A New Perspective

by DMW

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© Copyright 2004 - DMW - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; fem; cd; bond; cons; X

NOTE: My girlfriend doesn't get what I get out of bondage.  She tolerates it when I tie her up but won't tie me up anymore.  Like all things, the less you get something, the more you want it, the more I think I'm willing to try and the darker the fantasies get.  That's all this is I'm afraid to say; a work of fantasy.  Who knows, I might get lucky; my girlfriend might read this and decide she wants to act it out.  I'm also English so I use the word tights instead of pantyhose which I normally see on the site.  Also, it was written to be one story but if the feedback is good, I might continue it.

A New Perspective

Sitting at home, surfing the net, I'm trying to enjoy the last working day of my week off work (it's Friday).  If my girlfriend didn't start at 7:30am (finishing at 5:30pm) and hadn't insisted I get up every morning at 6:30 to take her to the hospital where she works, I could've enjoyed laying in a lot more.  I didn't realise until later but the messages came in at exactly every half an hour, the first at 9:00.

"Hello Slave," it began.  "This is your Mistress.  I might be a long way away but I know you'd never disobey me, would you?"

I smiled as I read the message, my mind already working overtime as to what she could be planning but quickly typing a reply.  "No Mistress.  I would never disobey you."

Her reply was quick, almost as if she'd already written it.  "I didn't think so.  Now, the first thing I want you to do is go and shower.  While you're in there, I want 
you to shave everything except your head.  Face, armpits, groin and legs, I want you bald.  And I want before and after pictures to prove you've done it.  Understand?"

"Yes Mistress," I quickly text back.  We both own camera phones to sending a picture to her wasn't going to be a problem.  Switching off the computer, I got naked and took a picture of my hairy legs then went to shower, doing as she asked.  I've never shaved my legs or armpits before, it was a unique if longer than I expected experience.  I took pictures of one of my armpits, now bald cock and balls and one of my hairless legs.

"Hello Slave," said the next text message.  "Very good job.  Now tell me, and don't lie to your Mistress.  What are you wearing?"

"Nothing Mistress," I said truthfully.  "You didn't tell me to put clothes on so I didn't."

"Well done slave.  Now what I want you to do is go into my drawer, find a matching set of my underwear and put them on.  Then send me pictures.  GO!"

This was new territory for me and I had to think about it.  I'd never warn women's clothes before.  I felt embarrassed but knew I was in my own home and alone so in the end,  I did it.  Knowing she only owns thongs didn't make my choice any easier as I eventually settle on a silk black and red set.  We're almost identical in size (I'm a little bit taller) and even have the same size feet so her clothes fitting me wasn't going to be an issue.

Putting them on, the feeling was a little cold albeit smooth and soft.  I adjusted my genitals for best fit in them, trying to make sure the material didn't disappear too far up my ass crack.  I did feel very silly posing for a picture of them but I knew the punishment from my Mistress would be a lot worse than feeling a little embarrassed.  After a minute or two, the material warmed up and it didn't feel all that bad.

I eagerly awaiting my Mistress' reply but with each passing minute, doubt began to enter my head.  Did she like it?  What if she hadn't?  What would she do to me?  I felt silly and embarrassed and even considered taking them off.  How would she know?  It was when my phone went off at 10am exactly I began to get some idea of her timing and felt better about her not replying sooner.

"You look very nice slave," her message began.  "But you need some padding.  Put toilet roll or something in the bra.  They need to look like proper breasts.  And while you're at it, take some tights out of my drawer and put them on.  Not dark ones, just tan.  I want to be able to see my panties through them.  I know it goes without saying you're not to play with yourself or cum but I'll say it anyway.  I expect pictures soon."

Looking through her drawer again, I panicked when I could only find dark ones that didn't have a ladder in them and wondered where I was going to get a pair from.  Briefly, I considered texting my Mistress and asking her what I should do but guessed she'd tell me to go and buy some and dressed as I was (she wouldn't let me wear anything except perhaps my jacket) that idea didn't really appeal to me.  Luckily, another search found a tan pair in good condition.

I'd seen my girlfriend put them on several times and knew you had to start at the feet and move them up very carefully.  I'd never seen her have the problems I did with static electricity as I pulled them up.  They lived up to their name as they were tight, pushing the panties into my groin and sending a rush of blood to it.  I will admit, seeing my erection out of the top of women's underwear but seeing it unable to escape the top of her tights was quite a turn-on.

