Never Jump To Conclusions

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; caught; naked; bond; rope; gag; hogtie; climax; cons/nc; X

At the sound of the front door being unlocked, Jordan froze. For nearly an hour now, she’d struggled uselessly against the bonds that held her. Hands bound behind her, ankles bound together, she was further immobilized by a length of rope securing her ankles to one leg of the couch. Her mouth, packed full with a large scarf, which was held in place by a second scarf bound around her head, muffled any sound she tried to make. Still, she did try, soft, unintelligible sounds emerging as the front door opened.

Carla, Jordan’s roommate, tossed her keys onto the entryway table, then entered the front room, freezing at the sight of her naked roommate rolling helplessly on the floor.

“Jordan? Are you serious?”

Shaking her head, Jordan rolled to present her back to Carla, stretching out her hands.

“I worked hard all day,” Carla said with a sigh, “and what do I find when I get home? You, taking advantage of a day off to play at your self bondage games again. And not even in your own room this time.”

Eyes widening, Jordan shook her head again, tugging uselessly against her bonds. Leaning over, Carla rolled Jordan onto her stomach, examining the ropes that held her friend helpless.

“Not bad,” she said. “I don’t know how you got them knotted that way by yourself, but they do look a bit rough. Actually, you could have done a much better job. Wait right here.” Turning, Carla strode from the room.

Alone, Jordan resumed struggling, but the ropes held her too securely. Worse, the rope connecting her to the couch kept her from squirming away in search of something to free herself. Her struggles ceased when Carla returned, her arms laden with rope.

“Let’s see if we can make this better for you,” she said, carefully arranging the ropes on the couch. Selecting one length, she again rolled Jordan onto her stomach. Settling her weight on Jordan’s legs to prevent her from squirming away, Carla looped the doubled rope around her friend’s elbows, wrapping and cinching them so that Jordan’s elbows nearly touched.

Next, Carla untied her wrists, only to quickly rebind them, using a neater and more secure tie. Jordan’s ankles were released as well, only to be rebound. Carla removed the rope from the couch leg, using it to bind Jordan’s legs together at the knees.

“There,” she said, stepping back and watching her friend roll helplessly on the floor, “isn’t that much better?” Grunting, Jordan shook her head. “Of course it is,” Carla replied, “and I know how to make it even better.”

Now even more securely bound than before, Jordan could only watch as her roommate took up another length of rope, carefully doubling it. She tried to roll away, but Carla caught her easily, rolling her onto her back.

“I saw this on a web page recently,” she told her helpless friend. “I was going to show it to you this weekend, but, since you decided to play without me, I guess you’ll get to experience it right now.”

Feeding the doubled rope beneath Jordan’s back, Carla centered the loop in front, feeding the ends through and feeding them back around, tying them off at the loop. Rolling Jordan onto her stomach, she reached between her friend’s thighs and drew the trailing ends of the rope through. Grasping Jordan’s ankles and bending her knees until her heels nearly touched her ass, Carla fed the ends of the rope between her wrists, tying them off on the rope binding her ankles. After checking the knots, she rose to her feet.

Experimentally, Jordan tried to straighten her legs, only to freeze as the action caused the crotch rope to dig more firmly between her thighs. Tugging with her hands, she quickly found, created the same effect. In fact, nearly any movement she tried tightened the crotch rope.

“There,” Carla said, smiling, “that should hold you. And teach you not to play at bondage without inviting me.” Turning away, she called back over her shoulder, “I need to go cash my check, and then I think I’m going to get something to eat. Have fun till I get home.” The closing of the door announced her departure.

Alone, Jordan struggled fitfully against her bonds, freezing each time as her movement tightened the crotch rope. She tried to lie perfectly still, but even that didn’t help. Her legs kept wanting to straighten out, increasing the pull on the crotch rope. Stretching her hands, she grabbed the section of rope from her ankles to her waist, pulling on it to draw her feet closer to her ass. This relieved the tension, but she could only hold on for a few moments before she had to let go and rest her hands.

Eventually, this continual tightening and loosening of the crotch rope had its inevitable effect, creating and then building arousal within her. Slowly, she began to rhythmically tug on her bonds, tightening the crotch rope where, before, she had sought only to loosen it. Slowly, painfully slowly, her arousal built.

Her orgasm, when it finally arrived, caused her body to arch in its bonds, pulling the crotch rope even tighter than before. Almost before that orgasm receded, she began the climb toward the next.

Jordan quickly lost count of her orgasms. Slowly, however, the tightness of the crotch rope began to be less a source of pleasure and more one of discomfort that quickly grew to actual pain. By the time Carla returned, she was nearly sobbing, desperately trying to hold her feet against her ass to take the tension off the rope.

“Well,” Carla said as she entered the room, “I hope you enjoyed yourself. I guess I should let you out, though.” So saying, she removed the crotch rope, allowing Jordan’s body to straighten out. Quickly, she removed the other ropes, leaving Jordan to free herself from her gag.

“I hope you learned your lesson this time,” she said, moving into the kitchen to place a bag of groceries on the table. Turning, she was confronted by a nude Jordan, mouth still gagged. Before she could react, Jordan’s fist swung, connecting with her temple and dropping her to the floor.

Carla woke to find herself lying naked on the front room floor, bound exactly as Jordan had been, even to the wet scarf filling her mouth. Grunting, she tugged at her bonds, only to freeze as the crotch rope tightened.

“Had you bothered to remove my gag long enough to ask,” Jordan told her, “I would have told you that I wasn’t doing self bondage. A guy grabbed me when I answered the doorbell. He stripped me, tied me up, and left with all my cash, and my credit cards. I was robbed you idiot, and now, thanks to you, he’s probably long gone.”

Eyes wide, Carla stared at Jordan, who now looked dressed for going out. A series of muffled grunts slipped from her gagged mouth.

“Oh, no,” Jordan said, as if in reply, “you’re not going to talk your way out of this one. I’ve already called the police and reported the robbery. Now, since all my cash and cards are gone, I took the liberty of getting yours. I’m going to treat myself to a nice dinner, and then I think I’ll go shopping. While I’m gone, you might want to think about this. Maybe next time, you’ll ask before jumping to conclusions.”

The closing of the front door muffled further the sound of grunting from the front room, grunting that, already, carried the first notes of arousal.

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