A New Beginning

by Server4Two

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© Copyright 2009 - Server4Two - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; FF; D/s; bond; chast; latex; catsuit; headbox; toys; oral; cons; X

I got home the other day from a long trip and was so looking forward to relaxing and enjoying some down time. As I get close to my door I’m surprised that there are hardly any lights on in the house. I found that when I am gone my wife likes to keep some extra lights on to feel safer. So now I’m thinking she is gone out for a bit or was late getting home from work. If anything I can get in and cleaned up and start relaxing.

As soon as I got in the door I knew something was up. I noticed that the light in the hallway was set to dim and that there was a piece of paper on the table. This was our usually spot for instructions when she wanted me to do something. Usually it was get into my maid outfit and clean the house or put on my leather outfit and shackle myself till she got home. I learned a while into our marriage that when my wife wants me to do something I make sure I do it. Once my chastity device was on my penis I knew she controlled me. But you know what, since then work has been better and life is easier to live. She knows when I’m stressed and just how to make me forget it all.

I drop my things on the floor and go to the table. I just had a long cross country trip across Canada promoting my new line of bondage furniture and would like nothing to just clean up and lay and relax. Looks like it might be a while yet. So I read the letter:

Dear Slave,

It has been very boring here without you and I know your trip was important, but I have to teach you for being late. I also know that you were so looking forward to relaxing, well you will be servicing me and doing both.
I want you to go straight to the bathroom and shower, the key for the CBT 3000 is on the sink, take it off and clean well and leave it off. Then put on the outfit on back of the door and then when you get to the bedroom door I want you to put on the blindfold and knock and wait for me.

Mistress Temperance.

At least it will be a relief to have the CBT off. I am so glad she has control over my cock, but when you are on a two week long trip sometimes just lying in bed and pleasuring yourself is so great. Now that I have the chastity device on I am unable to get relief and sometimes I just want one little run of myself. Now I wait till I get home. It gets hard to manage, especially when I am at the hotel I am to be locked in my nightly attire. How does she know that I am locked in every night you may as, well let me tell you. I make good money and she doesn’t work. So she has a lot of time to come up with new ways for torture and teasing when I am gone.

Well on one trip I came back to find out she bought me a laptop and a high quality webcam. And a combination lock that you would use on luggage with about 5 numbers and when you lined them up right it unlocked. So now when I am going to sleep I put on my full one piece latex sleep suit with built in butt plug and an opening for my cock to stick out. Then I put on a collar that fits through openings in the top of the cat suit and with the combo lock I lock it on am in my suit for the evening. Then I get up the next morning and with the web cam facing the lock and with me blindfolded, she tells me which way to turn each number till they are lined up and it unlocks. I then take it off and mess up all the numbers to her satisfaction and then I am free for the day.

It’s a devious idea and it’s hard to sleep with a cock that wants to be rock hard in a CBT 3000 while you are covered in luxurious latex. But I love it all and wouldn’t’t change it for a thing. She knows that I would never leave her and this makes sure she knows that. Well let me get back to the present.

I go to the bathroom and see the key and take off my chastity as fast as possible. I just sigh with relief as it comes off and I am able to let my cock get hard and stiff just like you would stretch tight muscles. I want to grab it and just relieve myself, but I know that I am in for a torturous night, but the end result of coming in my wife is so worth waiting a bit longer.

I look behind the door and there is a new cat suit waiting for me. It is one piece from head to toe. Except that there is no ass, an opening where my cock will be and where my nipples will come out. The hood has holes in the nostrils and an opening for my mouth and jaw, and holes for my eyes. There is also a posture collar to put on with a lock attached to it. So I know that when the outfit is on and locked I am at her mercy for when it comes off.

With great anticipation I get into a nice hot shower after a long trip and just let the water clean me. I also shave my body from head to toe except for eyebrows…lol. We found it much easier to play if I have no hair, and sometimes I am dressed in drag so it looks better without the hair. Just thinking about tonight is giving me such a hard on, that I can’t help just to touch myself a bit. But I make sure to stop before reaching climax.

After being all cleaned and dry and make sure all my hair is gone I dress in my new suit. The feeling of the latex and the tightness of it just sends shivers down my spine. I feel all the stress of my business trip and aggravations just slip away as I have no control over any of that now. Now it’s time to make my way to the bedroom and give my last bit of control over my life to her.

