Nascar Weekend 2

by Pseudonime

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© Copyright 2009 - Pseudonime - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; bond; kidnap; gag; bdsm; oral; sex; anal; reluct/cons; X

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Chapter 2

When the hand clamped over my mouth every thought in my head evaporated. My brain switched to panic and fear. I started struggling as best as I could. With my level of drunkenness and my arms pinned, I couldn’t muster much of an effective fight. I felt something being pulled down over my head and then over my eyes. When it got down to the hand over my mouth the hand was pulled away and whatever it was, was yanked down quickly. I felt it pulled down under my chin and then felt it being pulled tighter around my neck as if it had a drawstring. The hand clamped over my mouth again only it wasn’t as forceful on my lips and I realized whatever it was that was covering my face was padded. While the hand wasn’t pressed against my face as tightly, the padding was forced up under my nose and started to make breathing difficult.

I tried to kick back at my assailant but suddenly my legs were grabbed and pulled up from under me. My body became horizontal in midair and I was supported by the arm around my waist and the others around my legs. We started moving and I felt my legs going higher. By the jerkiness of the motion I realized I was being carried into something. We stopped for a second and I felt someone take the car keys from my jacket pocket. We started moving again and when my upper body was again level with my legs I felt my body being turned as if going around a corner. We stopped and I was quickly lowered, face down, to the floor of whatever we were in. I felt something being wrapped around my ankles and realized they were being tied. I started to struggle again but felt a heavy weight pressing down on my lower back. My arms were yanked behind me and my hands placed palm to palm. I felt something being wrapped around my wrists and tried to keep them moving but whoever was holding them was much stronger than I was. In a matter of seconds I felt the binding on my wrist being cinched and knotted.

I started screaming and pleading with whoever was doing this to me. I felt something thin press against the padding on my upper lip. It slipped into my mouth and was pulled tight. Whatever it was, it was wrapped around my head and into my mouth several more times, effectively gagging me. It got hard to breath a full breath. I guessed it was the padding as I had had hoods and pillowcases over my head before and didn’t have this much trouble sucking in air. I heard and felt the vibrations of an engine starting up. Whatever we were in lurched forward and then started moving. I started shaking my head “NO” and felt my lower legs lifted and bent back towards my head. I felt someone messing with the bindings on my ankles and then my hands were lifted from my back. Something was wrapped between my hands around the bindings on my wrists. I had been loosely hogtied. It wasn’t as extreme even as some of the hogties I had placed myself into, but it did hold my legs bent.

I was picked up by my shoulders and legs and lifted probably a couple of feet into the air. I could feel myself being carried and then I was put back down on the floor. After a minute or two I tried to roll onto my right side to get my weight off my boobs and so I could try to work on my bindings. My feet hit a wall when I tried to roll over. I squirmed to my left a little to get more room and bumped into another wall. I realized I had been put into some kind of trunk or box shape. I finally managed to roll over onto my right side and started to catch my breath.

My fingers explored binding between my ankles and wrists. It felt like plastic and it was somewhat rigid. I discovered it would bend and hold its shape. I figured it must be some kind of thin electrical wire, something like speaker wire. I also realized my chances of squirming out of it were next to none.

Strangely, at that point I started to calm down. After all, there was nothing I could do to get free. My mind started to think again instead of being occupied with the “Fight or flight” panic. I started to analyze just what had happened to me. I had been abducted from behind a bar by a group of three or four or more people. I was tied up in some kind of large truck, van or RV. An RV! Christ, this was my “fantasy” happening to me. My abductors had to be my acquaintances from the bar. Instead of verbally offering to help with my fantasy they just went ahead and did it. At least I prayed to God it was them and not somebody who overheard my story or had something else in mind.

Christ!, I was in it now, I had basically given these guys permission to gangbang me and rough me up. I started cursing myself for being so stupid and yet my pussy was tingling and getting damp and my nipples were getting hard. There was nothing I could do about my situation now. When they take the gag off maybe I can reason with them. My main worry is just how rough are these guys going to “play”?

I started going over how I was going to try to talk/plead/beg my way out of this. I decided threatening them was a poor tactic. If I threatened them it may piss them off and they may decide to keep me quiet permanently. I decided I would tell them basically that this really wasn’t what I wanted and while I appreciated them trying to make my fantasy come true, I didn’t want to go through with it. I kept going over the wording of my little speech and trying to fine tune it. In the back of my head a little voice kept saying “But this is what you wanted, exactly what you wanted.”

