding, I had her turned sideways and pushed to the back of the cage.

Tara was next and I had her secured and in the middle of the cage pressed next to Taylor. The tricky part would be next. I had to figure out how to get myself in and get the door locked behind me. I started by putting on a collar and locking a short chain to my d-ring. I then got in the cage and squeezed in beside the girls. Once I was sitting down I locked my feet together. I tossed the keys to small locks that were holding all our restraints together to the other side of the room. I then closed the door and latched it from inside. The two girls kissing each other behind me did not even notice me lock the door closed with the big padlock who’s frozen key was dripping on Tara above us. My final touch was to lock my wrists together to the end of the chain around my neck. We were here for the duration.

Taylor and Tara stopped kissing for a minute. Tara looked up as another frozen drop of water fell on her.

“Why did you put me under this?”

“Sorry babe, we are going to have to move around.”

Taylor chimed in, “Think we can even do that?”

“Not sure.”

“Jill, this was a fucking great idea. I wish we had a video camera running.”

“Yea Jill, why are we not recording this?”

“Sorry ladies. I should have thought about that. I wish I had gagged us also.”

“Then we could not have made out”, Tara replied.

Taylor quickly fired back, “but that is the idea, just adds to our predicament. It would have just made it a little more challenging to fuck each other.”

And challenged we were. Most of our attempts to squirm around just smashed us uncomfortably into the sides of the cage. Tara was getting water tortured with frozen drips of the water, so we started kissing her at the same time. On her lips, on her neck, one of us on each of her nipples. The sexual frustration was generating lots of body heat. We tried all swinging our body weight to the side to move the cage, but the deep carpet was holding it firm, we mostly just managed to squish Taylor.

Three hours later the key dropped. I frantically pulled it down from over Tara’s head. The string came with it, which I was thankful for, I would not have to be careful of dropping it outside the cage while opening the lock. Fortunately, I did not have to reel it in with the string as I pushed it right into the lock, clicked it open, and pushed it off the door. I yanked open the latch and crawled to freedom, it was more like a jump and a roll, but I was happy to stretch out. Tara made her way out behind me. She was trying to get to her knees when Taylor pushed her back down from behind. Tara landed in the soft carpet on her side. Taylor rolled her to her back and then both pushed her knees apart and squirmed under her bound ankles. Tara went stiff as Taylor’s tongue pressed her clit.

I decided that I had to join this party so I squirmed over so I was above Tara’s head, on my stomach. I then lifted my ankles straight up, pushed my hips up so I was on my knees and forearms, then I scooted myself down so my pussy was over Tara’s face. I lowered my pussy and she took the hint and immediately started licking. I was absolutely in heaven, and thirty seconds later was panting like I was running a marathon.

An hour later we managed to get ourselves free and we piled into my bed, a tangle of naked and very much exhausted women. Our cute little house had become such a den of delicious iniquity, and I was loving every minute of it.

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