Never Play Against a Full House

by Restricted

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Carla stood there quite patiently. She had no choice in the matter. Her boyfriend Joe was playing Poker again, and losing badly.

He had lost all his money and his car, but he said to Carla that she was not to worry; Madam Fortune will smile on him soon!  “As if!” Carla thought.


Joe lost that round and they would not take I.O.U’s. It was cash or goods to the value. Joe had lost the TV and the radio. What could he use as collateral now?


Joe looked at the 3 men and 2 women he was playing with. He racked his brain hard. He only had one thing left. Carla! He had locked her into a chastity belt a month previously and now used the key as collateral! Carla argued, but the other players accepted his condition as long as she was kept quiet!


Joe went and got the rope and the players stripped her down to the chastity belt and held her while he bound her hands behind her back. They tied her ankles together and her legs. Ropes went around her body squeezing her breasts tightly between the ropes.


Joe went and got a high back chair and she was tied to the back of it. She was strictly gagged to stop her screaming out what a dirty rat he was using her as a plaything to be passed around!


Carla could see his hand. He was dealt 2 Queens , a King, a five and a seven.  The game opened. Carla was screaming through the gag for him to stop it. She was begging him to stop.  No one took any notice of her as a tear ran down her face! This game was serious.


Carla thought he stood a chance of winning, but did not like it at all! The round opened and Charlie put the key to her chastity belt into the kitty!  He put the 5 and 7 on the deck and drew two more cards. He did not look at them! Instead he left them face down. All the others drew their cards.


Joe lifted all his cards and held them closely to his chest. He had 2 Queens , 2, Kings and a four. The gambling started. 3 of the players threw it in. That left Joe, 2 women and another man.


Joe was confident and by rummaging around the house, found some more cash to play with. But it was too late; they would not let him take the key back!  Now they were down to Joe and one of the women. She was super cool and was not flustered. Joe had nothing else to bargain with, so the woman said put Carla into the pot as well! Joe agreed and asked to see her cards.


She turned them over one by one, very slowly! Queen, Queen, Ten, Ten, Ten. Joe had lost. He argued it was only a game, but the others told him he had lost Carla and the keys to her belt quite legitimately.


Joe was not too worried. He had read of a story years earlier where a group of people kept bidding for someone’s girlfriend and she would be taken home, tied up and escape. No one had managed to stop her from escaping! Joe had introduced her to bondage but had never managed to tie her up so she could not escape. She was an artist at it.


The men picked Carla up. She was squirming and screaming into the gag. Joe could only stand and watch as she was carried out of the house! They opened the trunk of the large limousine and put Carla into it. The woman climbed into the back of the car and held the key up for Joe to see! He knew what he had lost!


The other woman and the three men climbed into the car. It moved off silently and slowly. A few miles down the road, the conversation in the car stopped. They were quiet. Now Carla could hear everything. “Get rid of those marked cards! I nearly lost tonight!” The group was in it together using marked cards! No wonder Joe lost!


The car eventually stopped and Carla was released from the boot. They carried her into the house where the key was tried on her chastity belt. It opened without a hitch! Carla was taken to the toilet in the bathroom and sat on it. They untied her feet, left her and went back 15 minutes later. Carla had finished so they put her on the bidet and washed her down. Now it was time for the belt to go back on!


Soon Carla was standing in one of the rooms with her belt on and her feet tied again. “Now what are we going to do with you, my little prize?” “I’ll give you prize, you bitch!” Carla thought.  Eventually they tied Carla to the stair rails and left her there for the night to ponder her fete! Just to make sure she did not escape they handcuffed her as well. So now she had her wrists bound by ropes and handcuffs!


Joe was thinking all night long what to do to get her back! If only he knew where they lived! He had seen them in the casino and the group had lost heavily. Joe thought they might as well lose to him as the casino and invited them to Carla’s and his house!


Carla stood there all night pondering the same question as Joe. How would she get out? The next day, Carla found herself being released form the stair rails. She was taken to the study where they tied her feet to her hands, efficiently hogtying her. But the chastity belt was hurting and the woman realised it was marking her. “We don’t want any marks on her!” she commented.  So Carla was released from the belt and the ropes that held her and taken outside. She was sat astride a pole that went from two upright posts.


Getting some chain and two locks, they locked her feet together. As long as she did not struggle she would be alright! And if she got tired, she could lean back against one of the posts! Her feet did not touch the ground and it caused a lot of pressure on a very sensitive area!


This went on for weeks. Outside when it was sunny. Hogtied and hung up in the pantry when it rained, or suspended by her hands in the outhouse. Her feet were not allowed to touch the ground, but she could just about stand tiptoe and take the pressure off of her wrists. There seemed to be no let up in her bondage and she was getting frightened she would never see freedom again!  


Then one night she was told they would be playing Poker at her house and she would be the stake! This meant that she would be moved if the woman lost and Joe would never find where on Earth she was. “We are playing with some Japanese gentlemen, and you know how they love women in very tight bondage! Also we have some Arabs who would teach you to dance for them!” The woman laughed and Carla gulped. Even though they had removed the gag some time earlier, she said nothing! She just walked about the house naked apart from the chastity belt, looking for ways to escape. But she had found all the doors and windows were locked!


Come the day of the card game and Carla was introduced to her new restraint. It was a box with an iron grill at one end. They put the gag back into her mouth and Carla was backed into the box. The iron grill door was screwed into position. They pushed the box back under the table and put a cloth over it so Carla’s box was hidden.


The game started. The woman kept winning. It looked as if Carla would be remaining her guest, but one of the Japanese men spotted the marked deck! He shouted out and the table went up. The woman’s henchmen rushed forwards, but the Japanese men were black belts in Judo and they quickly dispatched the men. They looked at Carla, “Oh God no! I have seen pictures of the sort of bondage they do to women, and it will kill me!” she thought.


The men pulled her out of the box and released her. The Japanese men were from their Police force. They had been after the woman for some time for kidnapping in Japan . As she knew all the local police around her way, the American police agreed to allow them to catch her! They were ready to take her away when Carla said she had an idea!  The woman was about her size.


Carla went and took some clothes from her wardrobe and put them on. They fitted perfectly.  This could only mean one thing to Carla. Very shortly the woman was taken away by the American Police to await deportation. The Japanese policemen held the key to the woman’s new chastity belt for safe keeping.


The police ran Carla home, but she had a little shopping to do first. She called in and bought the ideal thing before returning to Joe. Joe was pleased to see her. Carla told him most of the story and asked “What about it? I am gagging for it!” Joe could not wait. He rushed upstairs throwing his clothes off as he went.  Carla followed him picking them up.


Carla said she felt the need to tie Joe to the bed first. Joe was up for this and he spread his arms and legs while she tied them to each corner of the bed. Then she gagged him.


Getting an ice cube, she rubbed his erection until he became flaccid once more. It did not take her long to finish of what she was doing. Joe was trying to ask what she was up to. But he soon realised as she busied herself. “Click!” Joe was now in his chastity belt. “I have posted the key to the policeman who rescued me. Once he gets home, he will send the key back to me! That is what you get for playing against a full house!”



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