I'd added some kitchen roll to her bra, trying to get them even and round, even if the edges scratched a bit.  Taking a picture of my tan tight covered erect cock and panties, I sat on the sofa, held my camera / phone above my head and sent a birds-eye view of my tight covered legs and "cleavage".

Knowing I had 15 minutes before she'd text again, I did what all men who was wearing women's undergarments would do, I washed up.  Pressing against the sideboard as I did, felt weird but a good weird as the small barrier of material provided unique sensations.  I had to stop as I knew I'd cum otherwise.  Timing it nicely, I finished the washing up as 10:30 arrived and my phone went off.

"I like your style slave but I bet you must be cold in just my bra.  Go into my wardrobe again and find a blouse.  Put it on but leave the top three buttons undone.  It's such a pretty bra, I want to be able to see it in the picture."

As soon as I'd read the message, I went to do what it said.  I can't say I was enjoying it (though any time I'm in control of my Mistress is a good time) but any clothes would be better than what I was in.  My girlfriend had ordered things off e-bay.  What if they got delivered today?  I know my Mistress wouldn't tolerate any excuse for not answering the door, even dressed as I was.  In the end, I picked a plain white blouse and put it on, leaving the top three buttons undone.  Looking down, I noticed the bra clearly visible through the blouse but decided not to change it, took and sent the picture.

I went back on the computer but soon got off again.  The temptation to look at porn in my state of arousal was too great.  Just wandering around the house, trying to avoid windows didn't really kill much time but the feelings in my legs as the tights rubbed together was a nice enough distraction, as well as the rubbing on my still erect cock.  Soon enough, it was 11:00, my phone beeped again and I had more orders to follow.

"All good so far slave.  Now you need something to cover up your bottom half.  A skirt.  A mini skirt. Choose one that does NOT come below your knee.  Picture!"

I knew for a fact that not one below my knee would limit me to a choice of four.  In the end, I decided it would be one of two; either a tight denim number or a shorter, black pleated skirt.  The decision wasn't an easy one but it was one I had to make quickly as a picture was expected.  In the end, I made the decision I felt was best and decided on the pleated skirt.  The denim skirt might have been a little longer but sitting, I couldn't tuck it between my legs to cover things like the pleated skirt would.

Trying to decide what to do until my girlfriend sent me another message, I went into the bedroom and read a book.  Looking down my body, I suppose I didn't look too bad.  If my girlfriend had worn this outfit, I'd probably have jumped her there and then.  I started to think about what she would look like in this outfit and, without really thinking, reached under the skirt, into the tights and started playing with myself.  It only took a dozen strokes and I was ready to cum.  Luckily, my mind caught up with me and I pulled my hand out just in time.  I put all my effort into concentrating on my book which was hard but it wasn't long until it was 11:30 and she text again.

"Very, very good slave but something is missing.  Why don't you put on the wig I wore to the party last week?  There should still be some toupee tape left.  Use that.  We wouldn't want it to come off now would we?"

The wig in question was one she wore to a fancy dress party when she went as Supergirl.  Her naturally brown hair didn't got well with that so a long, blonde wig was needed to complete the outfit, and mighty fine she looked too.  Not really sure how to use the tape, I put three strips on my head, put the wig on top and press down.  Some testing tugs and even a bending upside down showed me it wasn't coming off.  A quick picture, holding the camera out as far as I could to get as much of me in the picture as possible before I sent it.  This time, I used the picture message facility on my phone to send myself a copy through e-mail.

By the time I'd opened up Outlook, the picture was there and there I stood.  Except it wasn't me.  It was my body shape and traces of my face were visible under and around the wig but somehow, it didn't look like me.  I wouldn't say I was an attractive looking "girl" but I was by no means an ugly one.  Having the pictures saved on my phone, I sent all of to my e-mail address and made a little montage of my change from me, to woman.  Before I knew it, it was noon and my phone beeped again.

"So far, so good slave but need something else.  Make up.  Lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, nail polish, the works.  Get to it!"

