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Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; gag; reluct; cons; X

"So, can you tell me the story of how Wicked Wanda came to be?"

"Why, of course."


It is the summer of 69. Wendy is in her final year of College. Her chosen study was Literary and Theatrical Arts. You know, books and movies. At 22 years young she was very naive to the ways of the world. Adventurous and carefree, with a trust fund to back her up.

She decides to move out of the dorm from college and get herself an apartment in the heart of the city, A big luxurious Penthouse with all the amenities. Come move-in day, a very hectic day indeed, boxes, furniture, cleaning and at of the day Wendy was exhausted. Then came the knock that would change her life's direction.

Wendy drags herself off the couch to answer the door. Standing before her was her neighbor Maxine Blue. She was a stunningly beautiful tall woman, in what appears to be an old Victorian black dress with same style boots. But what made her so different was her bright blue long hair, cut in the Betty Page style.

"Hi my name is Maxine. but please call me Max."

"I'm Wendy."

"I have been watching you all day moving in. You must be exhausted?"

"Yes, a little."

"Would like to come over for a get to know me drink?"

"Maxine, it's a nice offer but I am so tired and was going to take a nap, maybe a little later OK?"

Max says, "I will knock again later." Wendy closed the door and went straight to the bedroom to lie down for a nap.

When Wendy woke up she couldn't get Max out of her mind. She is so mysterious looking. I think I've seen her before. Then came the knock at the door. Wendy opens it.

"Hi, Wendy ready for that drink?"

"Well OK maybe a little one."

"Great," says Max, "join me in my apartment."

"Max give me an hour to clean up."

"OK, what kind of wine do you like? White or red?"

Wendy knocks on Max's door. When the door was fully opened she saw an apartment filled with Victorian style furniture and the room had an eerie glow to it.

"Wow, Max, this is a cool looking apartment."

"Thanks, Wendy. Here's your wine."

So the girls chit-chat for a while. "So Max how do you afford all this stuff?"

"Oh, so you don't recognize me?"

"I'm not sure but you do look familiar."

"Wendy, I am in the movies. Maybe you know me by my stage name. My stage name is Lady Blue, Queen of the low budget horror films."

"Oh I know those movies, I like them very much, I like to watch old horror movies late at night. How many have you done."

"About 9, I've just gotten the script to the new one. Would you like to see it?"

"OH yes Max, may I?" The trap is set.

"As you can read it is the old horror standard. Girl gets trapped in an old haunted house, goes exploring, gets trapped by Evil Spirits of the house. Then taken to the dungeon where she is tortured to submit."

"Wow sounds like a good one."

"Yes looks like I will be tied up and tortured all day for that one."

"Really? I thought all that stuff was fake!"

"No, my Company believes in realism, in fact, they made me a small dungeon to practice in, would you like to see it?"

"I don't know sounds scary."

"Don't be scared Wendy, no harm ever comes from it, in fact, you might like it and have fun."

"Ok, where is it?"

"Where any secret dungeon is hidden, behind the bookcase. Come here Wendy see if you can guess which book opens it."

Wendy laughs, "Max I think I found it. The Secret Dungeon by Edgar Allen Poe."

"Not his work but appropriate," laughs Max.

When Wendy pulls the on the book the secret passage opens up.
Wendy steps in and immediately screams, "Max this is amazing, is it real?"

"No, they are functional copies that work though, they are strictly for pleasure only."

"Pleasure, how does anyone get pleasure out of being tortured?"

Max giggles, "you would be surprised." Wendy looks around the room to see shackles on the wall; a stout looking chair with straps all over it; a wooden X cross tucked in the corner; and many more items that she had seen in Max's horror movies.

"So Wendy anything you would like to try?"


"Ah come on Wendy, Are you a scaredy-cat?"


"How can you be a Lit and Theatrical Major without experiencing what you are writing and talking about? Wendy, I've done nine movies so far and I'm no worse for wear right?"

"Yea, I tell you what let me try something easy and see how it goes."

"I would like to use you in my next movie as an extra damsel."

"I'd like that!"

"I know your Professor at College. I'm sure he would give you extra credit as a project."

"But I'm afraid."

"Don't be I'll go easy."

"Ok, Wendy, you are the prototypical Damsel in Distress about to be put in danger. I will only use the rope for your first time. Have you ever been tied before?"

"Yes a few times by my cousin. But I escaped every time! She was not good at tying knots."

