New Friends To Be With

by Newplay

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© Copyright 2007 - Newplay - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; D/s; bond; bdsm; susp; toys; cons; X

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So the wife and I couldn’t always decide on who should be the Dom. Until one day she came home and tells me she found someone to do us both. Who’s going to do that I ask.

“Don’t worry its someone we can trust,” Gail tells me. Next Friday night we are to meet her at the bar on the corner.

Friday finally arrives and I’m a little nervous about this whole thing. I’m home waiting for Gail to get home from work. She gets home early also. I kiss her when she gets in the door. She hands me a package and tells me. “Our new mistress wants us to wear these when we meet her tonight”

I look in the bag to find a remote control dildo and remote controlled cock ring. But there are no controls in the bag.

“Also mistress wants us shaved,” Gail tells me.

Great, now I have just a little time left to get that done. Gail told me she shaved with her shower this morning. I think she already knew. Out of the shower and smooth, it’s been a while since I did that. I now take a look at the cock ring. Its one of those stretchy jelly types. It fits just underneath my cock head and has the bullet vibe just under my head. I now finish getting dressed and head back downstairs.

Gail is sitting on a chair and ready for me to go. We can just walk the block to the bar. Gail tells me it feels weird to have the dildo in her while we walk. When we arrive at the bar we see some people there and I’m looking for someone who might fit the bill of being a mistress. Gail and I take a seat at a table and order a couple of drinks while we wait. All of a sudden I feel my cock ring vibe start to shake. By the look on Gail’s face hers is also going off. I look around but see no one paying any attention to us.

These vibes are bringing us to the edge. Gail is really starting to squirm and I’m about to go off soon. Finally they stop. I can take a breath now and by the look on Gail’s face she might have cummed. I look around and still no one watching us.

All of a sudden I hear a voice from behind me, “Hi Gail what are you doing here?” Phoebe sits down next to Gail. Phoebe is a friend of Gail’s from work. I say my hellos and Phoebe calls the waitress over to order a drink.

“I’m sorry Phoebe but we’re meeting someone here any minute,” I tell her.

“ I know,” Phoebe says’ Just then my vibe goes back on. “Unless you want a mess in your pants let me enjoy my drink before we go.”

My vibe goes off again. “Ok Phoebe enjoy your drink.”

We sit there having our drinks and Phoebe is asking us questions about what we like to do sexually. Gail does not seem to have a problem discussing our sex life with her. Phoebe takes a string out of her purse and hands it to me then tell me, “Go into the washroom and tie one end of the string around your balls and let the other half hang out your fly.”

I go to the washroom as told and a good thing the string doesn’t hang far out of my fly. Maybe 6 or 8 inches.

“Let’s go back to my place and we can play there.” Phoebe tells us.

We pay our bill and get up to leave when Phoebe turns the vibes on again. Gail looks a little weak in the knees as we walk for the door so I take her arm as we go. When we get outside the door Phoebe takes the string hanging from my fly and decides to lead us to her car by pulling on the string. I don’t know what gets to me more, the vibe or the pulling on my balls. We make it to the car when Phoebe turns the vibes off again. Phoebe gets behind the wheel and Gail joins her in the front seat. I’m told to get into the back seat.

Phoebe tells me to remove my pants and underwear and throw them into the front seat. “Now sit in the middle back there.”

She takes two pairs of cuffs and puts one on each of my ankles then spreads my feet out and cuffs them to each door handle. The string that is tied to my balls she takes another longer piece from her purse and ties that to the end of the shorter one. Gail is also to remove her pants and her panties.

“We’re almost ready to go.” Phoebe turns on the vibe in Gail’s pussy and pulls the string on my balls. We both start to moan. “That’s what I want to hear, now we can go.” With that Phoebe starts off driving to her place.

Once we arrive Gail is told to get out and wait by the side of the car. Phoebe uncuffs my feet from the doors. I’m told to get out and to lick clean the front seat where Gail was sitting. By the looks of it Gail got to have a couple of cums. When done Phoebe takes the string in her hand and turns off the vibe in Gail’s pussy. We are to follow her to her house. Walking up the side walk to her door feels strange after all Gail and I are naked from the waist down.