I tried to analyze my situation without fear. I was with five guys who all seemed to be pretty decent and straight up guys. I was probably safer with five guys than I would be with two. There was less of a chance of all of them turning psychotic and if any of them did anything to me they would know that there was a far greater chance that one of the others would talk about it. If one of them did start to get out of control there would hopefully be four others to stop him.

I started thinking about what I really wanted. Yes, I wanted to be tied up and taken, but there was more than that. When you read BDSM stories long enough you start to wonder what some things would be like. You even start to fantasize about things being done to you when you have no idea what it would really be like. Part of me wanted to try double penetration and maybe even triple. I wanted to know if I was enough of a woman/slut to handle multiple guys. I wanted to know what it would be like to be totally dominated and helpless, not just tied up by some guy you sort of trusted but whose name and address you left written down in your place as a safeguard before you went to his. I wondered what it really felt like to be whipped. So many of the stories I had read mentioned it that I had fantasized about it but didn’t have a clue what it would really feel like.

There were other things that I was curious about and thought I wanted to try but couldn’t do by myself. I thought I might like suspension and feeling like I was flying. I wondered how I would really react to being humiliated like I had been in my fantasies. This was my chance, and maybe my only chance to possibly try some of these things. The whole thing came down to a question of whether it was worth the risk of maybe experiencing some of these things by turning myself over to these five strangers. I was like a kid locked in a toy store trying to decide if I wanted to be good and just wait quietly for someone to open the door or if I pass the time playing with all the toys.

While I was having these mental conversations with myself the RV had made three stops. Each stop made my heart race as I couldn’t help but wonder if this was where my body would be dumped.  I had given up trying to figure out where we were by “feel” of the turns, rough roads, etc and had even lost track of time. My hands were starting to get cold and numb and I knew the wire had been wrapped too tightly around my wrists. I tried finding the ends of the wires again but with no luck. I prayed they released me before any serious damage occurred.

Eventually the vehicle stopped and I heard the quieting of the engine being turned off. A few minutes later I felt hands on my shoulders and legs and was then lifted up. I was moved a short distance and put back down on the floor. Suddenly the wire holding my ankles to my wrists gave way and my legs flopped down to the floor. Even though the hogtie hadn’t been that tight it felt great to stretch out my legs. I felt the wires holding my ankles snipped and pulled off my ankles. After a couple minutes I was helped to my feet and somebody kept hold of my arm to help support and balance me. I felt the wire unwrapped from around my head and across my mouth. Hands loosened the bag below my chin and I felt it being pulled up off my head.

When the bag was taken off my head I opened my eyes. Not only could they not instantly adjust to the light after the darkness but there were two bright lights aimed directly at my eyes. Before I could see anything a leather blindfold had been fastened around my head. I tried to say something and the left side of my face exploded in pain and my head swiveled to the right as a hand slapped my face. It wasn’t a particularly hard slap but coming out of nowhere it shocked me and had more impact than pain.

A male voice sternly warned me “You speak only when you are spoken to unless you want more of those. We are far enough away from anyone that nobody will hear you if you try to scream”. I nodded my head in understanding.

The same voice then said “I’m going to ask you six questions. You will answer them completely, and if you’re smart, completely honestly. When you answer them you will address me as Sir. Do you understand?”

Not wanting another slap I meekly answered “Yes Sir”.

“First question. Do you know why you are here?”

I made sure to say Sir first so I wouldn’t earn another slap. “Sir, I assume it’s because you want to use me as I described in my fantasy.” Shit, I should have answered that better and completely avoided the whole sex thing.

“Second question. Do you have any medical problems which could be life threatening such as a heart condition, asthma, substance abuse or allergies?”

I decided to try to keep my answers short. “No sir, and as far as I know my only allergy is to cat dander.”

“Third question. Do you have any sexually transmitted diseases?”

“No sir, I do not.”

“Fourth question. Are you using birth control and if so how long before your current dose runs out?”

“Yes sir I am on birth control and it should be good for another three weeks.” I heard some muttering and low voices but I couldn’t make out what was being said.

“Fifth question. Can you hum ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’?”

“Yes sir.”