"OK then let's get started, first your costume: white frilly lace teddy and housecoat. Ok, the scene goes like this: you are in your bed asleep when some sound wakes you up. You feel a puff of wind and then scream. You then wake up and try to move but cannot budge. Your hands and feet are tied, you try with all your might but cannot get free. With a puff of smoke, Lady Blue appears out of thin air and slowly makes her way towards you. She speaks, 'Now my dear you must be punished for trespassing in my house.' You are helpless to escape and begin to scream. What fate awaits our poor Damsel?

"That is the first scene of the movie, so do you want to try?"

"I guess."

"Great, put on your costume and come over to the middle of the room. Put your hands crosswise behind your back."

Wendy does this. Max grabs a long piece of rope. "Ok let's begin." She wraps the rope around four times creating a 2-inch band of rope around her wrists and then twice around to cinch it tight. "How is that? I think it is loose! I told you that I would go easy on you. Now lie down on the floor, so I can tie your ankles.

"There that is enough for now. Time for me to get into my costume."

"Ok," says Wendy. "While I'm gone, try to struggle and get loose. I'll be back shortly."


Twenty minutes later Wendy is trying to get loose.

"I'm back!" Wendy looks up from the floor to see Max standing there in her full Lady Blue outfit. Bright blue shiny latex, catsuit, tight reducing corset (about four inch reduction), black knee-high Victorian style leather boots, one inch collar with attached chrome ring. Very menacing looking but to top it all off a long leather riding crop in her hand.

"Max, you look truly evil."

"Call me Lady Blue from now on. I see you did not get loose!"

"No, you tied it too tight!"

"You call that tight, here let me show what tight is..."

"NO!" screams Wendy.

Max picks up the sack she brought with her and dumps it out on the floor. Out falls hundreds of feet of hemp rope, a lot of silk scarves, a red rubber ball, medical tape and the final thing was a bottle of chloroform which rolled over to Wendy. When she saw that she asked "what is that for?"

"For disobedient girls who talk to much. So where did I put that rag?"

"Oh Yea?"

"Now Wendy. time to tie you up properly." With that Max soaked the rag in chloroform and press it to Wendy's face. It didn't take long for Wendy to pass out.


Wendy wakes up and immediately feels that she indeed is tied up. Way too tight, she is in agony from the amount of rough scratchy hemp rope on her body. Every part of her body is tied with four bands and cinched hemp rope.

Her ankles, knees above and below. Her thighs, her waist with a double crotch rope threw her most sensitive parts. Her chest was woven in a hemp rope harness above and below her boobs, which also welded her arms tight to her body. Max did not forget her arms either, bands circling her wrist and elbows which were pulled together with no gap between them.

Wendy was in agony but Max was not done tieing her up. She took a long rope and threaded it through her ankles, around her thighs. Pulling out all the slack in the ropes which made Wendy's heels dig into her butt and tied it off out of reach. The next rope went from Wendy's wrists down to her ankles around and back up to her elbows again back down to her ankles then wrist and tied out of reach. When Max pulled out all the slack on this rope, it made poor Wendy bowed back into a very tight arch. Wendy could only rock back and forth on the floor. Max saw that Wendy's nipples were erect from what she has been put through. She smiled and said to herself, "a natural born submissive. Almost done."

"Please no more!"

"Sorry, submissives don't give orders especially when they are tied up as tight as you are. Just two more things." Max chooses a long thin rope, pulls Wendy hair into a ponytail and ties the rope into it and knots it, then ties her ponytail to her elbow rope. "The last thing Wendy," Max takes two long scarfs, rolls them up and comes over to Wendy.

"What are you going to do with those?"

"Your gag for the night."

"NO I don't want to be gag all night I'll choke."

"Don't be silly I know how to gag a girl to keep them quiet without harm." She stuffs them into Wendy's mouth, then takes the medical tape winds it around her mouth and seals it tight.

"Now Wendy, normally in my movies you would be strapped to one of these torture devices. But you are a special one, so what I am going to do to you is endurance testing. Your first test is what you are in now a very tight hogtie. I think about 8 hours to start. Then 12 hours of hanging by your wrists, followed by 12 hours of you being mummified in leather from head to toe and put into a small iron coffin. After all that we will see if you can be in my movie. So goodnight and let the tests begin."

Max then turns and heads out of the room. Poor Wendy.


Morning comes, Max opens the door. "Hi Wendy, how are you doing?" Wendy doesn't make a sound. "Here let me get you loose."

Max wastes no time and pulls a pair of scissors from her belt and cuts Wendy loose. Still, Wendy doesn't move. "Hmm, I think I need the sauce." Max pulls out the bottle and gives her a whiff.

"OH," moans Wendy. "What happened?"

"You made it through your first test, Max."

"I'm going to kill you."