I get to the door and see there is a blindfold hanging on the handle. I pick it up and place it over my eyes and one thing I learned is that I make sure it’s on tight and that I cannot see a thing. I made the mistake of not putting it on properly once and was punished severely. That’s a story for another time, but let me tell you that an hour in a stretching tightly eagle spread position and made to clean my wife’s pussy after sex is a good lesson to learn to listen.

After knocking at the door and waiting for a min or two my wife finally shows up at the door. I can smell her beautiful perfume and can just sense her there looking me over. “Very nice, very nice. I think tonight we are going to have a great time.” With that I heard the click and I was being led into the room by my collar. All of a sudden I hear another woman’s voice “ Omg, he does look good like that. I can’t believe you are going to share him with me.”

The blind fold was taken off and there was my wife in her leather corset with her breasts pushed up and bulging, then her favorite leather long skirt with her boots and her elbow length gloves. I was in heaven to see her like this and my cock grew. Then I saw her friend Cassie all dressed up as well. She wore a pair of latex chaps, a nice latex top with her breasts sticking out, a pair of elbow gloves and shoes. I could not believe what I was seeing.

“I know you are a little surprised, but I have been doing some research online and realized that I am going to use you as a sissy girl and a cum whore tonight. You will have lots of time to relax all trussed up, as we play, then your job will be to clean our juices up. You will lick our pussys clean and any toys we use as well. There is more to do, but I’ll let you find that out when you are bound helpless. I hope you don‘t mind Cassie being here, because she is moving in with us. See I get lonely when you are gone, so now I have company and you will always get what you want. That’s to be a slave to two women. So let’s get you started.”

We have a large storage table at the end of our bed. I was taken there and laid on my back. Then my arms were pulled down on either side and tied at the wrists and elbows. Then my legs were tied together and then tied down to the bottom of the table. Then a couple straps were tightened down my body. I was totally helpless and couldn’t move. Then my head was put in a wooden box with the cover having a hole so that my face was pushed through and I could not move it.

“I hope you like my new face sitting box. You see, with your head in there when we are done playing we are each going to take turns sitting on your face so that you may be able to clean our pussies. You will have no choice as you are not going anywhere. But there is more and you will find out soon why.”

With that I heard them get onto the bed; I couldn’t see the bed as with my face in the box I was forced to stare at the ceiling. Then all of a sudden a dildo was thrust in my mouth. “Make sure you make this nice and moist. I want it to be able to slip in our pussies nicely.”

When I was done I was laid there as my mistress and her friend played with each other. I can hear them moaning and groaning and thrashing about. I was getting harder and harder and just wanted to get inside my mistress. But I knew that since I was done of my business trips for a while, that I was going to be bound for a couple days.

They finally stopped and the dildo was once again thrust into my mouth. “I want you to lick it and suck it and make sure you get all our juices off it. I want you to learn how to clean well as you will be good at sucking my strap on before and after we screw each other later.” With that I did my best to clean it off, and I felt humiliated sucking on something like a dildo.

Next my mistress startled my face and lowered her pussy slowly onto my face. I could smell and see the juices all around her pussy. Then I started to lick and suck and make sure all of the juices were taken away from her. Then she started to ride my face faster and faster and came once again. I couldn’t believe the amount of juices that came out of her. Finally she got off my face.

“That was great, get used to it because you will be my cum whore all the time. No matter who is with us. And no matter what type of cum it is.” I was wondering about that last part, but had no time to think before Cassie was sitting on my face. It was strange and also humiliating to be bound and forced to eat a strangers juices.

As Cassie was getting herself clean my mistress crawled on top of me and started to ride my very erect and ready cock. So now here I am eating pussy juices while having sex with my mistress. I couldn’t believe this. Then I felt hot wax being dripped on my nipples and that was it. I couldn’t control myself. I came within minutes and just laid there exhausted.

“You came without my permission, for that I will have to punish you. You will learn to make sure you ask before you come.” With that Cassie got off my face, and then my mistress got off my cock and started making her way to my face.

“Mistress please, not my own cum. I promise I will wait till I have permission. Please.” She just kept crawling to my face and then I felt a ring gag being put into my mouth. So now my mouth is open and my mistress is now lowering her pussy to my face. How humiliating that I am forced to eat my own cum. I was shocked.

“Now make sure you get every drop. I will make sure you clean me every time you release inside me. You might not like it now, and you may not like it later, but it’s not up to you.”