“Do so now.”

I started to hum the song not knowing why or what the hell was happening. Did they expect a musical accompaniment when they fucked me? I made it as far as “ever get back” when I was told to stop.

“If you hum that song again your fantasy will stop. Whatever is being done to you will cease immediately. You will be kept bound and probably gagged until you are dropped off at your car at our earliest convenience.”

“Sixth question. Do you want to be returned to your car now or do you want to start your fantasy?”

Well shit! They dumped the decision back on me. A smart girl would get her ass out of here. A horny, perverted girl like me needed more time to think about this. At least they acted like they were concerned about my health. “Sir, I’m pretty much scared shitless right now. Could I ask that each of you swear to me that you have no STDs and that you will return me to my car unharmed?”

I heard five different voices swear that they did not have an STD and got general reassurances that I wouldn’t be “roughed up too badly”. That made me feel better but made the decision even harder. I knew there was no quick or easy way for me to make this decision. “Sir, I’m willing to let fate decide for me. Could you flip a coin for me and tell me which side is up?” I made a quick plan that if it came up Heads I would think with my head and asked to be taken to my car now. If it came up Tails, I would think with my “tail” and go for it.

I heard change rattle in a pocket and then a voice said “It’s a Hawaii quarter.” I heard a slight clink and then heard a coin hit the floor. Several voices called out “It’s Tails”.

I gulped and said “Sir, could somebody please stand behind me and hold my arms?”

I felt someone come up behind me and wrap his arm around my still bound arms. I shuffled my feet back a bit and discovered his feet were right behind mine. I turned my head towards him and said “You may want to spread your feet a little bit.” When I felt his weight shift I started up.

I started squirming in my captivity and stomping my feet. “Why are you doing this to me? I don’t have any money. You’ll never get away with this. Please just let me go and I won’t tell anyone. People will be looking…”

I felt the left side of my face explode in pain again as another medium hard slap turned my head. “Shut up cunt. Do as you’re told and you might live through this.” The hair on top of my head was pulled back and a hand forced my lower jaw down. A large ring gag was forced behind my teeth and buckled. I felt straps pulled up over my face, over my head and fastened in back of my head. I heard a distinctive click and knew it had been locked in place. A strap was fastened under my chin and the ring gag was now firmly held in place with no chance of coming out.  I heard a couple of clicks and the wire binding my wrists fell away. My arms were released and I started rubbing my wrists and flexing my hands trying to restore circulation.

A voice said “Now strip bitch!” I don’t know why I did it. I knew what would happen. Maybe I just wanted to stick to the script or maybe it was some weird attempt to remain dignified. . For whatever reason, I shook my head and managed to get an “Uck ew” out through my gag.

I swear the punch to my stomach bounced off my spine. The air was pushed out of me and my legs buckled. I dropped to my knees and rolled to my side clutching my gut and choking while trying to breath. I was in more pain than I had been in since high school gymnastics and the uneven bars. I laid there in a fetal position gasping like a fish out of water. Had it been any earlier in the night I’m sure I would have puked something up. I heard voices making comments while I was lying on the floor. One voice said “I hope she sucks that hard with a cock in her mouth”. Another said “I’ll bet it didn’t hurt that much in her fantasy”. I laid there for a couple of minutes, my mind wondering if I had gotten myself in way too deep. When my breathing returned to something like normal I was pulled up by my arms and made to stand up. I was pretty wobbly but managed to keep my balance.

The same voice said “Now let’s try that again cunt. Strip off that jacket.”

Now, I’ve gotten undressed in front of boyfriends. I’ve even stripped and done a strip-tease in front of role play “masters”. But this was different. For the first time in my life I felt forced to strip. I didn’t have any real choice in the matter. And I was doing it in front of a group of men I couldn’t even see. It was, well, humiliating. My fingers trembled as I unbuttoned the jacket’s button. I felt tears starting to well up behind my eyes. I took off the jacket and dropped it on the floor as I was told.

Next I was told to strip off my skirt. I fumbled with the rolled up waistband trying to keep the men from realizing that I had rolled it up. It didn’t work though and one of the guys shouted “Shit, look, the slut even hiked up her skirt.” I’m sure my face was turning red as I unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I stepped out of it and kicked it to the side as told.  I was grateful my shirttails were long enough to cover my crotch but I knew what was coming next. By now my whole body was trembling. I didn’t know what to do with my arms and tried covering myself only to have my arms batted down.

