The Neighbor Kid

by Studbound

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© Copyright 2009 - Studbound - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; bond; rope; gag; F/m; tickle; sleepsack; susp; chast; cons; X

I was home alone when the doorbell rang at just after nine in the morning on Saturday. Wondering who would come to our house at that hour, I pulled on a tattered pair of shorts over my jockstrap and went to investigate. Opening the door, I found the next door neighbor kid, standing there looking sheepish.

“Hi Ralph,” I said. “What can I do for you?”

“Can I come in?” he asked.

“Sure, I guess,” I said. “I’m here alone, Peter is off to his job.”

I live with my partner, Peter, who works for a law firm. Sometimes he has to be on the job on Saturday morning. Ralph came in and I closed the door. Ralph is a nice kid who lives with his widowed mother. He has been our neighbor ever since we bought the house three years ago. He is tall, somewhat stocky, with dark black hair. The weather had turned warm as sit was late spring, so Ralph wore shorts and a tee shirt and flip flops on his feet.

“I want to ask you something,” he started and then paused.

“Yeah, what?” I said. This was very unusual. Ralph was always very quiet, and while he talked to me and Peter, he seemed quite shy. He looked down at his feet and seemed at a loss for words.

“What can I do for you?” I said trying to hurry him along a bit.

“Well,” he became very quiet and spoke in such a low voice that I could hardly hear him, “I want you to tie me up.”

“You what?” I said, thinking I had heard him wrong.

“I want you to tie me up,” he repeated a bit louder, and he lowered his head even more, if that was possible.

“Ralph,” I said, “What makes you think that I would do such a thing?” Clearly I was caught by surprise.

“Because I’ve seen you and Peter and some other men who come here. I’ve seen you through the window. You know how to tie people up really good, and that’s what I want.”

Struggling with what to say, I finally managed, “You mean you’ve been watching us?”

“Yes,” he said. “I know it was wrong, but I get all excited when I see someone tied up, and I want to know what it’s like.”

He was quite emotional, and I thought he might even start to cry. “I don’t know, “ Ralph. “We have a question of age here. For me to do that could be considered a crime against a minor.”

“Not any more” he blurted. “Today I’m eighteen! I’m legal. That’s why I’m here today – why I waited.”

“Wow,” I said. “Happy Birthday.”

“You can make it happy if you will tie me up. Tie me up really good and tight and a gag and everything. I’ve been waiting for years for this and now I’m legal and ready.”

“Your mother might complain and get me into trouble if she finds out,” I suggested.

“No, she won’t,” he said. “She knows all about me and wanting to be tied up and she knows I’m here today to ask you.”

I thought about this for a while, as Ralph stood there looking frightened and uneasy. “Let’s go talk to your mother,” I suggested.

“Okay,” he said quickly without hesitation. “She’s home.”

I walked out, not caring that all I had on was the flimsy shorts over my jock, closed the door, and together we walked over to Ralph’s house. He opened the door and led me in, calling out, “Mom,”

Ralph’s mother is a soft looking woman probably in her late forties or early fifties. She is a bit stout, has a hearty laugh, a few too many chins, and has been a good neighbor even looking after our cat when we go away. We return the favor by watering her flowers when she and Ralph were out of town.

“I told him, Mom,” Ralph started. “He wants to talk to you about it,”

“You see, Mam, we would be in a legal area here. Even though Ralph is now eighteen, you might find what he wants illegal or press charges or something – I don’t know what. I’m not a sexual predator and don’t want to do anything that might be seen as such.”

“Oh, don’t worry a bit,” she laughed. “You take Ralphie here and you just tie him up good and tight just like he wants. He’s been driving me crazy with it for a long time, and asking me to do it but I wouldn’t. So now you do it.”

“Really,” I said. “You’re sure it’s alright with you?”

“Get him bound up and gagged – the sooner the better.”

“Well, Okay,” I said. “Come on Ralph – let’s do it.”

Ralph was excited – it was obvious from the front of his shorts that he was excited. He headed out the door with me behind. Then his mother called me back and I told Ralph to go on ahead.