When she gets us in the door we’re told to remove the rest of our clothes, kneel and wait for her to come back down. Just before she goes she turns back on the vibes and tells us not to cum. With both of us kneeling, trying our best not to cum. My cock is twitching and Gail is starting to squirm. Just then Phoebe comes down the stairs. I have to stare. She’s wearing only a corset and heels. She turns off the vibe just in time for me, but I’m not so sure for Gail. Phoebe tells us to crawl behind her and follow to the backroom. Crawling into the room we see is all black but one side is full mirrors.

“So you want to be in bondage together, this will be fun.” Phoebe tells Gail to stand up under the two hooks in the center of the room. Phoebe cuff's Gail’s hands above to the hooks in the ceiling. Her hands are just above her head slightly. Phoebe has me crawl between Gail’s legs and stay on all four’s. “Gail see if you can sit on your husbands back.”

Gail can almost make it she’s just short of touching me I think. Phoebe goes over to a cabinet and retrieves a dildo that’s attached to a belt. She comes back over and then straps the belt around my hips close to my ass. It looked like about an 8 inch dildo and at least one and a half around. Pointed straight up at Gail, Phoebe tells Gail to try to sit all the way down on it. Hearing Gail moan she’s getting close. Just then Phoebe hits me on the balls out of nowhere with a crop. I jerk up and ram the last of the dildo into Gail.

“Oh I now know what I need to do. Gail get back off that dildo” Phoebe has a big smile now. Phoebe takes two clamps and puts them on Gail’s nipples. She ties a string from each and ties them to the hooks in the ceiling that her hands are cuffed to. Now she tells Gail to get back onto the dildo again. Gail has a hard time coming down on the dildo with the clamps stretching her nipples. Phoebe gives her a couple of smacks with the crop to get her to try harder.

“We're almost ready. But we can't let Gail have all the pain.”

Now Phoebe reaches between my legs and ties a string around my balls, then she takes a two pound weight and lays that on the ground between my legs. She ties the other end of the string to the weight leaving no slack in the string.

“Ok guys you know what I want you to do and to make sure you do, I’m going to use the crop on your asses!”

With that she hit Gail’s ass. Gail started coming down on the dildo on my back as I tried to rise up, the weight on my balls hurt but not as much as Phoebe’s crop. So I did my best to keep my hips up in the air for Gail to get the dildo into her. Gail finally just came down hard onto my hips. I didn’t know if her scream was from the pain in her nipples or her orgasm. But at last Phoebe told us to stop and rest. Gail just hung from her cuffs and at least I got to take the weight off my balls.

“So you think you'll get a chance to cum?” Phoebe asked me. I was almost afraid to answer. But I had to.

“Yes may I Phoebe?”

Phoebe tells me, “You have to do it my way.” Phoebe gets Gail down and tells her to get on all fours in front of me. ”Ok now go put you cock into her pussy all the way and don’t move it” Phoebe order’s. I stay on my knees and do as I’m told. I find it easy to get into Gail’s pussy because it’s soaked. Phoebe takes the string that’s tied around my balls and takes the weight off. She pulls the string tight and puts it between Gail’s legs and then ties the two free ends to Gail’s nipple clamps. Now she gets a small weight and hooks it onto the string. I can feel it pulling on my balls and I’m sure Gail also feels the pull on her nipples.

“You can cum but only like that!” Phoebe tells us to start fucking. I start to pull out and I feel the resistance of the string. Gail moans from the pull on her nipples. Every time I pull out she groans. My balls hurt but Phoebe tells me to keep going.

After what seems like forever I beg her to let me stop. “I can’t cum like this. It hurts too much” Gail shakes her head in agreement.

“Ok we’ll just have to try another way. But only because I feel Gail needs the break.”

Phoebe has me stand against the wall and cuffs me spread eagle to hooks in the ceiling and floor. She comes up to me and puts some kind of tube on my cock. It has a hose that goes to a machine on the floor. The tube has two straps that she wraps around my waist and clips together behind me. Phoebe turns the machine on and I can feel suction on my cock. It keeps going on and off. Pulling then letting go. Over and over.