There was a long silence, presumably while they looked me over, and then the sound of a couple of beers being opened. “The blouse” was all that was said but I hung my head down. I tried to stall by unbuttoning the cuffs and being slow. A hard swat on my ass was accompanied by a warning to speed it up. I pulled open the blouse and slipped it off my shoulders. I let it fall to the floor, cursing myself for wearing my lacy, see-through underwear. I knew my breasts were clearly visible complete with the steel rings through my nipples. Worse yet, I knew my thong was so wet it was adhered to my skin and probably completely transparent. I prayed that my clit ring wasn’t visible.

There were whistles and cat-calls and one of the guys said “Oh man, we’re gonna have some fun with those.” I tried to cover myself with my arms again but they were batted down hard. I got the message and stood there with my arms at my side. One of the voices said “Are those rings through her nipples?”. Another voice behind me said “Let’s see.” My bra strap was pulled away from my back and suddenly gave way. Someone had to have cut it. Knowing what was expected, I reached up and slipped the shoulder straps off my shoulders and let the bra fall to the floor. Somebody said “She’s got pull-top tits” and the other guys laughed.

The voice said “Take off the thong and hold it out for me.” I froze for a minute. I didn’t want anyone to know how wet my thong was even though I was surprised my juice wasn’t running down my legs. A hard slap across my boobs and a “NOW” got me moving. I pushed the waistband down the outside of my thighs and slid the thong down my legs. I managed to step out of it without falling and straightened up. I held out the thong with my right hand and someone took it away from me. Immediately I heard “This is so fucking wet I could wring it out! This cunt loves this.” There was a good deal of chuckling and more comments.

I was told to put my hands behind my head and turn around slowly. I felt totally humiliated. I was forced to display my body to a group of men I didn’t know and who were making comments and discussing not only what parts of my body they did or did not like, but also what they planned to do to those parts. Tears were starting to seep out of my eyes. I felt like some farm animal being sized up for dinner before the slaughter.

I was probably in my second rotation when I finally reminded myself that this was what I had wanted. I reassured myself that the worst was probably over and sniffed back my tears. After all, I’d be getting fucked like never before in a little while. I sucked in my stomach, straightened up and pushed out my tits. I had a good body, was proud of it and wanted these guys to realize it and want it. I wanted their tongues to hang out. I wanted the power back.

It was half a turn later when I was told to stop turning. I was told to bend over parallel to the floor. When I was bent over I was told to “shake your tits”. My little respite of self assurance and pride vaporized. Comments were made comparing my boobs to water balloons, punching bags and even melons in sacks. The tears came back behind my eyes and my self esteem fell below zero as I shook my boobs for these assholes. How could I sink any lower?

I was told to stop shaking my boobs and turn around without straightening up. When I was turned around they told me to spread my legs. Then they told me to reach back and spread my ass cheeks so they could get a good look at me. My head dropped. In fact I think my entire upper body dropped in defeat. My hands reached back and spread my cheeks. My clit ring popped into view which inspired a whole new round of comments about “pull top cunt”, wondering if it was like a zipper pull, and sex using metal detectors. I was totally humiliated and started sobbing. I had expected physical abuse to hurt but didn’t expect the humiliation to feel this bad.

I was so deep in my humiliation and disbelief that I blocked out everything else. Hands grabbed my arms and held them while leather cuffs were locked around my wrists and then locked together behind my back. My hair was grabbed and my head and upper body were yanked up until I was standing straight again. Whoever had his hand in my hair must have realized I was out of it and gave me a series of three light slaps on the face.

When I came back to reality I realized my wrists had been locked behind my back and my ankles had leather cuffs on them as well. I struggled against the wrist cuffs a bit just to make sure they were tight and fastened. I felt something slide around the back of my neck and then draw tighter from the front. I felt a finger slide between my neck and whatever was around it. I realized I had been collared and someone was checking the tightness of the collar the same way you would check it on a dog. The finger was withdrawn and I heard the distinctive click of a lock. The collar was turned until I felt the weight of the lock in the back. I felt something being done to the front of the collar and a sharp tug let me know I had been leashed.