Quickly finding the make-up bag in the bathroom, I set about doing what my Mistress told me.  I started with lipstick, a fairly dark red which took me a couple of attempts to get right; I kept spreading it too far.  I did the nail polish next which might not have been the smartest move as it was still wet when I did the others.  On top of that, the only colour I could find was a bright pink and I briefly hesitated but soon got on with it.  I found a pale blue eyeshadow and managed to get it put on so it looked fairly even before putting black mascara on my eyelashes.  I took close up pictures of my face and hands, sent them to my Mistress and e-mail then went to look in the mirror in the bathroom.

I had to admit, I didn't look all that bad.  The make-up was okay but not over the top, my hair was a little brighter than my natural blond colour and of course, a lot longer.  The bra was on display but you couldn't see any kitchen roll and they looked almost natural.  Running my hand up my legs to feel them, I couldn't help but feeling my ass too, flipping the skirt up to show my barely thong covered ass.  Turning around and lifting the front of the skirt, I noticed my erection had fallen.  I wasn't completely soft but soft enough to move it around in the panties to try and remove a bulge.  I wasn't 100% successful but felt confident enough that if someone did lift up the skirt, they either wouldn't be able to tell at all or it'd be a few seconds before they guessed what sex I was.  I was still looking at 12:25 when my phone went off again, 5 minutes early.

"Aren't you just the prettiest little girl I ever did see," the message began, making me feel embarrassed.  "You only need one more thing.  Put my knee high boots on.  I know they fit you."

She was right, they did fit me.  I put the pair of black, leather boots on, took and sent the picture.  No sooner had enough time passed for it to have been delivered to her phone than a reply arrived.

"Oh, you're just so cute.  There's just one more thing.  I've taken a half day.  Come and get me.  No jacket.  You've got 10 minutes or I'll have to get a bus home."
Immediately, I panicked, my heart started thumping and I felt sick.  The drive was 15 minutes anyway so there was no chance of getting changed and while being inside dressed like I was, was one thing but outside was a no-no.  I thought as quick as I could and decided I thought I could get away with it.  I could pass as a female if no one looked at how I walked and if my Mistress had to get a bus home, the entire journey would be used to think of cruel and most likely painful punishments for me.

Grabbing my keys as quick as I could from my jacket pocket, I stepped outside nervously.  Pausing as I took a deep breath, I locked the door and walked down the path.  Looking each way before I stepped out of my gate, I walked as quick as I dared but with horror as the boot heel was metal tipped and seemed to bang on the pavement with such volume, I thought the whole neighbourhood would be looking at me.  Cursing my luck that I'd had to park around the corner, on the main road, I had to wait for 3 cars to pass, all of them stared at me as they did so, and I still had to run across the road to make it before a fourth came.  I'm sure the skirt must have lifted.  If the driver would have looked, he would've seen my underwear.

Finally making to my car, I dived into it and tucked the skirt between my legs before I put the key into the ignition and sped away.  I knew I'd have to go quickly anyway as I headed to her but deliberately didn't look at any other drivers on the other side of the road.  If they wanted to look at me, there wasn't much I could do about it.  I stopped at a set of traffic lights and kept my head down.  It wasn't until I looked in the mirror to make sure the running hadn't moved the wig that I saw a police car behind me.  I think my heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw them and since I didn't fancy trying to explain why I looked like I did when I sounded like I did, I drove up the road at the correct speed limit.  Luckily, they turned off when I needed to go straight on so it was only for about 45 seconds but it felt like 45 minutes.

Carrying on at increased speed, I prayed for green traffic lights the rest of the way.  Mostly I got them, except at a pedestrian crossing near the local college where I was the first car in the queue.  Normally, I'd look to see if there were any attractive college girls but this time I didn't, even though I could feel eyes watching me.  I was even there longer than I needed to be.  I hadn't realised the lights had changed and needed the car behind to beep me with his horn before I moved away.
Moving up towards the building where she works, I looked around, expecting to see her waiting outside for me.  When she wasn't there, I panicked because I thought she'd got a bus instead.  Looking in a window, I saw her standing inside and still in her scrubs.  This meant she still had to get changed and that would take her at least 10 minutes.  I took my phone out of my pocket and briefly considered sending her a message before realising that wouldn't be smart and instead, kept my head down and pretended I was texting.

Occasionally looking up to see if she was coming, she was already half way across the car park when I saw her so I leant over and unlocked her door.  When she got to it, she waited outside, thinking I hadn't unlocked it so I leant over and opened the door as wide as I could.  For this, she slammed the car door shut and looked through the window, raising her eyebrows as she did so.  I couldn't believe it; she actually wanted me to get out of the car dressed like I was and open her door for her.  Reluctantly, I did so.

