My Wife's Friday Night

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2013 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

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(a True Story)

There is no way of getting around it, our sex life had gotten a little stale. "Time for a sex-slave evening" I told my wife!

She blushed a bit and sighed; she tolerates these nights more than she embraces them. Which makes it even better for me. And, of course, some of our neighbors.

On this particular Friday night, I had her dress in a short black skirt, high heels, and a lacy blouse with a built-in bra which held her perky breasts high and tight. Her black thong underwear were tight since they helped hold a special guest inside my wife's glory hole - a remote-controlled silver bullet vibrator. Controlled, of course, by me.

Now I am not cheap, so our evening began at a Fleming's Steak House and I asked for us to be seated right in the middle of the restaurant so that the other patrons could glance at my lovely wife. The steak and the wine were delicious, and I only hit the vibe remote a few times to get the evening started. Each time it came to life, my wife would jump slightly, and I knew that her panties were dripping wet by the time we left the restaurant.

Out in the parking lot, I put a collar on my wife. It is an inch-wide with an O-ring on the front, and a clasp with a small lock in the back. In short, there is no doubt as to its purpose or function. Which means that she prays that we don't run into anyone we know in our city.

I took her to the classiest strip club in town, and we were seated as far away from the restroom as possible. When the waitress came to take our order, she smiled a knowing smile and gave me a wink. We watched the lovely dancers for about 15 minutes, which always gets my wife quite hot. She won't admit it, but she is clearly a bit bi-sexual.

I decided it was time for a little closer action, and waved a truly beautiful dark-haired Persian-looking dancer over for a private dance. She was quite provocative with a great body, and soon had my wife spread her legs and began going full-contact with my wife. The dancer took off her top and really began rubbing her tits on my wife as she unbuttoned the top two buttons of my wife's blouse, and it was then that I hit the remote control on the vibe to "high".

My wife began moving around like a Mexican jumping bean, and the dancer thought she must be the sexiest woman on the planet to get another woman to react like that. Of course, I did not let my wife reach orgasm. That was for later. Maybe. If she was a good slave.

After a couple of dances, I let the Persian beauty go with a nice tip, and told my wife to go to the bathroom and bring me back her very wet panties. As she reached to button up her blouse, I said, "I don't think so, slave."

She had to cross the entire main room with her tits about to fall out of her blouse, an obvious collar around her neck, and slightly wobbly from alcohol. Which meant, of course, that it was the perfect time to hit the remote control on the vibrator again. She jumped about six inches, and every man in the place was watching her instead of the paid entertainment.

As she came back towards our table, with her panties in her hand, she was walking with very tiny steps with her thighs close together so that it took about five minutes to walk thirty yards as everyone watched her. Of course, I thought, in order to keep the vibe inside her without the panties on, she had to really concentrate and walk like a French model or it would slip out on the floor!

She carefully sat down next to me and I allowed her to discreetly push the vibe out of her pussy and into her hand, and I put it away in my pocket. I decided it was time to go to the next phase of our evening, so I paid the bill and reached into my pocket for something my wife really, truly hated. A dog leash. When she saw it she glanced around in a panic, just praying that there was no one around that knows us or that the room was dark enough so that the patrons couldn't see. Which, of course, it wasn't.

I attached the leash to the collar, and slowly led my wife/slave out of the club as guys laughed and jeered and shouted witticisms like "fuck her, I did!"

When we got to the car, I had her get in the back seat and I put on her leather wrist and ankle restraints. I then took off her blouse such that she was naked from the waist up, and attached her bound wrists with a small steel chain to the hand-grip just above the window. We rode home that way - me as the chauffeur, and her as semi-naked eye candy for anyone who happened to glance over towards the back window of the car. There were several honks, two thumbs-up gestures and one "nice tits" comment.

When we got home, I again led her by the leash and as we walked into the living room from the garage a loud "surprise" was shouted out by six of our neighbors. These three couples knew about our little secret, and indeed even reciprocated on occasion. I told my slave to slip into black pantie hose, black stripper panties, and nothing else. She then became the evening's entertainment as she slowly performed many sultry strip-tease dances for our friends.

One of the women, who is always horny, was the first one to ask me, "can you get your slave to pleasure me?"

"Of course" I replied, "that is her function tonight."

With that, my lovely slender neighbor quickly wiggled out of her shorts and exposed her neatly shaved trim.

"Pleasure her with your tongue" I told my wife, and she quickly began licking and sucking on my neighbors labia and clitoris. The neighbor came very quickly for a woman, as we all watched with great interest.

Her husband immediately said "me next"! as he looked at me questioningly.

I nodded and my wife knelt down again and went to work on his 7" member with some vigor until he too reached an explosive orgasm.

While my slave went to get everyone a new cocktail, I asked the other 4 neighbors if they were in need of release. One couple was a bit shy and said that they were only there for the show, and did not want to participate in the adventure. That was too bad as the woman had a perfect 10 body with full tits, a great ass, and a lovely face. The other couple said, "we want another couple of dances, but then we want some full-contact fucking."

When my wife came back I had her dance a few more dances (the pictures can be found on Newbie Nudes under "LDove") in her little black outfit, and then she got down on her hands and knees doggy-style and proceeded to give a tongue-lashing cunnilingus-bashing good time for my neighbor woman while the lady's husband fucked the slave from behind for about 15 minutes until they each came.

With that, I decided it was time to tie the slave up and I put her upright tied to a door-frame for a little while for a little whipping action, and then put spreader-bars on her wrists and ankles so that all of her best parts were on full display. Then, and only then, did I decide it was time for me to be pleasured, so I had her give me a slow and sensual blow job until I shot my wad all over her face and tits.

We saved the best for last: all 6 neighbors and I had a contest to see who could bring her closest to orgasm without letting her come.... this game of "orgasm denial" is outrageously funny when your victim is tied up and horny and is literally begging to be allowed to cum. All of us paid a great deal of attention to the effort as the "loser" who allowed her to come was going to become our next victim.

Finally, after about 35 minutes, the slave was taken over the edge and literally exploded in orgasm with a scream that could be heard in outer space. Wouldn't you know it, the shy woman of the couple who were not actively participating in the activities was the "loser" and as a result, all of the guys took turns fucking her after we tied her up spread-eagle to the bed. That was quite fun for me as her body was as close to perfect as i have ever seen. I even let my little slave sit on the lovely loser's face to be brought to yet another mind-blowing orgasm. A true night to remember.

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