“Listen cunt” a voice said. “You are now our fuck toy. You have no rights and no privileges. You are ours to use and abuse as we see fit for as long as we want. If you prove cooperative and entertaining enough you might just get out of this alive and relatively unhurt, well, at least uninjured. If you don’t cooperate we’ll start by ripping out those rings of yours and making new holes to put them through. Your name is now Cunt because your whole body is now one big dirty sex organ for us to use. You will answer to that name. Do you understand?”

I was so low I couldn’t even think of being defiant. I just meekly nodded my head. A slap across my tits was followed by “I want to hear you say it”.

I managed to get out through my gag “Eh thir, I unnersand aye ame is cunn thir.”

Somebody suggested a drink to celebrate. My head was forced back and something was poured into my mouth through the ring gag. It tasted sweet, like a hint of cherry, but when I swallowed it burned like booze. They poured enough in my mouth that I had to swallow five times. A different voice said “Here cunt, hold this” and I felt something being pushed through the ring gag into my mouth. My tongue identified it as being cloth and being wet. I quickly realized that my thong, still soaking wet with my juices, had been shoved in my mouth. I had tasted my juices before when masturbating, but this was like a flood of the taste. It quickly overpowered the remaining taste of the booze.

I felt more hands than I could count all over my body. It felt like all five of them were feeling me up at once. My breasts were being squeezed, my nipples pinched and my nipple rings pulled and twisted. My ass cheeks were being squeezed and examined and at least one hand was on my pussy. I heard someone say how soft and smooth my pussy was and apparently everybody wanted a feel. Somebody twisted my clit ring and I let out a shriek. Between the ring gag and the thong in my mouth it didn’t sound loud but they knew they had hit a soft spot. Maybe it was the booze kicking in or all the sexual attention but I was starting to get turned on again. I could feel my pussy starting to tingle and lubricate.

Somebody said to bend me over again and my arms were lifted up behind me forcing my upper body down. I felt somebody doing something with my left breast and then felt something being wrapped tightly around the base of it. From the feel of it I guessed it was the same wire that had earlier bound my wrists and ankles. It was pulled so tightly around my breast that all I could do was moan. Several more wraps around my breast were added, each one trying to be tighter than the last. I felt a hand twist the two ends of the wire together and then the same procedure was repeated with my right breast. When I was straightened up I felt the tightest breast bondage I could imagine. My breasts started to swell instantly and I was sure they must be changing color.

I heard somebody say to pull the table out and raise it and to get the bar. I was pulled forward by the leash until my hips hit something. The leash was pulled down bending me over something until my upper body was basically lying on it. The leash must have been tied to something because I couldn’t raise my body back up. My ankles were spread apart and a spreader bar of some kind fastened between them. When my ankles were spread it forced my upper body down on what I assumed was the table putting my body weight on my swollen breasts. I felt a hand and then an arm snaking between my stomach and the table. When the arm was withdrawn it left a rope behind which was quickly tied tightly around my waist. My head was pulled up and back so that I would have been staring straight ahead if I hadn’t been blindfolded. The rope from my waist was tied to the ring gag harness near the top of my head, keeping me from dropping my head. I was now fastened helplessly in a position that was pretty much perfect for using any of my holes.

Chapter 3

The guys started talking about who would go first and decided to cut cards for the privilege of fucking me first. High card got first choice of hole, second highest card got second choice and so on. I started to feel like a piece of meat again, but this time I was starting to get turned on as well. I was bound and gagged, helpless, with five guys lining up to fuck me and use me. Even the weight of my body on my now ultra sensitive breasts was turning into an erotic pain. Yes, I was probably drunk but this was what I had wanted for so long.

I felt a hand sliding over my pussy and then fingers separating my lips. They found my clit ring and played with it a little bit then one finger slipped inside my pussy. “Christ, she’s soaking wet” I heard from behind me. Talk about an understatement. My pussy felt like a tea kettle on a stove; hot, filled with liquid and ready to blow.

I felt the head of a cock at my pussy and then two hands on my hips. He rammed the full length of his cock into me with one thrust. It didn’t really stretch me but was a nice tight fit and fairly long. I think I was so wet a baseball bat would have slipped into me. I heard my partner say “She’s nice and tight and feels great!” That did wonders for my ego and I thanked my regimen of twice weekly kegel exercises. He pulled out and rammed in a couple more times like he was trying to prove something and then settled into a rhythm. It felt so good. I don’t care how many people design dildoes and vibrators, there is nothing like the feeling of a real cock. He had a pretty fast rhythm going and the pain of my breasts basically being bent back and forth under me provided an interesting mixture of pain and pleasure.