"Now-Now-Now. You are no worse for wear."

"I think you are going to make a fine stand-in, Wendy."

"I have never been tied that tight in my life. Who taught you to tie that tight?"

"My Mistress a long time ago. So tell me about it?"

"After the first hour when my whole body went numb, I was in agony."


"The second hour I thought I was going to die."

"But you didn't."

"Third hour is when I noticed it. Calm contentment came over me, and my body started heating up. I had my first multiple orgasm in my life. Wave after wave wracked through my body till I lay spent on the floor."

"Go on!"

"The 4th hour I passed out into a blissful sleep till you just woke me up."

"I knew you were a natural born submissive. Do you want to try the next test?"

"Bring it on!"



"Ok, Wendy, I changed my mind. I will combine the next two tests into one long 24 hour period with no rest in-between them. Strip!"

Wendy obeys. Next Max puts a pair of hanging leather cuffs on her wrists, followed by a padlock connecting them. "Ok, now your knees and ankles, then I hang you by your wrist and haul you up into the air." Once Max stopped pulling on the chain, Wendy was slowly twisting in the air. Wendy began to feel the strain on her wrists. Max says, "what else can I add to your torment? Oh, What about this?" Max shows Wendy what's in her hand.

Wendy screams "NO! Not that."

"Remember Wendy this is an endurance test. Don't worry it is not a real one but it will be unpleasant for you." Max is holding a cat-o-nine-tails. "Now, Wendy, I will personally whip you for an hour, for my pleasure. Then I will put the whip in this auto whipping machine for eleven more hours. Ready? You can scream all you want no one will hear you."


After an hour Max stops. "Boy, my arm is tired." Wendy, on the other hand, has passed out again from the intensity. Max passes the bottle of smelling sauce under her nose to wake her up. "Wendy, no passing out and sleeping, after all this is an endurance test. Time for me to leave, so I will turn on the automatic whipping machine for the next eleven hours. Wait till what I have in store for your next test. Bye for now." Max turns and leaves just as the machine starts.


Max returns to find Wendy passed out again. "This will not do." So Max grabs the hose turns on the cold water and soaks Wendy. She screams as the water hits her beet-red body. The searing pain racks thought her body but also cools her body down.

"There I did you a favor, but I will punish you later for passing out again. Now the final test: Isolation and Endurance. No sight, sound or hearing, mummified and entombed in an iron coffin."

"No, I will suffocate in there. Don't worry I will give you a small air tube to keep you alive. First a skin-tight latex bodysuit with headpiece. Now get dressed and be quick about it."

"I'm done."

"No, No, No, that won't do! It is too loose. Come over here to this tanning bed. Lie down, the heat should take out all the wrinkles. That's better."

Every part of Wendy's body is now skin tight and form-fitting, even her nipples stick out proudly. "Now the restraints. An armbinder, body straps, a full chastity belt with plugs, ankle wraps and to make it more restrictive, a waist-to-ankle hobble skirt. Just a few more things to finish." With that Max grabs an inflatable breather gag, also she inserts a small thin air tube into her nose and earplugs too. The final headpiece was a size too small, a latex hood to go over everything. Thus taking away her sight, sound and speech. The only thing showing was Wendy's ponytail. Wendy felt Max grab her and lay her down on the floor. What Wendy could not see is the full head-to-toe latex body sleeve she was about to be put in. A pair of wooden sticks about three feet long to keep her legs stiff went first. She was laced up tight into the suit. When Max was done, there were no gaps in the lacing.

"Wow this test is a lot of work to put you in. Now I know how my Mistress felt too. One last thing, your coffin: a Western-style iron coffin, with a body cut insert." Once inside Max slams the lid shut. "See you tomorrow."

Poor Wendy, will she survive?


"Wow, that was a very intense test! But you did survive it and went on to do ten movies as Lady Blue submissive sidekick."

"Yes, but my life changed because of it. There I was tightly bound and gagged; then mummified and put in a coffin. No sight or sound, total sensory depravation. When Max released me the next day, I would be her slave for ever more."

"Whatever happened to Lady Blue or Max?"

"Well, she met her true master on the set of her last movie, fell in love and married. She now teaches acting at my old Alma-Mater."

"Well, this interview is just about over. Now, you took over for Lady Blue and had 3 successful movies of your own, but where did you come up that stage name?

"I used to sneak into my fathers' den and read his Penthouse magazines. I loved the female's name, Wicked Wanda, so I took it! Ok time for you to go. I'm interviewing a new submissive."

"Oh, who?"

"My new neighbor. Wendy." She laughs, with an evil grin.

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