“Tie him up good,” she said, “and keep him tied up until Sunday night or even Monday morning. Don’t let him go no matter how much he whines or begs. Maybe then he’ll get it out of his system. He’s a good boy, but he’s been after this for a long time. Even tries to tie himself up, but doesn’t do a very good job of it. Collects pictures of people tied and gagged. I hope this will cure or at least satisfy him, I’ll come over tomorrow to see how he’s doing if that’s OK?”

I told her to join us any time she wanted, and went out heading home where Ralph stood at the door waiting.

Now, I’m used to bondage and I’ve tied up many guys and been tied up a lot, but this was a new one on me. I wasn’t quite sure what Ralph really wanted. Once we were back in my house, I began asking:

“Ralph, do you really want to be tied up strictly?”


“A gag and everything?”


“We need to have a safe word or sign so you can signal if you’ve had enough.”

“No,” he said with some force. “I want you to tie me up and keep me as long as you want – even if I really want to be untied. I want to know what it’s like to be a prisoner – a bound and gagged prisoner. I know you can do it – I’ve seen you do it.”

He was right about that. I’ve keep Peter in bondage for almost a week at times, not to mention some of our other friends.

“Okay kid, is that what you want to wear?”

“Oh,” he said. “I wanted to wear my jock, but I forgot it at home.”

“You’re not wearing it?” I knew he wasn’t from the way his prick bulged out in his shorts.

“No,” he said looking down. “I didn’t know if you would do it, so I forgot. I can go home and get it.”

“No,” I said, I led Ralph into the back room where there were mats on the floor and where we kept our bondage supplies. From a drawer I pulled out a small black nylon thong. “Put this on,” I said, “and pile your clothes over there on that chair.

Ralph stripped and put on the thong, finding a problem as he was fully erect and the thong didn’t cover all of his penis. I went into the kitchen and returned with a bowl of ice. “Rub this on your prick until it gets soft,” I said.

When Ralph finally got himself inside the tight thong, prick pointing down, I took the ice away, and then began with the ropes. I tied his wrists tightly and then his upper arms, pulling them together until it was almost uncomfortable.

“Are you gay, Ralph?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “I’ve got a girlfriend too,” he added. “She’s beautiful and I’m crazy about her. I get really hard when I’m around her and when I think about her. And she’s rich – has tons of money.”

“As hard as you got before you used the ice?”

“Yes and even more. And my girlfriend is not only beautiful, she’s rich – has all the money she wants.”

“So why didn’t you ask her to tie you up? It’s unusual for someone who isn’t gay to want a man to tie him up – usually they want a dominatrix or a girlfriend.”

“I was afraid of what she would think. It might turn her off and scare her away.”

I took tape and wrapped his hands and fingers so that they were useless. I looped rope around his upper body further pulling his arms into place, and more rope went between his legs on either side of his bulge, setting it off somewhat. Next I tied his legs above his knees, below his knees, and ankles. I helped him lie down, on his stomach. I tied his big toes together as a last touch. Then I pushed his heels down against his butt and wrapped rope over his ankles and around his upper thighs pinning his heels in place against his ass. He groaned, but didn’t complain. I pulled a red ball gag out of a drawer.

“Last chance to say anything,” I said as I held the gag in front of the now trussed up young man.

“Ball gags don’t work too well,” he said. “I want to be really gagged.”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “You will be.”

He was testing the ropes and struggling a bit as I put the ball into his mouth. Next came a strip of tape over the ball. Then I began wrapping his lower face with tape circling his head front to back, tight, and sealing his whole lower face around the gag. From a drawer I pulled out a small skullcap and put it on his head. Then more tape under his jaw, up over the top of his head, around and around holding his jaw in place. Then tape around his forehead front to back to hold the other tape in place. Finally, I had him close his eyes and taped them shut.

“Okay kid,” I said, “You’re on your own. Enjoy.”

I watched for a while as Ralph tested his bondage, struggling, twisting, trying to talk. I was satisfied that I had done a good job, and that he would not free himself no matter how much he struggled. Ralph was either enjoying or regretting his dream or nightmare come true. As he lay on his stomach, I couldn’t tell if he was trying to get erect or not.

I kept watch on Ralph through the day. At one point I told him that if he needed to pee, go ahead. The pad he was on was washable and no problem. If he needed to take a crap, he would just have to hold it. Ralph grunted and groaned into his gag, and I think was starting to have second thoughts about being tied up for a long time, so strictly, but it was too late then.