I felt fingers touching my lips and then felt my thong being pulled out of my mouth. I knew what was coming and tried to clear my throat to get ready for it. A hard cock passed through my lips and the ring gag. Hands grabbed either side of my head and the cock started pumping in and out of my mouth. At first my oral partner was out of synch with my vaginal partner and my nose got crunched into his pubic bone a few times. I was trying to give my oral partner the best blow job he had ever had and was tonguing and sucking as well as I could. My oral partner let out a moan and said “Oh God she’s good.” That just encouraged me and I tried harder. Before long my partners got a rhythm going where one cock would push in while the other was pulling out.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out long. My climax was already building. What with the feeling of two cocks in me and the balls slapping against my clit. I tried to tighten my pussy’s grip on that cock while I sucked harder on the other. I knew they were both getting close as well. My oral partner exploded n my mouth and while I was trying to swallow his rather large load of cum my own orgasm hit. It went through my body like a tidal wave. Everything from my toenails to my teeth was tingling. I guess my vaginal contractions from the orgasm pushed my other partner over the edge because I soon felt hot goo being pumped into my pussy. They both stood with their cocks as far in me as possible, pumping cum into me.

Both cocks pulled out of me and two more took their place. The new cock in my pussy was thankfully taking a somewhat slower pace but the guy in my mouth was determined to throat fuck me. His cock was long enough to go down my throat and cut off my air and he seemed to enjoy that. He would ram his cock into my mouth so hard that not only did my nose get crunched but it hurt my neck because of the way I was tied. He started cutting off my air and then would count how long my air was cut off. He started with a count of 15 and increased it by five each time. When he pulled back I managed to get some air through my nose before he rammed back in. I was fighting back my gag mechanism to keep from choking or puking and by the time his count got to 40 I knew my face must be turning blue. One his next shove he didn’t count but just held himself as tight against my mouth as he could. I started to run out of air and was afraid I was going to pass out. My throat started to spasm and that sent him over the edge. He shot two loads down my throat into my stomach and then pulled out. I think I heard the other guys giving him a hard time but I was just trying to gulp air. My other partner had apparently gotten turned on by the whole episode and was now pounding into me. I caught my breath and tried to clench my pussy muscles as hard as I could and sent him over the edge. After he pulled out I heard him say “Who’s next? She’s still nice and tight.”

I was stating to feel pretty proud of myself. I had gone through my first two double penetrations and had managed to get four guys off with what I thought were pretty good reviews. All that and two good orgasms for myself as well. Not too bad for someone who was pretty drunk.

Another cock slid through the ring gag. This one wasn’t hard, just halfway there. My first taste told me that this cock had already been inside me as I could taste his cum and my juices. I wanted to get him hard again so I started teasing his cock with my tongue. I was slowly sliding my tongue under and around his shaft. It was actually a bit of a nice change to go slow, especially after the throat fucker.

I was enjoying lavishing my attention on this cock when I felt something cold and wet hit my ass cheek. It felt like a drop of something and I figured it was condensation off a beer bottle. Then I felt something cold and wet and much bigger touch my ass. A wet hand separated my ass cheeks and smeared the wet stuff on my asshole. I felt what seemed to be a cock sliding between my ass cheeks and up against my asshole. I’m no stranger to anal sex but I’m not one of those people who keeps putting bigger and bigger things up there. I like my butt plugs big enough to fill me but not stretch me into a replica of the Holland Tunnel. I started trying to make Unh-Unh noises, which isn’t easy with a cock in your mouth. I clenched my left hand into a fist and then stuck my index finger out. I started moving my index finger in and out and swirling it around, hoping my would-be impaler would take a hint. The cock kept pressing against my door but getting nowhere. Finally one of the other guys caught on and shouted to my impaler that I was showing him what to do.