"Hello slave.  My, don't you look good?  Thank you slave," she said with a smile as I walked around the front of the car to her side and opened the door wide for her.  Before she got in, she reached under the wig, grabbed my neck and gave me a very passionate kiss.  While she did so, she reached under the skirt and started feeling my tight covered ass, pulling me into her before stopping the kiss to speak: "You're right slave, that does feel nice."

Then she got in the car, leaving me standing there alone, dressed in women's clothes.  I looked around as I went back to my side and saw there were a few people looking at me and even a couple pointing.  Not knowing if it was because they'd worked out I was a man or because they'd just seen some "lesbian" action, I wasn't about to ask them to find out and got in the car, put my seatbelt on and started the car.  I don't know if it was the hot kiss or the people looking at us but I had an erection and again it felt weird (but a good weird rubbing against the tights. My erection was not missed by my girlfriend who, as soon as the car had started who lifted up the skirt, put her hand in the tights, pulled the panties under my balls and started pulling me off.

"Please Mistress, stop," I managed to get out.  "Someone will see."

"Then drive.  I'll stop when we're moving.  I wouldn't want you to crash, after all.  Oh, and make sure you keep both hands on the wheel when you're not changing gear won't you."  Sure enough, as soon as we pulled away, she stopped but held me in her hand and gave me the occasional squeeze to keep me hard.  We soon came up to a pedestrian crossing with the light on red and sure enough as soon as the car was stationary, she started pulling me off again.  We were the third car back but I still had to keep a straight face for any one who looked while crossing or a driver looking in their mirror.  I knew there were another set of traffic lights coming up leading onto the main road and I'd planned to go left (like I normally do) and onto the bypass.

"No, you don't slave," my Mistress told me when she realised my plan.  "Go right.  Through the city centre."

"Yes Mistress," I replied with regret.  There were at least 8 sets of traffic lights between here and home and the possibilities of a stop start journey was not one I looked forward to.  Getting lucky with the first couple of sets of traffic lights, we were soon caught in a slight tailback.  I managed to keep the car moving slowly towards the one in front, thankfully it accelerated quickly as soon as it could while I rolled the car forward which stopped my Mistress from playing with me.  Despite feeling very silly and embarrassed dressed in women's clothes, I was turned on.  Very turned on.  We carried on our way home and as soon as I stopped at the next set of traffic lights, she started again.

"Please Mistress, stop.  I'll cum if you don't."  She didn't.  I started gasping, trying to keep my mind focused on anything except what she was doing.  I was almost about to scream when the lights changed and I moved away.  The next set of traffic lights were red too and I knew I was done for.  I think my Mistress knew this and went almost agonisingly slowly with her hand, determined to keep me on the brink as long as she could.  I don't know if it was her plan or not but the lights changed before I came and I pulled off.  The next set were green and I could see the set after that were too so I sped up to try and get across.  It didn't work and I had to stop and she began again.

"Please Mistress, I'm going to cum.  May I cum?"  Nothing in my mind could stop what was going to happen soon but without my Mistress' permission, it wouldn't be worth the trouble.

"No, you may not," she said and I thought I was doomed but then she stopped.  Sadly (for me), it was only for a second as she pulled her hand out of the tights but held the front, grabbed my cock through them and carried on.

"Please Mistress.  Sto...o...o...o...o...o."  I couldn't even get the word out as the added sensations of the tight material on my cock made me cum quicker than I anticipated.  The lights changed and I drove off as I was pumped for the last of my juices.  "I'm sorry Mistress."

"SORRY," she yelled.  "You're not sorry.  Not yet.  But you will be.  Mark my words girl.  You will be!"  I didn't know what she meant by that as we drove the rest of the short distance in silence and I knew she was thinking of something.  It wasn't until I was about to turn into our road she spoke again.  "No, not here.  Keep driving.  I'll tell you where to park."

"Yes Mistress," I said and carried on driving, parking where she eventually told me to which was about 500m away from our house.  I didn't fancy the walk back as I was but any trace of niceness I could've expected left my Mistress when the cum left me and I didn't want to add to add to that.  I parked where she told me to and got out, quickly running around to the other side to open her door.

"Let's have a look at you," she said as soon as she was out, lifting up the skirt.  "Well, that's no good.  Sort yourself out!  Pull your panties up!  Cover yourself!"