Ralph had been tied up for six hours when Peter came home. “I have a surprise in the play room,” I said. “Go have a look.”

“Good God,” Peter said as he looked at Ralph. “Who’s that?”

“That is Ralph from next door.”

“The kid.”

“He’s celebrating his eighteenth birthday today. He showed up at the door and asked me to tie him up. Checked it out with his mother who told me not only to do it, but to do a good job of it and keep him bound and gagged until either Sunday night or Monday morning.”

Hearing what I said, Ralph became quite animated – as much as his bondage allowed. He squirmed and really tried to talk through the gag. I suppose he was protesting the length of his proposed restriction.

“You tied him up this morning?” Peter asked.

“About ten o’clock.”

“Until tomorrow night would total – let me see – about thirty-six hours.”

“More if we keep him until Monday morning.”

“Wow,” said Peter. “I didn’t know the kid was into bondage.”

“This is his first time being really tied up,” I explained. “He’s been watching us through the windows and so on, so he knew we might do it for him. He collects pictures of people tied up, and he has tried self-bondage but his mother says he isn’t good at it.”

“He’s been stalking us!!! His mother!!! What’s with this little bastard?”

“He’s into bondage – at least vicariously. Now he’s into bondage really. Consider this his birthday present. He’s the package. I thought I did a nice job too.”

“He’s a package alright. Well, give him the full thirty-six hours and more. He deserves it as a pleasure and as a punishment for stalking us.”

Ralph again squirmed and groaned protests in his gag. Clearly he now realized what he had gotten himself into.

Now I knew that it was bad to leave someone alone when they are tied and especially when they are gagged. This went more so for Ralph as it was his maiden voyage, so to speak. So I stuck around through the evening, and brought in a sleeping bag for the night. Ralph protested and squirmed whenever he sensed that someone was around, but in time he probably became resigned to his fate and laid quietly most of the time.

In the morning I got up and fixed breakfast – Peter and I ate together. Ralph remained bound and gagged now approaching twenty-four hours in fairly strict bondage.

“Good morning,” I chirped when I walked into the playroom. Ralph made a lot of noise behind his gag. I am sure he was demanding that I release him.

“You gonna let him go?” asked Peter looking over my shoulder.

“No,” I said. “I promised his mom I’d keep him at least until tonight.

Much more noise came from Ralph.

Somewhere late in the morning, our doorbell rang. Answering it I found Ralph’s mother along with a tall strikingly good-looking blonde who appeared to be about Ralph’s age.

“This is Marla,” said Ralph’s mother. “She’s Ralph’s girlfriend. We’ve come to visit him. Hope you still have him tied up.”

“He’s tied up alright – but not very happy about it.”

“Serves him right,” said his mother. I told him he wouldn’t like it if it actually happened. His father didn’t always like it either if I kept him tied up too long.”

“You tied up Ralph’s father?”

“All the time. Man loved it for a while, but got ticked off if I didn’t release him when he was tired of it. Ralph gets it from his father I think.”

“Does Ralph know you tied up his father?”

“Don’t think so. Anyway, let’s see the boy. Marla’s anxious to have a look.”

Marla smiled and indeed, she was beautiful – thin, tall, with nice boobs. Dark hair, like Ralph’s. She didn’t say anything, but followed us to the playroom.

“I brought you some company,” I said on entering the room.

“How you doin’ Ralphie,” his mother said in a loud voice. “Getting your fill of being tied up?”

Ralph grunted and protested through his gag and squirmed around making one more fruitless attempt to free himself.

“Looks like you’ve finally talked yourself into something you can’t talk your way out of,” she laughed. It has a hearty laugh, sincere and from the depths of her soul. “And I’ve brought a friend to see you. Here’s Marla.”

“Hi Ralph,” she said – the first words she had uttered since arriving.

Now Ralph came unglued. He thrashed around and screamed into the gag. Clearly he was unhappy about Marla being there. She sat down next to him and stroked his back and played with his hair.