The cock slipped out from between my ass cheeks and I felt a lubricated finger take its place. The finger started swirling over my asshole which felt really good. I was still trying to get my half hard partner aroused but this guy needed help. I started moving my index finger slowly in and out. I felt his finger slowly push its way into my ass. I started twirling my finger and his finger followed suit. I turned my main concentration back to my mouth and hoped my back door visitor would continue to follow my lead. When I thought I was lubricated well enough I added a second finger to my index finger and slowly moved them as if they were going in and out. I felt the finger in my ass withdraw and felt two fingers pushing their way in. It felt so good when the two fingers entered me I let out a low moan. I twisted my two extended fingers from side to side and the fingers in my ass followed, stretching me out evenly.

The cock in my mouth had gotten hard so I started sucking it for real in anticipation of what was coming. I closed my fingers back into a fist and then made the beckoning motion with my hand. His cock slid between my ass cheeks and bumped up against my hole. It was bigger than I thought and still wasn’t getting in. He kept pushing but it just wasn’t making headway. I reached back as best as I could with both hands and started slapping my ass. One of the guys said “Christ Joe, she wants you to spank her.”

I tried to nod without ruining the rhythm I had going on in my mouth. A hand slapped the back of my left cheek. It was a good firm hit and the comments let me know I had a nice red hand print on my ass. I reached back and slapped my butt with both hands. I felt a hard swat on my right cheek. I slapped my ass more quickly and the guy started hitting alternating cheeks like he was a deranged bongo player. It was actually feeling pretty good as he started getting in synch my oral partner. I held up my hand to tell him to stop. I used my left hand to point to the right and the right to point to the left and then slapped my ass with both hands. A voice behind me said “OK, you want both hands” I made the OK sign. He swatted me with both hands. The impact drove my body forward and my mouth further over the cock that was in it. I started slapping my ass with both hands again and my ass was being spanked repeatedly. The spanking started me moving forwards and backwards on the table. I beckoned him forward with my hand and he pressed the head of his cock against my hole. On the third recoil slide back my asshole slipped over his cock and he was inside me. God it felt good. He must have thought so too because he let out a huge groan and said “You gotta love a girl who tells you how to fuck her ass.”

He started fucking my ass nice and slow. I was still a little too dry and each thrust was actually a little painful. It was the kind of pain that started to feel good, like your fingernails scratching your inner thigh.  It felt so good it sent a shiver through my entire body. He pulled almost all the way out of me and must have squirted some more lube on his cock. I felt the lube hit the outside of my asshole. He pushed his cock back in and after a few strokes the extra lube got me to just the right point where the friction was pretty much all pleasure. He kept saying how tight and hot my ass was and I was getting really turned on. I started sucking the cock in my mouth like crazy to make its owner cum quickly. I wanted to be able to concentrate on the cock in my ass. It didn’t take too long before I felt a blob of goo hit the back of my throat. I had been so distracted I almost choked but swallowed it quickly. The cock in my mouth went limp and was withdrawn. It was wiped off on my cheeks. My temples were patted by hands and I heard “Good cunt”.

I was now able to concentrate on what was happening behind me. I could feel my body tightening towards an orgasm and I wanted it badly. I motioned for the guy fucking me to speed it up. I reached back and started spanking myself again but this time I alternated my hands. My impaler started picking up the pace and started spanking me. His hips were crashing into my ass while his cock plowed ahead. I started trying to squeeze his cock with my ass. His pace was hard and fast enough that the table I was tied to started to rock. His slaps were to my ass were starting a fire that was spreading through me. I wanted this orgasm as badly as I had ever wanted one. One of his friends let out a yell of “Ride ‘em cowboy” and there was a series of hoots and hollers. I heard him say “I’m gonna cum cunt and I’m gonna flood your ass with my hot, sticky goo.” That just put me right on the edge. He rammed into me and grabbed my hips to hold me in place. I felt a hot wetness inside me and exploded in my own orgasm.

We were both making guttural noises and shaking. The other guys started applauding and cheering. He collapsed on my back with his cock still buried in my ass. I think there was still some cum coming out of it. We were both covered in sweat and gasping for air. I was totally drained but had this strange feeling. I don’t know why it is, but the few times I’ve had a guy cum in my ass I felt “owned” by them. Maybe it’s the breaking of the taboo. Maybe it’s because so few guys have done it to me. Whatever it is, it just makes me feel like I belong to him. Like he has the right to do to me what he will. I was feeling that way now. I felt him start to move but before he got off me he stroked my head and said “Thank you for such a great fuck”.