"Yes Mistress," I quickly answered as I put my hand down the tights, pulled the panties up, rearranging my now soft cock and balls as I did so for best fit.  When she was satisfied I looked "female enough" we started to walk home, the boots still making a lot of noise.  Every car that drove past us from behind, I would have my skirt lifted up and my ass shown to the driver.  A few looked back at us as we walked but thankfully, no one stopped.  Once home, I unlocked the door, allowing her to go in first where she told me to take her boots off (which I did) and led me into the bedroom and told me to lift the skirt up, which I also did.

"Very nice," she said as she looked at my ass, running her hand along it.  "I think you'll wear thongs all the time from now on.  It doesn't do for girls to have a panty line now does it?  Of course, we'll have to get you your own, won't we.  Mine simply aren't girly or frilly enough for you, are they slave?"

"No Mistress," I replied wondering just how serious she was.

"And anyway," she continued as she walked and my front and put her hands in the tights.  "I don't think you can be trusted with my clothes.  I mean, look what you did to these.  I let you have the honour of wearing them and you cum in them and make them wet.  How dare you!"

"I'm sorry Mistress.  I really am."

"Well, it's too late for sorry and now you will pay.  Climb on the bed."  I did as I was told, following my Mistress' instructions to put my ass on the wall as high as I could, so my legs were up in the air at the foot of the bed (it's in a corner) with my arms spread wide.  When I did this, the skirt fell over my stomach and back as I was tied with my arms to the ropes normally used for feet and tied legs together at the knees and ankles and, with the spare on the ankle rope, tied them up to the hook in the ceiling.  I looked like I was on an upside down cross, with my head and neck supporting most of my weight but some being taken by my legs.  I got the impression I was going to be here for some time.

Before I could say anything, I was told she was going to the shop and would only be a couple of minutes and the rope connecting me to the ceiling would stop me falling over.  Then she was gone.  I looked at myself with my slight (but only slight) bulge covering panties which were held down more by the tights.  The skirt covered my stomach but not the fake breasts in the bra I could still see from the open blouse buttons.  True to her word, I wasn't left along long as I soon heard the front door open and my Mistress signal her return.

"You're a good girl, aren't you?" she asked as she returned to the bedroom.

"Yes Mistress."

"And you know that good girls wear panties don't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Do you think I'm wearing panties?"  It was a question I had to think about.  If I said yes, she'd show me what kind of a girl she was, and that wouldn't be good.  If I said no, she'd asked why I didn't think she was a good girl.  In the end, a decision had to be made.

"No Mistress?" I ventured.

"Exactly," she said, dropping her jeans and showing me her shaved pussy and letting me look for a few seconds before taking the rest of her clothes off.  "But you are a good girl and you'll be wearing these panties right after you've taken those ones off and you won't be free to do that until you're hard again and I can play with you some more."

While she was talking, she showed me what she'd bought from the shop: A pack of 3 women's thongs.  They were 100% pure cotton (the package said), in white, black and light blue  All of them had little cotton loops around the edges, shaped like hundred of tiny rainbows.  She then pulled out a pack of two pairs of tights, the same colour as the one's I was wearing.

"I also got you these.  They're a couple of sizes smaller than those ones but I think you need to be held a little bit tighter down there.  But for now, I think I need a little something, down there," she said as she climbed onto my face, talking again when I started licking her slit.  "Now, if you're good all the time, you might be able to wear male clothing over my new girlie ones if I decide you can.  And I know I need to shower, I'm sure you're thinking it but you're only a slave and a girl at that so I'll wait until you're done."

I licked, prodded and probed her clit and pussy as best as my position would allow, thankful she occasionally raised herself up to allow me a full drawing of breath.  She was very wet and finding her swollen clit was easy enough.  Getting the little circular motion with my tongue that drives her over the edge was a little harder but soon I could feel her pumping her hips onto my face, trying to get my nose inside her as she rubbed my cock through the clothes.  I felt a rush of blood there but it any thoughts soon went away when she came, pushing down hard on my face and wiping as much cum on it as she could.
"Very good slave," she said when she got her breath back and climbed off.

"Thank you Mistress," I replied, licking her cum off the places I could reach with my tongue

"I'm going to shower now.  But before I go, don't you want to know your name?"

"Name Mistress?"