“Why didn’t you tell me you like being tied up?” she asked finally. “I would have done something about it. You look really nice this way. It’s neat. I’ve sometimes fantasized about tying you up and tickling you. “

She ran her hands over his body, and then to the bottoms of his feet where she started tickling him. Ralph thrashed around trying to avoid her touch and failing. He made laughing sounds through the gag. It was fun to watch her. She rolled Ralph onto his side, and worked on his stomach and sides, then moved down to his crotch and tickled his inner thighs finally going to his cock and balls. Ralph’s poor cock strained against the light nylon thong pouch pushing it out and almost away from his body. Marla was relentless, stroking, tickling, teasing the helplessly bound Ralph.

“I’ll stay with him for a while,” she said looking up at me, Peter and Ralph’s mother. It was her signal that we should go away, so we did. Ralph’s mother thanked me for tying him up and keeping him.

“Don’t let him go until tomorrow morning – in time for school,” she cautioned. “He deserves the whole show.”

“Well, I think we’ll let him go later this evening,” I said. “He’ll have a lot of trouble moving his jaw and his legs and even his arms after being bound for so long. He’ll need a few hours to recuperate after this extended bondage.

“I suppose,” she signed. “Pity. I think he was enjoying it.”

Marla stayed with Ralph for a couple of hours, probably driving him crazy. When she left, she also thanked us for tying him up and keeping him so that she could see him.

“I’ve told him that we’ll do something about this next weekend,” she said with a smile. Then she left.

Peter and I untied Ralph about nine o’clock. As I predicted, he had big trouble with his jaw, and we had to all but lift him and steady him while he regained full use of his legs. Nevertheless, he seemed happy with his experience. He admitted that he really wanted to be untied not long after I finished binding him in the first place. But Marla put the frosting on the cake. He was happy and most appreciative albeit sore and stiff. He went home, and we returned to our normal lives – Peter tied me up and I spent the night in happy bondage.

I didn’t see Ralph again until a few weeks later. He was just arriving at his mother’s house Sunday evening and I was returning from doing some shopping. We exchanged pleasantries, and I asked how he was doing. He assured me that he was just fine, and that he and Marla had discovered their mutual interest in bondage. In fact the past two weekends she had tied him naked, spread-eagle on her bed and played with him and, as he put it, made a man out of him – he was, as he boasted with something of a blush, no longer a virgin – many times over. His mother had even taken to call him “Ralph” rather than “Ralphie.”

“Delighted,” I said. “Glad you’re happy. You two seemed made for each other.”

Ralph said that he and Marla were getting married, and that Peter and I would be invited. We were and we went. It was very nice and I was happy to see the bride and groom – a nice couple and they appeared very much in love.

The Dénouement

It was almost a year later. Ralph’s mother had sold the house and moved to a condo or something. Or course, Ralph was off with his wife, so we didn’t see him any more at all.

Then we received a phone call from Marla – she invited us over the drinks and to see them. We arrived two nights later at a nice house in one of the better parts of town. Marla greeted us at the door and ushered us into a beautifully appointed living room. We talked for a while, and then she said she would like us to see their playroom – and Ralph.

We followed her down the hallway and into a room painted stark white with a table in the center and great amounts of bondage paraphernalia hanging on the sidewall. Hanging from a hook in the back wall was a black shroud-like bag – laced up tight, a human form.

“Ralph’s inside,” she said with a smile. “It’s his sleep sack, bondage bag. He loves it. It laces up so tight he can hardly move. He’s gagged with a very large leather gag and muzzle and over those is the hood which is also laced up very tight. What do you think?”

“Awesome!” I said. “Just awesome!”

Peter agreed, inspecting the leather-bound Ralph.

“How you doing in there, Ralph?” I inquired loudly.

I heard muffled noises, sounding like cries and protests.

“He doesn’t seem happy,” I said.

“Oh, he’s just being funny,” she said. “He loves his bondage bag, gag and hood. I keep him in it for days on end. And look here…”

She moved next to the suspended bound Ralph and opened a flap over his crotch area. Inside we saw Ralph’s genitals contained in a plastic CB 6000 chastity device and locked in place.

“Yes,” she said. “He wears the CB twenty-four seven and I only let him out when he’s tied and gagged. He loves it. We owe it to you for tying him up and getting us started.”

Well, we discussed Ralph’s love of bondage for a while, and then Peter and I went home. I tied Peter up for the night, and went to bed. It had been quite an experience. I only hope Ralph knew what he had gotten himself into.