Phoebe tells Gail to come out to the kitchen with her and they leave me on the wall. This sucking almost brings me to climax then stops. Every time I think this will be it but no! I feel desperate to cum but it won’t let me go over the top. Phoebe comes walking back into the room and checks the tube. “You didn’t cum! Too bad I thought for sure this would have done it” she laughs.

Phoebe tells me “You have one more job to do before your night is over,” as she uncuffs me from the wall. “Follow me out into the living room.’

As I get into the room I see three other males standing side by side to each other and naked also. Phoebe tells me to stand between two of them. I’m thinking to myself where did they come from and when did they get here? I didn’t have much time to wonder when Phoebe started putting a leather strap around each male slaves balls. By some of the moans I can tell she’s pulling them tight. When she does mine I know why they moan. I’m sure my balls will not slip out of this and so does she. Now Phoebe comes up to us with a long chain, She takes one end of the chain and using a D clip she hooks it onto the first males leather strap on his balls. Then she goes to the next and does the same until we’re all connected to the chain by the balls like a chain gang.

“Now you all are to serve my friends and I tonight and I expect no mistakes. Go into the kitchen and wait for me to call.”

We turn and start to walk. I find that if we don’t walk together we get a yank on our balls. Every time the guy in front of me moves his leg it pulls on my balls and I feel it pull on the guy behind me when I move my leg and the chain going back to him gets pulled tight. Standing in the kitchen nobody talks to each other. We just stand there. I’m wondering where’s Gail? We hear people coming in and talking to each other.

Phoebe calls out, “Boys will you bring in the pitchers of beverages from the fridge into the room here to us.”

We open the refrigerator and each grabs a pitcher. Some have iced tea and other different pop. We start off to the next room again only to keep pulling on each others balls with the chain as we go. We get into the room and have to walk around the table serving the drinks to the guest’s. Once we made it around we’re told to stand off to the side. Standing I can feel the weight of the chain on my balls. It feels like its getting heavier.

As I look at the table I now see Gail tied to the top of it. Snacks are spread all around her naked body. The dips are placed on her nipples and her shaved pussy. The guest keep talking amongst themselves and dipping their snacks into her pussy and picking at her nipples. Gail looks like she’s enjoying it by the way she lifts her hips up to let them get at the dip. I watch one of the guests take a carrot and looks like she inserts it to get another type of dip. This goes on for a couple of hours. We walk around the table to get them drinks as they keep enjoying their snacks and dip.

Finally the party is over. Phoebe tells us we have done a good job and deserve a reward. By now my balls are killing me from the weight and the walking be tugged along. Phoebe tell us we can do the clean up. She moves the chairs from the table and lets us stand around it. She does not unchain our balls. Phoebe says, ”You are to clean my table and the slave dip tray but only with your tongues.”

We all start to lick Gail everywhere we can. Gail is bouncing off the table just about as she cums from all the attention on her nipples and pussy. Phoebe tells us to take the remainder of the dishes back to the kitchen and wait for her while she release’s Gail from the table. We grab the dishes from the table and walk back to the kitchen. I don’t know how the other guys feel but my balls are killing me from all this. We stand side by side until Phoebe comes into the kitchen.

“You all did a great job serving us and cleaning up afterward. I know Gail feels clean. So you deserve an orgasm!” Phoebe tells us.

She takes the chain from our balls off. “You can masturbate right now!”

I was so horny I grabbed my cock right away. Phoebe yelled, ”No put your hand down. You must do the person standing next to you. Stand in a circle and grab the cock to your right and make your neighbor cum. If you can’t handle the cock next to you than leave.”

We stood there looking at each other for a second than got into a circle. It felt strange to grab another’s cock other than mine, but when the guy next to me started stroking mine I didn’t seem to care. Phoebe tells us one last thing before she goes. “No spilling on the floor. Get close together and cum on each other only. Then you may dress and go home. I’ll send Gail home when I’m done with her.”

From all that has gone on this evening I was so horny I didn’t care whose cock was in my hand as long as someone was stroking mine. The moment of truth was coming as we all moved closer to each other. One by one we started cumming on each other. No one said a word as we let go of each others cock and started to get dressed. As I walked out the door and went to the car I wondered what was Phoebe and Gail doing to each other. Guess I’ll have to wait until Gail gets home to tell me. As I started the car I was thinking, “I hope we can do that again soon”