"Yes, your name.  All girls need a pretty name and yours is going to be Faye but you'll still respond to slave or girl.  Understand?"

"Yes Mistress," I told her as she walked out the door and I was left wondering how long this would go on for.  A female name?  My own panties and tights?  What was she doing?  She didn't really expect me to wear them did she?  Even at work?  The thoughts were in my head and a little arousing but not nearly at as high a level as my embarrassment.

When she returned, she was naked and squeezed my groin to see that I wasn't hard yet and went on the computer.  As soon as she was logged on, she opened Outlook and was instantly presented with a bunch of previously taken pictures.

"Aww, did you want a record?  Well you are a pretty girl aren't you?  I can see why."  She went to get my phone and took a picture of me in my current position and made me tell her how to send it to my e-mail.  When it arrived, she started a little filmstrip of them, naming it "Faye's journey into womanhood."  The images must've turned her on because she started playing with herself.  I couldn't see the front of her, only her back and side from my vantage point but from her moans, I knew what she was doing.  After a couple of minutes, she stopped.

"What am I doing?  Why should I do all the work when I can get some help."  I thought she was coming back to sit on my face but instead, she went to her drawer and pulled out a vibrator.  Putting it in her pussy before sitting down to keep it there, she started playing with herself again, moaning and clicking through the pictures.  It wasn't long until she started thrashing about in the chair and her body shuddered in orgasm.

When she had recovered, she stood up, turned the vibrator off, took it out of her, walked over to be and dropped it in my open mouth with orders to lick it clean.  I began to do so as she went back to the computer and didn't stop my mouth and tongue action until she returned a few minutes later.  She felt my cock and smiled as it had gotten a little bit harder before taking the vibrator out of my mouth.

"Is this clean Faye?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good," she said as she took the vibrator, switched it on and put it lengthways inside the tights and panties so it was in the gap between ball and shaft.  The vibrations soon had me fully hard and the object of pleasure was taken away.  As soon as she'd pulled the tights and panties down, exposing me completely, she took another picture of this man obviously dressed in women's clothing, e-mailed it then put the phone down, put her hand around my cock and started pumping, never stopping while we talked but varying speed, grip and technique as she wished.

"Now, what do good girls do?"

"Always wear panties Mistress."

"Good girl.  They also make sure they are always presentable, dressed appropriately, keep the house tidy and, what else?"
"I don't know Mistress.  Show proper respect?"

"Well, correct but not what I was going for."  She continued playing with me in her hand and I knew I would be cumming again soon.  I thought I'd better start trying to get permission now.

"Please Mistress, may I cum?"

"Of course you can," she said while speeding up her technique.  "As soon as you tell me what else good girls do."

"Then please Mistress stop.  It's very distracting," I begged.

"No," was her short reply.  I racked my brains trying to think what else it could be.  In the end, I was given a big clue when she put her mouth over the end of my cock.

"Swallowing Mistress?"

"Good girl!  Now, you may cum.  Open wide."

I didn't want to do it.  Either open my mouth or cum.  Given my position, I knew gravity would be bringing my cum straight into my mouth and not cumming wasn't an option as there was no way I was going to be let out until I had.  When I did cum (and it didn't take long) I closed my eyes, more because I didn't want to get any cum in them rather than not wanting to see what was on it's way.

Mistress used her hand to good effect and got most of it in my mouth as I came.  The bits that landed on my face she cleaned up with her finger and put it in my mouth and I sucked it clean.  When she was satisfied I was all cleaned up, she pulled the panties up, packing my softening cock into them and followed with the tights.  After that, she stood near me and rubbed her clit, quickly cumming again.  During all this, I found it harder to keep awake and my eyes had started to close.

"Do you want to sleep?" I was asked.

"Yes Mistress."

"You know you'll have to sleep in those clothes don't you?"

"Yes Mistress."  At this point, I just wanted to sleep, I didn't care how.

"Okay," she said, untying my legs, leaving the rope in the hook.  As she untied my arm I raised my head and kissed her. When I was free, I rolled over and up to the head of the bed, glancing at the clock which said it was 2pm.  I felt the skirt being raised, a hand caress my ass and heard a sigh, then a voice: "You're going to make a good girl aren't you?"

"Yes Mistress," I sleepily replied, moving my hand down to rub my leg and wondering how long I'd be allowed to sleep for.
The End